Too many of the Catholic faithful have also responded in the same way – trying to keep everything going as before in the virtual reality of a cyber-church.

Are we all living in denial?

Sure, to a large extent we are all living in denial. Mostly about ourselves.

Just about all of us are susceptible to self-serving bias. We place too much value in ourselves than we are really worth. We think of ourselves as better, smarter, prettier individuals than we really are. We believe our accomplishments reflect our talents and effort, whereas in reality many of them are the result of circumstances, social pressure and sometimes pure luck.

We almost always overestimate the things we do for other people and underestimate what they do for us. As a result we feel that others owe us something, and they feel the same way about us. Each one of us has a very convincing story to tell of why we are right and they (whoever “they” happen to be at the moment) are wrong. They can tell an equally convincing story about how they are right or how we wronged them.

Even the idea that we have of us being individuals with free will who are in control of their own lives is a very questionable one. Our brain controls us, not the other way around. The brain makes decisions seconds before we consciously make them. Our consciousness, our ability to reflect on our thoughts, feelings and behavior, only captures a tiny aspect of the activity of our brains. We aren’t even aware of most of our own thoughts, feelings, and actions, let alone in control of them.

We, who know so little about ourselves, who constantly overestimate ourselves, and who aren’t even in control of our own choices, are certainly in denial about most of everything. And that’s okay, it’s just part of being human.