+0.0003(+0.04%). OIL 38.35. -0.59(-1.52%). GOLD 1,722.40. +0.50(+0.03%). Has real estate in your area peaked? Tony Yoo · Yahoo Finance AU 9 June 2020

Has the real estate price reached its peak for the Silicon Valley area, but still being propped up by a low supply of homes?

Lyft has gone public. Pinterest just went public. In the IPO queue is Uber, AirBnb, Slack, and some others. After a company has its IPO, there is a lockup period of six months before employees can sell their vested stock options. So, six months after IPO, there are a big bunch of new (multi) millionaires, eager to move from their expensive, tiny apartment to a more expensive, tiny house.

I would not be surprised if housing prices doubled by the end of 2019 in the nice neighborhoods.