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How do I get rid of anxiety?

What is anxiety:

When anxiety becomes the companion of everyday life, it becomes a mental problem. But what is this anxiety? Let’s know about this complicated feeling of mind. Anxiety is a mental problem. Sometimes it is not unusual to get worried. In a difficult situation, such as a job interview, a hospital operation or a test result, the anxiety is spread in our mind according to the biological rules. Normally the worries go away when the situation changes or you take care of the situation.

But if you are constantly worried and lose your ability to control anxiety, then it becomes the cause of the problem. Anxiety can only become a psychological problem, often when someone becomes uncomfortable with any kind of activity such as daily work, jobs, exam or anything like this then anxiety tend to grow in our mind. Anxiety can grow in our mind for various reason. Sometimes a simple problem in our life can be a dangerous problem in our life if we are unable to deal with anxiety. If this problem is neglected for a long time, it can lead to other mental problems, such as depression. The last stage of depression can be terrible. In most of the case, anxiety or depression have some distinctness that would be able to lead a person to suicide. That’s why at the recent time anxiety become a terrible social disease.

Anxiety is closely related to our daily life. Nowadays, finding out a human existence without tension is a difficult matter. Excessive tension creates unwanted anxiety, depression, and mental illness. This unwanted mental illness brings a negative effect on our body and mind and destroys our peaceful life. So if we want to lead a beautiful stress-free life then we have to avoid anxiety and depression and to get rid of this problem we can follow these way that I discussed below. I hope if you follow this guideline then you can manage you with anxiety and you can easily kick depression from your life forever.

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Causes of anxiety or depression:

The main cause of most depression is not biochemical. The disappointment would not be a part of our life. That is the reason that largely leads to anxiety or depression.

* Loneliness: Loneliness increases frustration. Loneliness can lead our life to destruction. Loneliness is one of the major reason for anxiety. Some people like to stay alone at home or there are some people who don’t like to live with their family and friend. After a long time of living alone, such kind of people has the maximum possibility to be affected by anxiety because when we stay alone, various kind of bad thinking or bad memory turn around our mind and our brain enters in a virtual world from the real world. The virtual world is such kind of world that is created by our own brain. Only affected people can control this world but the matter of worry is that sometimes we lost our control over the virtual world. When the problem becomes bigger then we lost control of our mind. We started facing confusion. We can’t understand that what is right and what is wrong for me. What should we do and what should not we do. And in this way loneliness causes anxiety.

* Sadness: There are so many sorrows in the world, The sadness of the breaking relations, the sadness of losing a job, the sadness of losing someone, the sadness of ugly looking or the sadness of our black skin color and so on. Sadness is also a cause of anxiety. Sadness is also created from our mind. Any kind of event that occurs surrounding our mind causes anxiety.

* Sleepiness: Sleep deprivation brings disappointment. Sleeping is the fundamental requirement of our body and mind. Our mind is processing for the next day while sleeping. Our brain is also like a machine. We know machine need rest, it needs to be cool, it needs fuel. Thus our mind also needs rest and it should also be cool to solve any kind of problem and to take proper decision. For lack of sleeping our brain and mind can’t perform properly. When it lost it’s working ability then it tends to be affected by various mental illness such as anxiety.

* Lack of exercise: Physical work is also associated with frustration with social issues. No need to go to the gym Walk for 30 minutes or 20 minutes in the natural environment. That’s enough. Frustration will be cut.

* Impact of the environment: Recently tested, the treatment of phototherapy or ‘green therapy’ is quite effective in patients with depression. So go out to spend some time every day. In a quiet environment, your mind will be frustrated. Turn into a routine walk through the natural environment.

* Stress: Constant stress creates frustration. You consider how you will handle your tasks and deal with stress.

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Sign of Anxiety:

Sometimes it is very normal to be upset. It is also a common cause to be worried about the death of the near person or to worry about any office work. When you are worried or worried because of a strange, it is not called ‘situational depression’. This is done within a few days or in some cases within a few days.

But when the signs of depression do not go any further and it affects your daily life, then the situation is called ‘Clinical Depression’ or ‘Major Depression’. Clinical depression but serious illness may take months or even years to be correct. So it is good to know signs of depression.

Depression signs are quite overwhelming. Many identify this situation as a ‘black hole’ from which they can not get out of it. This time nothing feels good. It does not want to do any work and does not want to be hungry.

The main 10 signs of depression-

Those who have depression, these ten symptoms can be seen, but they may not. But in these 10 signs, if you see a sign with your own or close friend, then get help from a doctor.

