Global Covid-19 impact on Augmented and Virtual Reality in Healthcare Market (Global Countries Data) Share, Market Size & Growth, Trends, Global Statistics,

Which businesses are booming because of COVID-19?

It is quite difficult to highlight specific businesses. I think that the situation depends on the previous company’s success and its sphere.

In the IT industry, I would like to highlight the gaming industry, the industry of online entertainment, distance education, remote interaction, conference services, remote work services, medical services (remote monitoring of patient indicators), etc.

You see? All of these businesses are very different from each other but one thing that unites them is working online and offer a remote use.

If we consider the offline business, we observe growth in the food industry (inexpensive products and semi-finished products), delivery services (including unmanned and drones), mass temperature control services in establishments, various vending, cafes, and restaurants without waiters (automated delivery and format to go), electronics production, personal and industrial hygiene, and many others.

All this is possible thanks to the use of both existing technologies (especially with an eye on mobile services and the introduction of wider automation tools in production and HoReCa), as well as new ones that allow more widespread use of virtualization capabilities. Or bringing existing ones to a higher quality level, for example, VR, AR, and 3D in the distance education systems.

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