The coronavirus pandemic, which forced real estate agents to hit pause on home viewings in England for some two months until May 13, created pent-up

Profile: Lembit Tork, Principal architect, Tork arhitektid OÜ (2006-present)

William F. Buckley Jr: ‘How do people without a sense of humour endure’? Groucho Marx: ‘Because they don’t know what’s going on, in most cases.

UPVOTED COMMENT ON QUORA (so I should stick to Finnish drinking jokes, rather than societal controversies)? What do Finns do for fun? My answer: ‘Let’s see if my joke is more stupid? It involves another favourite (Finnish) pastime: drinking. And comes from Estonians who are often accused of not being very conversational. But we like to point out that the Finns are more expert in that department. I thought every Finn knew this joke, but recently discovered that’s not true, when I was having some drinks in Tallinn with some architectural colleagues visiting from Finland. It goes like this: ‘Two Finns go to the bar after work for a drink. They get their drinks, one lifts up his glass and says to the other: ‘Cheers’! The other responds: ‘Hei, did we come here to drink or to talk!?’ My Finnish guests laughed. God bless you, brothers and sisters in the North, II.


1.a. LATEST BREAKING, OR RELEVANT, STUFF (Updated regularly).

JP Sears strikes again. What It’s Like to Believe Everything the Media Tells You. ‘I’m scared enough that I think more things should be mandatory…’ 3,386,644 views. 7 May 2020.

The Lindsay Shepherd Affair: Update

Bravo Lindsey! Her persecutors a perfect example of almost childlike, certainly pathetic, leftist-PC hubris. If not inculcated (indoctrinated) insanity. Self-hypnotized. No joke. The left side of the brain not knowing what the right side is doing, and vice-versa. Disconnect. As this is what passes for academic standards (moralizing based on lies, and sheer lack of basic sportsmanship), better stay clear of universities, at least such departments. One thing is getting caught with one’s pants down, as there were no complaints formal or informal against Lindsay Shepherd, but even worse is continuing in the same spirit. The lack of shame on the part of the defendants, and the university’s (Wilfrid Laurier, Waterloo Ontario) subsequent hypocritical actions betraying their actual intentions remaining unswayed, shows a crisis in education. Universities should start teaching courses on integrity and character, not just ‘wokeness’. LT.

2.WHEN HITLER TOOK COCAINE and LENIN LOST HIS BRAIN. Photo taken last year by my daughter, in Tallinn.

3.‘IN THE NOVEL I’M LIVING IN’, as l like to say these days, my crystal clearest observation is that we’re all inhabiting ‘novels’ of our own making. Blossoming youth speaking. At 60. What!? One knee operation, one shoulder operation and a removed appendix later, I swear I was just 27.

3.a. LOVE SONG BY LESLEY DUNCAN, freedom the lesson we must learn. ‘The words I have to say May well be simple but they’re true Until you give your love There’s nothing more that we can do Love is the opening door Love is what we came here for No one could offer you more Do you know what I mean Have your eyes really seen You say it’s very hard To leave behind the life we knew But there’s no other way And now it’s really up to you Love is the key we must turn Truth is the flame we must burn Freedom the lesson we must learn Do you know what I mean Have your eyes really seen’.

4.TABLE OF CONTENTS (‘skeptics’ brain-droppings’):


5.RESPONSIBILITY ADDICTION. Besides coffee and whiskey (2 addictions I’ve been slowly starving into a fond memory), there’s a third I’m constantly cultivating. Updating. It’s getting to the raw-thing-itself. The basics. The underpinnings. Hopefully seeing through the hype. Then maybe leading the way. If not for anyone else, at least knowing where I’m going. It’s the same in style, trend and architecture. Are these leading you by the nose, or is it the other way around, a la: ‘you may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you’? And here’s the catch: in politics, you can be certain there’s almost always someone lying to you, even extravagantly. With the self-justification of an all-mighty and jealous god. Some people just believe their cause demands it. And truth is way less important than their responsibility to their mission. But, no matter how intelligent, they/ we often hardly realize this, having fallen into the trap of their/ our own propaganda. And will not admit to bias. ‘What’s mine?’, is hardly ever asked. Is it power, or what’s right, and the distinction has blurred? Because the ‘fight’ is on, and commitment tolerates no deviance.

6.QUORA. I’m treating this great Quora forum as a means to sift through the confusion. As openly as I’m used to… Plus putting myself under the magnifying glass as much as the subject at hand. So, I’m continually expanding this profile blurb that I’m writing right now. I need to understand things. I’m hardly in this alone. Anyone, anywhere may have something to say to contribute. The better I can divulge who I am, what my biases are, and how ideas come to me, the easier it should be to communicate. Not treating each other as outright enemies. I don’t want to call anyone a moron, yet look at how many people are doing just that. Zero, or close to zero, tolerance for the wrong big opinion.

7.ENEMIES? My enemies are people who are perfectly willing to cynically avoid or hide the truth, just to serve their agenda (or ego, or paycheck, or master, or impatience). Doesn’t matter how proper or true their agenda might be, if resorting to coercion or obfuscation is suddenly okay. Even as I don’t agree with half (?) of Jimmy Dore’s progressive agenda, this is why I admire the self-admitted, self-deprecating ‘not the smartest in the world comedian jackoff’ (see below). What he is not doing, is tricking you with lies. He’s uncovering them. And partly therein lies his genius.

8.CAMUS’ DEFINITION OF INTELLECTUAL: ‘A person whose mind watches itself’.

9.SOMETIMES A TERRIBLE CRISIS IN NECESSARY FOR HEALING + GROWTH. For snapping out of delusionary aspects of mania. Including ‘infatuation intoxication’, ’idea possession’, ‘clinging’, ‘fixation’. For finding the ‘present’. Am I enough in the present? Or do I occasionally/ frequently drift off? Dangerously. For some, into the past… for others, like me, into the future? It’s a good question to ask to ground oneself. Doubting Thomas (hyper skeptic) that I am, am I compulsively gazing into the future, searching for signs of danger (catastrophe), or imperfection (an impossible construct in itself)? Applies to the spell of certainty re world-saving ideology. ‘A tranquil mind gives life to the flesh, but passion makes the bones rot’. (Proverbs 18:30). Finding our personal balance, between the impossible and the possible, is everyone’s life mission…

10.PERFECTION BLUES. I had a friend who seemed to me to be in a trap of his own making. Constantly trying to piece together for himself the perfect woman out of all the wonderful beautiful women he’d known. And hadn’t yet met. Last I heard, hasn’t settled down, yet part of him has always wanted to. To make a family etc. ‘Ever-searching’, not happiest about the prospects, makes me wonder what it is we set ourselves up for in ideals, that are self-defeating, and may require a greater truth or focus to make the shift (if at all possible)? Answer that and coping becomes easier. 4 Different Personality Types – Sanguine, Choleric, Phlegmatic, & Mel…

11.MANIA. ‘Also known as manic syndrome, is a state of abnormally elevated arousal, mood (either euphoric or irritable). Symptoms include elevated flight of ideas and pressure of speech, increased energy, decreased need and desire for sleep. Can be episodic. Varies in intensity, from mild mania (hypomania) to delirious mania. Because these have also long been associated with creativity and artistic talent, it is not always the case that the clearly manic/hypomanic bipolar patient needs or wants medical help; such persons often either retain sufficient self-control to function normally or are unaware that they have “gone manic”- paraphrased from Wikipedia.

12.DISCOVER 9 COGNITIVE DISORDERS IN TODAY’S POLITICAL MANIAS. Ask do these (infatuation cognitive disorder) behavioural tendencies, c/o Fr. George Morelli, not amazingly accurately describe today’s political manias. From globalism versus nationalism-populism-traditionalism, to the two sides of the ‘climate crisis’: denialism-skepticism to alarmism?

  • Selective Abstraction: Focusing on one event while excluding others.
  • Arbitrary Inference: Drawing a conclusion unwarranted by the facts in an ambiguous situation.
  • Personalization: Interpreting a general event in exclusively personal terms.
  • Polarization: Perceiving or interpreting events in all or nothing terms.
  • Generalization: The tendency to see things in always or never categories.
  • Demanding Expectations: Beliefs that there are laws or rules that must always be obeyed.
  • Catastrophizing: The perception that something is worse than it actually is.
  • Minimization: The perception that an event is much less important than it actually is.
  • Emotional Reasoning: The judgment that one’s feelings are facts.

13.WATER FINDS ITS OWN LEVEL. However powerful may be our passion for truth or a ‘clinging’ to a particular outcome, reality itself is the final arbiter. That’s what I want, and why I don’t mind being proven wrong. At all (eventually, that is…). I consider myself a freak that way. You too? What I despise most, is anyone telling me what to think or to believe, without allowing me to respectfully disagree. The thought police hate that. Are you one? A symptom is not merely thinking you know the truth, but treating those who refuse it as enemies. Actually, censorship and coercion are our greatest enemies, but a new ‘morality’ has arisen, which has forgotten that.

14.TWO VEGANS + TWO OMNIVORES. That’s my household. We’re in no kind of conflict. We accept our differences, our different stories. No one is trying to change anyone else. Not all things in life are this simple. From what I can tell, most that is not this simple has been hi-jacked by some invested party.

15.SKEPTIC: Person indisposed to accept popularity or authority as proving the proof of opinions. See JoNova

16.H. L. MENCKEN. The most costly of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. It is the chief occupation of mankind’. ‘All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it’.


18.SOME ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIORS BY L. TORK AND TEAMS. Over 100 projects and proposals. Placed first in 7 out of 12 competitions. Eesti Arhitektide Liit, tork arhitektid oü Newest at top, and some favourites non-chronologically.

19.ARCHITECTURE, THE LAST REFUGE OF SANITY? With ambiguity and rampant irreconcilability such a dominant part of the modern experience, architecture is an exception. With a lot of the right ideas. How lucky we are! There can be complexity and clarity. A genuine, and robust, friendship between the old and the new. Architecture seems to be one of the few traditional professions that has largely managed to escape being hijacked by money, politics, fakery and allegations of fakery. Why is this? Is it because what you see is what you get? One might actually be able to tell whether certain ‘remedies’ are worse than the ‘disease’? Architects could be envied for the tangible simplicity of the field: fewer guessing games, tightrope walks and impossible juggling acts? Fewer ‘invisibilities’ subject to the temptation of manipulation?

20.DOGMA FREE. Contemporary architecture has also become remarkably free from the singular utopian dogmas of the very recent past (like strict modernism, brutalism and post-modernism). It’s clearer now. More humane, less straight-jacketed. As if Progress is actually attainable sometimes.