1) Sadness: Being depressed does not mean depression. But when it is considered as a sign of depression, everything will be hopeless or it may seem that your life has failed. No matter how hard you try, you can not get negative thoughts out of your head. Even without any reason can you also cry. Always be unhappy but a sign of depression.

2) Guilt: Those who have depression suffer from guilt without any reason. Everything will feel guilty for everything. You will always feel like you can not do anything in life.

3) Worrying about everything: You will be angry for your reason, will feel very unstable and will always be worried. Those who have depression often show depression by showing anger, or by unstable behavior.

4) Mental symptoms: If there is no difficulty in making any decision, or if you can not remember or remember things, they may be symptoms of depression.

5) Physical symptoms: Those who have depression, pain in their body, pain in their head, or pain in their body. Pain can cause pain or a headache or digestion in our body for other reasons But when the body is perfectly complete, it is considered as a sign of depression

6) Not showing interest in anything: it is a very common sign of depression. In this case you will not want to do anything. I do not like to talk to anyone. At the same time, family life will also appear unimaginable. Always want to live alone. At the same time, it will be good to sit in the dark room.

7) Sleep changes: It may be a sign of depression in the very morning or in the night, it is not always easy to sleep or sleep more.

8) Appetite Changes: Many people eat less because of depression and others who eat extra food at this time. Within a month, 5% of body weight, if weight gain or decrease, then it is a sign of depression.

9) Los of Energy: If you have depression you will always feel tired. Those who have depression may think that their physical strength has decreased.

10) Suicidal tendencies: It is all about thinking of hurting your body or ending your life but signs of depression. But in this situation you need help.

Do not be shy or fall short if you get depressed symptoms. Many people get hurt to get help. But it is seen that the right time when you start treatment, you are getting well soon. Many times we hide the depression, so the situation becomes complicated.

Do not be ridiculed by the family if they are depressed. Instead of standing beside him.

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Effective ways to get rid of anxiety:


To overcome mental stress, meditation is a very effective exercise to calm the mind. A study by Carnegie Mellon University has shown that meditation in 25 minutes by three minutes helps to eliminate frustration and anxiety. Dr. Hefner said, “Yoga, meditation, reduce the anxiety caused by the body’s hormone and increases the immunity of body disease.”

Many of us do much to keep our body healthy. Someone walk in the morning, exercise, eat healthy food etc. But in order to improve our student life, keeping our body healthy, we also need to keep our mind healthy; What we can do very easily by meditation is through meditation.

Meditation is such a condition that when our brain is absorbed in a specific subject by separating itself from unnecessary things and learning to use the power of the brain with the most and accurately. Starting from the most powerful people in the world, a lot of the Nobel Laureates, scientists, or writers are a common practice and it is Meditation.

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In addition to studying meditation 10-15 minutes daily, you can have a positive effect on your mental health and intellectual development in student life. There are six important effects of meditation in student life:

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1. IQ level increase

We all like to think of ourselves a bit smart. Now if there is a thing that can really increase our IQ level, then surely it will be a surprise!

2. Released from the disturbance of academic studies

Throughout the day classes, private and homework pressure, many of us are frustrated. Meditation is a great way to overcome this problem of academic study. Meditation reduces the cell volume of our brain “AMYGDALA”, which reduces fear, anxiety, and disturbances in our brain. Meditation also increases the secretion of the alpha wave in our brain which helps reduce feelings of anxiety, sadness, and anger.

3. Attention increase

Keeping the focus on the reading table is a little hard for us all. In particular, it is really difficult to keep a close focus on one subject in the exam days. But meditation can make this difficult thing a little easier for you. Meditation can increase your attention by 50% for a few days in the exam days.

Meditation will teach your thinking to focus on one subject, which will increase the ability to think deeply on one of your subjects, and while reading, all other thoughts are far from the brain.

Life will be more beautiful now!

Life is not just about studying. The extracurricular activity required with it And if there are some motivational words with him, then the way of life becomes better and more beautiful.

4. Physical fitness

Physical fitness is one of the preconditions for well-being and good results in examinations. No matter how well you prepare, you will not be able to give 100% of your exams if you are not physically fit. Meditation helps keep us mentally healthy as well as helping us stay physically healthy. Meditation regulates the levels of C-Reactive Protein in our body, which reduces the risk of our heart disease.

