Cannabis 4/20 celebrations go virtual as industry adjusts to new reality. Coronavirus economics drag down an already struggling industry, while giving some

Intimate FailureDRAFT ELIMINATOR. PREENING:- Q’s A’s & R’s Indexed and stats.

DRAFT ELIMINATOR. PREENING:- Q’s A’s & R’s Indexed and stats.


Mud mud glorious mud; for hippos, for elephants, for rhinos and for farmers there’s nothing so fragrant or quite like it as mud-mud glorious mud. A life giver, protector, a. ” Welcome home.” Sensual aromas wafting down estuaries, over muddy banks, plains, bogs, beets, a taste, wrapped in the air, round roots, covering seeds. Smells of mud on the wind. Stills a sense deprived to reassure and comfort our Mariner’s nose. His heart hears and seeing through his nose, cries inside with joy;” Land-Hoe.” A way before land breaks his horizon. Our Sailor’s senses deprived, nostalgias, memorised, trusting a reassuring smell of mud. Track on, look back, see further on what it means to be stuck in the mud in the landscape. A child points, gurgles and giggles at the cross toed wobbly duck; “What’s it?”.”It’s a duck.” Says Dad. From then on the child never sees the duck again? Only it’s memory. Paths Criss-crossing of sun dried giant paddled footprints fossilized forever into dried out giant muddy duck lakes. Giant Gemima’s puddle ducks bones resting under a landscape of mud plains stretching from horizon to horizon. Mud for worms, the routes of trees; in who’s branches there’s a melodic song to be heard. A song belonging to the birds. With a rustle on a breeze belonging to the fruit and the leaves. From dust to dust, ashes to ashes, I’m rocked and cajoled into submission to belonging to the earth. A gasp, wheeze and whispered aroma of first and last breaths of; Jesus, of my Father’s, of Baby’s breath. They are something else! Specially memorised? Ocean fresh salty air, activated by Earth spinning through sunlight, warming every first and last breath. Jesus I love that guy. I’d like to walk closer, to talk with him. He’s so popular and wise, I’d talk on and on about how, why and when psyche first discovered how to keep a mortal relationship alive, well and healthy? A name for the lips, love for a heart. Love; One’s a concerto, two’s a duo, three’s a trio, four’s a quartet all together their one symphonic opus. A deliberated focussed opus shared between heart and mind. Jesus a cutting contrarian, student of simple Occam. Jesus travelled on to meet militant John. John the baptist on his rounds, baptizing instead of circumcising for love. Jesus thank God has left me a foreskin. Instead this heart they dunked in love’s waters to cleanse it of neo-parasites, misgiving pedants, clerics and bigots with lice infested heads. Vanity’s cream whipped up from single cream, churned into fresh butter or some sort of salted fermented self esteem cheddar cream cheese. A Bakers fresh cream smothers and cover blemishes and misshapes of a cake, so also make perfect puddings taste sublime. How do birds avoid colliding with other birds as they fly in flocks of thousands twisting, swirling, splitting apart in a twilight sky. Spectacular or what? How do they do that? We might think one bird looks for a space to fly between the other? Instead birds of a feather fly to just miss the wing tips of the bird flying closest to them. Esoterically their spirit soars safest at the closest distance, in absolute faith, without ever colliding. Practically a man walks paths while birds fly and we sing the songs they sing. Clinging to an egocentric esoteric under hand and in their heart in proportion to their one voice and two ears. I miss the duck.

There once was a sick duck nicknamed WW. WW Wack-wack it’s what all the other ducks called him. Because being so large from eating tid-bits; he also waddled, wobbled and stumbled a lot. WW then was a rather large and handsome overfed Drake if ever there was one. WW for a duck you’d say was terminally large and so wobbly he’d get stuck in the mud. WW spent most of his time on the water.

Duck on spliting the twilght, spliting the flock when the floke splits it’s because of wing tip adjustment on bunching requires frequent separations and reassembly of the flock.

In step out of step,
two steps forward one and a half backwards that’s me.
I would like it if we could all stay in step.

Our Eggomates Index is out of step and trying to take another tentative step forward at the moment. I am spending some time in our wheel house working on it. I want everyone confident about the place when they come on their watch.

While I am drafting I shall also be posting lots of edits and updates and creating quite a number of new posts for our fifty or so A2A Q and A pages of the index, and other welcome, Mate and introduction pages for the blog.

I am telling you so as you do not feel obliged to read and visit on every post you are notified of.