21.DIALOGUE AND DIVERSITY. Now what is important is being mindful of proper scale and spirit. And engaging in ‘place-based’ dialogue, with neighbourhood and context (‘genius loci’- see phenomenologist Christian Norberg-Schulz). Either harmonizing or finding some kind of interesting – not overpowering – contrast. There’s a new respect for traditional form and arrangements. Plus much more playfulness. We are no longer tearing down whole neighbourhoods. The result is an organic diversity of groupings with ‘pockets of individuality’. Side by side. One is allowed to wear the haircut of one’s choice, without everyone else having to. What’s not to love?

22.WOOD SOLVING THE CLIMATE DEBATE. That’s right. Drop those megaphones. It’s over, it’s solved. (Actually half-solved, excuse then the provocateur in me). I’m talking about today’s all-polarizing mega-issue. This horrendous climate debate. That has conference participants apologizing for using aeroplanes. Yet humanly rationalizing it, with the intrinsic importance of ‘having participated’. This is the new ‘original sin’. It’s beautiful. (My 6th sense tells me this is a fashion which will end embarrassingly, why indeed rename ‘warming’ into ‘change’ if the science is settled)?

23.BIASED PROFESSIONAL ANSWER. In wood we trust. In wood the extremes from ‘denialism’ to ‘alarmism’ can come together. In peaceful harmony. First, who doesn’t like wood: friendly, tactile and healthy. Hug a tree, hug a column. (Check out Canadian Michael Green’s TedX Talk: ‘Why we should build wooden skyscrapers’). And that wonderful wood smell. It recalls my New Zealand childhood, in the house my dad built: like the pitter patter of rain on our tin roof. Wood. Grown by nature, considered the technology of the future. The recent return to structural wood – pure and hybrid applications – not only helps significantly reduce the carbon footprint, if that’s what you’re convinced of (building accounts for 1/3 of energy consumption world-wide), but reduces total life-cycle costs. Because wood is renewable, sustainable and (usually) a local resource. Towns in Sweden have been revived by making constructional wood first priority for new building tenders. Related micro-industries have sprung up ‘from nowhere’ supporting the local economy. This is the kind of self-reliant way forward, the kind of ‘think global-act local’, that makes perfect sense. To any skeptic. Myself included. Statistics and graphs can mislead. Algorithms can be used to make data prove anything. But wood is real, for sure.

24.CLIMATE CHANGE. INTO THE DEEP. Or, ‘THE ONLY CHANCE THE EARTH HAS, IS THAT THE THEORY OF AGW (ANTHROPOGENIC GLOBAL WARMING) IS FALSE’. Quote from Quora. A contributor ends on this somber note of fatalism which makes an awful lot of sense because people will not willingly impoverish themselves for something they cannot see. And governments will run into a lot of trouble using force on those for whom 24/7 suggestion (public relations) does not work. Hollywood multi-millionaires and nation-free billionaires can champion the cause of sacrifice, because they know it doesn’t actually apply to them. Their massive hypocrisy is only unnoticed by themselves, as parallel to their noble rhetoric, every normal thinking person knows they can always retreat to guarded secluded islands or gated communities, and buy in their meals and pleasures. AGW activists will be perturbed by this ‘fatalistic’ conclusion, but just because for them the cause is deadly serious (and without a middle ground), doesn’t mean people who are struggling will be willing to lower their standards of living.

25.NEW CAUSE, OLD PATHOLOGIES? No wonder our new moralists, our climate change puritans, gravitate towards politics that tolerates no opposition. No wonder it is only they who will threaten you with deplatforming on social networks if you persist with your non-compliance to ‘climate’ orthodoxy (in my view the new secular religion). Every generation looks for its cause. But what behaviour!? I’m a skeptic of many colours, quite willing to be proven wrong, and it’s true, I’ve actually been threatened with blocking and muting. As if imagined sheer moral superiority trumps the tradition of argument. Reminds me of strange and ugly soviet times. People not talking about anything but the weather at work, scared stiff of being snitched upon (for any suggestion of grievance, of a contrary thought). Aside from a brief stint of McCarthyism, North Americans have suffered nothing of the sort. Does this explain the dangerously foolish readiness to behave like commissars. Or perhaps we’re almost as susceptible in Europe…? Where’s George Carlin when we need him most? Thankfully Dave Chapelle, Bill Burr and Ricky Gervais are starting to fill the gap. This is all daggers, no humour.

26.Now, IF THE THEORY OF AGW IS TRUE, and if reducing the concentration of atmospheric CO2 is stringently followed, it seems to me it can only mean: 1) a return to nuclear energy. This time hopefully thorium salt reactors. Yet is it so that the most ardent of environmentalists are bent against these too? Why? Because here’s the unmentionable truth: more cheap energy- even if CO2 free and far less dangerous radiation – only means more people propagating and that’s half of the problem. Enforcing massive population reduction is the fallout from climate catastrophist rhetoric, and not surprisingly- leads to an elitism of the chosen. Everyone else should wither away and disappear. Logical? Taboo alert: how that will be managed will not make for polite cocktail party banter. Not in the EU, no at the UN. (NB: the only people who don’t naturally despise this scenario to the core of their souls, are precisely those ‘big picture realists’ who feel they’re likely to be the winners. That’s right. Do note who talks the talk. Do they even remotely realize what they are implying or is their fellow human just an abstraction on an Excel sheet, to be ‘managed’? So, let’s please dispense with the virtue-signalling and fake camaraderie when it’s the average folk of the planet who need to self-sacrifice, but not Gore, Merkel, Macron etc. Proper pickle). Or, 2) a return to a kind of ecological low-end balance that developing nations are used to. Actually less. Because we can’t, for example, have people polluting the seas, creating plastic islands, killing 100’s of millions of sea mammals etc, with access to such modern conveniences as plastic bottles. The better-off nations won’t willingly adopt most of the required ‘downward’ changes meaningfully, and governments persisting in their fantasies will be met with active resistance. Cracking down on the citizenry by another country’s proxy-mercenary blue-helmets are the likely wars of the future. All wars being wars on innocent citizens, always have been.

27.THE SECOND AWFUL TRUTH? One that no one but the technological elite want to acknowledge, and with good reason: The ‘only’ solution, therefore by these articles of certainty and logical extreme, is some form of totalitarian one-world governance. (Call it what you will, what do you call it, my friend and economic anti-big banking hero, socialist-self-proclaimed-’erratic Marxist’ Yanis Varoufakis?). Why would this ‘global problem’ necessitating a ‘global solution’ not require the confiscation of most privately-owned weaponry in traditional fascist-communist fashion? Why would it not entail the centralization of all institutions of information, learning (no home learning, like in Germany today) and power? Both, so that there can be no interfering resistance? What could possibly go wrong?

28.FOOD TO TABLE CRISIS. Not a picnic, this is all about redistribution, relocation, reduction and control of people. Suddenly the Living Dead comes to mind. Or the Hunger Games. Not entirely a coincidence. It’s in the subconscious. The mandatory elimination of CO2 emitting fossil fuel consumption in the food transport sector alone will mean massive starvation of city-dwellers worldwide, necessitating an ideology of rapid and effective population reduction for coming generations. Who first- the old, the infirm, the very young? Everyone must obey and accept their respective destinies. By region? by sector? By lottery? Government will decide who can live like crap or die, and who can prosper amongst the privileged. Because it’s clear all cannot be accommodated, and leaders tend to fall for this ‘the others must sacrifice’ funny-business logic. If anyone can explain how this will be solved, please tell. Call me terribly biased, but how would a popular democratic socialism manage this?

(I’m the kind who’d prefer to turn crony capitalism – which is just socialism for the rich – into responsible capitalism, which is providing a service competitively, until it is rendered obsolete by something better and more efficient. I.e. the way of progress and lifting people up without resorting to whim and favouritism, which inevitably devolve into inefficiency and corruption).

29.BECAUSE RENEWABLES WILL NOT DO IT FAST ENOUGH. Perhaps oceanic tides will finally be deployed to generate free energy as per the ‘what the moon was made for’ channelings of Kryon? Pays to be up on contemporary esoterica. I’m trying to follow the reasoning. Maybe Yanis Varoufakis in Europe and AOC in America are really expecting Nikola Tesla’s promise: unlimited free electrical energy available everywhere for everyone and freeing the world of fossil fuel consumption? (But supposedly presently suppressed by either capitalist of socialist totalitarian rats, because of the freedom and individual sovereignty this implies for all humans, in developed and undeveloped areas of the globe). This time socialism will be different…?

30.READY FOR SALT THORIUM REACTORS, or NEW TECHNOLOGIES COMPLETELY? For the record, the relative well-being (and hopes to be lifted out of poverty) of most people on earth is a direct result of cheap fossil fuels. Call it a terrible paradox, but that’s what it is. And if environmentalists who believe in AGW cared as much about people as they care about the environment and animals I imagine they should be pushing for the safer salt thorium reactors. India seems to agree. Time for the social-engineers to get off the abstraction bandwagon? Or from the ‘humans-are-a-virus’ nihilism fashion trend (not backed by popular demand). Or from the status quo’s payroll (whose ultimate goal is maintaining control and privilege). I really don’t know which it is. Deep questions. Thanks for the inspiration.

31.THE REAL CONSENSUS, TRUE OR FALSE? ‘A more accurate statistic is that 100% of all scientists who deny the AGW hypothesis will lose 100% of their funding’.…

32.And on the methane note, ‘WILL FARTING IN A BOTTLE PREVENT THE RELEASE OF GREENHOUSE GASES THAT CAUSE GLOBAL WARMING’? Answer: Bottled celebrity farts, signed with a pen or imprinted with lipstick marks, could be auctioned off at tremendous prices and the proceeds donated to the reformed, post-Climategate, scientific, non-political IPCC. A brilliant win-win. I’m imagining a future in which no fart goes wasted. ‘No Fart Left Behind’. Aware, as we are, of how guilt-ridden the hyper-rich are, enslaved to their jet-setting CO2-profligate life styles and hypocrisy, may they sleep soundly at night, finally contributing more than their fair share. Cheers!

33.MODERATOR. Bilingual. Past 3 years. Estonian Forest and Wood Industries annual international wood architecture and engineering conferences, in Tallinn.

