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On which topics are liberals willing to compromise with conservatives?

We’ve been compromising.

President Obama’s Recovery Act, his stimulus package, only passed after Obama accepted GOP demands to reduce its size. Dodd Frank only passed after Obama removed the proposed ban on commercial banks investing in high-risk funds, allowing limited investments in its stead.

Obama also created a bipartisan surveillance reform law in the aftermath of the Snowden leaks: making several concessions to privacy advocates without hindering the NSA’s counter-terrorism mission.

In fact, the Obama administration saw bills, reducing discriminatory disparities among drug sentencing, pass with voice votes through both houses. He created a tax code some considered being the most progressive in a generation; and that passed with almost unanimous approval from Senate Republicans. Obama considered cap and trade, a conservative, market approach to dealing with climate change, and reforms to Social Security and Medicare that would have angering his voter base.

Liberals and Democrats are almost always eager to compromise. Conservative groups in Congress are responsible for all five government shutdowns in the past 20 years.[1] The same can’t be said for Democrats.

And even if we were to accept the contrived notion of conservative “compromise,” the deals offered show a cursory understanding of the liberal, legislative agenda. When the GOP requests billions of dollars for a near-useless, permanent wall–and rejecting offers for increased funding to border security–offering a temporary a legally protected, jointly supported amnesty program, it’s understandable why Senate Democrats are less than enthusiastic about the state of the proposed budget.[2]

I’ll propose the following; give us funding for universal healthcare, student debt relief, after-school programs, environmental regulation, and a battalion of liberal judiciary appointments in federal courts and we’ll give you the wall.



[1] Ross Cohen’s answer to Were far right conservatives the driving force behind most or all U.S. government shutdowns of recent years?

[2] Trump offers immigration compromise to end partial shutdown; Dems cool to offer