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How can I develop a real estate app?

Are you searching for proper accommodation, which you can refer as your sweet home? Do you still go by the traditional methods such as consulting a house or property broker for buying a home? Well, these are the old school ways that existed a decade ago.

All these stats and figures are clearly indicating that the wind has changed its direction. With real estate apps offering a plethora of benefits, you can also streamline your property business. There is no doubt in the fact that mobile apps are one of the easiest platforms through which you can reach global customers and increase your brand awareness.

The Major Advantages of Having a Real Estate App

  • Reaching out Large Targeted Audiences
  • More Relevant Listings with MLS
  • One Platform for Buyers and Sellers
  • The Geo-location Facility for Users
  • Best Viewing Experience Online
  • Optimal Discounts and Offers

Important Features That Must Include in Your Real Estate App

User/Broker Panel Features

1. Register and Login

2. The User Profile

3. Search Properties in 3D Model

4. Filter Search and Add Favorites

5. List View and Map View as Options

6. Detailed Info about the Property

7. Listing your Property for Sale or Rent

8. Adding Maps and Geo-location

9. Information about the Brokers

10. Offering the Loan Facility

11. Currency Converter

Admin Panel Features

1. Managing the Users

2. Managing the Property Details

3. Managing the Revenue

4. Adding Discounts and Offers

5. Adding and Removing the Subscriptions

The Additional Features

1. Social Media Platforms

2. Advanced Search

3. Push Notifications

4. Loan Calculator

The App Designing

The Cost of Developing Real Estate App

We know the estimated cost of any mobile application primarily depends on a number of factors such as choice of the platform, the implementation of the features and functionalities, the app designing, testing, selection of the pricing model and App Development Company.

However, it is difficult to estimate the exact cost of developing any mobile app. An approx range would be around $20 to $23k.

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