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What will Trump do after his presidency?

My predictions for the US after Trump.

The Donald Trump presidency has to end at some point. Whether in one year or five, his presidency will come to an end, and we will have to move on from him. My predictions come from total realism, but also optimism for the future success of our country. Without further ado, my presidential predictions are as follows:

The Next People Up:

My predictions for the people who will follow the giant footsteps of the president can be described as an enhanced pool of talent and more soul-fighting. The democratic party will gain strength after Trump becomes a lame duck, and they will want someone to finally break the glass ceiling of female leadership in the United States. They will also want minority outreach without breaking the bank of campaign finance, and to expand the cultural relevance of minority entrepreneurship. My prediction: Clinton-Winfrey 2024. After that, the GOP will want to come back with a couple of major players in the modern political world, and will want to bring some discipline to the US cultural apparatus. The GOP needs to nominate people who are independent of the current president, while being supportive of his major policy positions. They will have gained strength and experience by that time, so expect an older, wiser person to lead, and a young Veep to keep the GOP bold. My prediction: Pence-Crenshaw 2032. After these two staunchly-different campaigns, the center will want to break in and steal the spotlight for two terms as well. They will be tech-savvy and media-savvy with the tech and media world needing a major intervention considering they will have been targeted somewhat unfairly by US regulators. The tech billionaire needs to be rich but not ruthless. My prediction: Bloomberg-Cuban, 2040. Needless to say, the billionaire class will not be going away anytime soon. They will want to stay around 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for a little while longer before exiting the high-political world for better waters. The establishment will not want to just give in to the new blood though, so what they will have to do is to give the new blood some oxygen to help the nerve center of the US government breathe in the modern world. Whatever the case may be, the next Presidents will be far from ordinary and much better-equipped for the modern world.

Trump’s Trials Thereafter:

Donald Trump will undoubtedly continue to be a major business player, but he will perhaps be a bit more covert on that end for the first four years after his term expires. Nevertheless, he will surely be major-key interested in striking new business deals domestically and abroad. He will probably be interested in major land acquisitions across the board, and will do so by more covert measures for those first four years, as he won’t need or want the media attention. He will surely be gearing for development of those lands for new, with no advertisement dollars being spent. This will allow him to make major profits just by being Trump, which he has had, but it will be turned up a massive amount after his presidency. These developments will be budget-based, gearing to bring the Trump brand nationwide, and into smaller cities and towns such as college towns, resort villages, and state capitals, playing well into his strategy while garnering little mainstream media attention. This is where the Scion and American Idea hotel brands come into play, as places that can easily get cash from the sun belt and rust belt, as Scion Suites and American Inn. He will build a new consumer and civic base using these brands, and will essentially set up a second stint as a Real Estate developer with these brands acting as new profit-earning sources for him, at least for the time being. Under the Former Presidents’ Act, He will also collect his pension, access to the presidential townhouse, set up his office, secret service security detail, and additional staff as all former presidents do, along with personally overseeing the construction of his presidential library and museum, both part of one presidential center, which will be the only news breaking during that time. No donations will be made by him during this time. Long story short, he will play it cool for the first four years after he moves out from office, and he will be gearing up for more development quantity.

Trump’s Second Act:

After those first four years though, he will be looking to do major projects in the inner cities, and that requires a lot more than a couple of tractors and workers. This will be his second act, and the one that cements his New York Real Estate Development legacy. The Trump Presidential Hotel and Tower comes to mind, as one or two amazing ways to market his presidential qualifications, as well as add to his stock of towers in New York. He could market it well in a series of “Trump Presidential” properties around the country as well as his Presidential Center, consisting of his Library and Museum, to supplement the Trump International brand, and would likely be able to sell that extremely well. He will also have legal woes he needs to clear up, and that’s where his access to Washington politics is crucial, and that’s where his political connections make the most sense. He will have federal judges and US department officials waiting in the wings, ready to rule favorably for any litigation from corrupt New York City and State politicians, NIMBY activists, or holdouts that make their way through. This is where he will flood the donation coffers of major GOP and moderate democrats, and release his list of endorsements, which will become much more valuable, as he will have had first-hand experience as President, and he will be an invaluable cultural icon for the US. He will become a voice of a celebrity, a business and an expertise, becoming much more influential behind the scenes as he gains time. He will also have an in-depth look as to how federal policy is shaped, and that knowledge will be invaluable, as he will assuredly ask for licensing agreements, branding agreements and seats on the boards of powerful companies worldwide, in exchange for his consultancy on major projects that other developers or Real Estate interests in general will be working on that require federal approval at any level.

