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Has anyone regretted moving to Canada by express entry? Why?

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A lot of commentators had suggested me that I revisit this answer after 6 months later. So, here I am.

First of all, thanks for all the love and support to the Quora community.

It has now been 8 months since I landed in Canada… been through what the Torontonians call one of the harshest winters in the past 5 years, have had 3 different jobs (not because I was let go, but because I found a better opportunity each time), bought a condo in Oakville, made some very good Canadian friends at work…and living a peaceful, happy life (comparable to UK)…
I will say, I am in Love with Canada. I will reiterate…People are awesome, country is beautiful…and “everyone is welcome”


No! Not me!! And i have lived in India, UK and now Canada.

OK, so a bit (may be some kilobit) of a background first- I am an Indian from a very average background. Why I call myself average? Well for starters – I am from Bihar (my Indian friends will understand the weight of that statement). Did all my schooling in Bihar, and even my engineering (from BIT Mesra) in a not so sought after branch – Production Engineering. Had never stepped out of Bihar all my life till then. Got a job through campus placement in Information Technology, as the trend was, back in 2006, in a company which got involved in a major scandal beginning of 2009, and so was on the verge of losing my ₹ 30,000 a month job. Scared about future, wrote GMAT, did not get decent score but still managed to get a seat in, and again, an average Business school in UK. Had to mortgage my Dad’s only house for Education Loan. Graduated from there, and did not get a job in UK for 9 months (though did get a 6 month Internship at the University itself, which paid just about the minimum wage). I did manage to get some 7 years of banking and finance experience as a Business Analyst in UK, working for Big Banks like Lloyds and Santander. However, I did not want to settle in UK and had a burning desire to go back home (India) and do “wonders” there. Had started living in a “la-la Land” while in UK, that India is the best. Did not apply for extension of my visa and came back to India in 2017. Reality strikes – I, my wife, as well as my 3 year old daughter, who was born in UK, are not able to cope up in India (more details elsewhere, will provide the link). I had floated a real estate related company back in 2016 which was doing miserably bad, and had to shut doors in September 2017(after suffering losses in just 1 project we managed to complete). Was jobless again, in the “homeland”.

When I tried to go back to the Corporate world in India, guess what (??)… I was “discriminated” for not having “enough Indian experience and required skill set”. Yes, you heard it right, I was not considered worthy enough for jobs, while their JDs were matching my profile perfectly… and yes, this was in India (I will get into more details of the “discriminationS”, with a capital S, in answer to the questions people raise about “Canadian Experience”). Eventually, I did get a job in a startup which had all its customers in North America, and a North American bank came to the rescue of my wife as well (she was hunting for a job for almost 6 months, and she had to face much more “discriminationS” than me – even though she had done her MBA from a very reputed college in India, and was away from India only for 6 years). We both struggled in our work environments, and could not handle a lot of things which we had not been used to for quite sometime.

That’s when we decided to immigrate to Canada, which (and trust me on this) loves its immigrants much more than, probably, any other country; and also because the doors for returning back to UK were almost shut.

Our (I and my wife’s) PR was processed in less than 6 months through the Express Entry route, during which we continued our struggles in our respective jobs. Resigned the day we got our stamped passports back and were here in Toronto in just 2 months from that day.

We have been here in Toronto for less than 40 days as of today (i.e. November 11th, 2018)…we both have jobs (in IBM and TD Canada Trust respectively), at better grades (not salaries though) than what we had in UK. We both had multiple offers of job and were having a tough time choosing one. Not once (in bold) were we “discriminated” for “not having Canadian Experience”. It had nothing to do with my UK experience, as my Resume, was and still, is location-agnostic. We have found a nice daycare for our daughter, and she is enjoying it there a lot. My UK driving license was exchanged for a full (G) license of Ontario over the counter (without any written or driving tests). We have got our Ontario Health Insurance, which means no expenses for healthcare. We live in the heart of Downtown, which is a short walk (5 minutes) away from my wife’s office and a short 30 minutes drive for me (- this place was offered for rent to us by the landlord of our Airbnb, because he “liked” us). People have been amazingly friendly, cooperative, warm, welcoming and super helpful. I can cite several examples and instances. Public transport is good (though it will do a lot more help to Toronto especially if there’s more Underground transport. Toronto has only 4 subway lines, while London has 11). Conveniences are good. Roads are good – compared to India, and not bad- compared to UK. Air is pollution free (compared to India). Traffic is not scary and will never give you heart attacks as it would in India. You get drinking water in your tap, which is better than bottled water of India. No power cuts (at least not until there is some very severe weather like hurricanes or freezing rain). I can rant on and on about all the good things here.

Long story short, IF you are ready to adapt, unlearn and learn, accept and change, you won’t have regrets. You need to go from good to better and best, and not the other way round (if you can understand at the subtle hint I am providing here, do not want to offend anyone). You need to grow, and stop complaining.

Canada is awesome, and you’re most welcome here!

Edit 1 – I am overwhelmed with the response and warm wishes. Going by the comments and concerns of most of my Indian friends, some additional information:

  • Yes, I did get the PR in less than 6 months. I made the application for Express Entry on 15th January, got the ITA on 24th January, submitted all the documents on 9th April and got the PPR (Passport Request) on 17th May
  • No, I did not use any immigration consultants or agencies, as after the first meetings with a couple of them, I understood that they are good for nothing. I had collected more information than they had OR probably were willing to provide me in those meetings. IRCC website is informative and helpful enough to complete your application on your own.
  • My CRS score was 456. IELTS band was 8.0 (L-9.0, R-8.0,W-7.0,S-8.0). Managed to get WES verification done in less than 4 weeks, as both my Undergraduate and Postgraduate Universities posted the transcripts directly to WES (and probably because both of them are very well recognized).
  • You can apply for jobs from your home country, after you get your PR, but please get accustomed to Canadian English. Soft skills are as important as your technical skills. You may be very good in your technical knowledge, but if you are not able to portray that in an interview, it is of no use. Very few interviews/assessments ask you to physically demonstrate your skills, and you are mostly dependent upon your soft skills (which not only includes the command on English, but also your behavior, attitude, ability to handle different situations, and also your ability to accept, adapt and change according to the work culture). So, please, please work on your soft skills too.

Once again thanks for all the love and support.