When I think the index is ready to be used by us all and our wider audiences I shall ask for your opinions again. Look out for the post title;
Eggolai Islands.

Thanks for your time and please feel free to chip in anytime with proofs, edits and any kind of concerns or comments you have.

While the posts fly please do not hesitate to comment on any of them and flag up any bloomers of prefrences you might notice or have as we go make your sugestions
you all and respond to all your suggestions. to the wider for us all to use general use I shall looking go.

Fromen I have completed the next drafts some more work on the our Eggomates Index.
am done with with this introductand not let anyone down.

Eggomates the blog revolves around Mates who might want the help of a Mate or some Mates and some Mates simply like to help their Mates as, when and where they can.Notes.
Quora improvements ; In my content as well as date stamp (posted 9hr ago)
It would be good to see the number of views, followers and up votes.

Why do the grey horizontal middle separator lines I insert by clicking top right on a post keep disspearing between saves on my drafts? Godfrey McDonnell’s post in QUIZ EGGO MATE. Insight.

Draft Ed 1. 15/11/14
Quora user questions & FAQ.

How can I save a draft/document without scrolling to the bottom of it in Quora.?

Why are my comments all showing up as anonymous?
Added 6 Oct

Should I remain free on principle for A2A’s?
Added 31 Oct, 2013

How difficult would it be for you to stay off the internet and Quora in particular for a day, week, month…?
Added 31 Oct, 2013

Would you subscribe to a voluntary credit donation or subscription (VCDC)?Added 7 Sep

What is a Quora credit competition?
Added 4 Sep

What QCAG. Quora Competitions Awards & Games. topic, questions and private posts have the highest winnings in credit awards and prizes available on Quora?
Added 27 Sep

How do you feel credit competitions, contests and games on Quora add to or subtract from the Quora mission statement– to share and grow the world’s knowledge?
Added 29 Sep

Quora’s tagline/mission statement is “Your best source for knowledge.” How would you word it differently while staying true to the product’s intention and respecting the originator’s original idea?
Added 13 Oc

Are there any blogs that can help me learn to be fluent in a foreign language here on Quora?
Added 16 Oct

Is your Quora content worthy of promotion?
6 followers. Answered June 2014.

How can one find details of who, when, and where our content is shared on Quora?
Added 23 Oct

Why can’t I unbold my posts?
Added 27 OctTop writer questions:-

What do you think the Quora Top writer prize item will be for 2014-?
Added 10 Oct add edit 2014-15.

How many new Top Writers might we expect to see on the 2015 Top Writers list?Added 22 Sep

As a Top Writer or not can you explain what a Top Writer has, why, and what have been your best moments as a writer?
Added 25 Oct

What reasons do the Top Writers not selected as the 2015 Top Writers think kept them from being the 2015 Top Writers?
Added 6 Nov. Answered.

Who are the new Top writers for 2014-15 and what piece of writing best demonstrates your top writing skill?
Added 6 Nov


When one is totally besotted or in love with someone and looking for an excuse to be with them and say something to them, what excuse should you use and what should you say to him or her?
Added Thu

Clinically, how damaging is it to the individual when one’s life is a complete contrivance of lies and secrets?
Added FriMy Life .

You are working for the Man and he tells you he is not paying you what he said he would. What do you do? Dump the man or try changing his plan?
Added 3 Dec, 2013

What things that are not man made does every person on the planet appreciate and enjoy as a unanimously shared delight of life?
Added 8 Sep

What have been your ambidextrous experiences?
Added 27 Sep

What says most about you? Your questions? Or your answers?
Added 31 Oct, 2013

Embarrassment: What is the most amusing mistake you have ever made that you and or others were able to laugh at at the time or sometime latter and what if any was the lesson learned?

What name do you most like to be called by, by your peers, friends, clients, aquaintances and family?
Added 16 Oct Edit (how to pronounce it and your other.)

How has your appearance, look, or smile ever gotten you into or out of any trouble or other awkward situations you have found yourself in on-line or face to face?Added 18 Oct Answered.