Trump’s Charity Work:

The programs and charities that will be started by the president will be broad and organized, focusing on helping small businesses in the US to trade with international clients, assisting in health care reform, helping third-world countries introduce modern-day development solutions, assisting in disaster relief, as well as helping veterans succeed in the civilian world. Trump will also need some good press, especially when it comes to advertising and outreach for the Trump brand. To achieve this goal, the Trump Foundation will be reopened, under much greater security and scrutiny than before. There will be five initiatives underneath this Trump Foundation brand; the Trump International Entrepreneurship Initiative, the Trump Health Access Initiative, the Trump Development Initiative, the Trump Disaster Relief Initiative, and the Trump Veterans Aid Initiative. Also, Trump will want to give some of his money to charity as well, and he will set up the Trump Family Foundation as the private arm to do so. This will allow him to effectively retain his rolodex of international figures that he has met over his time as President, give Trump some desperately-needed good press, as well as give him a way to develop projects worldwide with a positive media spin, as well as give him the foothold on both coasts he’s wanted for so long, especially in the far-left bastions of the 9th circuit. The biggest reason though will likely be to compete with, and hopefully take down, the Clinton Foundation to reduce their influence on the politics of philanthropy, and to get Trump a similar standing as Clinton goes on the world diplomatic stage. This could set up a nice competition between the two foundations, and this would be much more transparent and broad than the previous foundation, with donors lined up all down the block. Ivanka will lead this particular charge, as she will do with all or most government-funded functions of the Post-Presidency Trump Organization.

Trump’s Family Office, Reputation and Estate:

The prior arrangements will allow him to set all of his kids up with nice-sized nest-eggs to work with after he passes on. Donald Trump Jr. will go to work with the Scion and Trump International brands, and Eric Trump up will start working with the American Idea and Trump Presidential brands. Ivanka will be in charge of the government-funded aspects of the post-presidency Trump Organization, which will include the Trump Presidential Center, Trump Foundation, Trump’s pension fund ($210,700 per year), office and staff (Expenses covered to $150,000 for the first 30 months, dropping to $96,000 after), and secret service security detail. The AGS can assign the former president and his spouse $1,500,000 per year on top of the prior written allowances for security and travel-related expenses. If Melania breaks up with Donald and remarries, the protection drops for her. Donald Trump and his wife retain their franking privileges and this will essentially make them royalty in the United States. As far as his permanent residence and domicile goes, he will certainly have reconsidered leaving New York for Florida, and will have reestablished himself as a New Yorker, and this time, for good. He will have a lot more time to kill, as someone who will be able to sell himself without any force whatsoever. He will become far more of a part of the glitterati and the twitterati, and will be able to read the big-city markets in a way that will be far more advantageous to the GOP, as he is an entrepreneur. That is rare for a republican, and he will be able to give the GOP the entrepreneurial spirit that it has needed for ages. With that being said, he will certainly start on a big shift, allowing the GOP to win more seats in the metro areas, and enabling the GOP to finally break free of the southern strategy that has turned into the rural strategy over time. Overall, he will be the best strategic post-president that the GOP has ever had.

