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How do you choose to keep yourself busy during self isolation?

This forced isolation is like a gift from the gods to me.

I have way too many hobbies and interests to ever get bored. Being on lockdown with only food shopping a legitimate reason to leave the house has benefitted me because I can now focus on those things I’ve said I’d get round to doing “one day” right away.

  • Learning French. I previously dabbled with the French language but never seriously studied it until now. My French has come on leaps and bounds and I’m at a conversational level now whereas before I knew only very basic phrases. I’ve found that I enjoy the French language even more than German (which I speak to a B2 level). For those who are interested im using Pimsleur and Linguaphone courses and watching French films with subtitles.
  • Growing my own food. Although I’ve always enjoyed gardening I never bothered growing my own food until now. Not because I think I need to, but because I might as well. I bought a greenhouse and a load of seeds or potted herbs and they’re floroushing. I have broccoli (and lots of it), rocket salad, mint, basil, rosemary, oregano, thyme, peas, mange-tout, garlic, peppers, chili peppers and carrots. At the very least I’ve found that cooking with fresh herbs makes a huge difference. And the kitchen smells Devine as you’re cooking.
  • Learned to cook better dishes. I’ll never buy a jar of bolognese or white sauce again. My spaghetti bolognese and lasagna are a hit. And I perfected roast potatoes. courtesy of the BBC food website. (I highly recommend Jamie Oliver’s roast potatoes).
  • Learn to write better for University. I bought a book on how to write better university essays. I studied the book and amended my essay accordingly. It must have worked because my essay on Systemic Counselling earned me a first whereas before I was a 2:1 student.

My whole mentality is to make the best of any situation, and this isolation is being put to good use.

Stay safe everyone.