34.BIO. Third child of four. Architect. My family doctor (Dr. Pahapill = Dr. ‘Bad Pill’ = Dr. ‘Badass’) convinced me not to become a doctor. My sister encouraged me to pursue art. Despite the perturbations every architect knows, there’s the elation when results exceed expectations. Writing and futurism are parallel main interests. Theology and philosophy, at 14-19. Because I wanted to figure it out, and make my parents happy. Didn’t entirely succeed, had to go my own way.

35.GRANDPARENTS. A huge influence. Their love for each other. Stil romantic after 65 years of marriage. As my parents’. My grandfather’s PhD thesis (400 pages): ‘The Intelligence of the Estonian Child’, a statistical classic til this day. Deemed: ‘anti-Marxian and noxious, destined to be burnt for its democratic convictions’. Had to flee for his life with his family. Was ‘on the list’. 1944. Experienced the blunt end of both communism and fascism. The destruction of the tiny Republic that he and his colleagues had ‘created with affection’. Such wording. Chokes me up everytime. Despite so much loss, no bile. I never heard a harsh word. He was my hero. Ended up in New Zealand, then Canada. He liked talking to everybody. A teacher, a philosopher, a statistician, a walking encyclopedia, friendly, showed his gratitude, was not afraid to shed tears when the moment was poignant/ profound, did not believe in standard ‘men don’t cry’ stoicism. Unlike so many brilliant people, never ‘superior’, never above. A ‘people’s person’. Best example of Christian humility I’ve known. And love. His spirit, a force of nature. Very strong physically, a wrestler’s build. As a child he helped his father carry large sacks of peas to the market. He was Estonia’s first Doctor of Pedagogy. Claimed he got his intelligence from taking his mother’s milk longer than normal. Experimental psychologist. Froebelian: modern educationist, based on the recognition that children have unique needs and capabilities. Me on the left at 4, he on the right.

36.PARADOX CITY. Inside every cynical person is a disappointed idealist.’ – George Carlin. What’s a reformed cynic? Is there such a thing?

37.MAURICE STRONG. Late ‘father of environmentalism’, Rockefeller appointee ’boy wonder’ in oil business. From ‘sinner to saint’ in my Paradox City.

38.DALAI LAMA. CIA posterboy and inspiration to many. Mayor of Paradox City.

39.RARE IMAGE, CORB IN COLOUR. Great artist and sculptor. One father of modernism, responsible for brutalism. Chief architect of Paradox City.

40.NIKOLA TESLA. Claimed electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities supplanting the need for coal, oil and gas. Einstein, when asked how it felt to be the smartest man in the world, supposedly replied: ‘I don’t know, ask Tesla’. If true, this was likely a jab, as Tesla did not approve of Einstein’s theory of relativity.

41.GROUCHO MARX. Comedian. Rude gentleman. Chief public relations officer, Paradox City. Speaking of poking fun at our all-too-serious follies/ hypocrisies. ‘Humor is reason gone mad’. (Have some of our ‘scientific’ debates gone mad)? ‘The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made’. “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.” And my all-time favourite: ‘I don’t care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members’.

42.GOING FULL HUMBLE. MONTY. Take any huge polarizing controversy, like the climate debate today, US politics, or opinions on Putin, and it’s high time we cerebral numbskulls went humble. We should be calling our viewpoints, opinions, worldviews ‘narratives’, ‘film scripts’ or ‘fictions’. Or even ‘constructs’ (but I’d avoid that for its baggage of utter relativity). Because no matter how objective we are trying to be, none of us can escape the fact that our realities are sculpted partly by the input we’re experiencing, partly by who we happen to be, or have been. And as much as we might try to see things as they really are, this input is never entirely complete. High IQ or average makes little difference. Our brains behave selectively. And if there’s ego to be valiantly protected, watch out, all hellfire and sacrifice (of objectivity) can break loose. Wounded self-image? Desperately clinging to one’s worldview? Vaccinations, global warming, chemotherapy, fluoride, doctors, lawyers, experts, politicians- it’s all controversy! But this is no reason not to seek clarity. The truth may be hard to discern, but it’s out there, somewhere. And a little humility helps some in the search.

43.NOISE, FILTERS AND FOLDERS OF THE MIND. Strange as it is, as long as we aren’t scrutinizing our foundational truths – and we usually aren’t – we’re choosing with prejudice. This differs from person to person. Not necessarily wildly, but often significantly enough in nuance, even if we’re in the same ‘cultural room’. Or family. Without noticing it, unconsciously, by reflex, we’re habitually filtering out data we’re not processing (have no ‘folders’ for). Instead, perceiving ‘noise’. Or nothing.

44.RADAR MALFUNCTION IS NORMAL. Sometimes we can’t understand each other because we’re inhabiting different narratives. Stuff/ data/ information, slips under the radar as we’re working up our narrative, our portfolio, our self-image. Though faulty, it’s normal. And by the time we’re grownups, or settled in a career and social niche, we’re actually operating more on ‘best guesses’ than we’re likely to admit. We’re hardwired to perceive our decisions as mostly rational, even if they’re primarily driven by emotion or self-interest. Scott Adams the creator of Dilbert explains it best: Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don’t Matter. Even the most masterful and persuasively objective amongst us might actually be fiercely damning the facts. Cherry-picking to cope, to align, to be or to become someone. Pays to keep this in mind if you are interested in communicating and receiving truths, not dogma. But, it’s almost impossible if you’re not observing this happening.

45.VOLTAIRE: Doubt is not a pleasant condition. But certainty is ridiculous’.

46.WILL DURANT: ‘Inquiry Is fatal to certainty’.

47.SOCIAL ENGINEERING BIAS. Some people want to completely correct our innate cognitive shortcomings en masse and in one direction with certainty. Beware the social engineering evangelists. Their calling card is knowing what’s best for everyone, with one-size-fits-all solutions for everyone. If you criticize them, they will convince you you’re not seeing the big picture. Look out for the characteristic ingrained superiority complex, accompanied by a massive blind spot for the very condition. Expect expert certainty. And a fondness for taxation.

48.TOO MESSY OR TOO NEAT. Who is likely to be accepting our limited cognition? Recognizing it’s messy? Treading carefully, because trying too eagerly to fix it one might regret the outcome? Trying to keep things smaller? Allowing more actual choice? The classical conservative? The buddhist? If humans are so fallible, why create situations in which human fallibility can rule?

49.IMPERFECT INCLUSIVITY. Who is seeking inclusivity and compromise, for cultural rooms that aren’t perfect? Who is allowing these to exist side-by-side… without forced amalgamation. Indigenous traditionalists? Are they mostly softer and more humane than the ideological revolutionaries? If some traditionalists are bad news, what if their saving grace is they’re not programming everyone to be the same, elsewhere too?

50.TODAY. Where are we? Left versus right? Or elitist-revolutionary globalism versus populist-traditionalist nationalism? Where might be a common ground? In the realization it’s all scripts? Semi- hallucinations. Can we step back, and see it?

51.ZEN’S POND. Knowing some of this makes you smarter. It means you can start watching your mind watching. Calmly observing the animals, the people, the ideas, the passionate certainties come and go. With practice (and patience) it’s possible to develop a new habit, regularly putting one’s main ideas under the magnifying glass. Comparing again, to the vanquished, opposite, competing or newly arisen viewpoints. Sure, it’s a never-ending process, but ‘being able to bear one’s doubts(-A. Camus) til you have a calm about them is a kind of growth. And relief. I call it sanity.

52.GOOD NEWS. Life can be more than just aimless blundering about on automatic pilot, semi-blindly groping, forcing oneself to ‘know’ all the time. ‘I do not know just yet, maybe never will’ is a legitimate position. Becoming mindful of the trap of clinging to our most cherished perceptions and convictions, should open doors. Whatever it is we’re ‘fighting’ about, actually we’re mostly comparing ‘novels’. If it ain’t too humbling, this realization should help lighten things up. Sure, some ‘scripts’ are better written than others. But what if some are more objectively accurate, even if they’re not written as well?

53.MOSTLY A (TRAGI-) COMEDY OF ERRORS. Demonizing the opposition as evil comes naturally, as pushed by the non-listeners, by the too-invested. By (ha-ha) ourselves. I’m no exception. Surely I’ve erred. On a personal level I’ve behaved miserably- in ways I’m not proud of – partly because I’ve been unhappy and found myself conflicted. We are not educated in these things. There are so many missing links needing to be filled. And such is life. Outspoken persons know how difficult it is to push life-biases aside. Who thinks they have none? We could try admitting our biases. Our predilections. Oh yes. One of mine is serious doubts about motivations. Other people’s, of course.

54.ACHILLES HEEL. Lots of great persons are genuine do-gooders who want to dictate to everyone else, for ‘their own good’. And accidentally go too far. This is forgivable. But, it pays to notice there are some genuinely rotten apples, whose core actions are deliberate, spoiling the barrel as they go. And they don’t seem to mind. In fact, some relish it. This is a whole reality to discover, but we’re not taught to notice it, because these guilty live behind their cover stories, and aren’t as relegated to cruddy basement apartments and institutions for the insane as one might think. How to sum it up? Well, on stage their haircuts are immaculate. I’ve met a few. Gazes freeze in mutual recognition. Their Achilles Heel is being outed by ‘lesser’ human beings, who are sometimes ‘simple’, but grounded. That’s crux of the biscuit. The way it works. Like Einstein’s clockwork universe, with mysteries to be found. Notice the fervour, the vehemence, the intensity.

55.THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED. Most people are well-intentioned, but fallible. So, in the ‘narratives’ I might be able to impact, it’s usually a comedy of errors snowballing out of control. Starts with small sins. Usually lies that are ‘necessary’ for the sake of the long-term big picture. But what a slippery slope. Or, how exactly does one explain today’s vicious polarizations: ‘The science says this, versus the science says that! Untried real socialism is the way forward! No, untried free market capitalism is’! Etc. Does anyone remember anything quite like this? Unreal.

56.THE POLITICAL DIVIDE: ‘If you’re under thirty and you’re not a liberal, you have no heart. If you’re over 45 and you’re not a conservative, you have no mind’. Is a liberal conservative mindful and full of heart?

57.BUILD SOMETHING UP. DON’T JUST FIGHT WHAT IS. You could be saving yourself a lot of grief and energy.

58.INFLUENCES. Comic strips. Moebius. Youtube. Books. Mostly non-fiction. Photography. Christianity, Buddhism. Anything retro-futuro grabs me. What is that? Trying to head my architecture and interior design that way. Patinated minimalism? Some over-forming? Luis Barragan (1902–1988), Alvaro Siza, Kengo Kuma, and Steven Holl, are some of my favourites.

