The following five real-estate opportunities will also crop up for entrepreneurs to leverage in the coming year. Property mutual funds. Once we get back to normalcy

How can I invest my $100,000 in Dubai?

One of the options you seriously should consider is investing this money in Real Estate.

The Dubai real estate market boasts some of the most impressive gross rental yields in the world at more than 8%. Singapore, London, Mumbai and Hong Kong, gross less than 3%. Karachi, Brooklyn, New York and Kuala Lumpur, all gross less than 5%, Beirut 5.75%, and Tehran, 6.8%.

Given your budget constraint, there is a platitude of choices you can make:

In case you want to avoid leveraging your position in debt and are looking to fully invest your 100k in cash then a very viable choice is purchasing a studio in International City. I would recommend you wait till around the end of 2017 and scout out a good opportunity. To view price, rent, rental yield, transaction volume metrics in International City – I would recommend you check this real estate dashboard.

The way the market is currently looking I would suggest you find a decent opportunity in International City come the end of 2017. Make sure you do your due diligence when it comes to finding an investment. Avoid biased advertising platforms, and make use of buyer side real estate platforms available on the market.

Wherever you end up choosing to invest, you will still need to properly assess your investment. I suggest you check out relevant investing tips at to know more.

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