How have you ever helped or been helped by a stranger? In what circumstances were you or they? What was the outcome?
Added 20 Oct

What do you do that other people do not?
Added 24 Oct

School of Hard Knocks: How much of your recovery from trauma or an accident was down to you and how much of it was due to what others recommended you do or prescribed for you?
Added 25 Oct

School of Hard Knocks: What has been your greatest recovery from a challenging moment in your life and who helped you?
Added 25 Oct

How would you describe yourself and the person who asked you to answer this question in one word for each?
Added 30 Oct

What are the lousiest stunts or moves anyone has ever pulled on you or someone you know?
Added Tue

In your life, what day or days have you looked forward to or are you looking forward to the most? Why?
Added 5 Nov

With the use of ones hindsight’s and insights how have they helped you manage the anger you witness and feel?
Added 28 Sep

What are some good recipes or ways to prepare and eat green figs?
Added 18 Sep

In what ways do celebrity chefs endorse industrialized food producers’ products and how do they show it?
Added 8 Oct

Jelly babies and beans what is your favorite color and do you have a ritual way to eat them?

How do you like your bacon sandwich?

Spliffs (smoking): I know how whisky and women affect me but what does a joint do to you?

If we cannot live without dopamine how should we live with it?
Added 29 Oct

What are the most subversive films, shows, books, artworks, movies, meals, drinks, drugs, words, songs or melodies you have ever said, made, seen, heard, read, sung or consumed? What makes it the most subversive?
Added 8 Sep

Who is Tripti Sharma?
Not posted by me answered?
Added 1 Oct

What gift would you select from the list below to give Jordan Phoenix to carry him or with him on his travels?
Added 11 Oct

Should we avoid forgetting what we have forgiven?
1 follower.

When an English speaking citizen of the USA speaks the language of their country do they consider or would you say you spoke in English or American English?Added 19 Oct

What do you think Jesus would say to you if you met him today?
Added 31 Oct
Time and Money.

How do you decide how much noise and investment to make for the pre-launch of a film, book or show and for how long?
Added Thu

What is your highest value coin and how do you carry them?
Added Thu

What is your review of Myself and Others?
Added 24 Oct

What is your review of School of Hard Knocks?
Added 24 Oct

What is your review of Social Media Etiquette?
Added 19 Oct
Facts and nonsense.

OAuth: What does this mean; Update failed: [{‘message’: ‘Invalid or expired token’, ‘code’: 89}]?
Added 5 Dec, 2013

What name would you give to each of these puppies?
Added 18 Sep

What came first; The percentage or the number?
Added 11 Oct

In what ways can or are harmonics that exist outside of our audible range be used or manipulated and why might we or how do we already do so?
Added 7 Oct

What are the most popular melodies piano players like to improvise with?Added 6 Oct. Answered.

How do other definitions of a Redneck differ from Rednecks’ definition of themselves?
Added 6 Oct
Sport, law, business, culture, religion.

A question on the motivation and psychology of racing and competition. How much of a race is won by beating the competitor in front of you or in achieving personal goals within a race that have nothing to do with actually winning that race?
Added 13 Sep

” Is he alive, alive forever more as HE says.” If this is a true statement for you how and when did you meet Jesus and recognize him?
Added 15 Sep

What are the biggest deceptions in a democratic system based on the three parties politics and policy?
Added 3 Dec, 2013

Should the Scottish Independence Referendum voters be voting for “a Bank or aNation of self determination?”
Added 12 Sep

If The Scottish Independence Referendum is won by the YES vote what type of celebrations will there be and how long will they last?
Added 18 Sep

I want an app/application that can do that .” What that do you want and why?
Added 28 Sep

In the cut and thrust of business is the law merely an inconvenience we afford ourselves to believe it is possible to have ethics in business?
Added 6 Oct

What exemptions, inclusions and adjustments to Value added tax would you present to the house in your next budget if you were the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the government of the United Kingdom?
Added 3 Oct

What safety gear must a professional bull rider wear?
Added 6 Oct

In the Winter X Games, what are your favorite events and why?Added 6 Oct

How might Mountainboarding be included in the X Games?
Added 6 Oct
Hypothetical questions.

Three Wise Men each one carried a gift to their new born king. What gift would you choose from the list below for the Wise Men to go with the ones they took with them?
Added 1 Oct.