59.MUSIC. Is music the highest form of connection? Porcupine Tree: Idiot Prayer. Genesis: The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (‘I’d rather trust a country man, than a town man. Look in his eyes you know he understands’). Camel. Bowie: Memory of a Free Festival. Stay. Crosby Stills & Nash: Carry On (‘Where are you going my love, where will you be tomorrow, will you bring me happiness, will you bring me sorrow’)? Neil Young: Old man. Traffic: The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys. Simple Minds. Soft Machine. Joan Armatrading. Simply Red: Holding Back the Years. Propaganda: A Dream within a Dream. Steppenwolf: The Pusherman. Doors: Rider On The Storm. Beatles: Michelle. Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind. Jefferson Airplane: White Rabbit. Air: La Femme D’argent. KC and The Sunshine Band: Get Down Tonight. Diana Ross: Upside Down. Marvin Gaye: Inner City Blues. Sinead O’Connor: Fire on Babylon. Fatboy Slim: Push the Tempo. Alison In Chains: Brother. Kanye West: Water. Living Colour: Cult Of Personality. Wild Cherry: Play that Funky Music. The Allman Brothers Band: Whipping Post. The Zombies: Time of the Season. Free: All Right Now. The Main Squeeze: No Quarter (cover). Lesley Duncan: Love Song.

Tommy James and the Shondells: Crimson and Clover. classickruzer1 ‘I was blind as a child and didn’t know what crimson was, other than a color.. At 17, I got my sight and saw this beautiful girl and I began crying because I had never known what a girl looked like … This song was playing when I saw her… Every time I hear it, she appears in my mind…’

60.ALABAMA 3: Woke Up This Morning. ‘I woke up this morning Got myself a gun Mama always said I´d be the Chosen One One in a million I´ve got live burn to shine I was born under a bad sign With a blue moon in my eyes And I Woke up this morning And all that love had gone Papa never told me About right and wrong But I´m looking good, baby I believe that I´m feeling fine I was born under a bad sign With a blue moon in my eyes. So help me now…’

61.THE PUSHERMAN, STEPPENWOLF: Hillbilly Vol When flower power died out and drug money became the issue of the post hippie era, America as a whole lost a brief but beautiful under culture. Greed took the place where there once was peace. We are not old hippies but we are living relics of a magical time in history’. LT: A sad, but powerful truth. Like cracks in the wall, the light sometimes shines through. A moment of hope, of innocence, of beauty passing. These will come again, luck of the draw, someone will be there to appreciate it. And there’s something about the timbre of Kay’s voice when he sings those words: ‘with tombstones in their eyes’… not just the stark metaphor. And today’s obscene reality. Big pharma inventing new ‘conditions’ (see Jon Rappaport) for pills that target symptoms. But they’re just ‘regular folk’ metastasized into monsters with ‘tombstones’ in the remnants of their lost, jackass, rubbery ‘souls’.

62.MOVIES. Amarcord, Blade Runner, Being There, Fifth Element, Avatar, Unbreakable, the Sixth Sense, Pulp Fiction, Apocalypto, Dr. Strangelove, A Streetcar Named Desire.

63.SPORTS. Track and field. High jump. Women’s weight-lifting. Doing? Darts. Just about to start training my 14 yr-old son in weights. Ha-ha. How many times have I made promises in sports, and regretted it? What kind of dufus says this time he surely won’t, then overdoes it. Again. Wears out his knee requiring an operation – from swimming!? I suppose I got carried away remembering the rush of power coming back. ‘Material’ vs ‘will’.

64.DOG ELFY. There’s surely a planet out there full of such perfect beings. And we’re the aliens. Adopted at 3, pure serendipity. 7 years straight our family’s puppy love hasn’t abated. Only deepened. This is not normal. In Estonian language ‘puppy love’ = ‘ahviarmastus’ = ‘monkey love’.

65.GOING TO STUDY EPISTEMOLOGY. Is knowledge knowable? If so, how do we know this’? Thanks Mihkel (1979)!

66.BEST LINE EVER TOLD BY A MARRIAGE COUNSELOR, to my friend Raimo, shortly before his divorce: ‘Can we agree you will never again use the term ‘corporate news’ in your wife’s earshot?’

67.BEST LINE AT THE JACUZZI, to Raimo by his elderly Jewish neighbour and good friend: ‘Don’t tell me any more wild stuff I haven’t heard on the evening news’!

68.EXPRESSING MYSELF IN ESTONIAN. As a hybrid Estonian-Canadian, people have asked, why did I return to my parents’ and grandparents’ homeland? This tiny, relatively poor EU country Estonia, a miracle that it has even managed to exist? The short answer is there are things that make it special -not better- to me personally, and I gravitate towards uniqueness I can own naturally. If I say ‘läks südamesse’(= it went into my heart) or ‘läks hinge’ (= it went into my soul) I cannot say the same in English with the same meaning. Without sounding suspiciously ‘deep’. A woman rally car driver on Top Gear expresses her driving experience in a fantastic car: ‘it shook my soul’. That was genuine. There’s a difference, a resonance, I feel speaking the language regarding everyday things, with a baggage that ‘goes to my heart’.

69.HUMOUR AND DAGGERS. Politics and public opinion. When did these become my most reliable source of awe, slash entertainment? Sheer amazement. How to put it: everything’s being ‘inverted’? Common sense rapidly replaced with inventions. Actual ‘constructs’, not the ersatz kind peddled by some social studies academics trying to gain tenure capital. Any goofy proposal will do, as long as it’s original, in the flip-flop theory of life. Living a quirky sci-fi scenario. Mondo Absurdio. I’ve chosen to laugh instead of to cry. If politics is kabuki theatre, for black comedy look no further than the evening news. ‘Watchdogs of democracy’? ‘The dog is the face of the owner’– Estonian old saying. An allegation not lightly made.

70.‘THE PASTIME’. What’s a random dose of skepticism combined with ample time dedicated to ‘the hobby’ supposed to do!? ‘Political correctness is intellectual colonialism for the creation of thought crime’ (-Aussie comedian Steve Hughes). Very creative. Jokes on us. So holy, so tense, so irate. So offended. What exactly went wrong? Pendulum swinging, who knows the truth now? Who do you trust? Dare to ask? Care to be pillorized for mere doubts?

71.THE ‘PETER PRINCIPLE’. Professional advancement = everyone is eventually promoted to their personal level of incompetence, above which they cannot rise. Otherwise they’d be promoted again. This explains why things turn out as they usually do. Incompetence ends up running things. (With equal doses of goodness, of neglect)?

72.ESTONIA, FROM BALTIC TIGER TO ‘E’-EAGER BEAVER. ‘The most advanced digital society in the world’. – Wired. Why is Estonia so willingly hyper-ready to experiment with anything high-tech (the paper trail-less crock that is e-elections, the future shock risk that 5G brain radiation lesions), on it’s skype and solidarity austerity laurels (’applying the neoliberal hatchet, destroying Estonia’s economy’), seemingly no matter the risks? An attempt to stand out? Impaired judgement, overeagerness, inferiority complex combined with lapdog response to the whims of the international clubs we need to belong to? C/o flea to bear, ingrained (proven) fear of Russia, the indigenous enemy?

73.HOMEWORK OVERKILL. What’s your explanation? Ever feel like strangling someone? Estonia has a managerial class of ‘eluvõõrad’ = ‘life-divorced’ eggheads in our Ministry of Education triumphantly filling Excel sheets to educate our children to be the smartest in the world, with stacks of statistics to prove it, by incrementally increasing their homework loads – for every night, every weekend- until something bursts. The teens are burning out, 10–20% in depression with mental health issues ‘requiring’ prescription psychotropic treatments. How about letting kids be kids? Welcome to the West I thought I’d escaped. A perfect example of holier-than-thou, self-mesmerized technocrats, with god-given clout, in their self-referential doctoral bubbles zealously ‘putting their minds to it’, out of the side-effects loop, did I mention something about ‘cognitive noise’ earlier (that slips past the narrative one’s living)?

74.RUSSIA. Traditional authoritarianism puts the tsar (president) as God’s representative on earth. Putin, richest man on the face of the earth?

75.ALL-POWERFUL PUTIN. ‘It’s a mania. Putin is literally in our underpants. Maybe, if we’re lucky, New York might someday admit its report claiming Russians set up an anti-masturbation hotline to trap and blackmail random Americans is suspicious, not just because it seems absurd on its face, but because its source is the same “New Knowledge” group that admitted to faking Russian influence operations in Alabama… But what retraction is possible for the Washington Post headline, “How will Democrats cope if Putin starts playing dirty tricks for Bernie Sanders (again)?” How to reverse Rachel Maddow’s spiel about Russia perhaps shutting down heat across America during a cold wave? There’s no correction for McCarthyism and fearmongering’. – Matt Taibbi, award-winning author, and Rolling Stone magazine contributor. No fan of Trump’s. Quite the opposite.

76.AMERICA. ‘When you’re born, you’re given a ticket to a freakshow, and as Americans we get front row seats’– George Carlin. Ralph Steadman’s America. Alienation, commodification, atomization. Ah, but its Constitution. Its fanatics conversing about everything. The best of the best, the worst of the worst? I miss Carlin terribly: ‘Everyone appreciates your honesty until you’re honest with them. Then you’re an -sshole’. Murder Inc. International? Brilliant exporter of ‘terror lite’. Does this automatically make Russian top down or Chinese collective authoritarianism any better? I don’t think so, but ask them. A Canadian is asked to define who a Canadian is. Pulls a perplexed face, then blurts out: ‘We’re not Americans’!

77.BEST ARTIST IN CHINA. Yue Minjum. Work ants no more? Humour, the best revenge.

78.BIGOTRY: intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself. When exactly did it start that the most intolerant people are those who accuse others of being intolerant?

79.INVERTED BIGOTRY: bigotry that claims it is not bigotry. Intolerance in the name of tolerance.

80.ADDLED: unable to think clearly; confused.

81.MULTICULTURALISM FOR MULTI-CULTURES. AREN’T OTHERS CULTURE’S OK TOO? Hailing from the multi-cultural success story that is Toronto, truly a city of immigrants in a magnificent country of immigrants, this is no reason for me to express one-size-fits-all multi-culture for everyone. That’s just inverted bigotry. How it is that diversity was hijacked is funny. The cultural relativists have done a superb job on our addled brains. Everything’s great. Our universities have produced a spanking new generation of one-think social fascists running wild, some of whom are ‘moderating’ our social media platforms. Of course, such young warriors have no bias of their own. If they do, it isn’t bias, it’s the prevailing truth. Truth du Jour, all be told, and your old-fashioned thinking is for erasure.