Meditation only reduces the risk of high blood pressure by approximately 52% for just 3 months. Regular meditation will remove your fatigue and fatigue so that you will be able to continue with the full enthusiasm and other activities. It has been found in the study that regular meditation habits of the patient have more antibodies and immune system than those of normal people.

A very early calculation is very important for the students of any department. And so 10 minutes of school has come for you, Beat the Numbers! Beat The Numbers!

5. Goodbye to depression, now it’s a joyous turn!

In a survey conducted by the Emory University of the United States, one student of three students suffer from depression or depression at some point in time. The trouble with learning, bad results or conflict with friends; Whatever the reason – sadness is very harmful to both body and mind. Even more than 1000 students each year due to sadness only!

Meditation is one of the best ways to overcome sadness. According to Professor Willem Kuyken of Oxford University, meditation works much like Anti-Depression Medicines for people with depression. Meditation also reduces the risk of a student’s depression by 31%.

Now maybe many people think that the question is how to do meditation! There is no reason to worry, many videos and articles on meditation on Google and YouTube can be found in both Bangla and English languages. So, you can start to build your student life more beautiful and fully, Meditation, whose benefits will lead you a step further towards the success of your studies.

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Keep yourself busy:

Keep yourself anxious to keep anxiety away from the head. Do something that keeps your brain and hands busy, such as playing games or creating a handicraft. It is said, “Lazy brain is a satanic factory.” This is actually true. Frustration and anxiety will surround you if you lie idle without doing any work – that’s normal. So keep yourself busy in any productive work.

We are always busy with everyone, but when you think of last time you have given yourself time.

If not, plan to stay busy with yourself. Do your work, you enjoy it. You will be able to discover yourself again.

Fill a new hobby: Fill a long-cherished hidden desire in your mind. You can take help from an organization if you want to fill your favorite hobby. If you want to learn new artwork. It will take a great time to work and feel like feeling good. You can learn any new cooking. Then invite friends and invite everyone.

See Cinemas: There are plenty of likes of Cinemas. But the time of viewing does not match. So today you can see a favorite cinema when you go to a favorite movie. Favorite movie and a pack of popcorn hands. What else is needed? You will find a nice time to spend your time.

You can go to the restaurant: Maybe a restaurant with friends is eaten occasionally. But now you can go alone. Favorite meals can be eaten as you wish. Many restaurants organize candlelight dinners on weekdays. You can participate if you wish.

Take the purchase: shopping is surely your choice. Why is it late? You can go to the weekly closure shopping mall in a shopping mall. You can shop around in the shop to buy any kind of choice. Not only do not have to do the shopping, but you will be able to see the journey.

Energize yourself: You can refresh yourself after day to day life. The best way for him is the spa. It will not only help to ease your physical fatigue but also enjoy happiness.

Do charity work: In the words ‘happiness is not happiness, there is real happiness’. Can prove today whether the word is true or not. Eat a small child in new clothes or restaurant. I promise you will get emotional satisfaction. So you can keep yourself involved in social work. Get self-pity.

You can go on a tour: It can be proven to be rejuvenated on travel. You can visit anywhere you like at home or abroad. Take a few days off from the office. Then go to the place of choice somewhere without saying, anybody. Then you will see a lot of fun working in you.

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Reduce caffeine:

Caffeine can quickly raise awareness of your senses and increase the amount of emotional stress hormone. It’s good if you fall in the face of a violent tiger. All of us are certainly familiar with the caffeine item. Caffeine is an ingredient that basically contains tea and coffee. Caffeine removes our body fatigue and increases the ability to work for some time. But you know, this caffeine is harming our body in many ways? Let’s know.

Sleep is harming:

Those who have a habit of drinking tea or coffee will notice that your sleep is reduced due to eating this caffeinated drink. The reason is that caffeine affects a type of brain called adenosine. Timothy Roehr, a specialist at Sleep Disorder and Research Center at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, said, “The normal level of adenosine in the brain increases if the normal sleep does not go away.” That is why a person gets sick soon.

Generally, everyone knows that caffeine enhances the ability of the person to give energy to the body. But in reality, caffeine is likely to give you light on your body, but after that, it makes you even more tired. As a result, your work is harmed overall.

Parkinson’s disease:

This is a growing syndrome of the nervous system, whose symptoms are muscle strength and physical vibration. Many people have been infected with this disease for many years due to excessive caffeine access, which is also life-threatening.


Caffeine has a headache. Because naturally our brain blood vessels are spacious, but caffeine addiction contracts these channels. As a result, the headache problem is created.

