Why do real estate lawyers ask for deeds to be signed in “wet ink”? The facility agreement is finally agreed. The execution versions of the ancillary documents

What are some of the cheapest real estate during lockdowns?

There is no such terminology Cheapest Real estate, Basically location determines the price of a particular prooerty ,it may be plot, apartment, house or commercial shop.

current location & its future prospects/development should be guiding torch before investing into any property.

Every individual has own preference. No two individuals needs can be same. it may be first home for someone,who wants to save rent & feels like to be an owner of a house.

for someone else it may be a investment to generate passive income.

for someone it may be a investment to save capital gain

for someone it may be a future planning to start some venture or business.

In all the requirements one factor is most important to ponder upon is LOCATION.

It is not a prudent idea to buy cheapest prooerty if location is compromised.

your investment into property must give you an appreciation more than inflation rate.