How do you mend a broken dream?
Added 23 Sep

What is your review of VCDC- Volunteers content distribution channels.?
Added 7 Sep

What is your review of Trinity Viruses?
Added 4 Oct

What is your review of QCAG. Quora Competitions Awards & Games.?.
Added 4 Sep
Prayer and Prayers: How many times have you seen, heard or been aware of a reply to yours?Added 11 Sep
How does one put a lens back in a pair of glasses?Added 11 Sep
What is the most powerful force known to us anywhere in the Universe or on Earth?Added 10 Sep
What personal epiphanies or epiphany have you had so far in your life or why do you think you have never had one?Added 8 Sep
What is the most fun or peace you have ever experienced under a full moon?Added 8 Sep
What are some local words and phrases peculiar to your neck of the woods?Added 8 Sep
“Dooby dooby do means that I love you.” This is the only line from a song that I remember, but I can not recall the name of or the artist(s) whose song it was. Can you help me?Added 8 Sep
VCDC- Volunteers content distribution channels.: Who is responsible for VCD?Added 7 Sep
What is the first mark or sign an individual can recognize to know they are wise?Added 7 Sep
How do you build or demolish bridges made with bricks of silence?Added 7 Sep
Is an Entity a help or a hindrance to one, some or none; how and why?Added 7 Sep
Love Making Music: How would one voice in a choir of Angels sound?Added 5 Sep
I describe my voice not as being the voice of an Angel. How would you describe your voice?Added 5 Sep
Humorists, satirists, comedians and cartoonists would you like the chance of winning 3000 Quora credits?Added 3 Sep
Is there any point in or to a planet called Earth without conscious human life existing on it?Added 3 Sep
Chrys what am I thinking?Added 2 Sep
What do you believe is the most positive aspect of the notion of God, God and God depending on your chosen, inherited or understood meaning of the word God?Added 1 Sep
What do you consider, or is your opinion of; what is right or wrong about atheism?Added 1 Sep
Would you prefer to answer a question about yourself yourself or have the other person find out the answer some other way for themselves?Added 1 Sep
What word, phrase, aphorism or acronymn in a language have you ever invented, adapted, or altered for yourself, how does it read originally and in English?Added 30 Aug
What viruses of a social, cultural, clinical or economic nature are the most threatening to human existence and life on Earth right now?Added 30 Aug
Do you recall when and how you lost your innocence?Added 30 Aug
Is the Ebola virus pandemonium or a real pandemic threat?Added 27 Aug
The Zimmerman music paradox. “Music is not sound.” How absurd do you find the above statement?Added 26 Aug
What musical instrument would you most like to be a virtuoso of in addition to any you may have already mastered?Added 26 Aug
Who was BB King?Added 26 Aug
What etiquette, courtesies and tools do you employ to promote and attract yourself and others on the internet and in particular on Quora?Added 22 Aug
In the first episode of Star Trek or the movie you saw. Which performers became your icons of the show and how did you feel when they were recast?Added 22 Aug
Hypothetical historical question; From 1700-1800 AD who might the Elite at the center of power today choose from that period to consecrate as Mankind’s savior and redeemer of the human spirit and soul?Added 22 Aug
What makes Geometric Abstraction so exciting?Added 20 Aug
Have you a true story of your own that might tickle our funny bones and make us laugh?Added 20 Aug
“The truth when it is funny is no joke.” Please state why you do or do not agree with the statement above?Added 19 Aug
How do you look after cast iron cookware?Added 19 Aug
When the truth makes someone laugh or amuses them in some way, is the truth then a joke?Added 19 Aug
Is it possible to compete in art?Added 17 Aug
What sports would you like to play, coach or manage at a summer or winter sports camp and what experience do you bring to those sports?Added 12 Aug
In what ways do you recognize and overcome weakness in yourself?Added 12 Aug
What are you going to do about your secret blogs here on Quora before Quora delete all of them and remove the secret blog facility from the site?Added 10 Aug
What Apple product would you select from the range if you could freely choose any one of them?Added 9 Aug
If thoughts when thinking and in action can travel faster than the speed of light how does it feel to have that power within you?Added 7 Aug
Great Britain: British Constitution. “The laws of the land“. What statutes or laws would you abolish first and new ones would you create if you were a lawmaker in this land?Added 4 Aug
What for and why are you here on Quora?Added 3 Aug
What do salamanders eat in the wild and in captivity?Added 2 Aug
Using the tradesman’s entrance or the public entrance to get in and out of work; What one and why do you choose the one you use?Added 2 Aug
Does a Joke tag on an answer give it super-credibility among the humorists here on Quora. What are your favorite examples of this and why are they funny?Added 31 Jul
What is your review of Caudata?Added 30 Jul
Taboos: Should all infant genital mutilation male and female be illegal if not why not?Added 29 Jul
How much truth is there in the saying, “All publicity is good publicity”?Added 28 Jul
Who rates themselves highest as measured by A2A rating who has the highest A2A on Quora?Added 28 Jul
