Associate real-estate broker at Warburg Realty in Manhattan. I had a couple of deals in the works before this whole thing hit, and what I’m doing now is following

How are residential real estate agents adapting to continue serving their community during the coronavirus pandemic?

Most states have considered real estate as an essential business. Fortunately, we real estate brokers are benefiting from years of technology improvements to be able to conduct most all of the transactions virtually. Homes can be shown virtually, contracts written and signed securely, lenders and attorneys engaged electronically, appraisers in some cases can do drive by/no contact appraisals, and of course now we can even close from remote offices.

There are still aspects of real estate that can only be done in person, a confirmation sale showing, final walkthroughs, inspections…and to this extent we have been impacted by new rules and regulations that require doors open, lights on, no touching, hand sanitizers, booties, etc…it’s a little strange, for sure, but we are adapting.