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Are we living in a simulation?

It was announced here just hours after the conclusion of the G-8 World Summit which wrapped up here last week, that a select team comprised of a diverse array of the world’s general population that has been granted leave of their routinely performed duties and obligations in order to form a bold and ambitious quest in search for answers to some of life’s existential questions including:

  1. Is the universe, planet earth, and sentient, self-aware human life, the product of random chance, emerging from a field state of pure “nothingness” a.k.a. the quantum vacuum state (1) ~13.81 Billion years ago and life’s first spark via abiogenesis creating the first simple cell and thus igniting the natural process of evolution through common descent and natural selection?

Or alternatively, did it all begin via the mind of a “creator”- a sort of supernatural intelligence- who designed it all-then by igniting the blue touch paper that caused a controlled explosion of an infinitely dense-extremely tiny-consolidation of all matter for the future time-released development of everything in the visible universe and the so-called Dark Energy and Dark Matter including ourselves?

Additionally, many of us have pondered the “what if” questions including “what if there is a purpose to our existence?” and “what if there is a deity(ies) that will judge our continuing consciousness prior to entering a post mortem “afterlife”?

I believe that any serious examination of what science has discovered germane to these subjects, particularly in the last century, has been complicated to a great extent due to such a vast flood of information that has literally inundated us with the near countless individual pieces that makes it easy to forget to take a step back and look at the big picture.

After taking the proverbial step back in an attempt to take into account the overarching big picture, a simulated reality, is the best explanation for what science has empirically tested and revealed to be the best example we have for a solution for quantum gravity and then the “Holy Grail” of a Theory of Everything or a reconciliation between Einstein’s General Relativity (GR) that explains quite well the “Macro” world we see and interact with daily, yet gets lost in the weeds trying to explain the “Quantum” world we know exists many billions of times smaller than even the size of the diminutive atom.

Kick back now and test yourself to see if the following open items in science are not best explained by a simulation of reality whose solutions run counter to the apparent “objective world” of solidity’ we experience through our limited five senses that merely send and route electrical signals through our brain which converts the signals to let us know “what its like out there.”

Why is it that atoms, the constituent component parts that make up everything we perceive as solid in our day-to-day existence are made of 99.9999999% empty space? Even fully understanding that the “feeling of solidity comes from the pressure of your fingertip’s electron’s shell pressure Science’s progress (string theory, and later M theory) in determining the relationship between the “things” we see and matter, is following a rapid trend line toward zero. Meaning? Matter is likely just “data” and therefore is conducive to and consistent with a functioning simulated reality.

Our reality has been shown to be “quantized” e.g. light is quantized— meaning it comes in subatomic individuated packets called photons. While it would take an infinite amount of resources to create a continuous reality, with our consciousness assumed to be the measurement/observation device, only the “observed,”/ “measured” elements of reality per quantum mechanic’s 2-slit experiment need be modeled in a simulated reality. Then the isolated and observed targets of our selectively chosen point of interest would require only a tiny fraction of the required energy, memory, etc. This effect is not too dissimilar from the Sony Play Station style video games played online or in video set top boxes worldwide, and that our kids play with ad infinitum.-

What’s crazy is from my mid-chest down paraplegia perspective is when all you see on the screen is your functional arms and body below your line of vision, when you enter a room looking to protect yourself or others you have a vested interest in— you must shoot, blow-up, destroy the bad guy you are “seeing” or engaging with is only the tiniest fraction of the entire game’s program, hence energy and memory are vastly conserved.

Many argue that these examples only apply at the micro-or quantum level and do not apply at the macro-level, however:

According to a 2008 study by the Italian firm, Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (IQOQI) has determined that our objective world of reality does not exist until it is looked at or measured by a conscious observer. This is a.k.a. the collapse of the wave function which was similarly discovered in the conclusion drawn as wave-particle duality from primarily the results revealed in the 2- slit experiment.

IQOQI determined this result carries with it a degree of confidence of1in1080.Andso1in1080.Andso, the likelihood that our reality functions in a similar but vastly more complex, elegantly detailed- digitally simulated reality is true; is equal to me employing the use of a computer random number generator to select and then to identify by marking with a red Sharpie a single molecule somewhere-anywhere in the entire visible universe and the odds that you would correctly select the single-molecule as marked in red, out of a field of all of the molecules in the entire visible universe!

