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Do the Grammys hate rap/hip hop?


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JANUARY 28, 2018 3:30AM PT

Grammy Nominated Band Avenged Sevenfold Skipping Ceremony Because Rock Gets ‘No Respect’

“F— that waste of time and money,” says frontman M. Shadows.

By Variety Staff


Variety Staff

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Hard rock band Avenged Sevenfold are up for a “Best Rock Song” Grammy on Sunday night for “The Stage” off of their 2016 album of the same name. But while it’s their first ever Grammy nomination, they’ll be sitting out the ceremony, says frontman M. Shadows, mainly because their category won’t be televised.

Texting to radio personality Eddie Trunk, singer M. Shadows says the trip to New York City for the Grammy Awards would be a “waste of time and money” for the band, which is currently on tour with Breaking Benjamin and Bullet For My Valentine.

Per metal site Blabbermouth, Shadows doesn’t consider their sitting out the ceremony on Jan. 28 to be a “protest,” but rather, a financial decision (travel expenses would have cost over $150,000 said Shadows) in addition to a statement on the marginalization of rock music, which he noted on Twitter is relegated to the non-televised portion of the Grammys.

Honored. Unfortunately they have taken “Best Rock Song” off the telecast this year so we won’t be attending. Maybe next time. https://t.co/GIotEyLCuK

Avenged Sevenfold (@TheOfficialA7X) January 23, 2018

Said Shadows, according to Trunk: “‘Rock Song’ of the year can’t get two minutes? … And they put us in some side venue no one gives a f— about? F— that waste of time and money.”

Also nominated for Best Rock Song are Metallica, Foo Fighters, K. Flay and Nothing More.

The Grammy Awards air on CBS live from New York’s Madison Square Garden on Jan. 28.