82.NOT-SO-MULTICULTURAL PRIDE. In the reasonable world I’m weirdly imagining, true diversity of opinions and solutions (proudly multi-cultural and proudly not-so-multi-cultural, because the histories are different), are walking shoulder to shoulder as friends, not enemies. They’re not bickering tenants on properties they don’t own. Instead, they’re intrigued and appreciative of differences, and want to visit. Like a plethora of languages, unique and exotic, diversity enriches when there is actual diversity. Not a pre-selected, pre-approved ‘best’ kind of diversity. Oi! Did I just hear a resounding thud? Who just popped out from behind that wedge issue, and stumbled over his deflated mojo? Landing at the doorstep of think tanks and Tax-Free Foundations fronting for the professional predators.

83.TRANSNATIONAL CORPORATE HYENAS. Yes, a species hornily dedicated to getting their paws on everyone’s resources. Every country’s. That’s the truth of it, the best I can figure. It’s logical. The best way to neutralize the ‘enemy’ is to condition their minds – not directly, but by proxy – to the idea that nothing intrinsically belongs to them. As any kind of traditional group, that is. Hence, no shared stake to fight for. ‘Progress’ opens the way to ‘opening up’. Guess who’s at the front line waiting to help out with their no-money-down E-Z loans, ready bulldozers and candy? The hyenas.

84.ATOMIZATION. Societal unison must be shattered at all costs to lessen resistance to having things stolen from you. There is no immediately wider family to identify with. No ‘place’ for that. Atomization is key. And what’s interesting is that the identity you are allowed pits you against other even narrower identities in a tailspin into impotence. The is the deeper meaning of identity politics, but you would never know it because your cause is social justice. You are a fool, you and your professors have been had. You’ve been convinced to stretch your boundaries and your sense of identification, because you’re smart enough to think outside of the pre-prescribed box. You belong to the evolved avante-garde, you’re no narrow-minded xenophobe, instead a ‘world citizen’ are you not?- like me, so wide and universal, we’re next to useless for any real task at hand in front of us. But, we wear a gilded kilt emblazoned with moral plus points. Excellent work. Excellent ploy. And remember, if you see thought it you’re probably a racist, xenophobe, homophobe and nazi, and will start believing you are such, even if you’ve never ever remotely been such a thing.

85.LAUGHING IT UP. In truth, we’re idiots controlled by useful idiots, and somebody’s laughing somewhere. How much easier (and prettier) it is, when there is no ‘collective you’. The managerial class of the process are our smiling local nouveau elite reassuring us everything’s under control. The winning idea is to have us retrobates, luddites, deplorables and simple folk fighting each other over trivialities, having succumbed to easy propaganda, as we know no better, because the evening new is truth. In the showdown between left and right morphing into local versus global, what’s a little sacrifice in cultural security and border security? Economic security falls third. Keep the big picture in mind, your ‘tribes’ interests are just (ahem, clearing my throat here)… just plain (fighting back the welling tears) ‘selfish’! Swallow, swallow.

86.WHO? WHO IS LAUGHING IT UP? For this one might want to plug into ‘Echoes’, Pompei version, Pink Floyd (1975). Or ‘Lumpy Gravy Orchestral Suite’ by FZ (1968).

Or Montana: ‘With my tweezers gleaming in the moon-lighty night’. For this experiment try taking any recent societal paradox you can conjure up from memory. An ideology, a popular trend in thinking will do. One that changed mysteriously. One that ran into a problem unresolved. Here’s one: feminism was so reassured and triumphant in the 70’s and 80’s. Remember Norman Mailer getting trounced for being a male chauvinist pig? This was all about women’s rights – that’s half of the population- and history getting rectified. No self-respecting thinking man could not be male feminist. That was woke. (No need to fast-forward to the late Aaron Russo’s assertions on the subject). But what’s going on now? Gone silent and into half-obscurity. Retirement. Now a number of more pressing things trump feminism but this is nothing to get upset about. In fact, some will readily blame the victim. Themselves. Turns out feminism plays second fiddle to anything that will crush the patriarchy. So feminism is a tool (in an arsenal of tools)? Not a goal in itself? Oi! Events in Cologne have shown that forced mass-immigration can be more important than European women getting sexually harassed, if not raped on the street. Isn’t this the inner rings falling out of the onion slice, onto the floor? Is this what we wanted?

87.EVER WONDER WHY POPULISM, NATIONALISM, TRADITIONALISM ARE SURGING? Do we even know what’s going on? Ask the mayor, presumably feminist Henriette Reker, why very bad behaviour by incoming men from completely foreign cultural rooms is to be tolerated over the rights of the female victims. Some kind of Stockholm Syndrome, or does it go deeper? ‘Feminism without intersectionality is just white supremacy’. Because of our collective greater sins? Our warring ways, that we ‘the folks’ never actually agreed to. That’s hardly ever mentioned. That was foisted upon us by our leaders (following their leaders, following their ‘consensus’). If we get past the vehicle/ the medium, that is the supposedly woke’ and ‘sensitive-to-all’ (except for the half, or third, or what have you, of the population forgotten in the process- the baskets of deplorables) cultural relativist answer, and understand who, and by what processes this paradox came to be, and was ‘filtered down’ into the popular consciousness, then maybe we’re closer to understanding who is pulling the strings at whose behest.

88.SOME OF BOTH. We can ask is this by design or accident, and might conclude it’s some of both. What’s significant is to observe that popular ideologies are interchangeable pawns in a game for power. That’s where the laughter’s coming from. And from a room containing a fusion of seeming opposites, actually playing the same game. Anyway, the women and girls were the losers here. This is both heart-breaking and eye-opening.

89.ATOMIZATION AND POLARIZATION. How quickly our leaders defect from holistically and organically serving their electorate, when they think they are doing good, heartlessly practicing ‘tough love’ in the process, with no friends left to remind them about who they’re ignoring/ sacrificing/ throwing under the bus.

90.GENIUS OF ESPECIALLY FAULTY DEMOCRACY. I suppose they’ve never been told/ never realized the genius of democracy is it keeps the leaders honest. Is designed to bring them down to earth. They should be grateful for the favour (to avoid hell). But so often aren’t because either their hearts were never entirely in it, or they got in over their heads, falling for heady temptations: the sophistry and hocus-pocus of next level generational professionals, well versed in the ‘bigger picture’, requiring some sacrifice of the ordinary people they should be serving. Bringing out the suppressed narcissist within. Supplanting mindfulness and memory with a feverish liberation. Vision, and new levels of deception

91.DIDDY. ‘The poor complain, they always will, but that’s just idle chatter. The system serves us all, at least all of us who matter’.

92.HALF OF THE GLOBE’S LARGEST ECONOMIES ARE COUNTRIES. THE OTHER HALF ARE TRANSNATIONAL CORPORATIONS. WHICH OF THE TWO IS MORE LIKELY TO HAVE IT’S AGENTS INSIDE THE OTHER CAMP? By the time Oceania is fighting Eurasia, and Eastasia is in regroup, it will be too late to imagine where the real war started. What war? Well, the one between the countries and the corporations, which starts with the corporations putting their agents into the countries, and these agents are the politicians. Not all, of course. Just the mysteriously highly motivated sell-outs, usually the ruling parties cleverly playing their talking points, in case you’ve ever been perplexed about the origins of the gibberish and ‘imported ideas’ that are clearly not local. Not homegrown.

93.REACH FOR THE TOP. Who is motivated most, reaching highest? Most clear-headed and single-minded like a corporate campaign? Most free of local ‘small-mindedness’ and eeee, democracy? It really isn’t fair. The corporations on automatic pilot, feeding into the organism’s fight-or-die survival mechanism, have unfair advantage. They have no messy electorate to answer to, only the shareholders’ bottom line, while mostly (still) paying lip service to social responsibility as a cover. In the real global war for influence and resources the imperial nexus of American corporatist governance is the most triumphant machine. No cost spared, no deficit ceiling too high to keep rolling. Downright enviable, if you want your KFC cheap. There are contenders for second place and I might be living in one such federalizing concoction. Love it and hate it. The late Harold Pinter put it much more succinctly in his Nobel Literature Prize speech (2005) ‘Art, Truth and Politics’.

94.IDEAS ARE ACTION. But this isn’t about just complaining. It’s about leaving a message to my kids for when they’re old enough to grasp it. Pays to have a clue about what’s going on. Behind the scenes, before it’s fait accompli. There might be little one can do about it, but in a commodified world of salaried hucksters, at least a whiff of reality is like a blind person’s walk in a herb garden. Then again, there are signs of a growing trend… and the powers are trembling in their boots. At least in France. The game is not over. Expect more ugliness. But mostly more absurdity posturing as good sense.

95.ORIGINALITY SYNDROME. I met the man once. Coincidentally. Shook his hand. MIPIM conference, Cannes 2019. Congratulated him. Does great stuff. Ironically, his firm, MVRDV, is an icon of the very ‘originality syndrome’ professor Maas is now writing about. They got famous taking originality to the extreme. Takes one to know one. Respect. Architecture. One of the last relatively honest and open-minded professional disciplines in the world?

96.ICONOCLASTIC ‘DANGERMEN’ AND WOMEN ON THE RIGHT. Ever heard of the private trial of Lindsay Shepard by her positionalities-spouting professors of communications? The Lindsay Shepherd case provides a glimmer of hope for Canada

After 30 years of the left in the academic saddle finally imploding into thought crime and punishment incoherence, there’s a new breed of nonconformist rising out of the intellectual wasteland, filling the public mental space with their brain droppings. Cultural plate shift panic alert. Meet Canadian wit, author Mark Steyn. Hard to hit with a curved hockey stick. Classic liberals looking for JFK. And beyond. Another Canadian, Stefan Molyneux, turning the counterintuitive into the intuitive. Breaking down long-uncontested paradigms, one masochist for truth at a time. Or, as described by status quo media pundits: an ‘alt-right activist’ with a ‘perverse fixation on race and IQ’? Stealing their bored audience? Perverting their sons and daughters?

97.INTERNET PHENOMENON ‘INDEPENDENT’ TARL WARWICK. ‘You have failed the most basic contemporary intelligence test if you still believe in the corporate (legacy) media’. Any truer words told in the last 3 decades?

