Difference between Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality : Virtual Reality(VR) gives the impression that the things you see have virtual existence. On the other hand

What is the future of augmented reality?

Augmented Reality is gaining momentum in the past few years with both Apple and Google releasing their own AR developer . AR works by superimposing virtual objects in the world around us by enabling us to mix reality with fiction in images viewed on a Smartphone, tablet or through special goggles. The biggest advantage of AR is that the bridge is gapped between the digital and real worlds. AR can be used in a number of ways. Namely;

  • E-Commerce / M-commerce

This industry offers a virtual fitting room where apparel can be tried on live. Users would be able to try out a dress without even buying it. Hence, users would have a novel and interactive experience with the virtual reality technology.

  • Educational Resources

AR systems can be used to re-create historical events, activate regular books into 3D images, or even present structures of the galaxy; all superimposed in real-time. Augmented Reality would be instrumental in providing a hands-on experience for students.

  • Social Media

The technology of AR also has a potential in the field of social media. One functional example is the TaDa Time app that enables you to create your very own virtual avatar. The app also enables you to look, talk and behave exactly like you. You can also create a number of cool animations using the TaDa Time app. The app also has an inbuilt social messenger that can enable you to talk to your friends and family like you were actually there in person.