TEHRAN – Deputy Head of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines, and Agriculture (ICCIMA) says the establishment of the country’s real estate stock

How can cryptocurrencies change real estate investing?

Primarily by tokenizing real estate assets via cryptocurrencies, thereby making real estate assets tradeable like stocks.

One specific project and approach that hasn’t been mentioned yet is ATLANT, a cryptocurrency-based real estate platform and trading exchange – much like NASDAQ, but for real estate assets.

With ATLANT’s approach, each listed asset will be tokenized, and can then be traded like stocks, anywhere in the world.

This opens up partial ownership in high-ticket real estate investments to people of average means, globally.

From ATLANT’s White Paper:

Real Estate is the largest asset class in the world, and also one of the most inefficient. Our aim is to empower the $217+ trillion global real estate market with 2017 volume of $1.4 trillion to seek a more transparent and liquid way to invest and trade.

ATLANT platform seeks to help subdivide individual parcels of real estate into tokens, and subsequently PTO (Property Token Offering) and list them on exchanges, starting with the decentralized ADEX exchange based on Ethereum smart contracts. Such endeavor would ease transfer of ownership, simplify fractional holding without minimal constraints, alleviate tax inefficiencies, make cross-border transactions simple, and eliminate substantial overhead faced in certain jurisdictions due to unnecessary middlemen.

Tokenizing property will allow real estate assets to be uniquely identified via a digital record that contains information regarding occupancy, physical characteristics, legal status, historical performance, and financial position.”

ATLANT also released a demo version of the exchange last week.

What I like about ATLANT is that the project and team check all the right boxes in terms of background, technology skills, business background and focus, and a focus on a clear business model that directly benefits from blockchain and smart contract technologies.

For more on ATLANT and its current ICO, please visit World’s Real Estate Blockchain Platform ICO


I am consulting with ATLANT currently, but have no incentive to promote them other than my genuinely positive view of the project and the team.