The new reality is transforming how real estate deals get done, if they get done at all. By Lucy Alexander on April 27, 2020.

Are people buying homes based on virtual tours?

People still need to visit actual property to make decision, and that can not be changed.

But photography for property is very old genre, and virtual tours is likely the next step for professional services for this business segments.

Virtual tour… if there are budget is good way to entice buyer to visit actual property. People are often mistaken it will allow sales without visit etc. but it does not work that way.

Buyer normally decided to pick several property to visit before calling up broker/agents, who is currently working with them, and virtual tours done right tend to help first hurdle of getting pick for visit.

But really depend on type of property you got. More non standard property you got, you are probably better off doing virtual tour.

If your property is very generic, then probably virtual tours might not be that effective since buyer criteria for such property are different… though some of investment property may have buyer without owner actually visiting it… but that is pretty specific market.