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What has been the most “COVIDIOT” thing you’ve seen someone do during this pandemic?

Here’s a great example of COVIDIOT-9 STUPIDITY and it just happened to me at work last week. That is not a typo about the COVIDIOT-9 and 19. It’s on purpose and at the end you will see how the number makes sense.

Fair warning – I apologize in advance. I know most people hate reading “mini novels” and this answer is like a mile long and I had written it over 5+ days in between working 80 hours a week right now.

Please excuse any typos, I’ve had several corrections sent already. The only way to properly explain this whole ordeal was by writing a 1,000,000 word answer, so hang in there!

Also, I wasn’t going to leave another answer with 100+ posted already. A lot of Quorans wrote some interesting, funny and seriously disturbing stories. Being kind of new on Quora I figured nobody would really read it anyways.

But, the more I thought about the level of ignorance displayed here it might be worth the time writing and sharing with everybody. I figured maybe a few people will see it and hopefully appreciate it.

Anyway, I have to add this so everything makes more sense if somebody takes the time to read this answer. Besides the other businesses I own, I work part time as a contract State Code Enforcement/State Electrical Inspector and Housing/Rental Inspector in Michigan.

The various cities and townships I oversee are at the very most 30 minutes outside of Detroit in Wayne county where the Coronavirus is running rampant throughout the Southeastern portion of Michigan. Every day the creepy numbers go up and down so it’s kind of scary here to go anywhere. As a matter of fact, the location of the home I’m writing about is in the area with the highest amount of infections and deaths.

These are the most recent numbers reported:

Now, here is what was going on at the time. I was called in by the local fire department for an Emergency Electrical and Housing Inspection due to a fire at a single family residence. I had to go and officially condemn the home. During this government shutdown most cities are only doing inspections on a case by case basis, such as an emergency or other high priority situations.

It was the typical heart breaking, scary and depressing inspection like it always is for fire investigations. A young couple in a rental home with several kids and no rental insurance. They lost everything, just like that with nowhere to go but a Salvation Army shelter and a Ford Focus with a just a few items they were able to scavenge from the fire. But, the most important thing is that they were able to get out in time and no one had been physically hurt. Material items can be replaced.

Needless to say, whenever I leave those situations I always feel down. It is so difficult to see anybody dealt such a shitty hand. Then there are the kids…. I know, no need to describe that feeling…. Watching them crying, holding a handful of burnt toys… Not good on me. It actually hurts on the inside.

Like all public servants, we are supposedly trained to turn off our emotions in these situations. Well, I suck at it, real bad. I must have slept through that part of college. After doing 500+ fire inspections and investigations I know in my heart I will never be able to do this job with zero emotions. If I ever do become “o.k. and numb” about it, it’s time to find something else to do.

Here are some pictures of the house fire I just left:

As I was driving away and feeling “emotionally vulnerable” a real estate agent I have never dealt with before contacted me about doing a last minute inspection on a vacant home that was being sold. I had no paperwork or work order from the city and state of Michigan for the home. But, we are authorized to make an “executive decision” if necessary for situations like this and we just have to manually enter the information into the system ourselves.

I couldn’t figure out how he got my number. It’s against all city policies to give out our personal cell phone numbers to the general public. With a skeleton crew working in the office only 1 day a week or from home I figured it was extremely important if they did so. No big deal I thought, small oversight I guess.

As you will see in the texts, he said a family was not going to have a place to go real soon if I can’t help. Feeling pretty lousy already, I reluctantly agreed to go because I can’t leave a family in that type of situation. It’s part of the job.

I have included the texts between myself and this individual with most of the personal information and #’s covered over for privacy of the knucklehead. As hard as it is, I have to care, by law only. Besides, I’m pretty sure this guy is going to file a formal complaint against myself, our department and the police.

Here are the text messages between us:

After this final text is when I should have realized what I was dealing with.

Well, as I was coming down the street I can see around 5 vehicles sitting out in front of the home and basically blocking the street. I’m thinking, there is no way all those people were there waiting on me. I thought the text was both polite and pretty clear, please stay away, everything is under control. This wasn’t my first rodeo.

A total of 15 people were standing in front of this 800 square foot house (fairly small) and hardly any type of front yard. Not one person was wearing a face mask or gloves. Most importantly, the kids weren’t even protected. Come on adults, use your brains. Not one person thought of the children? For real? No child should ever be put in any type of danger especially with such a contagious virus.