Have you ever used a stealth income machine and what sort of results did it produce for you?Added 27 Jul
Why is the share feature missing on Chengeta blog and topic posts and content?Added 23 Jul
Who would you nominate as top topic writers or reviewers on Quora and what piece of their writing demonstrates this best to you?Added 21 Jul
What is your review of Desiderata?Added 21 Jul
What are likely to be among the first practical implementations of swarm robotics?Added 6 Jul
Wild dog packs. When did a wolf become a dog? I mean is the dog generic and the wolf a subset or vice versa?Added 4 Jul
Thinking about God. Is it possible for an atheist to do this and find a true purpose to human life before and after all the big bangs. How might atheistic thinking change society without compromising human intelligence, integrity and consciousnesses?Added 1 Jul
Archaeology: Historically when and how did we master the art of sharpening our tools so fine that we could shave and perform surgery on each other with them?Added 27 Jun
What individual. team or group do you support, how do you do this and why?Added 25 Jun
Could one commit suicide by willfully poisoning oneself with ones own unevacuated pee and pooh. How long would this take and what might be your insight ?Added 16 Jun
How much and why do you miss your Dad?Added 16 Jun
What dish does the cook like to eat at meal times?Added 11 Jun
What is the best investment for $2000?Added 2 Jun
Do you believe the doom and gloom forecasts for the American economy or that America is on the edge of a new boom in the Economy?Added 2 Jun
What has happened to share and promote on Quora? Has it changed and why?Added 1 Jun
How quickly could sustainable solar panel road engineering and building technology become the standard for all road building? YOU NEED TO WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST AND THEN ANSWER. Thank you.Added 28 May
If Chrys could live forever healthy and happy would he?Added 28 May
Have credits stopped or been withdrawn?Added 20 May
What images say happiness most to you?Added 12 May
Does beauty provide evidence or proof of Godly design?Added 11 May
Was God inspired to write a bible or did God inspire and instruct the bible to be written?Added 11 May
“You have two minutes to spare.” In two minutes what can you start and finish?Added 11 May
What should life be and become?Added 11 May
When a life hangs by a thread what are you thinking?Added 11 May
Who has the goofiest or spookiest profile picture on Quora?Added 9 May
What are your most successful questions and answers here on Quora?Added 9 May
What nicknames have you come across that you like for yourself or others and who are some memorable people that you have known with great nicknames and outstanding personalities or both?Added 9 May
Have you made friends with your shadow?Added 7 May
Do you think the average anonymous answer is more or less interesting than the average named answer on Quora?Added 7 May
What is Social network estate engineering?Added 6 May
Who is going to win the 2014 World snooker final today at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, Post code, S1 1DA?Added 5 May
Who are the Heads on Quora as seen in the deleted topic’s graphics?Added 2 May
What is social network estate engineering?Added 2 May
What can one do in Dover Kent UK?Added 2 May
What can you do in Dover Kent UK?Added 2 May
What can you do in Dover Kent UK?Added 2 May
Icebergs: What does it take to topple an ice berg?Added 2 May
What do you suppose Jesus wrote in the dirt or sand?Added 1 May
Why should anyone be an owner or an author here or any place?Added 30 Apr
Do you adjust your ask to answer credits price, leave it to rise or stick on free to ask and what are your reasons and results with this?Added 26 Apr
In sporting and aggressive physical or emotional combat what are the signs when you should let go of a person?Added 23 Apr
Ladies who enjoy male company: would you rather have rent paying male lodger/s, a passionate male lover, or a husband? Do you believe it is reasonable to want all three in one?Added 21 Apr
Embarrassment: What is the most amusing mistake you have ever made that you and or others were able to laugh at at the time or sometime latter and what if any was the lesson learned?Added 21 Apr
How do you waste most of your time, and what ways have you found to spend it that give you the highest value returns and best experiences?Added 19 Apr
Technology Industry: Human ingenuity has created a world that the mind cannot master. How, why and where have we reached our limits?Added 19 Apr
How and when do credit and loans help and not hinder in the short, medium and long term?Added 19 Apr
Who are the likely top writer candidates for 2014-2015?Added 18 Apr
Who or what names would you replace the name of; King Midas with in the expression. “The Midas touch” . For what reasons?Added 17 Apr
What is your most promoted answer/post on Quora?Added 17 Apr
What is your review of Historical Fencing?Added 14 Apr
Chromebooks: I have decided to go for a low cost upgrade/replacement of my dying laptop and go down the Chrome book road. What chrome books stand out from the crowd and for what reasons?Added 14 Apr
Melody: What are some cures you know of to banish an ear-worm from my head?Added 9 Apr
How can I create a global Google maps view of where all the people I follow and are following me are from?Added 5 Apr
When the outside of things appear ugly to you; Do you look for beauty in ugly elsewhere? How do you do this?Added 4 Apr