Trump’s Media Blitz:

His lifestyle will become far more unassailable after his term, as a major media player and a much more important person. He will emerge as the ultimate power-broker of modern American politics and business, as Barack Obama has done, with a publication like “O, The Oprah Magazine” and two television networks like “OWN” and “CNN” towards the mainstream. You can also bet that he will build his own network-side website and adjoining social network pages and really take his brand up to 11, with all nine of these main advertisement channels being flooded by him. He will write his memoirs and books like all other former presidents do and get millions of dollars from those, and he will engage in public speaking matters just like the Clintons, getting millions of dollars from speeches and keynotes. Expect Trump to have people like Regis Philbin and Jon Voight as major players in his network, as well as other vintage, conservative celebrities who need a second act, and conservative international players as well. Trump may even forge a newspaper with Rupert Murdoch at some point consisting of Trump’s desired news reporting, and that will serve as an example for the rest. As far as television shows are concerned, he will revitalize The Apprentice and form a new show called The Administrator, where he picks one person out of a select group of contestants who will serve under a given politician. This will give him a much greater face-to-face presence with the American people that can still be managed by him to create the best image he possibly can. His wealth will be indisputable, and he will garner much greater amounts of respect, and ultimately, he will become much more influential both off-set and on-set. He will do much more projects behind the scenes, while working much less to get these projects done. This will serve him well, because he is getting up there in age. This will serve Ivanka well as the next head of the Trump Organization.

Trump’s Kids:

Anyone who thinks that the kids will just let dad take all the credit is sorely mistaken. That in mind, let’s take a look at the possibilities for each of them, because they will sorely need a decent platform to compete with their father head on with. That will also need a headlining format that will give the Trump family a decent series of shows as opposed to one, outdated show that still holds water. They also want a way to spin off once their father hits the deck. This format will allow them to execute this plan well, without any undue, unnecessary drama behind the scenes. Without further ado, here are my predictions for the descendants:


She will want a reality show according to her liking. My guess is a Bravo-style, E-style show that follows her on her daily business and political dealings. With her being the center of attention, she could do something along the lines of the Kardashians, with her being the equivalent of Kris in the line. The storylines will be much more focused on the glitz and glam of New York and Chicago Real Estate, and will serve her a role unlike any female today. Expect the Kardashians and the Real Housewives themselves at some point, drawing the most attention.

Donald Jr. and Eric:

Both are avid outdoorsmen, so they will most likely want to direct a series of specials about Real Estate, Hunting, and Guns. They will be less dramatic than Ivanka, but still have a format that features them in a major way. This will allow them to make money just by being in front of a camera like Ivanka, but the real money will come from the endorsements and royalties that they will garner just by being part of the White House Family for 8 years. Expect the Duck Dynasty and Fixer Upper-type people to have a major presence on this show.

Trump’s Brand Before: (This only counts properties in major US cities)


  • Trump Tower
  • Trump World Tower
  • Trump International Hotel and Tower
  • The Apprentice


  • Trump International Hotel and Tower

Trump’s Brand After:


  • Trump Tower
  • Trump World Tower
  • Trump International Hotel and Tower
  • Trump Presidential Hotel and Tower
  • Trump Universal Hotel and Tower
  • Trump Productions HQ
  • Trump News Network HQ (Boris Johnson/Steve Chabot)
  • The Trump Network HQ (Jon Voight/Regis Philbin)
  • The Trump Magazine HQ
  • Trump Advertising Main Branch
  • Trump Presidential Center, Library and Museum
  • Trump Foundation HQ, Social Media Office
  • Trump Family Foundation HQ
  • Trump Organization Social Media Office
  • The Apprentice
  • The Administrator


  • Trump International Hotel and Tower
  • Trump Presidential Hotel and Tower
  • Trump Universal Hotel and Tower
  • Trump News Network Social Media Office
  • The Trump Magazine Social Media Office
  • Scion Suites Headquarters
  • American Inn Headquarters
  • Universal Idea Headquarters

Los Angeles

  • Trump Development Initiative HQ
  • Trump Disaster Relief Initiative HQ
  • Trump Health Access Initiative HQ
  • Trump International Entrepreneurship Initiative HQ
  • Trump Veterans Aid Initiative HQ
  • Trump Productions Social Media Office
  • Trump Universal Social Media Office
  • The Trump Network Social Media Office
  • Universal Idea Social Media Office