Research on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Retail Market (impact of COVID-19) with Top Players: SAMSUNG, MICROSOFT, GOOGLE, FaceBook,

Who are the top players/companies in the Augmented Reality space?

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Augmented reality (AR) combines live video with computer-generated images, sounds, videos or GPS data. Unlike virtual reality (VR), which immerses the user in an entirely digital environment, AR blends digital content with the real world. When the device’s camera is viewing a specific marker determined by the application, it layers the computer effects over what is being seen in real time. Markers can be anything from a small image to an actual city skyline. They can also be tied to geographic coordinates, as the immensely successful Pokémon GO AR game does.

As a business tool, AR apps have been used in marketing efforts, brand awareness, and promotional giveaways. Other uses involve game development or as an information tool that integrates with other applications like maps. A Digi-Capital report predicts that AR will be a $120 billion dollar market by 2020 with hundreds of millions of users.

Development Options:

Consumer Augmented Reality App Development

  • Building AR into consumer applications instantly makes them more interactive and compelling to the end user. The possibilities are numerous: retail stores can have each product bring up facts and marketing information; real estate agencies can provide property information to mobile devices for anyone driving by; travel companies can identify nearby points of interest.
  • Augmented Reality apps merge the real world with extra data, so they’re a powerful branding opportunity. The element of fun encourages consumers to download, so they’re open to marketing messages and “gee whiz” functionality.

Professional Augmented Reality App Development

  • In the professional world, Augmented Reality offers educational and visualization benefits. An architect or contractor can overlay 3D building plans on top of the actual construction site. Medical students can study virtual bodies. Maps can be explored from any angle.

Devices and Frameworks

  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have become an indispensable part of the digital world. Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, etc. have already made promising advancements in the VR field. These VR devices offer users the chance to interact with content through gaze, voice, and hand gestures.
  • Vuforia is a complete framework for AR app development that allows AR apps to utilize a local or cloud-based database and is supported by iOS, Android, and Unity. Google’s Cardboard and Daydream frameworks enable low-latency VR on modern smartphones and headsets. The Google Project Tango SDK works by integrating functionalities like Motion Tracking, Area Learning, and Depth Perception.

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