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Where can one have the best and the cheapest liver transplant in India?

One of my close friend’s father (Rajeev uncle) had a liver infection due to which more than 85% and hence was recommended liver transplant. It was in Jan 2016 when we had done our research, however, the numbers will be more or less relevant and will give you a ballpark figure. Our budget at that point in time was INR 16L ($25,000) and my friend & his uncle were ready to be donor.

Government hospitals like AIIMS New Delhi, KEM Mumbai, CMC Vellore, PEC Chandgarh, etc typically charge are INR 6L to 8L for liver transplant. However, the overall waitlist is very very long since these hospitals only do cadaver liver transplantation. Also, cadaver transplant was the last option for us.

Then there is another hospital name ILBS in New Delhi, wherein Dr. Sarin does the liver transplant. The cost we got from them was around INR 14L. However, the waitlist was equally high.

Being from Delhi, we had heard of Dr. Soin from Medanta and Dr. Gupta from Apollo, however, reaching out to them was a task and we were not getting cost from them on call. Finally, we started researching online and credihealth came to rescue. Here’s a link that can help you Liver Transplant Cost in India

Before these folks gave us detailed info on costs, no one had mentioned about costs for pre-workup tests around INR 1L ($1400). These folks helped us get cost from Medanta (Gurgaon), Apollo (Delhi & Chennai), Yashoda (Hyderabad), KIMS (Hyderabad), Artemis (Gurgaon) & Fortis (Gurgaon). More or less the cost ranged from INR 19L to INR 24L ($26,000 to $34,000), in addition to the cost of pre workup tests.

To be truthful, we knew we had to negotiate. But when you are in middle of a mess, hospitals don’t really want to negotiate. Dr.Sehgal from credihealth was the angel who helped us not only explain the entire procedure, but also helped us in negotiating. Finally, the entire package cost with all the tests, 24 day stay at hospital, donor stay for 3 days, medicines, etc. turned out to be INR 18L ($25,800) in a hospital in Hyderabad.

I am sure there will be other online companies doing similar services for patients and helping them compare cost of surgery across hospitals. However, we were happy with credihealth & Dr. Sehgal’s efforts we stuck to them. FYI, they did not charge anything to us, and also helped us negotiate with hospitals.