Immediately I could tell it wasn’t going to be a good ordeal. The Real Estate Agent and 4 or 5 other people started to swarm in front of my city truck. I quickly rolled up the windows and tried asking him through the glass WTF is going on and why are there so many people at 1 single location. Everybody knows thats against the law right now in Michigan.

These are the latest “Stay At Home Orders” in Michigan.

As I am sitting there trying to figure out the best way of dealing with this issue, over the radio I hear the house’s address and that dispatch is sending over 2 patrol officers and their on the way. I thought “oh boy, this is going to get real interesting, real fast.” I know the 2 cops on shift, we’re all friends and both are cool dudes. Once they see the kids put in this situation…. They have no chance of talking their way out of this one.

Several neighbors had called the police already and complained about the group outside. After they backed off my truck I told him that everybody needs to put a mask on or I’m leaving and if you want to talk they must stay at least 6 feet away. They all begrudgingly complied. I asked the real estate agent why in the world would so many people show up for a standard 15 minute housing inspection.

He said “he felt it was best to have all parties involved together at 1 time because the sale was a never ending nightmare for all of them.” What are you thinking? Next I asked him if he didn’t realize through the text message that I clearly wanted nobody there and that I would let him know if there was any type of problem? Also, who were all these people here? He explained It was:

  • The potential buyers and their 2 kids.
  • The sellers and their 3 kids along with a 84 year old grandma who had a cough.
  • The Electrical Contractor and his apprentice in case something was wrong with his work.
  • 2 employees from a carpet cleaning company waiting on me to be finished.
  • Last but not least, the genius real estate agent.

Right away I noticed the front door was wide open and no masks, gloves, sanitizer or any of the items he said were on site. We carry our own PPE items, but it was the point. As my blood pressure was beginning to skyrocket, I then asked him who had been in the house. He explained (try not to laugh) only 4 or 5 went in at a time. Now I was super pissed off.

Here I am, out doing you a favor for a family that had “nowhere to go.” I knew he was lying about everything. After so many years of doing this for a living your “Bullshit Meter” becomes pretty accurate. I called the family over who supposedly needed a place to go “as soon as possible” to hear their side of the story.

The husband and wife buying the home said that they were “tired of staying in a hotel and it was getting too expensive and driving back and forth from Ohio to Michigan was getting to be a pain in the ass for them.” Oh, really?

I looked at the real estate agent and asked why he lied to me. His reply “Well, I apologize if you misinterpreted me and my text messages” with a real shitty tone. I had enough at this point. Angrily I said “so you basically lied to me so that I would come to this house and risk the well being of myself and most importantly my wife and 3 kids at home that mean the world to me? His reply was “well, I don’t look at it like that, opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one.” Really, come on man.

Just as I was walking back to my city truck to get the Not Approved Notice and the Vacate Premises posting paperwork and fines, the 2 police officers swooped in just in time. I explained the situation to them and now they were pissed too. We all heard him say “what a bunch of dumb f***ing assholes with nothing better to do but make the whole situation even worse.” Now he really caught all of our attention.

After they went and questioned this giant group of dumb asses and listening to their pitiful bullshit story they wrote each one (except the kids and Grandma, she was 84 years old and seemed like she didn’t understand what was going on and thats o.k.) a ticket and citation.

The fine was somewhere around $300.00 per ticket. I followed that up by failing the inspection (not necessarily “failing” but filed as “no entry due to COVID-19) $250.00 more. Too bad for you all. Being rude, unapologetic and stupid to someone doesn’t ever help make any type of situation better, especially when you’re dealing with a family’s home. If anything, it makes it worse and you look like you’re a 5 year old unintelligent moron. How embarrassing for a man I’m guessing to be in his mid 50’s.

At last, I hopped back in my truck, started it, rolled the window down, waved at the real estate agent to get his attention and told him “I will talk to you sometime in May or June, 2020. The court paperwork will be in the mail sometime after May 28th if the mandatory government shut down is over.” He screamed out “are you f***ing kid me you useless piece of shit?” and threw his clipboard on the ground.

As I drove away with the 2 police officers I looked in the rear view mirror, he was jumping up and down like a maniac giving us all the “double middle fingers.” A real class act, huh? I couldn’t help myself, it was a long 3 hours and I finally started to laugh about it. Because there were 9 supposedly capable adults on site, I will always remember this day as COVID-9, not COVID-19.

On to the next investigation I went….

That’s a great example of not just one, but a group of COVIDIOTS.

There is much more that happened with the police and CPS (child protection services) about the children and the helpless Grandma including some crazy bodycam videos and audio. I thought this answer was long enough already?

Be good, smart and stay healthy all 👍