Loss of the womb:

Caffeine is also harmful to pregnant women. Because caffeine destroys pregnant women and tires her overall. As a result, there is a possibility of any kind of harm to the child of the pregnancy.

Heart Rate:

Studies have shown that caffeine does not keep heartbeat normal. Consequently, heart problems arise. This can cause cardiac arithmetic problems.

Weight loss:

Caffeine reduces weight because it changes the body’s metabolic rate. But because of this weight loss is not something positive, because of which the body becomes much weaker and fatigue works.

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Spend time with friends:

As well as being alone, mental health can also harm the heart. Even if you do not get heart disease, you are afraid of loss. So do not sit alone in the house and go out with friends. But in this case, the real friends must be aware of the elections.

Helen Keller said, ‘It is better to walk than to walk alone in the dark than a walk in the light’. Without a friend, we do not even spend a moment. People find friends when they need a life. Well, the importance of all friends is not the same. The influence of the best friend on the other side of life is strong. What are the characteristics of the best friend? What are the quality and friendship? What can be found in the list of quality? Can not go. Yet, people hope that the best friend will have certain qualities.


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You can blurt out any of the issues, rubbish it. There can be extreme tension in this. But when you understand that the mistake is yours, then? In this case, you can have only one expectation from the best friend, he will not think twice about pardoning you.

Emphasize the choice

Every man is different. As a best friend, the choice of the two will be similar to each other – it may not be so. But he will be with you in any work you like; Will provide encouragement Although the work might not like it at all.

It will be difficult to notice

The best friend will give courage and support to reach the desired goal of life. If you lose sight or lose your focus on life, he will remind you of your strong commitment. If, however, fails, will motivate them to start work in a new venture without giving any attention to it.

Never say ‘no’

If you need help with any problems – be sure that your best friend will never say ‘no’. Anyone of your day and night can run away with a single call.

Generosity about money and money

It is not possible to tell your family many times when reading financially. Friends in these cases will be your biggest support. Whenever you are troubled by money and money, you will be able to hand it to him. He will never return you.

Bring the maximum to your talent

Friends are hand-like fingers. And the best friend is the most trusted finger in your hand. Depending on which you can trust, you can rely on He will play the role of bringing the highest amount of your talent in exchange for various tasks.

Do not stand in the woods

The best friend will never stand you in the woods of life. There are 4-5 people in your life who will not judge you with success or failure. The best friend will be one of them.

Listen to everything

You will hear the best friend of all your important-unimportant, worthless-in-the-kind words. Never show any annoyance. You can also open your mind and say all your words.

**Laugh from the heart:**

Studies conducted in 2005, it is known that instead of being serious, burnt more than half of the calories burned to life. Researchers came to the conclusion after some adult comedic and comparatively serious films were shown. Regular entertainment and heart rate increases the heart rate. According to the American Journal of Cardiology, published in 2010, the effectiveness of the body’s circulatory system or tract is increased due to laughter. So always laugh at one of the lip corners or if you can smile at heart.

Imagine a lot of people laugh nowadays? In modern life, we have become robots in corporate culture. Everyone used to measure in measuring and laugh and measure them. Because of those who laugh at those who do not have any personality. So you do not want to be laughing. As a result, the exchange of courtesans became a rule in exchange for a false smile on the lips. Laughter is not just fun.

In many studies, it has been proved that laughter helps in the formation of our body in many ways. A smile can keep us healthy in many ways. A smile is a symbol of happiness, happiness, and well-being. Laugh increases our body’s immune system. Laughter is relieved from stress. Laughs laugh little.

We do not know how to get the benefit of losing our life-

1. Increases the power of T-cells: As the energy of this particular cell progresses, the immune system increases in the body. As a result, the risk of disease-bogs decreases naturally. And the easiest way to increase T-cell power is to smile. Several studies have shown that the T-cell’s performance continues to laugh. To be healthy [laughs at the soul.

2. Reduces stress: whenever anger, frustration, or grief surrounds the mind, then do something that will make it very smile. Because the only drug to reduce stress is laughter.

3. Increases the immunity of the body: Studies show that, while smiling, “Phil Good” hormone drops in our body. These hormones increase the production of white blood cells in many ways. As a result, the disease resistance increases. It also reduces the risk of various diseases.

4. The lungs are healthy: whenever we laugh, the lungs are stretched and our bodies enter the pure oxygen. It increases the oxygen levels in the body. As a result, the incidence of various diseases decreases. The lungs are healthy.

