When it comes to virtual reality tech, you typically fall into one of two camps. Either you love the sci-fi concept of snapping on a headset and suddenly being

Are you conscious now? How do you know?

I’ve spent most of my life in a trance. This physicality, the material-ness and real-ness of everything around me has enraptured me.

It was only when I began to meditate and really ‘go back to myself’ that I realized that life is a lot like virtual reality, and we are like children wandering around in a VR game, thinking that it is reality. Imagine how confounded those children would be if they took their VR glasses off!

That’s only a glimpse into what it feels like when we choose to CONSCIOUSLY demanifest ourselves and take our ‘VR glasses’ off.

There is so much more to your existence than you could possibly imagine. It has awoken me. I feel more CONSCIOUS, more present in this very moment.

It is the feeling of Gods. It’s a freeing emotion. When I live in this moment, with the confidence that there is a confirmed reality waiting for me, I enjoy this moment. The past melts away, and the future isn’t so scary anymore.

Living consciously means, living here and NOW.