Who do you think will be among the old and new faces in the second round selections for the Top Writers for 2014-15?
Added 1 Apr
What will projects like this achieve; Earth Hour? Timeline Photos – WWF’s Earth Hour – United Kingdom | FacebookAdded 29 Mar
Pop Music: Do you know any songs you can sing without prompt from beginning to end , what are the songs or melodies that come out of you, how do they come out, with a whistle, hum, rap or full blown vocal, were and when would we be able to hear you perform your songs most often?Added 24 Mar
What songs and or melodies do you burst into spontaneously at work, rest, play or pray?Added 23 Mar
Social Entrepreneurship: Survey question and answer. What is your average on this test for success and anecdote for each question?Added 19 Mar
Is God our only chance of immortality?Added 17 Mar
Do you ask questions for credit recognition mostly? Or mostly because you have a pressing need for a question to be answered?Added 17 Mar
What man-made gift would you like to give everyone and why?Added 16 Mar
Dementia: What can you give a 93 year old woman who feels sorry for herself despite all the love and care given to her?Added 11 Mar
Online Identity: How are you thinking about your digital footprint?Added 10 Mar
I love God because it is the first part of my name (Godfrey). What are some other reasons to love your God?Added 7 Mar
What would your life be like If You Got Everything You Ever Wanted?Added 7 Mar
What are the best land-boards, ATB All terrain board, mountaing board to ride with a power kite?Added 5 Mar
How can you recognize an anonymous question that is fishing for your content?Added 26 Feb
Secrets: How did overhearing a conversation you were not supposed to ever help or hinder you?Added 21 Feb
What will Whatsapp messenger’s competitors have to do to remain relevant?Added 21 Feb
What are the most popular brands of cigarettes in your country?Added 20 Feb
Will the release of Apple’s rumored iWatch re-invigorate and restore its reputation for product innovation?Added 13 Feb
Bankruptcy Nightmares: What moves guarantee you end up bankrupt?Added 10 Feb
Is your Quora content worthy of promotion?Added 7 Feb
Scary Situations: What has been your scariest moment in an airplane?Added 6 Feb
Truckers and HGV drivers; What are the five deadliest driver errors you see other drivers commit every day?Added 3 Feb
Would you like some help to sell more of your product? In return can you help me sell more of mine?Added 3 Feb
How fast does a live professional caricature artist have to draw?Added 2 Feb
What would a Quora credit look like if you could hold it in your hand?Added 30 Jan
What is argan oil?Added 29 Jan
Who are the founders of the start up Lovaash?Added 27 Jan
Have you been a victim of this pay-pal scam? Don’t let anyone become one.Stop the rot right now! Share, question and blog all over.Added 25 Jan
Denmark: How do civilized well fed people justify this slaughter?Added 23 Jan
What is your personal pH?Added 22 Jan
Has the purpose of conscious life been lost in translation?Added 22 Jan
What makes one nights sleep better than another for you? Assuming an average of at least eight hours sleep is your regular sleeping time?Added 20 Jan
What herbs are you growing this year in your window box or kitchen garden?Added 19 Jan
What characteristics illustrate lazy parenting?Added 18 Jan
Is there any difference between a signature and an autograph?Added 17 Jan
At five years of age my first school teacher asked everyone in the class to draw a picture of what we each of us wanted to be when we grew up and to write what it was and why? What did you want to be when you grew up? What is your best story from since you knew what that was at five that life since has given you?Added 17 Jan
Should I wear sunscreen?Added 14 Jan
What cigarette and tobacco brands do you know of that are no longer available?Added 13 Jan
When did the business of birthday cards, presents and parties start? What are traditional birthday gifts or obligations that are not part of the business today?Added 11 Jan
When was the last time you were insulted? How? And Why?Added 10 Jan
How much will the price of marijuana, cannabis, weed, skunk, hash and ganja rise because of legalization over the next five years?Added 8 Jan
Jesus: If Christian followers of today sat as judges and jurors at his trial, would their sentence be the same?Added 7 Jan
Who are the most senior citizens of the third age on Quora?Added 6 Jan
What souvenir or piece of personal memorabilia from your childhood that you still have is most precious to you and why?Added 4 Jan
Smell and Smells: What aroma or perfume do you find unpleasant in cosmetic and cleansing products?Added 4 Jan
What aromas or perfume do you like your cosmetic and cleansing products to smell of?Added 4 Jan
Smell and Smells: What are your most favorite natural aromas?Added 4 Jan
What is the highest price ever paid for one of Picasso’s works of art?Added 4 Jan
What was the most money Pablo Picasso the artist was ever paid in his own lifetime for a commission or any other piece of his artwork?Added 4 Jan
What is the social dynamic of a free range herd of feral guinea pigs?Added 4 Jan
What are the coldest habitats that a guinea pig can survive in?Added 4 Jan
What are some great dishes and/or recipes for guinea pig, cuy or similar meats?Added 4 Jan
Why does Ron Paul continue campaigning for the Presidency given he must know his chance of success is virtually zero?Added 4 Jan
What dogs names do you like most for bitch’s and dogs?Added 4 Jan
How many Godfrey’s are there on Quora?Added 4 Jan
Commissioned Officers in the British Army used to have a Batman. Is the bat in Batman short for battle?Added 4 Jan