5. The mind gets better: Whenever we laugh at our lifespan, then our body gets steroid and endorphin hormone drops. As a result, our mind starts to feel better. At the same time, mental and physical pain also decreases. So these two hormones are called “Phil Good” hormones.

6. Reduces blood pressure: Multiple studies have shown that while the effects of blood increase on our body throughout the lungs, the blood vessels start to grow. As a result, the pressure on the vein-arterial naturally is less. This reduces high blood pressure. So those who have high blood pressure will have to laugh more.

7. Laughter is a kind of athletics: I mean! What is the relation of bodybuilding with laughter? Here is fun! Multiple case studies have shown that during the smiling, excess calories burned in our body started to burn. Not only this, this time too much pressure on the stomach. As a result, the weight loss path is widened in all directions. That’s why laughter is placed at the top of the exercise list.

8. The body is calm: When we smile at our soul, then fatigue, hardship and emotional fatigue in the body decrease in a single moment. And what is the most interesting thing, if you stop laughing, that body does not come back into mental depression. Multiple studies have shown that the effect of laughter is about 30-45 minutes in our body. Now surely you understand, who is going to be your favorite friend in the coming days to reduce stress.

9. Laughter reduces the risk of heart disease: Laughter opens up our heart rate to normalize life. Because of this, for those who can laugh at any of the reasons, their chances of cardiovascular disease are greatly reduced. Also, the combination of laughter reduces blood pressure. The interesting thing is that the same 10-minute laughing smile 100 times or the same as physical exercise for 15 minutes cycling. Blood pressure decreases, but physical circulation increases blood flow everywhere. More oxygen is added to the blood. Laughter has a good exercise of the diaphragm, stomach and respiratory muscles and mouth, or even back or back muscles. After this high laugh, we were tired of a little bit and we were scared. Our breathing becomes dense and deep. Many physiological and chemical changes occur within the body. All in all, this is just a few ‘aerobic’ body exercises. It is said to get the benefit of losing weight from laughter. In addition, reducing the risk of laughter stroke, reducing the risk of heart attack. Changes in our mental state are great.

10. Stress reduces: During the laughter, we end up with endorphin hormones, which reduce the efficiency of cortisol hormones known as stress hormones. As a result, the pressure of laughter in the tide is not that easy to run away. So try to meet some friends after the office. As much as you like with the loved ones, the mind will be good. As well as the emotional pressure was left away.

So let’s get more smiles. Make life enjoyable and live a healthy life.

Write a diary:

You probably have never written a diary. The problem that causes you to suffer, is because of stress, write it in a diary. Also, write about what you like or want to do. This habit of writing a diary will help you to reduce stress.

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Adequate sleep:

Most people in the world today tend to be sleeping tendency to be noticed. To be healthy, it is necessary to sleep for six to eight hours. In this case, sleep is more important than the time it is so much more important. Stress Looser from ‘Sleep’ cannot be anything else. So when nothing feels like something or you can not mind anything, then take a little nap to see it. Anxiety will be cut!

Sleep is a good fit for human development. And if the performance increases, the success of the work will come. However, many people give labor to sleep to achieve success. Their belief – work is over, sleepless, success but fast Where is the sleeping time? But it’s a big mistake for you. Physical and mental wellness is needed for success. That’s why enough sleep is necessary. Recent information about the benefits of adequate sleeping from a scientific study recently came out. They said-

Are you anxious about work? Sleeping will improve working efficiency and keep away anxiety?

Simply thinking, decreasing sleep time will increase the time of work. If the sleep is less then the human brain can not work with all of its power. According to scientific research, an adult needs regular sleep for at least seven hours. Otherwise, sleep is the only way to sleep. The body suffers due to lack of rest.

Are you anxious to learn something new? Proper sleeping will refresh your brain and help to learn new thing easily without being anxious.

Eid racing in the modern era to show skill in the workplace. You are also running in the way of success. So to be successful, you have to learn new things every time. Life will be spent on learning. Need to learn right attention Sleep deprivation destroys our attention and makes learning difficult. Sleeping is also useful for remembering new information.

Sometimes anxiety may deplete our creativity. A sound sleep would be able to kick anxiety and help to become more creative.

Being creative or creative is often important for success. And regular sleep creates creativity. But fatigue caused by sleep does not slow down the brain and solve any new problems.

When anxiety attacks our body and mind then our immunity system becomes inactive and lazy. Sleep works against anxiety and enhances the activity of our immunity system.

