“Jacking in” to The Matrix has always been a violent analogy for virtual reality, technology) now is the perfect time to bring it back, and it could even be in VR.

Should the Star Wars prequels be rebooted?

I always wonder what this question means when I hear it. Do you mean changing the story to fix perceived problems? Absolutely not. The prequels are deeply cemented in Star Wars lore already, with tons of extra content based on them. Changing that would just make everyone a lot more confused. Besides, every movie has its own plot issues, and honestly I don’t think the plot of the prequels is very bad.

Do you mean refilming them with better CGI and different actors? I supposed you could touch up the CGI in more infamous Special Editions. However, it’s not a good idea to change the actors. It’s frankly just disrespectful to them, and most of them poured their hearts and souls into these movies.

Many people may think the prequels are horrible, but many others, myself included, like them just the way they are. They have flaws, but I love them regardless. Remaking them will just create all the anger that came with the Special Editions.