Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment. Unlike traditional user interfaces, VR places the user inside an

What are the new trends in mobile application development?

Mobile app development trend 2019

  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. Mobile app security
  3. Payment Gateway and mobile wallet
  4. Internet of things ( IOT )
  5. Augmented reality and virtual reality
  • Artificial intelligence- According to the report of Research, artificial intelligence platforms and the corporate sector will increase. Most of the companies investing in artificial intelligence technology a lot. Artificial intelligence like Google assistant, switching camera, reminders. This application makes your life everyday task easy.
  • Mobile app security- When we look at the current trends in the mobile application then the application security is the most important mobile trend and a major thing for mobile application developers in2019. The smartphone devices we can use aquire lots of highly sensitive data through mobile banking applications, smart home apps, payment gateway, and mobile wallets, and lots of other identifiable information through social media applications. Facebook accepted that it was attacked and hackers have filched lots of user data. Therefore in 2019 high consideration is going to be paid protecting user’s data by permission system and by releasing security updates as soon as possible.
  • Payment Gateway and mobile wallet- In 2019 the number of mobile payment applications as most of the banking and financial sector is now offering mobile banking services. A report by Business Insider says that the mobile payment will reach $503 billion by 2020 with a CAGR of 80% between 2015-2020. The demand for mobile wallet applications is increasing day by day in 2019. Naturally, the frictionless payment method is what every user likes to see in the mobile application in 2019. So the Payment Gateway and mobile wallet are one of the moas essential in all kinds of applications.
  • Internet of things ( IOT )- Internet of things is one of the top app development trends in 2019. The network interconnected with smart devices called the internet of things. Nowadays everyone knows how essential it is to connect smart devices with wearable gadgets. According to the recent research report, the worldwide Internet of things market has been growing at CAGR/28.5 percent since 2019 and will increase $457 billion by 2020.
  • Augmented reality and virtual realityThe Augmented reality and virtual reality increasing high-quality gaming apps. Mobile app developers expected to develop amazing mobile application experience in Augmented reality and virtual reality. The trend of social media platforms to open unified Augmented reality filters that can have the ability to convert any human face into a digital character.