Preliminary data from CORE Real Estate shows that only 90 contracts were signed during mid-March. That was the smallest amount since the week of Hurricane

Can life ever truly go back to normal after the coronavirus pandemic?


Just like 9/11, things will not be back to normal.

I imagine that the technology sector will be more geared toward antibacterial materials being integrated to the human interfaces of machines, door knobs and handles, arm rests, chairs. Shoes are the most important.

Like in Asia the United States and other countries will implement facial recognition with temperature readings pretty much everywhere in case something like this does happen again.

Stockpiles of long-term lasting masks and other medical supplies.

For jobs, businesses will need to have time to boot things back up, which depends on many factors.

At first, there will be a loss of workers. You will see that thousands and possibly millions will not want to go back to their work because they simply don’t want to, and with that comes businesses looking for more employees which will take a while, or else many businesses will not run to top capacity. You see, people don’t care to check in, and businesses may not either! People may do the waiting game. People may oversleep. They’re used to sleeping till 2 pm on weekdays. Groggy, dead. Do I want this job anymore? The businesses will see this, and get tired of it, and find someone else. Also due to unemployment, everyone will be quite comfortable and go “Hey, I’m making such and such per month per week from unemployment. I’m just going to Milk it”.

And so, as a preventative measure, businesses and employees need to check in with each other when talks of stay safe ending occurs, but yes of course in moderation. You can still annoy each other by continuously calling in. You’ll be sure to lose your job just as fast as in a non-coronavirus climate.

This may lead to mass firings as well, since business managers may opt to move lower rated individuals to higher positions for a short and sometimes long duration. The newly promoted workers won’t be able to easily do their new tasks, and so they will be fired due to stress, or simply quit. You may see leaders in CEO positions either downgrade their ranks, or try to juggle many different things at once, and some businesses may fail.

Another thing that may happen is some managers will want to vett some employees they dislike. They will simply lie to individual employees and say business isn’t up and running yet or “I’m still in quarantine myself”. That employee then loses their job because of over-hire. You may be strung along by your employer for weeks and weeks before you know what they’re doing, or you won’t catch onto it at all.

When the government and news talk about Unemployment, they are not considering those who don’t have verifiable income, and those who have been on disability and couldn’t create a verifiable income. What comes with this is thousands that are evicted from their places during and after Coronavirus.

What comes with this is thousands of people roaming the streets. What comes with this is almost no help as they will be treated as homeless. They will BE homeless.

Drug usage may start to be more prominent, or it may start soon just before the end of the stay and safe orders, or just as the shoe drops about jobs.

What also isn’t being considered is that those who don’t know how to find other jobs, file unemployment, those who are too scared to come outside even though it’s all over, and those who can’t file because the unemployment system is as corrupt as it is already, may not even realize they are screwed until the last minute, because most people are slow, un-attentive, don’t know how to organize, even play stupid, thinking that everything is just going to work its self out.

Another thing that will be prominent will be people working in lower class jobs, at the top of their class. You will see extremely smart people filling the void at businesses, and you will see hours dwindle into nothing for the lazier or not as efficiently working workers; Firings. Why? Because those smarties lost their high paying jobs. They need jobs too you know. The problem for those smarties is that in no time at all, they will need to hoard 3–4 jobs to make enough money to float their nice place they could afford once before, not using unemployment anymore. They might just try to get back onto unemployment again, but they would have to get laid off first, so they will be forced to quit, which isn’t giving them ability to reapply to unemployment as easily as before.

So you will see new positions being bounced into, then in several weeks or a month they will bounce back out.

You may see an influx of new large businesses making products domestically instead of getting it from abroad, by law, under the direction of the government, so that there are jobs for thousands and millions, just like the mandatory mask and ventilators being made by automotive companies right now. Trump would have a hand in that I presume.

There will be thousands of individual and class action lawsuits against governments and businesses.

I think the most popular lawsuit will involve the fact that the businesses that are essential businesses that don’t or didn’t allow face masks and gloves being worn by employees (Target for example), leaving employees in harms way, because they want to keep everything all “Brand” looking. Looking perfect. No sharpie marker’d signage, no bottles of drink that have logos on it for employees, no food, no masks, no gloves, none of it allowed, and by the way we will only give you a few dollar raise for risking your life that means nothing to us when we should be paying you $150 per hour.

