A recent post right here on Forbes by Barry Collins claims that virtual reality is dying a “lonely death”. People proclaiming VR as being ‘dead’ is by no means a

If there is only one non-dual reality in existence where everything is intimately connected, why is it then that I feel so separate and alone? Why also can’t I feel what ‘others’ experience? Finally, why does enlightenment happen only to individuals?

Feeling ‘separate’ from the non-dual One or Reality is the human condition.

Virtually every human of the 250 billion or so that have lived & died on Earth has spent most or all of their lives feeling this illusory separation. Some say this feeling of separateness from everything else starts to get conditioned around 2 or 3 years old (an infant doesn’t feel it,) through societal conditioning and having constant reinforcement of how you are ‘separate’ from everyone else, and perhaps even in constant competition with them. Some say, as long as we feel the universe and all it’s trillions of stars. planets, beings, etc. is truly ‘manifest’ (“See if anything actually arose,” said Ramana Maharshi) there is no way to not experience ‘yourself’ as something separate from everything else.

It’s definitely an illusion, the ultimate illusion, because both scientists and realized masters have proven there is no way to find any boundary between where one thing starts and another stops…even between your skin, the air, and God. It’s definitely all One and intimately connected. But somehow, in identifying with our ‘separate’ perceptions (ego/minds) most of us don’t feel that connection and non-duality, most of our lives. And the paradox, the Great Mystery, is that we absolutely cannot answer why the Universe got ‘set-up’ that way, and why our minds are ‘programmed’ to feel separate…until we transcend both mind and separateness. What an exquisite enigma! 🙂

This writer had dissolved into that non-duality and back again, so these “why” question no longer have any mystery. The Oneness and Onlyness is clear and irrefutable, so “I” can never feel separate and alone again, because there is no separate “I” left. I can tell you there never was, you are never alone, You are That One, and know it’s true from direct experience…but it’s doubtful my experience and reassurance will make you feel less alone or separated. Part of the beautiful mystery is that each ‘person’ seems to need to make the journey for themselves.

At the end of that journey, you will see that feeling separate from the One Reality is not the human condition…because in the One Reality there is no conditions and no humans. There is only the One Self. But you likely won’t believe that or feel that way – and likely say, “What do you mean? I still see all these ‘separate’ others and objects, and I still feel quite separate & alone” – until you “get it” yourself.

Meantime, aside, from personal contact, the one guidance I can offer you is this: Stop asking “Why.” Stop asking “Why” things are set up this way, “Why” God ‘created’ us to feel ‘separate’ even though we are not, and “Why” enlightenment only happens to certain ‘individuals,’ and begin simply asking “Who” wants to know. Who or What am “I?” “Why” questions lead nowhere when questioning the apparent ‘function’ and ‘manifestation’ of the Absolute. But “Who/What am “I” will lead you to all you are not.

When the final “Aha” comes, it will not be because your questions finally got answered. It will be because the questioner disappeared.