Why is our reality so elegantly described in terms of mathematics? chemistry? biology? physics? and measurements reliably predictive down to the subatomic Planck level which is billions and billions of times smaller than an atom. When there is every reason to believe that if the universe is a random accident as science posits that no such order whatsoever should exist-particles to people seems so farfetched that the probabilities that mathematicians consider equal to absurdly impossible are 1in10501in1050or fifty orders of magnitude per Borel’s Law the chance that our universe, our planet, and ourselves, all being the result of random chance and Darwinian evolution has been calculated to be so unlikely science has placed it at such entirely remote odds at 1in101,000,0001in101,000,000!

Consider the so-called “fine-tuning” of nature’s constants and quantities necessary for a universe that supports life as we know it on planet earth. Most of these ‘’goldilocks’’ constants were required to be calibrated at levels ‘’just so’’ at only1in10431in10−43 seconds after the Big Bang.

It boggles the mind how precise these essential constants were required to be formed just after nuclear impact of an explosion that was so hot we still have its after-effects passing through us today some 13.81 billion years ago in the remaining Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMB). Consider just one- Lambda-the cosmological constant. It is fine-tuned to 1in10120.1in10120. If it varied by just 1 order of magnitude i.e. 1in101191in10119or 1in101211in10121there would be no life on earth. There are more than 20 plus others.

This an excellent area to take pause to consider the extreme unlikelihood of this phenomenal amount of precision emerging from a random gigantic nuclear-fused explosion. It looks to me as though Astronomer Royal- Sir Fred Hoyle was right when he famously said that “it appears as though some super-intelligence has “monkeyed” with the physics- putting the idea of a superintelligence behind it all “beyond question, the correct deduction.”

Isn’t this all much easier to understand if these finely tuned parameters, along with a top speed limit— set at the speed of light or at ~186,000 miles per second, and which is akin’ to something much like the pixels on our 1080P Digital Hi-Def TVs- if all were adjusted to an extremely vivid resolution at the Planck level and each of these parameters, were entered into an example program entitled 642 AGIC-1081 a.k.a.‘our universe and reality.’

There are many, many, other strong indications that ours is not the base objective reality, but rather makes much more sense described as an elaborate, finely- detailed simulation, however, space here is limited to go on.

I will close with what is,a far more satisfying explanation for unlocking the mystery of the ‘’Holy Grail’’ of Physics or who or what was behind and prior to Space, Matter, Energy, and Time that caused the “Big Bang” -does it not make more sense that our ‘’reality’’ was in an effect, “booted up” in an Infinitely Intelligent Immaterial Programmer’s Mind?

I believe this esoteric entity has through quantum entanglement, linked our consciousness to something akin to ‘’the cloud‘’(not solely in the brain as current AI researchers believe) in a test case to determine if we are granted free will and are allowed to make unfettered choices, will we search our hearts and souls as to whether He exists?

Will we either accept the concept of loving each other unconditionally, or reject the notion outright, opting instead rather for the powerful dictates of the self interest- the (ego) driven need for the immediate base gratification of money, the material, greed, lust, loveless, anonymous, sex, that within a short time and following a quick rush or high, leaves us utterly empty, grasping for the Zoloft, or resolved by wildly trying to satisfy an even greater irrational desire for more.

With dark energy and dark matter, we are literally surrounded by a potential all-pervasive positive and negative force field that results in the acceleration of the creation of space itself. This opens the possibility of a mass-scale monitoring and recording process making His presence and His unconditional love, and a fulfilling, peace of mind, sans the urge to chase the dragons, freely available to those who vigorously seek Him. It is our own unique and solemn decision to accept or reject Him and our decisions and actions in this monitored simulation which are in theory easily tracked and recorded for what near-death experience (NDE’rs) routinely describe as a meeting in an afterlife realm in another dimension and being shown a “life review” played back to them in the absence of the forward arrow of time where all is an eternal now.

A major starring role in these ultra-vivid afterlife playback videos of how our lives were lived is how our decisions and actions (positive and negative) impacted those around us. Many reports indicate we actually have the ability to feel in a precise way what it feels like to be the person on the receiving end of the shock, shame, embarrassment, and degradation of feelings and diminished worth we caused others at some point in our lives.

So now, how will we play this?

On that note (vibration?) I leave you all with a gentle sense of peace and goodwill. Thanks for reading.


  1. “A Universe from Nothing” 2012 by Lawrence Krauss