When will it get better?

If the question is “When will things get back to normal?”, the answer is not a very nice one.

The answer is in at least 6–8 months, if not more, and it may come back before it’s over as well.

Reopening Business As Usual”:

Some states/cities may opt to start talking about lifting stay safe quarantines, it’ll go on and on talking should we shouldn’t we. “The numbers are dropping we need to talk about re-opening! Before it’s too late! We need business to recuperate now for the Economy!”.

Well, they can talk about it all they want, but Coronavirus has no political motive or advantage, no fear. Time will not tell, only numbers. When the numbers go down to a number you just love looking at that makes you feel all safe inside, you can attempt at opening businesses again, but what will happen is thousands and thousands more will get infected once again in giant waves like before, and guess what we are then back in stay safe quarantine. It won’t even be known until it’s way too late, because no one is comparing old numbers to new numbers closely. Knowledge of who is sick now and why, how, to even know that the lifting of quarantine was a really bad idea. It will be very difficult to figure that out if that’s happening till it’s much too late. This will happen.

Another thing to consider is state governments (we have 50) may opt to simply turn off the stay safe protocol against the wishes of the Federal Government, and let people get infected and die normally. I mean, go look up what influenza infection and death rate is. Coronavirus looks like a coffee straw blown ripple in an olympic swimming pool in comparison.

Fall and Winter is after Spring and Summer after all.

As you can see looking at the past infection rates and countries infected, the numbers only skyrocket after a certain point, after a few hundred.

For example in the United States, we have 50 states, a capital, and a hand full of other areas, like Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

New York has the highest number for now, and it’s probably about 5 times higher or more than even the other top 3 high number infected and death states. There are 49 other States. It took New York just over a month to get where it is today, and it’s at its peak capacity for hospitalization.

Worldometers: Coronavirus U.S.

Speaking of Hospitalization peak, the peak in where to store dead bodies is at its peak. Getting your loved one Cremated is probably a much better choice. Maybe someone will figure out a way to imprint the loved one’s face or miniature body figure into the highly compacted cremated dust so the family can remember their loved one easier. Color and all. All-natural processes of course. Gluten free. In fact you can, with 3D Printing.

Speaking of Death, high amounts of depression never before seen will be on the rise. Who cares about being stir crazy. Fights, depression.

Not just depression, but worldwide PTSD.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Suicides? Yet to be seen, but very soon.

Bodies found in the water will be a normal sight. No one will care anymore.

On that note, no one will care anymore, remember the frog in the pot understanding? On a massive scale. Conditioning. Most will never know what hit them when the real stuff hits the fan.

The very act of you reading this, has conditioned you not to worry, more so than before in one way or another. Maybe it’s that someone else is thinking the same things. A dangerous thought isn’t it. Keep on your toes!

Losing your girlfriend or boyfriend is probably more common now that they need to stay with mommy and daddy. Long distance relationship to the MAX. Better be strong for that one.

The numbers will only replicate that of New York, if not more just as we saw with China, where the infections were dwarfed in no time at all, all around the world.

The least hit will be very rural areas that have farm land, deserts, based on population density.

The number of deaths and infections is doubling every other few days, and it will continue to, then tripling, quadrupling.

Once a state sees that it has gotten a foothold on Coronavirus, it might be a normal thing to see states closing their borders to keep out anything else, one by one. It will take some doing. This will probably need some military assistance (It will).

The guys and gals coming back from Afghanistan will surely have their work cut out for them again.

People after Coronavirus all over the world will be much more prepared in the long run. It will be a normal sight to see each family has stockpiled food and medical supplies for emergency.

The dollar will be closer to collapsing as people will soon figure out that it’s the reason for the transmission spreading so easily. Credit card debt will skyrocket because people want to use cards instead.

Newer technology will come along that will enable wireless payment more so than before. The “Chip” will be no more. Welcome to Wi-Cards. Just wave. Wave goodbye to cash and button pushing, signing.

Apple Pay type transactions will either be the only thing people want to use, or it will be mandatory.

“No cash, card only” should start being a trendy sign you see for each store pretty soon to back up that hypothesis.

Newer tech to track what goods need resupply for grocery stores faster is needed and will be sorted out soon.