The calm and collected Vermonter, styxhexenhammer666, nails it. Meta-analyzing the workings of both main and alternative media. With casual, non-alarmist genius. Yes, that’s the word. Meaning: in tune with his own unfettered curiosity, nothing superfluous. Gift for phrasing. Always a pleasure. 200 million + views. The envious and laggards will shoot their barbs. Send out the deprogrammers. ‘Peace out’!

98.AND FILLING THE VACUUM ON THE LEFT. My latest find that keeps on giving. The Jimmy Dore show. If there’s any hope of the left and the right finding common ground, to at least start talking to each other in America, is this it? Why? Because he’s honest about it. He is not backing the Democrats at any cost. He’s slamming them. Ridding them of their garbage rhetoric. Right in front of our unbelieving eyes.

Could this mean opponents across the political divide can start calling a spade a spade, which is the beginning of substantive and respectful engagement, which is focussing on issues and declared policy positions. Well, being the den of progressives that they are, Dore does not go that far on his show. To my knowledge Ben Shapiro or Jordan Peterson haven’t been invited, they’d be pelted with tomatoes, doesn’t work that way. Even former progressive David Rubin is off limits, no?

99.THE JIMMY DORE SHOW. Just as I was losing all hope for the legitimate left (parallel to the unhinged left inventing new phantoms, embarrassed, unable to compete, stale). This is Noam Chomsky’s ‘Manufacture of Consent’ combined with Sheldon Wolin’s ‘inverted totalitarianism’ noticing TV debate is ‘vigorously healthy’ as it should be in democracy. Albeit (cough-cough) politely limited to the managed norms of both parties converging into the one worship that unifies: US military supremacy aka historical Manifest Destiny sold by the media echo chamber to profit the arms industry. Precisely as Dwight Eisenhower warned. Farewell speech 1961. Deadly bedfellows: MSNBC/ CNBC/ NBC Nightly News/ Raytheon, DynCorp, GE, Boeing, Lockheed Martin. Dore takes it apart. Fearless apostasy. Hilarious play-by-play analysis, guests, incredulous ‘what-the-hey’ delivery. ‘Serious’ anchors frozen in their tracks. But, what does it say that to the fading Democrat center Dore’s a pariah? Takes a comic these days to show how journalism must be done? It’s not so much the outright lying, but the suggestion, deflection, smug diversion and omission that offends.


‘I’ve been covering campaigns, this is my fifth one, and I think what happened in 2016, and a lot of people who do this for a living and didn’t realize it, is that the power of conventional wisdom stopped being a thing in 2016. Previously, through 2012, if all of the campaign press decided x or y candidate was unsuitable all they would do is hit that person with negative press for a while and the candidate would no longer be viable. And we did that over and over again, whether it was Howard Dean or Ron Paul or Michele Bachmann or Dennis Kucinich. But in 2016 we just stopped having that power. Voters tuned us out and said we’re going to start making our own decisions. And they elected Donald Trump. And they almost put Bernie Sanders into the nomination on the other side. And four years later the press corps hasn’t figured out that don’t have the ability to tell who to vote for and whom not to vote for. I think we saw that pretty graphically with the debate. With CNN thumbing the scales so much with Sanders, that it was visible to everyone, including Republicans. And I think they don’t see how much that backfires’.– Matt Taibbi.

101.TRENDING LIONEL NATION. Lawyer, channels Lenny Bruce who has posthumously gotten progressively better (my joke), RT interviewee and megamouth, with a vocabulary to stun. Youtube: America Thinks Ricky Gervais ‘Nailed It’, He’s a (DS) Plant and Shill, and Nothing Will Change’.

102.CANCELLATION CULTURE. Something you might not notice but your teenage kids, being the free spirits, will, and point it out to you. A new hypocrisy of ‘woke’ people who consider themselves ‘tolerant’, and wear this like a badge of honour. They will be insulted, outraged and offended. Then shame you, or ‘cancel’ you (social platforming-wise) for not sharing their form of political correctness sensitivity and ‘acceptance of all’, including hairy transgender in your daughter’s public washroom.

103.MANIFEST DESTINY. A philosophy that created the nation. ‘A phrase coined in 1845, expressed the philosophy that rove 19th-century U.S. territorial expansion. Manifest Destiny held that the United States was destined – by God, its advocates believed – to expand its dominion and spread democracy and capitalism across the entire North American continent’. And now, the globe.

Painting. Manifest Destiny by John Gast 1872.

104.HILLARY CLINTON’S ‘TOP VULNERABILITY’ SUGGESTS COLLUSION THEORY. Reversal bonanza transference syndrome. Who’s the real ‘Russian asset’ now? June 26, 2015. ‘Hillary Clinton for President Consultant Team conducts internal poll. Topline Results concludes her ‘top vulnerability’ is the attack that claims as Secretary of State she signed off on a deal that gave Russian government control over 20% of US uranium production, after investors in the deal gave $140 million to the Clinton Foundation’. (Let that sink in, Russian conspiracy theorists! Sure they’re influencers, but it’s a two-way street). Half of all likely voters (53%) are ‘less likely’ to support her after hearing that statement, and 17% are ‘much less likely’ after hearing that statement. ‘And what do you do with your vulnerability? You throw it on your opponent’’– Jimmy Dore, ‘Evidence Clinton Campaign Invented Trump/ Russia Story To Cover Their Failures’.

105.IT’S OFFICIAL: RUSSIAGATE IS THIS GENERATION’S WMD. It’s official: Russiagate is this generation’s WMD. Please note: journalist Matt Taibbi is very fearful of mainstream journalism losing all credibility in this failed era of cheer-leading. ‘As a purely journalistic failure, however, WMD was a pimple compared to Russiagate. The sheer scale of the errors and exaggerations this time around dwarfs the last mess. Worse, it’s led to most journalists accepting a radical change in mission. We’ve become sides-choosers, obliterating the concept of the press as an independent institution whose primary role is sorting fact and fiction… We had the sense to eventually look inward a little in the WMD affair, which is the only reason we escaped that episode with any audience left. Is the press even capable of that kind of self-awareness now? WMD damaged our reputation. If we don’t turn things around, this story will destroy it. – Matt Taibbi.

106.AND THE COSMO KRAMER AWARD FOR CONSISTENCY GOES TO HUBBY. ‘Former President Bill Clinton received a $500,000 check from a Kremlin-linked bank in 2010 to give a speech in Moscow. It served, to the FBI, as further evidence the Russians had unleashed an influence campaign designed to get access to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’.– Daily Mail UK.

107.ORANGE MAN BAD. Hey, his gilded Trump Tower apartment may be the height of bad taste – it is- but does this have to cloud one’s judgement about how great it is to finally see and hear someone buck protocol and the polite finesse of the duplicitous political class? Drain the swamp? Really? While I cannot forgive D. Trump for going along with the accelerated persecution, physical and mental destruction of Julian Assange in this deadly cross-Atlantic war on whistleblowers, I’m even more amazed by the hate. But not Trump’s. Congratulations instead to the love crowd for outdoing itself. In its sheer, unmitigated loathing for d’Rump! Something strange this way cometh. A story, an event, an obsession that keeps on giving. For 3 years straight. Intelligent people obsessing 24/7. Still. Even after R. Mueller. Even after A. Schiff didn’t produce the evidence he claimed he had. Liar. Doesn’t matter. That’s how deep is the brainwashing. Lesson 1: people will believe what they want to believe. Lesson 2: such is the power of repetition. Lesson 3: all of this should be a yellow flag. But not in America. America demands loyalty and action.

108.RUSSIAGATE MO’. ‘Russiagate became a convenient replacement explanation absolving an incompetent political establishment for its complicity in what happened in 2016, and not just the failure to see it coming. Because of the immediate arrival of the collusion theory, neither Wolf Blitzer nor any politician ever had to look into the camera and say, “I guess people hated us so much they were even willing to vote for Donald Trump.” – Matt Taibbi.

109.WHY DO THEY HATE TRUMP SO? He doesn’t take their crap and this makes them go insane. He’s immune to their greatest weapon which is shaming with their self-assured moral superiority. Take that away and suddenly they’re impotent*. Exposed. Turning and turning inside a spin-cycle of platitudes and lies, what’s left is a shell of their former selves. Like flailing, bumbling, mumbling Dick Mueller. Marbles loose, lost in the report he supposedly crafted, completely limp. (What did the late George Burns say about trying to play billiards with a rope)? They’re left with having to face their own shortcomings. And hypocrisy. No longer the defenders of the working class, who are they? The sheer fear (and utter embarrassment) of being found out drives their frantic efforts to turn the mirror away from themselves. Redirecting and transferring onto that ‘habitually lying, wannabe tyrant that 62 million “American” voters apparently weren’t capable of discerning’. It’s convenient narrative, especially given their default choice had lost all appeal. They wouldn’t be so virulent were it not their Achilles Heel. I think this is the psychology of careerists and partisans who have staked it all on a few flimsy premises built up over years into a formidable-looking, yet shaky, stage set. Fight or flight? Trump says ‘boo’ and they’re either up in arms, or scatter, wailing. I’ve never seen anything like it. (*They’ve lost their power, their vigour, their mojo, their tumescence, turgescence. Gone floppy and flaccid, become frigid and de-sexed? It’s so insane it must be sexual. Ask Freud).

110.TRUMP IS JUST AS BEHOLDEN TO THE PERMANENT STATE: MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX + FED MONEY MASTERS. Together with the ‘invisible government’ (which is its public relations arm, the media -see Edward Bernays), these form the core/ the nexus/ the spearhead, whose job is to farm/tax the people, and coerce the world to use the petrodollar, to make the most successful machine ever, with 800 military bases in 80 countries (upkeep ca $250 million/ day), riding a national debt of $22 trillion,and getting away with it fabulously. See the late Harold Pinter’s Nobel prize for literature lecture: ‘Art Truth & Politics’. The Nobel Prize in Literature 2005 Shouldn’t we be applauding?! Populism and MAGA works: black unemployment has fallen to an all time low at 5%, down from 20% when the Dem were in charge in the 90’s. But the more astute may notice the while the proverbial emperor is wearing his underpants on top and inside out, and having capitalized on the Dem void, has the maverick president shaved the military budget? Or increased it by 40%? Shaken a stick at the money masters? Or is fatalistically waiting out the inevitable crash? Resist at one’s own peril, might be the lesson here. He isn’t. With a more ‘polished’ prez new wars of acquisition would be easier to game on the public (think Obama’s 7 wars- not decelerated after Bush II, but accelerated), but for now he’ll do.

