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My PS4 controller keeps coming on itself and turning the console on. What could be the problem?

Just realized you said your controller keeps turning itself on…The only remedy for misbehaving controllers, besides opening them up, is to reset them. Try following this guide:…

Original answer follows:

I have seen this happen when enabling the option to allow the PS4 to be woken up remotely. Try toggling the option, located in Settings > Power Save Settings > Set Function Available in Rest Mode > Enable turing On PS4 from Network.

You may also have to ensure UPnP is available, on, and functioning properly on your network’s router. Just Google your router’s name/model + UPnP for specific details.

Finally, it may also be a simple case of HDMI-CEC toggling your console’s power when you turn on your TV, receiver, set-top box, or anything else plugged into the same HDMI device. This is designed to be a convenience, but truthfully, unless you have nothing but Sony devices, it won’t always work perfectly, leading to devices that turn on while others turn off, and vice versa. To try messing with that setting, look at Settings > System > Enable HDMI Device Link. Hope this helps!