Sleep helps to keep the body free from diseases. When you are suffering from sleep deprivation, your condition of hemorrhage weakens. It will easily cause you to have fever, chills, colds, coughs. So sleeping 7 hours daily to keep the body healthy and disease free.

Often anxious mind tends to make mistake but a sound sleep provides us with a fresh mind and reduces the chance of mistakes.

The number of mistakes will definitely increase if you do not sleep. It would be wrong to remember something, it would be wrong to work, it would be wrong to decide. In the case of students, it makes their results worse. Only the right sleep can increase your attention and reduce mistakes.

Because of the lack of sleeping, we become inattentive and anxious, our body and mind become imbalance, as a result, an accident would take place at the street but if we sleep well then our mind becomes very attentive and anxiety free, it reduces the risk of the accident.

A lot of people die every year because of sleeping cars. Standing 16 hours or so, the risk of accidents increases if you are asleep. Also, work 24 hours a day, but the possibility of accidents increases.

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Eat a healthy diet:

Most of those who suffer from anxiety, do not eat properly or eat more or do not eat healthy food. This resulted in anxiety about health among people. To reduce anxiety, it is better to stay away from coffee. Coffee enhances your adrenaline hormone which makes you unstable.


Exercise to overcome any physical or mental problem is a very good way. Exercise increases the level of serotonin in the body, which reduces anxiety and stress. It is not possible to find anyone who does not mind anxiety. Every time people suffer from anxiety problems. But extra anxiety is much more harmful to us. Everyone should try to stay as anxious as possible. The problem is, anxiety is a thing that people do not like. We have been anxiously concerned for some reason. Yes, it is not possible to remove anxiety altogether, but it is possible to keep it under control. And if you are in control, you can easily keep yourself away from anxiety. Come on, do not know 5 effective methods.

Exercise is beneficial. But I do not know how useful it is. Regular exercise can be free from many long-term diseases, loss of weight, good sleep, and emotional tranquility.

Below are some of the benefits of exercising:

Our mind becomes lazy and anxious as a result of remaining inactive for a long time, exercise reinforces our mind and it offers an anxiety-free mind:

Exercise different types of chemicals emitted from the brain. These chemical components stimulate Chitta and enhance physical beauty and affection and luminosity as well as appearance. Whoever exercises regularly cannot consume depression or depression easily.

Often we face various diseases, some diseases are easy to solve and some are very complicated, sometimes we become very anxious with these diseases, in this case, exercise is very helpful to prevent many diseases:

In modern life, the amount of physical work has decreased, that is, walking is not necessary and our diet has changed. As a result, the incidence of Chronic Diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, cancer etc. has increased manifold. Regular exercises prevent them.

Nowadays, the word “Weight loss” is mostly discussed and anxious matter among most of the people, in this case, exercise is the main weapon to fight against this anxious problem:

There is no substitute for exercise to reduce excess weight. Calorie consumption occurs when physical activity. The more we exercise, the more our calories will be spent and this will result in the weight of the body.

Are you depressed and anxious about your workflow? Exercise plays an important role to Increase workflow and eliminate anxiety:

Excess oxygen and nutrients are available in every cell of our body due to exercise. As a result, our heart and blood vessels are active. As a result, healthy life and enthusiasm are created throughout the body. It enhances our zeal.

Who doesn’t suffer from the sleeping problem, long time of sleeping problem causes insomnia and anxiety, exercise is very assistant to overcome insomnia and anxiety:

Exercise is very beneficial for those who have sleep problems. Exercise removes insomnia, reduces excess sleep, Of course, you should not exercise before sleeping. Because of the mental discomfort due to exercise sleeping may be delayed.

Recently sexual weakness is a very common problem in the adult, it is also a matter of anxiety of all adults who suffer from it, the good news is that regular exercise accelerates sexual desire:

Exercise is very beneficial for those who have sex or unwanted sexual intercourse. Regular exercise increases sexual promiscuity, improves sexual intercourse and improves congenital life.

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Take a deep breath:

Having too much anxiety? Can not get out of the head anxiety? Can not do any work? Then do one thing. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and breathe slowly and breathe slowly. This will increase the supply of oxygen in the blood and the oxygen will reach the brain. Oxygen will help relax the brain and muscle stiffness. Thus, for 5-10 minutes. Worry will be removed very much.