I want a tattoo to cover half my body. How can I make sure I will like it when it is complete?Added 4 Jan
Can we get cross-platform up votes from Twitter, or Facebook?Added 4 Jan
Hey guys if you can still make love, run, swim, smile and wipe your own bottom at 100 why would you not want to keep living for another hundred years?Added 1 Jan
U.K. 2015 General Election: Guides for Dummies. You are invited to contribute your answers to; what advice would you contribute under the title; Not voting for Dummies?Added 1 Jan
United Kingdom General Elections: What advice would you contribute under the title “Voting for Dummies”?Added 1 Jan
Is Quora just a better social network than the rest right now or do you have other agendas on Quora?Added 31 Dec, 2013
Love Making Music: Have you got any tune you can no longer listen to because it hurts too much? By any particular band or artist?Added 31 Dec, 2013
Male or female singer’s voices. Whose voice and in what song that they sing do you experience the most emotional feelings, texture, tone and expression when you listen to them?Added 30 Dec, 2013
Who else might it help if we boldly put the date in our questions, answers, reviews and posts so that it is easy to see?Added 30 Dec, 2013
How do I get wax out of my carpet?Added 30 Dec, 2013
What is the real value of Quora credits?Added 30 Dec, 2013
When did you change from sheets and blankets on your bed to a quilt? Why? Do you miss the feel of clean sheets and a freshly made bed?Added 29 Dec, 2013
Lifestyle: How much do you spend and what do you buy with your average daily spend for eating and drinking?Added 28 Dec, 2013
In the film. “Castaway”. Starring Tom Hanks and Wilson the football. Is Wilson a metaphor for our deification of and faith in a deity of our own creation and all consequent religious thinking?Added 28 Dec, 2013
How much fighting with other children did or do you have to do to survive at school these days?Added 27 Dec, 2013
What household chores do you like to do do. What ones do you not like to?Added 27 Dec, 2013
What 5 items do you spend most time looking for?Added 26 Dec, 2013
What are examples of great [financially successful] collaborative writings like: the book “Fifty Shades of Grey”, or TV series “Friends”?Added 26 Dec, 2013
“The monkey on your back” is a popular expression for thought and action that we do for ourselves that keep us separated from a content enlightened self. What monkeys have you ever thrown off, how did it happen?Added 26 Dec, 2013
Persistence; You have practiced a skill for years and still are failing to master it.One morning you wake up to discover the skill has become magically easy to you. What effect do you think it would have on you and your skill?Added 26 Dec, 2013
Is it worth destroying the perfect to build the impossible?Added 26 Dec, 2013
Bloggers: Did you ever promise not to go online for anytime?Added 26 Dec, 2013
What is the point of debating a question which has no empirical resolution?Added 25 Dec, 2013
What cliché do you use most? Which one annoys you the most? Have you any examples of an original cliché?Added 25 Dec, 2013
Should fielders in cricket be allowed to wear gloves and or elbow and knee pads?Added 24 Dec, 2013
Why is professional golf clothing so garish?Added 24 Dec, 2013
Spliffs (smoking): I know how whisky and women affect me but what does a joint do to you?Added 24 Dec, 2013
Why do all the birds sing when I do?Added 24 Dec, 2013
Did you ever read or write a letter to Santa Claus?Added 24 Dec, 2013
What is the easiest way to remove the bitter pith from raw chestnuts?Added 23 Dec, 2013
Is hope a placebo for conscious life?Added 23 Dec, 2013
Richard Dawkins: My son is reading The God Delusion. Should I be worried?Added 23 Dec, 2013
How do you like your bacon sandwich?Added 22 Dec, 2013
How many people have you told about your new Quora Top Writer status?Added 22 Dec, 2013
How much of the Top Writer selection is automated?Added 21 Dec, 2013
How many top writers are there on Quora?Added 21 Dec, 2013
Hypothetically speaking; If heaven exists beyond a gap or door that we call death. How do we approach it? Are we pulled, pushed, falling or stepping through it?Added 21 Dec, 2013
How often should I have my carpets and upholstery cleaned?Added 21 Dec, 2013
What does a great Facebook administrator do? What are some examples of the approaches and amounts involved in remuneration.Added 19 Dec, 2013
Do you receive more Christmas cards than you give?Added 18 Dec, 2013
Can you translate child speak? What words do you know in child speak?Added 17 Dec, 2013
Jelly babies and beans what is your favorite color and do you have a ritual way to eat them?Added 17 Dec, 2013
How much water do you drink straight from the tap or faucet?Added 17 Dec, 2013
What does it feel like to have saved a life using first aid and/or CPR?Added 17 Dec, 2013
What knots can you tie and when do you use them?Added 17 Dec, 2013
Why do my sharpies dry out so quick?Added 17 Dec, 2013
What does it feel like to kill an animal, fish or insect?Added 17 Dec, 2013
Should we avoid forgetting what we have forgiven?Added 16 Dec, 2013
How did you first learn about how to make a baby?Added 16 Dec, 2013
Do men get a better shave with a wet razor or an electric razor?Added 16 Dec, 2013
How long have you been using an electric toothbrush for?Added 16 Dec, 2013
Discovery: “Yesterday it was impossible. Today it is possible”. What is now possible for you?Added 15 Dec, 2013
Can you imagine never eating chocolate again?Added 15 Dec, 2013
Do you follow the recommended distance between vehicles as recommended by the large Chevron spacing’s on highways and motorways?Added 14 Dec, 2013

