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Who are the best professors at IIT Delhi, and why?

Professor Vijayraghavan M. Chariar is undoubtedly one of the best professors at IIT Delhi, challenging norms and methodologies of teaching day by day. Each class with him through RDL 730 : Alternative Technologies for Rural Development has been an adventure. As he talks about co-creation in the course, from the very first class, he makes the students open up and express their views and it’s always in a very interesting manner. eg. He asked us to write about what development means to us but the trick was that each sentence could only end with a question mark or exclamation mark.

His classroom is never a regular class setup. Its a free space to encourage learning and happy thoughts and communication. Flexibility in our seating empowers flexibility in our thoughts, imagination and helps our creativity take a run while learning from each other. He is not an ordinary professor with uncountable slides and boring lectures bound to make you sleep. He is not an ordinary professor adding stress to your life with dreaded exams. But Really, each of his Minor and Major Exams were format-free submissions meant to let out a caged imagination with freely flowing thoughts and creativity. Not a single class with Prof Chariar is a usual day at college. He creates a fun atmosphere, knows every student of his by name and talks to us without the air of a teacher to student, engaging us in discussions.

Prof Chariar believes in immersive experiential learning. To solve the problems, you have to know the problems and understand them from its very roots, and so he organized a day trip to rural villages in UP for the whole class. He also took RDL 730 of 2016–2017 to TARA to learn about Development Alternatives from first hand real time experience and SPA Delhi to expose us to the art of Industrial Design, challenging the boundaries of our imagination. He talks about abundance and different traditional knowledge systems of India, emphasizing on a life full of JOY! 🙂

Prof Chariar not just makes you learn the course, but his unique way of teaching makes you learn much more than just that, it makes you grow as a person and widen your perspective. I learnt so much in this course and looked forward to every class so much so that funnily, I completely forgot to worry about the grade, and so did every other student. He does that to the course, takes the worry, the fear, the stress and tension out of it. Even his exams are so thoughtful submissions that it’s something to look forward to and enjoy doing. There is no “maayoosiyat” in his classes.

There is a course full of JOY somewhere in the classrooms of IITD as well, and that’s my folks, Prof Chariar’s RDL 730.