The real estate market is picking up again after being shut down for months. The industry kept things humming by using the internet with virtual tours and

What is the best social media strategy for a real estate business?

Are you into Real Estate business? Haven’t used social media yet? Do social media scare you?

Dude! You are seriously missing a hit if you are not promoting your business on social media. Rather than social offline you must do the marketing with social online.

Social media is the smoothest way to further connect the clients and groups and to boost up the real estate marketing efforts. Social media marketing isn’t too tough and isn’t too easy to handle. You need to be quick and patient as well.

But everything includes some of the strategies and plans which need to be followed if you are seriously concerned about your success. Social can build trust, and spread your marketing through friends of friends.

But the thing is what those some of the strategies are and how you should follow them to get good results?

I have personally observed that real estate industry has been relatively slow to hold technology, and a few years ago, agents could more easily get away without a strong social media presence. Social media is no longer optional for real estate professionals. But they are going wrong in fact they can earn unbeatable benefits from social media, because it is the only thing most in trend.

They can use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and few others. But they just need to put little extra efforts and rest the results will be visible by themselves.

1. Facebook is a very common platform which is a big hit in youth since many years. It is platform where you connect with your family and friends. Here are some of the tips which you can follow to tap into the market.

· Foremost advice, don’t use your personal account for the services

· Be professional and make a professional account

· Try to engage more and more clients

· Try to enhance your neighborhood, make your clients aware about everything

· Try to update it with images with CTA, for quick attraction

· Engage more and more into clients and show care towards them

· Don’t make your profile promotional and add different tags to content to attract clients

2. Twitter is another amazing way to keep in touch with your clients, because there are number of people who often use twitter.

· Add some tips in your tweets to help your clients

· Add some news in your tweets, so that your account become useful for others

· You can also add some questions to engage response; like: what you should buy?

· Use of hashtag is like fashion these days; example: #opulent_housing #perfect_neighborhood

· You can also mention your client with @mentions to make them feel important

These were two main social media platforms with which you can easily do marketing of your brand. There are some other social sites also which you can use very effectively.

For example:

Linkedin: Set up business page and make sure your personal linkedin page is filled in. Enhance it with a good summary, introducing yourself, and benefits why people should invest with you. Keep yourself engaged by participating in more groups.

YouTube: Make videos showing your listings. People believe in videos more and a short cut method also. Add some amazing features in it and unique pictures with lots of creativity so that people will get more and more attracted. Make video contests to get user-generated content (UGC) from your clients.

You website must be very attractive with active blogs. They are a great way to write about your knowledge of your trade, and get your clients clicking on to your website. Eco- friendly homes in India are in trend these days, you can make your website more attractive by adding the info about eco- friendly homes.

So, there are a few social media tips and techniques to apply a valid real estate marketing strategy. I hope you’ll try out a few of these social media marketing tips.

Remember to engage your clients, and use social online like you use social offline!