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What can you tell me about living in Bangalore, India?

  1. Rainfall in Bangalore is now a celebration. We have messed up our climate big time. Rainfall is also equivalent to 1 hour of extra stay in traffic. Bangalore was famous for it’s lovely weather we cannot say that now.
  2. You will find more tech parks and high rise buildings than the conventional residential house. The construction is still going on and won’t stop until every piece of land is claimed by IT Giants.
  3. People wait for weekends more than the festivals. We live for weekends here.
  4. Pubs have replaced the traditional restaurants.
  5. Traffic becomes a part of your life even at 7 am in the morning you can face traffic. Cars have flooded the roads. Population has gone beyond our control.
  6. Buying a flat in Bangalore is like distant dream. Real estate is extremely expensive. Even the rents are high. The owners demand huge amount of security deposits.
  7. You cannot afford to be poor in Bangalore. The city motivates you to earn more, you are constantly comparing yourself to others and never happy. The money is never sufficient here I have personally experienced this. I was more happier with my 30 grands a month salary now I earn way more than that but believe me I am not satisfied yet.
  8. Spending power is huge here we tolerate any price. Right from Uber to 1 kg of apple. Bangaloreans don’t blame the high price but their CTC for their inability to afford something.
  9. This one might not be true exactly but every second cab driver is Manjunath I don’t know if it’s common name or mere coincidence but Manjunath seems to be a popular name here.

But apart from all these dark sides we still love the city. It’s most likely the city of dreams for IT fresher’s. The place where we got our first job, first salary, first promotion, first drink and whole lot of maturity.

Yes we were in traffic yesterday for extra 1 hour but we absolutely enjoyed every drop of rain and the cold breeze between our hair.