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  1. Riteaidbob says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 10:21 PMNot a single one of these “artists” will be remembered nor any of the “songs” 20 years from now. Rap? Crap. Music is truly DEAD.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  2. Evan says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 10:16 PMThe point here is that the Grammy’s should be fair to all nominees. I find it quite amusing to read comments saying A7X deserves air-time more than other artists/genres/whatever because of the commentator’s personal taste in music. If it were the other way around, many commentators here would be quite happy to see others complaining that their personal favorites aren’t getting equal treatment. We humans are ridiculous creatures. XDREPLYREPORT COMMENT
  3. EJ Monroe says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 9:10 PMThis is very sad; that a genre which really touches us while entertaining us at the same time is sidelined. Rock is an integral part of American culture and Western culture at large. They need to get the house back in order.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  4. Rock And Roll Is Dead says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 9:07 PM“How come Avenged Sevenfold’s not at the Grammys?” said nobody.TBH the rock and metal categories not being televised are no big loss. When something interesting starts happening in those genres they’ll get televised again.REPLYREPORT COMMENTpop was never alive says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 9:32 PMWhen has pop ever had anything interesting? Uninspired music with auto tune…REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  5. Denofrage says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 9:01 PMEven Prince acknowledged that Rapper’s were “Tone Deaf” (-Dead on it. Black Album). The Grammy voters and CBS know that Rock fans don’t sit around watching a pretentious Awards show and talk about who is wearing what designer. So they can’t make any money off them.. hince….they are brushed to the side.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  6. Jay Myers says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 8:50 PMWhy wear satanic garb and make satanic hand gestures?REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  7. Sinbad says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 8:50 PMRapping is talking. If you want to be a musical performer and you can’t sing or play an instrument, your only option is to become a rapper.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  8. Jay Myers says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 8:49 PMWhy dress i. A satanic shirt and make Satanic hand gestures?REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  9. Joe Pike says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 8:40 PM$150k in travel expenses?!?! Where are they coming in from, the moon?REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  10. TheTruthBurns says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 8:39 PMThe kneegerization of America to keep the 12% Happy. Phuk that.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  11. V. V. says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 8:38 PMIf they were planning on wearing satanic worship shirts like in the picture, I wouldn’t put them on TV either.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  12. Mac Joiner says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 8:29 PMThe Grammys of 2018 have immensely talented musicianship on full display .. said absolutely no one!REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  13. yep says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 8:27 PMIs Jay Z censoring the comments? Why do you all hate white folks?REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  14. yep says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 8:23 PMBlack racists hate white culture.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  15. yep says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 8:22 PMBlack racism excludes white culture.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  16. Nunya says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 8:17 PMRock = white. White = bad. It really is that simple.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  17. Mark David says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 8:11 PMTake that crap called rap and shove it. It will ruin and corrupt modern music and people, just like everything else they get control of. #UntalentedCriminalsOnDopeREPLYREPORT COMMENT
  18. Grieg, yes I am named after a composer Edvard Grieg says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 7:53 PMThe Grammys have been bad for a long time. I played violin as a youth and then moved to guitar. Over forty years playing and am yet to be impressed with any hip hop or rap. In a year there might be Ten to Twenty new songs of all genres other than rock that I would like. This comes from someone who loved sixties Rock, Pop, R and B and especially Motown. Where are the Supremes of today? Taylor Swift a three chord back up guitarist is not true talent. Like a lot of these country front men who play guitar I often wonder if that accoustic is even plugged in or is it all for show. Don’t get me started on the Dumb Axx dancers and the Choreography changes. Heck…I used to like old Madonna but geez in thirty years all ya got is one Bruno Mars???REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  19. ProsciutiniAndProvolone says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 7:44 PMThe Grammys are fast becoming the BET Awards, allowing some hard left caucasians to join in so as not to completely lose the white audience. The music sucks, the message is angry, and the participants are a horrid display of the talentless and obnoxious, who have been annointed by sleazy money grubbing music industry executives to push that trash down the throats of Americans.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  20. Mikey says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 7:40 PMWhile playing in many bands in my day, even winning a grammy would not tear me away from my fans. Not even worth the money WE would have to pay to not even be seen nationaly much less than having to hang out with wortless liberal hoiotie-toiodies. Best of luck guys.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  21. Bob USAFret says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 7:24 PMWon’t waste time watching liberal a..wipes honoring no talent crap.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  22. DC says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 7:20 PMPop music is for tweens and sheep. Top 40 has always been the crappiest music of all, yet the mindless dweebs that buy that sh*t are listening to fluffer radio. I loved the rebel/hippie stations were the DJs always sounded like they were toking on a big fatty inbetween slow, cool announcements about the band that you never heard on Top 40 crap.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  23. Gezzer says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 7:19 PMSo?? I mean really. All these “pat on the back” advertising disguised as a award show events lost all relevance a long long time ago IMHO. It isn’t that they don’t care about rock, well not any more than they care about any genre’, It’s the reality that they want to promote the genre’s that makes them the big bucks, and rock isn’t it any more. Calling award shows a sham isn’t even close to the reality of the situation. It’s just a big hype circle jerk and has little relevance about today’s world of music other than pumping up Apple’s iTunes profits.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  24. R. Hillis says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 7:17 PMThe Grammys showed they are total BS back in 1989 when Jethro Tull won “Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance Vocal or Instrumental “, beating out Metallica, Iggy Pop, Jane’s Addiction and AC/DC.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  25. IPleadtheSecond says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 7:04 PMWhat an amazing band with extremely talented musicians. Glad they sat this one out.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  26. MEC2 says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 6:52 PMRock finally died because all generations need to overthrow their parents. What do you to rebel against authority when your parents all listen to Van Halen?Rap and hip hop. These forms are already dying and sclerotic, something will replace them, because when your parents listen to Hot in Herre, the kids will listen to something else, because they don’t want to listen to their parents music…REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  27. Ashley Stanton says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 6:52 PMHe isnt wrong!! I thought the same damn thing myself when I saw thrm in concert last night.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  28. MJM says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 6:41 PMPoor Satanist … may not just be your music…LOL…check his shirt out…REPLYREPORT COMMENTTray says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 7:35 PMWell if you knew anything about the band you would