I think that companies like Uber for example, government entities that handle Unemployment will be forced by the government to have more technicians that answer phone calls emails and mail sent by customers, since saying nothing and doing nothing doesn’t work and isn’t in the best interest for humans. Loopy automated and deception through sensitivity maze phone tellers will hopefully be outlawed. “Press 9 to be connected to information on how to contact us”, “We can be reached online at a website that either shows no way of contacting us, or this same phone number you just called is stated. Good Bye.”

Self-cleaning toilets will be more prominent.

I wonder if this is when the 3 sea shells comes in.

There will be a very sharp influx of doctors appointments and other appointments that will overload the system, with no one to answer the calls for a bit.

There will be or is an influx of appointments with Plumbers because septic systems are clogged with non-septic safe things like paper towels, kleenex, newspaper, all being shoved down toilets. You will start seeing front lawns being dug up on a regular basis here pretty soon since hoarders have been taking all the toilet paper.

One thing is for sure, that the first cities that got hit will be the first to get over it.

Trends that will form if not already:

Making food at home (Not as many restaurant customers anymore). Ready meals in the freezer section will be more plentiful and cheaper, and probably taste much better in the future.

No-Cut Haircuts


Obesity norm (Corona-Potato. Just made that up)

The online term “Viral” will exist a lot less, or have a boom and swiftly die out. Like Bodacious.

Wipes will be used more than toilet paper

Homeschooling will be more mainstream

Marriage vows may include something pertaining to how they will take care of them under natural disasters, as well women will be looking for suitors that don’t remind them of their past boyfriends that put them in harms way.

Jocks with big cojones that brush off things like Coronavirus and joke about it, will see first hand what it means to be wrong, that it is a serious ordeal that won’t ease up anytime soon. They will be more and more friendless as time goes on.

You will see people with degrees a lot more, when they didn’t deserve it (Teachers are blindly passing students for stress and other economical reasons), because everything is online now.

April fools day (April 1) won’t be as funny anymore, because that was the first day the United States citizens faced either not being able to pay rent, or paying it and not having anything afterwards.

Halloween will be filled with Wuhan cleanup crews with fake leaf blowers for costumes, maybe even Donald Trumps coughing going “I feel sick but I’m ok I don’t have it”.

There may be more newer cars on the road, as people haven’t been able to fix their dead cars due to fear of going out to get it fixed. As well you may see more people walking around.

In the coming months you may see an influx of robberies of stores that are even open, with no police to investigate it.

As it is now, people just walk right out of stores with goods and no one is there to stop them.

Movie and TV writers won’t have any luck using the same droll of output they’re used to making money on. People will need much higher extremes to be fulfilled for entertainment. More blood, guts. More sex. Much more. PG will be the R of today.

As far as the loss of cars on the roads and traffic, there will be a massive influx in greener technologies, and much more demonstrations and input on Global Warming/Climate Change, since people are seeing how it can be without all the smog.

Video games will be played more and more than ever before.

Low bitrate internet service and throttling will be a thing of the past for at least a long while.

People will have much less patience with the little things. It won’t be easy to have a small conversation anymore. Too boring. So you will see a lot of people not getting along.

People will laugh a lot less. More seriousness as the norm. Nothing will be stupid or funny like before.

That Coronavirus fear stare you know so well will be imprinted on the faces of everyone for many decades to come.

That’s all for now, maybe I’ll realize something else and add it here later.


I almost forgot. How to keep from getting Coronavirus:

Emergen-C/Vitamin C suppliment 3 times per day

Echinacea, look it up.


When this first started, I heard that Coronavirus Covid-19 stays alive on anything, for up to 9 1/2 days. Since then they have downgraded to 3 hours. I do not trust that new understanding.

Don’t touch it unless you intend on cleaning it

Make a large grocery list, so that you don’t have to go out, and leave your kids at home with your partner if you have kids.

Get canned foods. Meat and Vegetables. They expire in 2021/2022. Get 4 months worth. Seasonings go a long way as well. Do not get Salad makings, easy meals from the freezer unless you have a separate large freezer. These foods will go away fast. You don’t need that stack of 16 oz water bottles. Want an easy way? Get a water purifier for your sink faucet.

“Be healthy during Coronavirus” is a contradiction, as getting healthy newly made foods will go bad, and you will need to get back to the store. You will have needed to eat Healthy Salad for months on end to raise your immune system.

