Her only real-estate experience? She has herself been a buyer with a small budget — so it’s no surprise Maggie Molloy has become a guru for those of us house

Are wooden houses a good option for those who intend to own a cheap property in Scandinavia, Finland, and Iceland?

I’d say so yes (relatively speaking). But of course that depends on what your plan is. If you’re to buy an already existing property with a garden and some 4000 square meters of land around it, you have to count with that it cost around 1 000 000 kr (SEK) and that such a place would be located on the countryside. You could find even cheaper places for ~750 000 kr but don’t get too excited as soon as you find them. After all, this is the biggest investment in most people’s lives so you have to make sure that such a house is in a good condition, that it’s free from mold and other damages before you decide to buy it.

If you’re to do everything by yourself, a piece of land will roughly cost everything between 150-500 000 kr (on the countryside). Then you need to ask the authorities for a permission to erect a house there. This can only be done after their approval, or else they won’t acknowledge your house and they will force you to tear it down. So you should have a ready plan where you, in accordance with an architect have decided all the details about the house. You should be able to present blueprints to the authorities by now. You can’t build something completely as you like, it need to qualify for certain life standards that are defined by authorities.

You can save some of your time and trouble and get pass the authorities to some extent if you decide to buy one of those house modules such as ‘’Attefallshus’’ for example. They roughly cost 350 000 kr in materials and comes with a blueprint so that you can do the constructing by yourself. Think of it as mounting a huge IKEA furniture.

But what you need to consider further on is that your house have to be provided with water and electricity in order to make an adequate living. Therefore You’ll also need either a private sewer system or you need to be connected to the communal sewer system. These things aren’t cheap and will combined cost you at least another 75 000 kr.