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Algo trading is the new reality, you would agree. How do you look at the trend?

I do agree Gurdit Kaur (गुरदित कौर) Algo Trading is New Reality. But only with algo no one can make money .

You need Good trading system, Good trading Strategy and also good Algo team as well with well experienced Trader and completely back tested data for at least 3–5 Years !!

Many cases what happens once you make algo for your strategy it works good for one month as market will give you One direction trend and once market starts moving Zig-Zag directions then your algo will fail , most importantly instead of fail, It will take your all previous Profits and even Your capital amount as well . At the it will be like Worthless ..

So Better One should test their Strategy in all market conditions like Uptrend, Downtrend and Non-Trend as well and then They can make use of it .

All the best