Fruit and Vegi’s? Go find the guy with the truck randomly sitting on the side of the main road selling fresh fruits and vegis for cash. No one is around, and the likelihood of someone else having touched those that was infected is very low. It goes from a farm, to a seller, to the guy, to the hands of his children and wife and him, to the main road. Grocery stores: The guy who contracted the virus is breathing on them, and making them nice and pretty. So are probably 5 hands before you get to them, because people pick them up to go “Is this ripe?”, and someone who was infected also touched the whole top of the plastic fruit and vegi bags to stop it from rolling and rip off the plastic.

Keep a sandwich bag of disinfectant wipes, Clorox.

Keep your masks and hand sanitizer out of sight in your car, or it will be broken into.

No external people visiting or coming and going. Tell them to go to their own house.

Shoes off before you go inside, using your feet to slip them off, reverse to put them back on. Do not touch your shoes.

Accidently didn’t? Retrace your steps and spray it.

Spray your car and home door knobs.

Clean your car seats, radio, steering wheel, floor mats, arm rest, glove box latch, A/C heat accessories.

Clean your car door where you used it to open and close; The edges and inward by finger length. Pick a spot to use and remember it and clean it.

Clean the Shifter Knob. Clean the Blinkers, Windshield Wiper as well.

Use the Sun Visor? Clean it. Buttons? Clean them.

Spray the floor mats.

Leave your jacket outside on a fence or something away from your door. Keep a secondary spare jacket away from it, because you will interchange between the two every day, hopefully one once per day.

Use a jacket at all times for outdoor shopping or travels. A jacket that is easy to clean. Windbreakers are the best.

Spray your jacket with disinfectant.

While shopping, roll up your sleeves slightly before going in (while you are clean) because, little do you know, your cuffs touch the infected shopping cart and who knows what else. You can’t handle the cleanliness and just go for it right? Who cares its just a sleeve. I’ll just clean my jacket later. Wrong answer!

Also, little did you know, those little spring loaded bars that grocery stores use as a theft deterrent, you probably use the Front Of Yourself to push it forward right? Got to clean whatever it touched on you. Have a memory. Remember things that you touch or touch you. Very easily you can not be aware, so become aware.

Keep on the right side of the walkway in the store! You have no idea, how many idiots walk down the middle in groups of people.

Stay away, at least 6 feet, from everyone. Don’t go quickly past them because you’re too lazy. Have patience, or go around the detour. You see someone in an isle? Use the next isle to go to where you’re going. If that isle isn’t free, go to the next one! Ect. Avoid.

Want to know why people are getting it so easily? It’s not the air, it’s the stupidity in not keeping your hands to yourself, and touching your face, and not cleaning your clothes, shoes, walking inside with your shoes.

Place your clothes in trash bags, then inside your hamper, clothes inside out, without touching the floor. If so, disinfect. Keep your clothes in trash bags. Want to keep even safer? Every time you go out, change your clothes or be prepared to disinfect them.

Go to the laundromat? Clean clean clean. Clean the door handle, the change insert, the detergent door tray, the door surround, the buttons. Throw away the trash bags. Now, realize that your laundry bag that once housed your clothes in trash bags, is probably touching the floor right now. Yep, you guessed it! Spray it, wipe it clean, THEN placed into your car, but not before cleaning the dryer as well, and the clothes cart as well. Then realize you used a trash bag for your clothes for a good reason; Your clothes may have had something on them, and your new fresh clothes are being put into that same bag!

Save yourself some headache with that by having the remaining minutes of your drying laundry on High setting; Heat may kill lingering virus on surfaces like the clothing cart, but not for long. Also, cleaning the folding area, as well as where you lean over to fold, and also while disinfecting your hands between touching things. The clothing cart includes a basket, basket rim, and handles.

Keep a sandwich bag and place your quarters in there for safe keeping. They too are dirty. Yep, and disinfect your hands as you go, unless you intend to not touch your face or clothing at all, including pockets, after touching the quarters.

Socks. Socks first. Socks are at shoe level. Replace your socks, Pronto! People spit, sneeze, cough, drag that virus all over the floor like nothing. Why do you think you see disinfectants being sprayed on streets and sidewalks by personnel with hazmat suits? It’s because it’s all on the ground. Socks are second to shoes. Bottom of pants are 3rd. Probably the only thing left on your body should be underwear, then put new clothes on.

Don’t lean on counters at stores.