    know he’s not a satanist. Better person than anyone you’ll see on the televised awards.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  29. TomW says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 6:32 PMThe Grammy’s haven’t been meaningful in years. It’s like high school popularity contests for the rich and famous. If they don’t respect Rock, perhaps it’s time for the ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME to stop inducting non-rock recording artists and catch up on the many actual rock bands which have been neglected for many years.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  30. RockNeverDies says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 6:31 PMI wouldn’t be surprised if the Grammy’s starts showing Latino music more. it follows the culture, and the culture sure ain’t white anymore…REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  31. frankieagogo says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 6:08 PMGranddaddies galore on this comment page today. Since when is music about playing an instrument? African tribes and Native Americans didn’t have any guitars! Music is about imparting an emotion, a thought, an idea, and being entertaining. You music snobs just don’t get it. If you beat on a wall with a chicken leg while rapping, singing, grunting, or whistling, and people dig it… It’s MUSIC!REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  32. HappyJohn9 says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 6:00 PMThe Grammys have always been unfair to all artists except the ones that appeal to the common massesREPLYREPORT COMMENT
  33. William Heyman says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 5:49 PMNow everyone knows how fans of Traditional Jazz (Lu Watters, Turk Murphy, Uptown Lowdown, San Francisco Jazz Orchestra, and others) have had to live with.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  34. Jack says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 5:44 PMGrammys in todays “So called music industry ” is the biggest joke ever. Real talent is NON EXISTENT…Avenge Sevenfold is great band, the front mans take on this silly event is DEAD BALLS ON ACCURATE. ROCK IS DEAD, HAS BEEN FOR 17 YEARS. Avenge gets my respect cause they are talented. These silly monkeys in gold chains and the DISTORTED BASS Frequencies are the EMBARRASEMENT OF THE MUSICAL WORLD. Rap, hip hop, whatever the fuck you choose to call it, its all TECHNONOLGY BASED AND WRITTEN. To be a great talent in todays “SO CALLED MUSIC BIZ” means http://ZERO….NO MONEY…YOU TUBE and GOOGLE own every artists posted music and videos. NO WAY TO GET PAID.
    Be a bad ass musician , do what you love, but do not partake in the DELUSIONAL BULLSHIT GRAMMY AWARDS lies lies no talent,fake stage headsets, pro tools rigs on stage playing all the parts. Its a sad day in 2018 for talented musical artist that actually play there instruments. The days of great rock bands packing arenas are long dead and gone.
    Yours Truly
    WildcatREPLYREPORT COMMENTJohn Hutchison says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 7:23 PMAmen brother – your post is dead-on right! Have watched this Grammys show the past few years & am always & completely disgusted at the state of popular music today! All the performers who appear & sing are sorely in need of ‘auto-tune’ & really shows what a lack of talent ghere is on the radio today!!!REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  35. Kenneth Schroeder says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 5:31 PMThey’ll all be patting themselves on the back rappin how they beat whitey, all the while nobody is noticing. Maybe they’ll celebrate and go out an d kill a few people. …trash.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  36. Bill says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 5:23 PMShadows is correct. The grammys is all about african noise which some mistake for music.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  37. commiebash says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 5:21 PMWhere are all the REBELS?I’m sick and tired of all these FAKE Cracker Jack bubble gum over produced no talent dirt bags who RUINED music.If you want to be a TRUE “Rebel”…. Don’t get tattooed, Dont get piercings, Don’t be afraid to GO AGAINST the conformists. And Don’t be afraid to Be a COMMON SENSE CONSERVATIVE.All these CONFORMISTS do is attack anyone with CONSERVATIVE POV.MAGA 2020.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  38. Bill says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 5:21 PMShadows is correct. The grammys is all about the african noise that some think is music.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  39. Robert Dunn says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 5:13 PMRock will never die although the Grammys very well might! Not everyone feels a drum machine and other software is fitting for what they need to express. There will always be alienated youth and guitars. Put them together and rock will never die!!REPLYREPORT COMMENTcommiebash says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 5:27 PMTrue. Rap is CRAP. It’s the dumb Whites that are buying it too… Rock music needs to make it to the young ears. Backbone and Rebelion is what is needed now… Break the conformistsREPLYREPORT COMMENT
  40. iBelieveAnything says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 5:12 PMThe GramOfMethy Music Awards. Brainwashing by schools and the tv media is a powerful tool. It has accomplished its mission.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  41. Morey Ladini says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 5:08 PMWe’ll probably endure rap for another decade or two, then who knows where music will next “progress.” (my guess: rhythmic flatulence set to electronica).REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  42. Bob says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 5:05 PMThis shite show is nothing but bad pop socks and crappy music. Grammys have been a joke for a long time now, honoring very untalented noise makers.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  43. Jim C says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 4:44 PMGood. Rock lasted too long, I was complaining it was about dead by the late nineties. It had a longer run than Jazz. Rap is about to bite it as well. Its approaching fifty. Maybe the culture won’t be able to produce anything new just regurgitate the past, ie Elctronics. The economics means only rich kids will pursue music even. The public schools barely teach music, so where is the taste for talent supposed to come from.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  44. Mike Devine says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 4:16 PMRap…..rap…..rap….hip hop…..and more rap. Must be where the money is, unfortunately.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  45. Mike Devine says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 4:16 PMRap…..rap…..rap….hip hop…..and more rap. Must be where the money is, unfortunately.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  46. john says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 4:07 PMWho can compare the drivel of pop with the genius of Pink Floyd, the singing clarity of Frank Sinatra, the fresh and creative tunes of Michael Jackson, and so on?REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  47. Bernie says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 4:06 PMI have better things to do than indulge in shit.REPLYREPORT COMMENTRoger Clyde says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 4:55 PMRidiculous,http://it’s.as a really cool domain parked on Park.io.evr.today. understand music and don’t get.stuck in ur.pastREPLYREPORT COMMENT
  48. Vince says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 3:57 PMThe guy wears a Satan shirt and he wants respect.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  49. Liddel says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 3:53 PMSuch a shame that the music that built the Grammy’s, along with Motown, can no longer get respect. Another casualty of a business that gets 95% of their money ripped off online. No money to develop new talent so very little being produced except by proven profitable artists.REPLYREPORT COMMENT
  50. KB says:JANUARY 28, 2018 AT 3:51 PMFuck the trump bashing “fake celebs” and the grammy’sREPLYREPORT COMMENT

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