Do physical labor:

Physical exercise and hard work increase blood circulation in our body. If the blood supply to the brain increases, the brain is refreshed and helps you concentrate on the work you are doing. In this, your attention will be limited to only those hard work. And you do not worry.

There is communication between physical health and mental health. We can’t think good physical health without good mental health. On the other hand, we also can’t think good mental health without good physical health. So there is a correlation between physical health and mental health. Anxiety happens due to the disturbance in our mental health. So we should take care of physical health to keep fit mental health.

Benefits of physical exercise on mental health and anxiety

* Reduces the risk of pre-diabetes and diabetes.

* Increases insulin tolerance in the body and helps control sugar levels.

* Reduces and regulates weight.

*Reduces blood pressure and fat in the blood.

* Reduces the risk of heart disease.

* Increases blood circulation in the body.

* Muscles help to form our body and bone strengthens.

* Helps in food metabolism.

* Reduces stress anxiety and depression.

* Currently 60 percent of the people in the world do not have enough physical work and this rate is much higher in the developed world.

* Only 1 million people die every year due to physical inactivity.

* 10-16% of diabetes due to physical inactivity.

* At least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity increases insulin tolerance in the body.

The classification of people based on physical labor

Not active: Those who work in light physical work, which is mainly limited to daily activities or who perform moderate physical activity or exercise in less than 30 minutes. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, office executives fall into this class.

Fairly active: Along with day-to-day activities, those who walk 1 to 3 miles per hour in 3-4 miles per hour or 30 minutes to 60 minutes of moderate physical activity or exercise. For example, factory workers, drivers, farmers, mechanisms, and housemates read this class.

Active: Along with daily activities, those who walk more than 3 miles in 3-4 miles per hour or more than 60 minutes of moderate physical activity or exercise. For example, those who work in the field of mine workers, rickshaw pullers, professional players, stone cutters, brick kilns or daily work, they fall into this class.

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Traveling helps to reduce anxiety:

There are many advantages of traveling in our life. Who does not like to take a little break from the daily routine? Why do we travel? It is because of the desire to visit some beautiful place or some peaceful environment, it also makes our mind more peaceful and more creative and keeps our mind from anxiety, depression and negative thinking which brings relief to the mind. There are many benefits of traveling on our body as well as the mind. That’s for health too.

Let’s know the benefits of travel-

Traveling cool down our mind and reduce anxiety or stress.

Traveling is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety or stress and revitalize yourself. Spend the holiday outside the home. You’ll be far away from everyday trouble. When you return home after the holidays, then there will be a refreshing feeling and inspiration and interest.

Increasing social skills and mutual understanding.

There are opportunities to mix with different types of people on the trip. Talk to a person sitting next to you. This will increase your social skills. Many people become worried about the new environment. Such a problem can be a good solution.

Sometimes we lost our patience and become anxious, we learn to be patience from traveling and this patience reduces anxiety.

You have to be more patient to travel around. All that is sought may not come to the hand. Because if you find out, you have to wait for something. Waiting for the restaurant to eat. You have to deal with these situations. This will increase your patience. This change will bring a positive effect on your life.

We suffer from anxiety because of the lack of confidence, traveling makes us more confident and thus anxiety fly away from our mind.

Traveling Increase your self-confidence. If you visit, your self-confidence will increases. Tours will also help you to achieve your goals. Remember, if you achieve the goal of moving to the mountain, you may decide to re-target one. In this way, achievement can give you self confidence and success.

After remaining anxious for a long time, our mentality started to be negative, in this case, traveling effective weapon to fight against anxiety and it is a great way to make a positive mentality.

If you travel, you will have some positive thoughts. Mentality may change due to a bad environment. Then there is a new decision to make. All this will make you very flexible. Make more freebies. These will be useful in your daily life.

Drink plenty of water to get rid of anxiety:

Maybe you are already aware of drinking sufficient water. Because you know that it can not survive long without water. But why do you know any scientific reason why it is necessary to drink enough water?

In this article, a scientist will discuss some of the benefits of proven water in the laboratory, which will surely make you realize why you need to be hydrated by drinking enough water.

Water has so many health benefits that it can not be written down in one article. However, here we are trying to discuss the five benefits of proven water in the laboratory in a very significant and scientific manner.

Nutritional value of water

According to nutritionists, the calorific value of the water is zero. So water can be consumed arbitrarily. Water like other food ingredients is not the source of sugar, protein, protein or fat. It only works to keep you moist. So there is no risk of any weight gain due to drinking enough water.

