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I am computer engineer who is a great planner, good at writing, and social. I have a great love for technology and literature, but not coding. How can I generate a passion for it? Or what else should I do?

I am almost entirely in your category. Just like you, I have a hard time coding even though I love the data structure concepts. But, I love technology. Lately, what I figured after going through many questions on Quora, many books on entrepreneurship and articles on NGOs is that my best bet is social entrepreneurship. Let me explain that a bit.

Since you are a good writer, I am sure you are the sensitive type; the dreadful news of people dying, injustice thriving and rights being violated shakes you up to your very core. If that doesn’t happen, wait for a while, it will happen. I am sure of that because even if you start writing for a living, one day you will come face to face with some things you can do nothing about. Since you are an engineer in the true spirit of the word, not being able to solve a problem will make you miserable. Thing is, writing about problems doesn’t solve those problems. Doing something about them does.

So then is your writing skill worth nothing? No, thats not the case. You just need to convert it into something a little more practical and in keeping with your love for technology i.e. creativity, advertising and marketing. Your writing skill is just a manifestation of your creativity. You can play with words, imagine scenarios and captivate your reader. A little dose of practicality of the real world and you can become a powerful designer.

Now how is all this ‘in keeping’ with your love for technology? Well, add love for technology with a good designer and a social personality and you get a potent social entrepreneur. Potent because your writing background will always keep you grounded. Social because you will always see the myriad number of people who are struggling each day and that will attract you to markets where you could solve problems of the masses which might need a lot more effort and yield little profit margin but you will do it nonetheless. Being a writer makes you see the bigger picture.

All in all, my advice to you will be to explore more practical aspects of creativity and to observe problems around you (which I am sure you already do). Best of luck!

P.S. One year ago if there would have been a Quora, I can imagine myself asking the very same question. Luckily, some lessons came along for me. If you need some motivation for problems around you, leave me a message. I have been writing them down for quite a while now. Thank you!