The swift emptying of commercial space marks a sharp departure from the real estate markets that have boomed in New York, Chicago and other cities in recent

How could a real estate business boom?

Real estate is a business in which investors have made more money than any other industry. If you buy an expensive car or a boat or a plane or almost any other such material product today and sell it 5 or 10 years down the road it looses tremendous value. That happens because those material products, chattels as they are called, loose value because they are depreciating commodities. Newer models come into the market every year and the older models which are construed to be used, loose value.

On the other hand , if you buy Real Estate, there is something REAL about it that you cannot replicate or have a newer model, and that’s the LAND. It’s something that was always there , is there and will be there. Ofcourse the location matters a lot. Inner city locations and certain suburbs are more desirable. If you buy a small house on a fairly good sized lot in most major cities and hang tough for 10 years by either living there or renting the place out , as a general rule of thumb you could double your money if you are a little creative. But , it’s generally a long term game. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. Most of the world’s multimillionaires have made money in the real estate industry. The market does fluctuate though ,so only invest for the long hold and you’ll be okay .Patience is the biggest virtue

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