111.WILL THE QUEEN OF WARMONGERS GET HER REVENGE? By comparison, what exactly does one have to inject into one’s skull to even remotely still believe in Orange Man’s nemesis, cackling with unfettered glee: ‘We came, we saw, he died’ (over Gaddafi’s grisly death). One of the most amazing reactions I’ve ever seen. This wasn’t merely undignified, it was a major crack in the facade of normalcy, unless, of course, one considers criminal insanity normal. And evidently that’s what the system breeds. Not an invention of Hillary’s, she’s just another symptom of power head over heels in love with itself. 12 seconds. 2011.

No matter! Hoot it up. But, the electorate spoke, the Chanel suit wasn’t teflon-coated. She lost that slam-dunk election made for the taking, with the entire main media cheerleading on her side. Cry in your drink. Blame somebody, anybody. It’s ghastly. It’s funny. It’s gross. Watch Hillary enter the race. It’s possible still…

112.FRANK ZAPPA , ‘I’M THE SLIME’ (1973) Frank Zappa … I’m the Slime Zappa predicted the one-party Bush-Obama-Clinton dynastic dedication to business-as-usual, fed by the predigested slop that used to own our minds. Exaggeration? Why? Owned? Why not? Pre-internet, the corporate media were practically the sole source available. Not so any more. And they will not go down without a dirty fight. Witness Silicon Valley. As the legacy media is losing its influence: deplatforming, depersoning. Who? Truth-telling leftist progressives and the same on the right. You begin to see who they fear. As long as social media are ‘private’, are not yet considered ‘public utilities’, they’re exempt from freedom-of-speech regulations. The battle has just begun.

Lyrics: ‘I am gross and perverted. I’m obsessed and deranged. I have existed for years. But very little has changed. I’m the tool of the government. And industry too. For I am destined to rule. And regulate you. I may be vile and pernicious. But you can’t look away. I make you think I’m delicious. With the stuff that I say. I am the best you can get. Have you guessed me, yet? I’m the slime oozin’ out. From your TV set. You will obey me while I lead you. And eat the garbage that I feed you. Until the day that we don’t need you. Don’t go for help: no one will heed you. Your mind is totally controlled. It has been stuffed into my mold. And you will do as you are told. Until the rights to you are sold. “That’s right folks Don’t touch that dial” Well, I am the slime from your video. Oozin’ along on your livin’ room floor. I am the slime from your video. Can’t stop the slime, people, lookit me go “

113.TULSI GABBARD. So what’s this? She has but 2% Democrat approval, and yet she’s singled out as a traitor bot. A threat. Why? Because she’s crossed the line of polite talk? Yet for the severity of the accusation, so casually lobbed by Hillary, why no military court investigation? She is, after all, a major with top security clearance. Answer: because they know she’s clean and this is merely political, maybe personal for Hillary, as Gabbard might achieve the office one day that she did not? That’s petty, but what was laughing in glee over Gadaffi’s death? Sociopathic? So, smearing a patriot’s reputation gets a free pass in status quo USA. There is no shame, this is purely logical, when lies have piled up this high?

114.CAUGHT ON MICROPHONE: Merkel: ‘How can I get the people to stop criticizing my policy on the net’? Zuckerman: ‘We’re working on it’.

115.RED HERRINGS AT THE DEMOCRAT SMORGASBORD. The DNC, having abandoned roots, selling out its traditional constituency to the corporate center, has subsequently caused a schism in the party. Filling the gap, half have tripped out into the twilight zone of the new Virtue-evolution. I don’t blame them- where else had they to go? It’s self-inflicted. Politically correct identity ‘one-think’. Microaggressions. Further and further from real aggressions. Anything goes, except scrutinizing the culprit one’s in bed with: carte blanche predatory banking and the deep state/ armament nexus. From H. Clinton to N. Pelosi. One almost queen, the other ‘queen in exile’ (-T. Warwick). How spectacularly immune to the facetiousness of it all can one possibly get? Doubling down in sheer make-believe, pretzel logic and stretch. Or what exactly was Russiagate? Obsessing over Trump as if he’s the problem not a symptom of their neglect?

116.‘FEMINISM WITHOUT (REPRESENTATIONAL) INTERSECTIONALITY IS JUST WHITE SUPREMACY’. If you can’t decode that statement you do not qualify to comment on half of what’s happening these days. On shifts in priorities c/o identity politics. You are a dinosaur commenting from a cultural paradigm, from earlier than the ‘90’s. Image source: ‘creative commons’.

117.PARADIGM SHIFT. Regressive-progressive or progressive-progressive, does it matter that some of Jimmy Dore’s conclusions differ from say, a liberal-conservative’s, an independent’s? Not if the analysis is correct. (Too bad about Bernie. Tulsi is fresh air- but notice how speaking truth to the hypocrites got her immediately banished? Shows who’s running the show, -Voltaire. She’ll be back, America’s first woman president)?

118.PRIMER ON CONSERVATIVISM’S MULTIPLICITY. See Gavin McInnes’s youtube video ‘How to Understand the 14 Different Groups on the Right Wing’. Disclaimer: ‘This content is rated ‘rebellious’. Viewer discretion is advised, includes satire and mature content’. GM: ‘Here on the right, we’re known as the right wing. We’re horrible people who want blacks to go back to Africa, and anybody who’s poor needs to be punished. We only care about the unborn and everyone else can die, and we don’t believe in dinosaurs and we think the earth is 300 years old… But I thought I should break things down and show how disparate and fractured they are. And as far as I’m concerned, there are only two types of people in the world when it comes to politics: there’s people who want to be left alone, and people who won’t leave them the fukc alone’. Very informative. 1- Alt Right. 2-Paleocons. 3-Neocons. 4-Uptown Black Conservatives. 5-Downtown Black Cons. 6-Outcasts. 7-Broadcast Patriots. 8-Islamophobes. 9-National Review. 10-Cruz Cons. 11-Trump Cons. 12-Factual Feminists. 13-Free Speechers. 14-Libertarians. 19:12. ‘I’m not like Merkel. I don’t want comedians going to jail for a joke’.

Is there an equally robust mix of representation on the left these days? Why not? Below Candace Owens and Douglas Murray (‘The Madness of Crowds- Gender Race and Identity’). GM: ‘But the big picture here is that the right is not the big evil corporate pig with the bald head and the cigar, going: ha-ha-ha, make the blacks suffer, I wanna get more rich off of slavery. It’s a fractured group, that from my personal experience, genuinely cares a helluva lot more than the left, because they’ve looked it up, and they’re willing to fight for it. And fight for it they do- with each other’!

119.FLUX. My core perceptions remain, but some of my conclusions are in flux (right there in their DNA)? Hence my curiosity re ‘paradigm shift’. What makes people so darned fixed, if you exclude career expediency, salary and ego? Is there anything else? I could be (and have been) converted on an epiphanous dime, the last straw, so to speak. Or after a long haul, like shedding an old skin. Provided, the facts reach the necessary saturation point. Loyalty to cause may be a virtue, but doesn’t always make you honest or free. Appreciating persons who are on opposite ends of ideological divides doesn’t bother me. Provided, they can catch a glimpse of the humour in themselves. The paradox. Rare case? That’s a pretty good litmus test for a friend.

120.INVERSION DU JOUR. New coalition: the disgruntled right and left against the militaristic, pharmaceutical, banking nexus, status quo, corporate centre. Not gonna happen. The least you can do is retire with a clean soul. LT 8.10.2019.

121.‘WAR ON CLIMATE CHANGE’, BUSINESS AS USUAL? When are we going to hear: ‘War on climate change’? Aren’t you surprised you haven’t heard it yet? Is it because we might lose the progressives? For those who have not noticed, every time a ‘war’ is declared (whether on drugs, on poverty, on homelessness, on ‘being left behind’, or on a foreign ‘enemy’) this is mostly code for the governmental-crony capitalistic nexus to make a killing by taxation. It’s a business model. US Republicans as guilty as Democrats. Two sides of the same ever-metastasizing coin. Joined at the hip, but jockeying for front position in the race for global hegemony. And there are lots of partners.

122.BLOWBACK IS INTENTIONAL. It’s as if there’s never enough government, because practicing ‘tough love’ to improve the world, by foisting more of one’s ‘advanced’ civilization and control on others, is practically a duty. Forget about ‘blowback’. Forget that this is the way the West manufactures a steady supplies of enemies to be conquered. Ignore that this is the actual intention because it means more funnelling of tax dollars to the cause at hand. A never-ending stream of self-justifications. A self-replicating loop. A self-fulfilling prophecy. Just like there’s no point finding a Nikola Tesla-like alternative to fossil fuels, if the focus on oil can be used as an excuse to ‘leapfrog’, conquer and control more territory and to ensure no competitor might rise to upset the gravy train. Free energy? That would be anarchy. Being half-right always justifies control and predation. People love a good story to believe in, and government knows this.

123.HANDLING HEAVY TOPICS. I can listen to Marvin Gaye’s ‘Inner City Blues’ (Make Me Wanna Holler) over and over again, as I write this stuff. (Sorry I can’t get the link to the song on Quora, it seems not to mesh with Youtube). Just love the song. Incredible groove. First line: ‘Rockets, moon shots Spend it on the have nots… this ain’t living, this ain’t living… bills pile up sky high, send that boy home to die…’ I’m often writing with a sense of fatality. It isn’t at an abstract distance to me. I started late in this progenitor business, and having a beautiful son and daughter I feel the weight of our collective uncertain future heavily. shrh writes: ‘Choking back tears listening to this as a 24 year old black man who just wants to set an example for my 3 month old son and be here to see him grow…makes me wanna holla!’

124.THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE. Deep reflection on the nature of things happening around us and within isn’t always easy… this ability to ‘bear one’s doubts’– (A. Camus). Searching alternate sources, attempting to assess them… it’s a lonely activity that sometimes requires an awful lot of extra courage. A tough gut. To resist what others are foisting on you. Their judging. As if there’s something seriously wrong with you if you’re not inside the accepted versions of events. Or, in fact, spend time in various ‘dubious’ rabbit holes. There’s constant pressure to conform. Yet some of us can’t help but resist. Others wonder: ‘what’s the psychology here?’ Especially if they know you’re not a complete idiot. In my case (I can’t speak for others), I seem to have inherited a ‘fearlessness gene’ from my good-spirited father and grandfather. I cannot be worried about your opinion when forming mine. I have to dig deep for myself. As sincerely devout Christians they were used to opposition, so it’s possible I’m merely some kind of skeptic-amalgam, semi-undeservedly riding their wave. Yet I’m detecting my own kind of faith. It certainly isn’t in earthly things and it the ‘matters of fallible men’. So easily corruptible, everyone having their ‘price’.

