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How intense does the chanting between fans get at a Premier League derby?

It gets very nasty at times.

I’m a Spurs fan and both Chelsea and West Ham fans come to White Hart Lane, the Tottenham Hotspur stadium,  and hiss.  That’s not so bad I guess…?  Tottenham are traditionally a Jewish team and the hissing is for the Nazi gas chambers.

Then Spurs fans go to Arsenal and sing about how Arsene Wenger, Arsenal manager,  is a paedophile.

When any club comes from the North of England to London there is a traditional song:

I go down t’ pub
I drink 10 pints
Get absolutely plastered.
I go back home
I beat the wife
‘Cos I’m a Northern Bastard.

This stuff seems to be a legacy of the 1970s and 1980s.  Before that watching football/soccer was like watching normal sports: you applauded a little if the other side played well and applauded a lot if your lot played well.  For reasons I don’t understand soccer fans became very violent and tribal in the 70s in the UK.  I hope we sort ourselves out soon.