Don’t take receipts.

Don’t put your handheld products on the checkout counter. Let them scan it in the air. Let them scan your membership card in the air.

If you do, Clean It!

Don’t talk to the cashiers. Don’t ask questions.

Use a Retractable Pen to do ATM transactions. Yes, an ordinary ink pen. Not a quill. That’s too classic. If finger needed, clean hands after. Not an ordinary pen, a pen that clicks in and out of its self. Then, clean the pen tip, or disengage the pen back into its self. You now have a tool. Keep that pen with you at all times. The pen is mightier than the sword. A touch-pen for tablets and phones is better, but you have to wash that rubber. Hey, you can even use the other side to scratch your itching nose or face, or have another just in case. Clean Your Cash! Front And Back! I don’t care if it’s brand new! Then, clean where your dirty cash was (It was inside your wallet, where you put it between the ATM and the car).

First step inside your car: 1: Clean hands. 2. Clean card in wallet, cash if you have. Throw away change (quarters, dimes, pennies). Not worth it, or keep a bottle in your cup holder if you insist on keeping $10 in change over a one month period. 3. Clean wallet edges and faces. 4. Clean keys if need be. 5. Take off mask and clean the front of it, AND the straps. 6. Clean your hands again. Clean Phone. Clean Pockets. Drive home. Shoes off using feet only, leaving shoes outside door. Wash hands singing happy birthday slowly. 7. Spray door knobs with disinfectant. Not directly at the door knobs as the disinfectant may sludge up the lock over time, simply spray over top, enough for it to drool over. Inner and outer knobs. 8. Clean the disinfectant bottle. Spray bottom of shoes with disinfectant then top. Clean hands again.

You share your place with a room mate? They live in another part of the house? Tell them to use one side of the house to get into the back to do house work outside, you use the other side. Pick a side.

Clean your mail. Take a picture. Throw it away. If its a check, put it in the ATM. Clean your hands and your phone. Do yourself a favor and call up the junk mail publisher and tell them to stop sending you massive quantities of junk mail, as to prevent infection.

While driving your car, use recirculation feature, or leave it OFF. Keep your windows UP.

You have grocery bags? Throw them away in the recycling, slowly. Wash hands. Never bring grocery bags into your home. Always only clean your groceries outside (every piece), transferred from spot 1 to spot 2 far away, then clean spot 1. Then throw away the grocery bags, unless you intend to keep them somewhere where they can die off overnight, or waste disinfectant on them.

Use the front bottom of your shoes to open doors at businesses. Try not to use your hands.

As well, regularly spray the bottom and sides and top of your shoes with a disinfectant, leaving them outside. Never bring them inside.

Fruit. Vegetables. Sanitizing wipes first if not intense chemicals, let sit for 15 minutes, then clean them with vegetable cleaner, or leave them outside for an entire day. Cleaning with Vegitable Soap alone is not enough.

Clean every single grocery. You will get annoyed. It’s fun. How could you get annoyed? 😬

I mean, I’ve never cleaned a pack of hot dogs and boxes of spaghetti in my entire life. Milk jugs, god the crunchy cheap plastic type container bags are the worst at night.

I’m serious, 6 wipes per box as there are 6 sides to a box, sharp edges included. Every nook and cranny of every sliver of plastic, even under the folds. The bottle caps, bottom of bottles, around the whole bottle. Vegetable and fruit bags, just throw them.

You need to go as far as thinking about whether the container’s interior was touched by someone recently. Man, Milk bottles? Make sure they haven’t been opened already. Some sick person drinking milk up in a store then putting it back?

As an example of how things are transmitted:

You go to the store. You get a cart, you wipe it. Your kid walks with you to the cart and your kid is in the seat. Your shoes are walking on the ground. You enter a store. You stay away from people at least 6 feet. Someone brushes past you. You hear and feel your jacket and their jacket touch. Whew. Whatever. You grab some bread, a few apples, some snacks for your kid. You go to checkout, and scan your stuff. You leave after putting your stuff in the trunk or back seat. Your kid pushes the cart to the carts. “Be careful” you say. You get home and your kid runs in the door, your dog jumps up on your kid and you outside, and after you’ve cleaned your groceries and hands and take your shoes off as you go inside.

You are now contaminated for dozens of reasons.

