Education is more than just pencil and paper, but when students can’t leave the house, augmented reality comes to the rescue. ARKit2 is supported by iPhone 6s

Which are the top AR and VR companies in the USA?

Insights Success has Shortlisted the list,”The 10 Most Innovative AR/VR Solution Providers 2018 “.

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Screwtop Media: Navigator of Business Solutions and Casting AR

The game ‘Pokémon Go’ can be considered as one of the well-defined example of Augmented Reality as in this game one can actually see a ‘Pokémon’ in front of them. AR does not start and end with only games. AR is being implemented in day to day life. Augmented Reality has been used in the armed forces since a long time now. This technology that has been overlaying digital elements has now paved its way into business. Let it be manufacturing or retail, AR has created new ways to…Read More

The 10 Most Innovative AR/VR Solution Providers 2018

Augmently, Inc.: Delivering The Exceptional AR Experience

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have been the hot topics among tech developers for several years. During that time, consumers living in the digital world have made the journey from two dimensions to three-dimensional realism. At present, there are frequent demonstrations of AR in our daily lives. It is both surprising and exciting to witness what engineers and designers are capable of doing with this technology. A group of creative designers at Augmently, Inc. are transforming the virtual world and…Read More

Creote Studio: Innovative Designers, Galvanized by AR and VR

With the increasing opportunities and the technology at its best every capitalist is trying to stand out in the crowd. Since it has become mandatory for every small or big scale industrialist to mark their presence online, a big deal of time is spent to design websites, apps or any such online platform. With countless service providers and business solution providers choosing the apt one that would satisfy the client’s needs is equally important. The good news is that the search for such a service provider ends here. Creote Studio– an outstanding company has come up with a unique idea that exhibits user friendly business applications while incorporating technologies like AR and VR…Read More

Champagne Soda: A Global Disruptor in the Realm of Real Estate

Digital disruption is the new buzzword that has gained popularity with the rise of Virtual and Augmented Reality. In true sense of the term, VR and AR have disrupted the traditional formula of the world, changing our way of living with its smart appearance in almost every aspect of our life and society. Like all other industries, virtual reality has made its way into the globa…Read More

Cthrough: The AR-Enabled Navigator to Amusement Arcades

It’s the rapid advancement of technology that our lives have become cozier, more comfortable and full of amazement than ever. It’s the wonder of the technology that has made our every adventure effortless ones. Nowadays one can depend upon GPS technology to get anywhere in the world. With the help of GPS navigation, we can reach any destination without much effort. However, at a place with a more complex layout like a zoo, a museum, or a theme park where Google map often fails, cannot cover the destination in detail, people get stuck and compelled to use a piece of the paper map and get lost…Read More

Jawstrow: Reforming the Retail Business while Incorporating AR

The cutting-edge technology, Augmented Reality (AR) has changed the vision of the world. AR has already yet to proven its efficiency in many sectors. Retail has always been one of the most trending sectors and with the endless opportunities provided by AR, there is no limitation to how it would be evolved. This would be gateway to many revolutionary changes in the fashion or…Read More

WaveOptics: Enhancing Your Experience of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality gets better as the day passes. Each passing day makes everyone wonder what more can be done with this technology and there are no boundaries to it. Designers, technicians and researchers, scientists everyone is on their own to find new opportunities and the untapped power of AR. While many bright minds have successfully incorporated this technology into business many are working on the unexplored areas of AR. WaveOptics, a company based out in Oxfordshire, England is the global provider of revolutionary AR waveguides, …Read More

zSpace: Transforming Learning Through AR/VR Experiences

Imagine a fifth-grade student holding a human heart in his hands, feeling the beat and discovering how it pumps blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system. Or a third-grader building a virtual network of tracks and ramps and exploring how changes in gravity affect movement and velocity. Or thousands of high school students having lifelike learning experiences that help them build skills to earn industry certifications, such as certified medical administrative assistant or automotive technician,…Read More

Counsel’s Insight

The Status of the Enterprise Augmented Reality Ecosystem

Immersive technology and Mixed, Virtual and Augmented Reality are all terms that have analysts and industry visionaries excited, predicting that billions will be spent in the coming years. Virtual and Augmented Reality alone are forecast by IDC to grow to $162 billion in revenue by 2020.

One sector where actual performance, efficiency and bottom line improvements are already being made is Enterprise Augmented RealityRead More

Expert’s Thought

Cinematic Virtual Reality for Visual Storytelling: Transitioning between Worlds with Nothing but a Headset

Have you ever been inside a human hamster ball? Imagine standing still in that sphere. You can see the inside, every angle, as you move your head around, right?

That’s precisely how a 360-degree image is. A panorama that extends in every direction, as if the pictures were sprawled on the insides of a sphere.

Cinematic Virtual Reality is an improvement upon this concept, as it lets you feel how the movie unfolds. You strap the gear to your head, and everything looks real, sounds real….Read More

Tech Talk

Most Promising Applications of Wearable Technologies in Enterprise

Wearable technologies, including body-worn sensors, Augmented Reality glasses, Virtual Reality headsets, and even exoskeletons, are going to play a key role in the connected workplace of the future. That future is near: The global mobile workforce is set to reach nearly 2 billion by 2022—that’s 2 billion workers who need their hands free to work better and in tandem (not competition) with machines. Moreover, IoT-derived business insights won’t be truly transformational without human agents to act upon them in real time on the factory floor and in the field; and that information is…Read More

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