It’s a great time to buy and sell real estate. Why? We all know that interest rates are near. historical lows. Home ownership has never been more affordable to

Is it illegal for someone to successfully corner the real estate market in any country?

The question is whether it is illegal to corner the real estate market of a country, not whether it is possible.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think any country has any property law that says you cannot buy up all or most of the real estate in the country. However, some countries have antitrust laws that restrict companies from being monopolies.

From Investopedia:

What is ‘Antitrust’

Antitrust laws are the laws that apply to virtually all industries and to every level of business, including manufacturing, transportation, distribution, and marketing. They prohibit a variety of practices that restrain trade.


Examples of illegal practices are price-fixing conspiracies, corporate mergers likely to reduce the competitive vigor of particular markets, and predatory acts designed to achieve or maintain monopoly power.

Thus it is possible that any company that tries to corner the property market of a nation can be subject to antitrust legal action.