A Virtual Reality (VR) experience provides an opportunity for visitors to visualise spectacular sights and experiences in the region through specially created

What are the event technologies that you actually think have an effect on visitor engagement/enjoyment?

Event tech has been crucial for bringing the audience to the event and ensuring engagement during the event –

1) Chatbots – Chatbots help to answer queries and intuitively give suggestions regarding engagement options at the event venue. They ensure that audience finds what interests them and ensures that every minute spent at the event is enjoyable.

2) Sharing – Social media has become an inseparable part of audience experience. Event apps that integrate sharing within the apps are becoming popular among event attendees as they do not miss the social media experience even during activity.

3) Live engagement – Live polls, contests etc. helps to keep the audience entertained and engaged throughout the event.

4) Virtual RealityVirtual reality helps to create an immersive experience that enhances the event experience.