What’s so cool about real estate, anyway? Scott Boudreaux, a realtor who learned from the LAH School of Real Estate course. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham

I want to become a real estate agent. What should I do to get started?

Obtaining a real estate license is pretty straight forward:

You can usually get one in under 4 weeks of classes. And after taking one test.  The requirements are pretty low. And the running joke it you have to go to school longer to cut hair.  (That’s basically true in most US States)

The thing is….”Becoming A Real Estate Agent” is the easy part.


I get emails like this everyday:

Here are the top things agents need to do; And the fact that most people don’t do these is why most people fail:

(Read the complete vs of this here: 6 Things All Million Dollar Agents Do)

1) It’s a business

Starting your real estate ‘career’ is the biggest misknowmer of all. You are starting a business. And you get all the fame, glory, pain, and struggles that come with this.

I’d recommend reading this book: “E-Myth”  The book teaches you that businesses are all about systems, structure, and pipelines.

You need all of those things to be successful.

You’re going to get your license…and then guess what happens….



You don’t have a boss.
You have zero requirements.
You don’t have any leads.
And you have no one to hold you accountable.

That type of freedom (which is why people often start working in Real Estate) often leads individuals to failure.

The way to overcome this is through building systems that generate you leads. Systems that followup with leads. Systems that manage transactions. And systems that market your business.

2) You’re in the lead generation business
Even people that understand it’s a ‘business’ don’t quite get what type of business real estate is.

Here’s a great quote that helps explain this thought:

McDonald’s is worth what it is today partially because of all the wealth that exists in their real estate holdings.  The same goes for Walmart and other giants.

Real Estate is the business of lead generation.

You need to BUILD lead generation funnels that lead to you every month in this business.

Middle producers have 4-8 funnels that lead to them.

::::Pausing for a moment… if you don’t know what funnels are read these quora posts —


These lead generation funnels need to be in place! You need to be able to find people that are interested in buying & selling through you. And want to do that because you offer a unique/competitive advantage!

All this being said, real estate is a very rewarding career. Best of luck with it! Build your business and you’ll be successful!