Maximum performance

If you do not get enough water, your physical performance may decrease. Even if only 2 percent of your water gets decreased, noticeably your body performance may be reduced. As a result, you will feel tired, leave the body temperature out of control, lose interest in normal activities, and even do not want to exercise.

On the other hand, the study found that a certain level of water does not only give the ability to over-body, but also provides oxidative stress and breathing pressure, which makes the body more stimulating and efficient. In fact, 80 percent of human body muscles are alive with the help of water, so you become operational. So there is no substitute for getting enough water to get operational, stimulating and bright body.

To keep the brain active

There is a big impact on the amount of water in your body on brain activity. Studies have shown that the brain becomes weak after only 1 to 2 percent of the water from the brain gets reduced. A study conducted by some young people in the Connecticut University of the United States has come up with such information. Studies also show that through exercise, girls became weak after losing only 1.36 percent of the fluid from the body, their brains disappeared and headaches started. Likewise, research on some men is conducted, they are tired after losing 1 decimal 59 percent of fluid, worries in their brain and decreases efficacy.

Headache pain medicines

Right from the previous paragraph, you know how much water is necessary for the healthy activities of the brain. Many people use diabetes due to diarrhea or water emptiness. A new study found that drinking sufficient water is very effective in reducing headache, even with the prevention of a headache is equally important.

Body nutrition distributors

Although pure water does not have any nutrients, water absorbs some minerals and distributes it to different parts of the body. For example, bottled mineral water mixes some healthy minerals like sodium, magnesium, and calcium, which can be reached with water flow in different parts of the body after drinking.

Helpful in body temperature control

Water is a very effective ingredient for reducing body heat or changing. Even the primary components of human body temperature control our water. Water can absorb more heat than other body components. As a result, the human body acts as a shield of water in every cell against sudden changes in temperature. Because of this, experts are advised to drink plenty of water in hot weather or environment.

Practice Yoga:

Weight control, strong and well-structured body, bright skin, the mentality of peace, and good health are not something that you can not achieve by doing yoga exercises. Yoga exercise is a healthy process that allows you to achieve such benefits without any side effects. Let us know that you can achieve some health benefits only by doing yoga.

1. Yoga makes you physically fit and eliminates anxiety:

If you have yoga, you can be physically fit. Yoga strengthens the muscles. If the body is fit, then you can be mentally healthy. So you can take refuge in this yoga every morning for a healthy body.

2. Practice yoga to reduce anxiety regarding weight loss:

Many are worried about weight loss. In this yoga, excess body weight may come under control. San Salutations and Kapal Bhati Pranayam for 2 correct yoga which is helpful in reducing your weight. Apart from other Yoga, as well as bringing food control, you can reduce your weight.

3. Yoga will help to get relieved from anxiety and stress:

At the beginning of the day, a few minutes of yoga can physically keep you healthy throughout the day, as well as release from various stresses. It is necessary to follow the correct Yoga banyan and meditation process.

4. Doing yoga regularly provides spiritual Peace and anxiety free life:

If you are physically and mentally healthy in yoga, when you do not have any kind of bad thoughts in your mind, then you will find peace spiritually. Think spirits will prevail.

5. Yoga plays a role to develop humanity and strong mentality:

Thought develops when yoga is concerned. You will then be able to understand the good times of society, you can understand human religion. This will improve your inner humanity.

6. If you want Consciously and good psychological living then yoga would be your best choice:

Nowadays there is a great lack of conscious citizens. Yoga will give you the chance to think from the past. As a result, you will not reproduce any mistakes made in the past. Be able to consciously plan future plans. As a result, you get a chance to live consciously in the society.

7. It is possible to achieve a Good relationship and cool mentality through yoga:

The relationship between one person and another human being is being lost in day-to-day life. As a result, separation is going on in relations. Yoga will keep you mentally healthy and cold brain. As a result, the relationship between others in your favor will be quite easy.

8. If you are depressed with your physical Power then yoga will enhance your physical and mental power:

At the end of the day, all of us have lost an animate to the hard work of the whole day. This is the only correct method that can return some physical energy to some yoga. You can do some meditation online for 10 minutes online every day.

More tips:

#Share your problem with a family member or friend.

#Think positive, be positive and do positive.

#Increase self-confidence by performing a little task and achieving success.

#Play any kind of sports.

#You can join even a dancing club, it will help to pass your boring time and also make you physically and mentally fit.

#Self Satisfaction.

#If you are at danger stage of anxiety then please consult with a psychologist.