125.THE FAITH. In what? Not in the temporal. If that’s it, how far will you get? so, it’s something eternal. First and foremost a metaphysical belief in goodness prevailing? That causes an allergy to ‘selling out’? Whatever it is some of us are better able to suspend disbelief and pre-judgement. To ‘go there’ (and back) into places that aren’t always pleasant. To open Pandora’s Box and come back alive. Harder to do if one has kids of one’s own. At one point, about 15 years ago, this was very palpable to me and sickened my stomach. Check out the Franklin Affair, the US congressional Church Commission findings on MK-Ultra programs (Naomi Klein veers into this too in the Shock Doctrine), and various revisionist writings by Michael Hoffman such as ‘Revelation of the Method’. If you dare. For some reason curiosity and sheer fascination displaced my fears of discovering things I didn’t want to know.

126.CONSPIRACY FACT. Often I wonder why so many people don’t want to go there. Something not nice. Yet right in front of their noses. They pass on it. This can express itself in the rote: ‘I don’t believe in/ get into conspiracy theories’. Meaning what? I’m smarter than that, less gullible? Or: ‘I will not consider any negative thoughts that have not been pre-vetted for me by trusted official sources’? And an awfully convenient mind-number that last one is, if it’s conspiracy fact. Hunter Biden has become laughable. He just lamented that allegations he was receiving $50K per month on the board of a Ukraine oil company is ‘conspiracy theory’. Why put it like that if it’s a fact he doesn’t dispute? Passing mindwind, flashing his luminescent Hollywood veneers nervously like an actor with a terrible script, his convoluted and confused defence says that anyone who thinks there’s something wrong there believes in conspiracy. It’s ridiculously and transparently childish, but what- good enough for America? Magic-thinking is OK? Of course we need to be wary of charlatans and snake-oil salesmen, but your network’s newsthink-groupthink wants you to believe people and governments do not conspire at all.

127.TOILET TRAINING THE MIND, DIRECT FROM SIGMUND FREUD’S NEPHEW. On their polite talk shows and friendly panels they’re pre-rehearsing your reactions. Joy Behar. Whoopi Goldberg. Wolf Blitzer, Don Lemon. Mass suggestion is a science. Edward Bernays, pioneer of corporate PR and propaganda, nephew of Sigmund Freud, wrote a book on it. Considered the practice no less than a moral obligation of the elite. He also convinced independent women to smoke. Popularized it.

‘Propaganda, known today euphemistically as ‘public relations’, is the manufacturing of consent. It’s the distortion of information to suit a particular agenda. Along with it’s ‘proper’ use comes the ability to control the masses, to mold the collective mind. Propaganda is all pervasive in our society and culture. We have trouble discerning what information is real and what is not. It’s become increasingly difficult to tell the truth from the lies, even with the power of the internet.Time has given these mind manipulators lots of practice to hone their skills. It’s important to realize the magnitude of manipulation that is being perpetrated against mankind. Things are not what they seem’.- From a commentary on the book.

128.WATCH TV, and try to convince yourself you are not being trained to have a highly automatic reaction. To observe and copy. To laugh off in groupthink any and all competing ‘realities’ as ridiculous, or not mentioned at all. Or to believe, that if some institution is conspiring there was no ‘malintent’, or it’s a rogue anomaly, surely to be exposed and corrected by the people whose job it is to do so. That’s our psychological weakness and universal conceit. We’re not like Russia or China. Not serfs, not ants. We’re emotional, we’re free. We’re open societies. Fair play rules (mostly, okay, often enough). It doesn’t get any better. Be realistic. Tell that to the not-so-popular-these-days whistleblowers. Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning. The ones who have poked deepest. With D. Trump, the populist and supposed saviour, sweeper of the swamp, not showing signs of amnesty, deep in the pocket of the permanent state, the final arbitrar.

129.NOBLE LIE, N’EXISTE-PAS! And on the other side of the ideological fence, I fear N. Chomsky hasn’t escaped those ‘tendrils’ entirely either… what makes me think that, one may ask sincerely, three towers crumbling into their footprints at free-fall speed, with this september’s ‘bombshell’ University of Fairbanks Alaska engineering department report entirely ignored worldwide, as though it doesn’t get any clearer than that? Even that rabble-rouser JC had his moment, realizing who had the world to give, asking rhetorically whose face is stamped on the coin. Society too has it’s price, it’s threshold for pain, and it’s ever-vigilant gatekeepers. Don’t go there, pal. Some things you just can’t change, right? And better than mere fake news is the noble lie, the selective blackout, the tale untold, the secrets left unsaid, for a fake life fondly tucked into bed. Nighty-night, sleep safe and tight.

130.FACING THE MINOTAUR. Where do you go? Call it conditioning by default, but my sixth sense says whatever transpires in this material existence is superseded by one’s state of soul. What do I have left to maintain my humanity and hope in such an overwhelmingly perverse reality, not coinciding with what I was taught in grade school. Oh Canada, and God Save Our Gracious Queen!?

131.EATING CLAY. Western society has been trained from birth in cartesian, ‘rationally-based’ scientific materialism. Combined with efficiency expertise, that’s it, there’s nothing more, no invisible spectra the eye cannot detect, no phenomena scientific instruments cannot measure. Right! Otherwise we might become victims of superstition. And raw instinct, Nose to the ground like dogs, eating the best clay from the riverside to get our mineral intake? What I’m getting at can be summed up in the question: have I watched too many episodes of ‘Russian psychics‘? I haven’t. Strict materialists should check it out. They won’t. Because it’s self-evidently dismissible rubbish. Yet I’ve experienced differently.

132.UNIVERSAL HUMANITY. So, where does the strict materialist’s strength come from? A deep universal human source, as secular humanists Christopher Hitchens, Bertrand Russell or Frank Zappa – all of whom I admire – might claim? Begging the question: is this any different than divine impulse transcending ‘religion’? What does one lean on to face, against all odds, whatever’s profoundly and existentially threatening… because Aldous Huxley and George Orwell weren’t just imagining for fun? I can only answer for myself. With technological dystopia looming– the capacity is there- and given my inherent, inherited (?) distrust of organized bureaucracy (out of control governance, bone-headedly obsessed with acquiring more and more power to ‘set things right’), I nonetheless don’t give a good-Andrei-Sakharov-goddam about what any surveillance moderator behind a pool of metadata, might think. At least not so far.

133.EMOTIONAL READINESS BLUES. Any of us can suddenly find ourselves under a shadow cast by a black cloud. Enough to feel vulnerable. There may be more than one stressful thing happening at once grinding you down for an extended period, combined with possibly simply being ‘too sensitive’/ too damn empathetic! Or, you think too much! Ever heard that? Maybe prone to worry, to overanalyzing, even sentimentality? What’s the alternative – we shouldn’t live out to the full extent of our feelings and imagination? We should force ourselves into a box/ become smaller from the outset? How does one do that? It’s like having a client asking you to make your design more mediocre (even as you were not designing a monument to yourself or to an approved aesthetic). That’s death. And just plain hard to do. Yet tending towards depth that you know isn’t always good for you, you have discipline. ‘Survival trains hard’– Peter Gabriel. There are times you know ‘not to go there’ to avoid a domino effect collapsing upon you. Other times you’re strong. Maybe most of the time. Maybe remarkably so. You were born that way.

134.LETTER FROM MY GRANDPARENTS ON MY 16TH BIRTHDAY. Second sentence: ‘May your heart be full of love, and let there be much love in your life. Love makes us richer than all the material possessions of the world’.

135.BEST COMIC STRIP EVER. The adventures of Fat Freddy’s cat. By Gilbert Sheldon.


137. HUMILITY. ‘Humility in all things; it’s honest and keeps us from creating idols, or setting ourselves up as gods in our own world. It leaves room for curiosity’. -Fellow Quoran, James Curtis. 8.03.2020.

138. EXACTLY, BROTHER! ‘Ultimately, no matter your beliefs (or lack thereof) we’re all brothers and sisters, stuck in Lifeboat Earth together. Best we each pull our own weight, and help out a brother if we can… To balance the strongly opinionated person I naturally am, I’m also never afraid to admit ignorance, and I’m quick to admit and apologize when it turns out I was certain… but oops! – dead wrong’. -Fellow Quoran, Clayton. J. Hardy.

139. CYRUS THE VIRUS. NO MIND. NEVERMIND? BALTIC BEAVER 5G. John Scott9, Mar 2020 5:29PM: ’Airborne contagious ‘Viruses’ do not exist and are not planned or escaped “bio-weapons” from secret government labs. Germs, bacteria and virus proteins are created INSIDE your body, BY your body, and are NOT contagious.The only way to get foreign human or animal bacteria and viral tissue inside your body is by injection. You cannot catch or ingest animal viral proteins from eating sick bats or pigs. The stomach and intestinal enzymes turn them into amino acids and di/tripeptides.60 Gigahertz millimetre radiation waves from 5G towers create the same bodily distress signals as the fake Coronovirus. These radiation waves also create precisely the same protein/nucleic acid response in your body, from the resulting tissue damage, that the Coronovirus “tests” are currently purposely seeking. The patented Coronavirus ‘vaccine’ will indeed contain foreign human or animal hybrid viral proteins in it, as well as dozens of other dangerous toxins’.

LT: Seems possible. At least not to be AUTO-REFLEX scoffed at. 6500 dead versus hundreds of thousands of the weak and elderly dying every year from common influenza? Governments are sometimes the most stupid entities on this planet. ‘Jump-on-the-bandwagonism’ is their disease? At Last year’s world’s largest real estate conference, MIPIM in Cannes, the Baltic nations had their booths side-by-side. I was there. Guess what was the common unifying theme of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, all touting cutting edge entrepreneurship and e-nation status: it was 5G!!! I mentioned I’d heard of some potentially staggering health concerns to one of the organizers, and asked if he’d ever heard of it. Reaction: shrugged shoulders. Change of subject. Have a cookie and a candy. Well, no biggy. Radiation shmadiation – that’s where the next €trillions are. Put up those 10-100 magnification radiation masts on every city centre corner and fry everyone’s DNA, despite international health professionals advising caution. Doesn’t matter when Progress is the aim. We’re there. All in, all the way. Nevermind. No mind. Another stellar example of the all-pervasive, universal, human affliction- especially societal: ‘chauvinism of the present’? 10.03.2020.