Are you lost without Sat-Nav?
Anonymous • Added 14 Dec, 2013
What do you look forward to most of all every day?Added 14 Dec, 2013
How many cash purchases to you make a day?Added 13 Dec, 2013
Is suburban, urban, window cleaning with water, bucket, squeegee, leather and ladder the lowest costs overhead service known to man?Added 12 Dec, 2013
Copywriting: How many writers use Quora to test and proof their copy prior to submitting manuscripts for publication?Added 11 Dec, 2013
How many relationships that start out on Quora progress into co-habitation and or marriage?Added 11 Dec, 2013
When will the first homosexual marriage end in divorce in the UK? And what will the criteria be like regarding custody of any children?Added 11 Dec, 2013
Do you celebrate the coming of a new year? If so how?Added 10 Dec, 2013
How does one receive A2A notifications?Added 10 Dec, 2013
Had the son of God, i.e., Jesus of the Abrahamic Biblical note of time, not been executed is it reasonable to suppose he might be very much alive today aged 2016?Added 9 Dec, 2013
When does consciousness become apparent in the cycle of life between conception and infancy in Homo sapiens?Added 8 Dec, 2013
What is the best way to find mislaid or lost belongings?Added 8 Dec, 2013
What is the noblest and greatest aspiration ever for conscious life?Added 8 Dec, 2013
What epitaph would you inscribe on Nelson Mandela’s memorial headstone?Added 8 Dec, 2013
What item of clothing do you miss most that you have worn out or has been thrown out? And why?Added 8 Dec, 2013
What historical figure from any age would you resurrect today and why?Added 8 Dec, 2013
What books have been most useful for your music and piano playing?Added 6 Dec, 2013
Image on If this is true. Conscious life has corrupted itself. How does one eradicate this kind of corruption?Added 3 Dec, 2013
If no one believed in any God would there be any less Evil in the world?Added 28 Oct, 2013
What are the most subversive books, films, shows, drinks, foods, drugs, art or
music you have ever read eaten, seen or heard?Added 16/11/14 ago 3 frollowers

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