COVID-19 is an inflection point for commercial real estate with developers struggling to strike a balance between ensuring compliance to policy regulations,

How can India remain safe from COVID-19?

No, it’s not. I hope I am wrong but from what I have observed its just the beginning of a very dark phase in India.

Reasons for me to say this:

  1. There are a number of international travelers who have landed into India and have ridiculed the authorities for their lies regarding temperature checks having been started from 30th of January. At some airports the checks were not even being done properly up until very recently.
  2. On 10th of March we had Holi and a lot of people ignored the risk of coronavirus spreading across communities and went ahead to enjoy the festival. The spike in numbers which started coming into news since 21st of March (11 days since Holi celebrations) is a result of this unchecked enthusiasm of population to engage in community celebration of a very prominent festival during a pandemic.
  3. In the state of Madhya Pradesh there was a political situation going on for more than 1 month regarding majority of seats to form the government. The administration’s focus was more on getting the numbers of seats instead of creating awareness or preparing its facilities for such an outbreak. I am very sure that once shit hits the fan (it’s going to happen pretty soon) there is going to be a whole lot of blame game going on in MP’s political arena instead of handling the just-about-to-go-beyond-our-control-situation with the best of our abilities.
  4. The PM’s request, on 22nd March, Janta-curfew day, of clapping and making noise at OUR OWN DOORSTEPS AND BALCONIES as a token of showing gratitude to the Corona-Warriors was misunderstood by a lot of communities. There are videos out there on youtube which shows how people have taken out rallies to show their gratitude and by doing so have defeated the purpose of social distancing in multiple localities, cities and districts across the country. I fear, starting 31st of March we would be witnessing yet another spike in numbers because of this misinterpretation of the PM’s request.

We are highly mistaken that we are going to sit this one out. We are in for atleast 4-6 months of horrifying news if not more.

Its better to prepare rather than panic. Lets try our best to self isolate as much as we can and wash our hands and use necessary precautions as and when necessary.

Best of luck to us, we are going to need it.

EDIT (9th April):

  1. Indore, Madhya Pradesh is one of the worst hit epi-centre in India. It probably might become much worse before we see the rate of infection settling down.
  2. In India, as compared to the Italy, Spain and USA, the number of cases seem comparitively less because we haven’t conducted as many number of tests as we should have. We don’t have enough test kits which might be very dreadful in near-future.
  3. India has allowed export of hydrocholoquin due to political pressure when our doctor’s and supporting staff don’t even have enough PPE’s. I believe it was a decision to show our solidarity towards USA and for strengthening future political ties, however, i sincerely hope we dont end up regretting this decision.
  4. With my limited study in this topic it is probably going to take another lockdown of atleast 2 weeks to be able to contain this calamity with the resources and infrastructure at our disposal.

Stay home. Stay safe.