The dog walked where you walked. The kid touched items in the cart playing with them. You didn’t disinfect the seat, the side rails, the basket metal stopper. You didn’t disinfect your trunk. The person who brushed past you doesn’t do anything to disinfect themselves. They touched that part of their jacket. You didn’t clean your card or wallet, or cash. Your kid touched their face. Your kid fell over multiple times on the floor in the store. You touched your hair with your sleeve, that your child touched to get your attention. The checkout person helped you because the self checkout thing had an error, and they brushed past you as well. You took off your shoes with your hands, didn’t disinfect them or your hands, then you went to touch your face. You open all of the doors in your kitchen, house, front door, mail brought in. You touched the flusher on your toilet, the shower nozzle, the soap dispensers, your tub siding to turn on the water, your tooth brushes, combs, remote, light switches. Your dog sits on your couch and jumps on your bed. You didn’t spray the ground at your front door, and you didn’t just take off your shoes outside, you took them off at the door trim, and you go back outside to put your shoes back on at the same trim in your socks. You touch your eye, it’s itchy. You slightly brush your brow because of that longer than usual brow hair that keeps annoying your face. You weren’t wearing a mask, and neither was your kid. When you leant over to take a bag, bag groceries, and your jacket touched the self checkout. Your pants touched it. You also didn’t clean your arms just before your hand where you sleeve once covered. You also used your phone and wallet and got a receipt that you put all in your pocket, which you didn’t disinfect any of those and your pocket. The card reader machine the employees have been disinfecting shows signs of *Not Working* due to the buildup of constant disinfecting. Welp, we are now not disinfecting as often or at all, or with disinfectants that aren’t as potent.

By the time you’ve gone through that checkout, the employees of the store hadn’t wiped it clean for 15 minutes to 5 hours or never.

Even if you take every precaution, your significant other did the same thing earlier with their car.


The reason I personally wear a mask isn’t to not get infected by “covid-19 air droplets”, because I don’t wear goggles. Since I don’t wear goggles, the mask makes no difference. You have Eyes. Eyes take in moisture, dry air, spritz, coughs, breaths, dust, lots of things, and they are connected directly to your blood stream.

If you use a mask for reason of coronavirus droplets in the air, you are sadly misguided to what you actually need: A mask, pair of goggles, and maybe even ear plugs, and a hair protector. Before you know it you look like a doctor.

The reason I wear a mask myself, is so that:

1. I have something on my face to remind me not to touch my lips or nose.

There could be another reason, like the fact that I sweat over time, and if I touch my face around the perimeter of the mask, it will stay on my skin out there and not closer to my nose or mouth. The problem with that reason is that I simply don’t wash my face. No one will do that. The way around the issue is: Use your arm or clean object to scratch your face outside the mask, scratch inside the mask with your hands touching the mask; You clean your mask and jacket and car arm rests later.

Another thing: Belts. Your waist. You pull up your pants on a regular basis right? You are placing your hands on your belt, or pants, and you are pulling them up. You are also probably touching your SKIN in the process. You are also Scratching your butt, inside of your pants. Underwear as well. Sweat dribbles down your leg.

Keep very much in mind as well that N95 masks however nice to hear that ring “N… 95” so cool, but, there are several N95 masks. Let’s break it down to 2 types:

1st type: Fully closed cotton

2nd type: Not fully closed. Has an intricate white breather apparatus with an orange colored flap that allows you to exhale with ease.

The 2nd type however easier to breathe, will allow particles to escape into the open air without filtering it.

Now, Hm. Doesn’t that mean if someone is sick, particulates escape? Yes. The breath of a sick individual, breathes out of this into the open air, including Sneezes. I’ve heard no such contemplation on the news or by WHO or CDC about this simple fact, yet the most popular design is Mask #2. Interesting. I thought I’d just point that out. In other words, stay away from those guys.

Wipes, hand soap, antibacterial spray.

You think that’s OCD? Listen I’m ADHD, it’s far better. Keep it natural and you won’t want to gag yourself, but at least you will stay alive.

I heard one person sanitized their hands every 15 minutes. Now that’s not only overkill, but it’s wasteful. Use your best safest judgement, and remember what you touch, and more importantly what touches you.

If I think of anything else I will add it, like I keep editing it every 5 minutes. Log is a good tool for seeing newly added stuff. *Updated 04/13 @ 2:30*

Stay safe.