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Profile: Galeazzo Benti, years as a Leptosomatic-schizothymic living on earth

What according to you, is the highest form of intelligence?

Possibly my first and last Answer, so let me elaborate this thinking..

Primarily the intelligence has been provided as the ability to understand their environment to survive, is the link between the inner world and the outside world, intelligence seeks to understand. In a related way the intelligence can be used by self for the development of their subjective faculties that nature has provided.

In this way, if the totality of reality is understood, that is , to be omnicient, then the intelligence would not be needed anymore since it is no longer necessary to understand anything else or this intelligence is beyond what is meant by the term. As it can be the supposed case that the intelligence of nature is expressed in the relation of its parts.

On the other hand there may be the likelihood of such a being in the universe where omniciency does not necessarily relate to omnipotence, but for such cases this would be distanced from the very framework of the question or could be not yet answered.

Far as it know, highest form of intelligent would be a constant, a way of being constantly understanding/comprehending their environment in increasingly higher forms beyond the limits imposed by nature, it is detached or dominates over its material condition .

Philosophizing on this, it is possible that all “over material” understanding is an illusion and that all understanding only unfolds within the limits that nature imposed and even so, each of its parts are not always fixed, having adaptive properties.

Now, talking about humans, this being also has a feature present in other mammals, emotions. However, in human brain, emotions can be transformed into feelings.

The emotional cognitions about the homo sapien represents an important sphere in its development, in such case, the highest form of intelligence in the emotional faculty of human being is love,

However, being the intelligence relegated to this faculty is expressed in two forms:

The first is with the inner world, a love that seeks happiness, its highest form is inner peace or internal consciousness of the individual.

The second with the external world, a love for everything that surrounds that seeks peace and order, is presented in its highest form as “compassion / empathy / mutual help” virtue.

There is also the possibility of relating consciously or unconsciously emotional intelligence to animals and therefore to everything else or either through another process, creating an entity that could be called god and this would be the ultimate/highest expression.

Now let’s cover everything related to the exalting section: to understand the expressed thought, it must be understood that humans, like other forms of life, tend to recreate their worldview or understanding from an [autocentric-allocentric] origin.

The highest form of intelligence is not subjugated by any subjective faculty /perception of any being, since if the reality is understood based on the perception of oneself, you get an understanding in relation to perception instead of reality; therefore the following exposed may also be exercised by non-human beings.

[Emerging beings] tend to evolve in a framework of more general [understanding] in a [process of abstraction] but not deeper in those who [compose it].

Thus, This form of intelligence should not be limited by this condition but must break this barrier, it contracts as much as it expands, in other words, it is not only a greater general comprehension but also a profund detailed understanding.

For this reason, this form of intelligence does not overestimate in itself the scientific, linguistic or mathematical form as highest forms of understanding, since it considers tools to abstract information.

It considers the truth itself as an external objective and the understanding as something internal subjective, in this way the understanding is higher in the relationship that is closer to the truth.

By understanding that in a limited being this intelligence breaks that barrier, it is understood that this intelligence begins to tread in the sphere of the theoretical dealing with knowledge without a practical use in its basic material condition. Since it is beyond its basic intelligence according to its own condition and by physical exploration is possible to be in a continuous state of development/evolution to adapt to this new reality/environment.

Explaining how this form of intelligence is expressed in beings like us, it would be a form that seeks to understand considering truth itself as the only judge, its morality in an analogous way would be guiding oneself when understanding, and therefore respect/appreciate, the patterns or the magnificence of nature. It is never conformist, it is not constrained, it is in constant development, in the constant search to cover everything/discover these truths.

//all that is exposed does not pretend to be a theory of reality but rather a simple concise thought process, which can be exercised by any being that can understand this process, to use as support, extension or extrapolate it in their own philosophy /form of life.

—middle year 2019 by a |still human being|

Analysis of reality; Supracentrism : an approach beyond human and being.

| 1. Salutation

All greetings, all beings.

Since I could not know of the time in which my receiver perceives such information, as well as of his reasoning capacity or acquired knowledge, I will do as the being, that because of the lack of compression of his receiver is seen in the need to explain point by point, detail by detail in what he wants to imply. This is therefore not due to an underestimation of the receiver’s understanding but simply having avoided the jargon or exclusion by condition.

The present is an analysis in itself for the development of a new system or approach that seeks to cover reality in its entirety, however it is not immutable, before, it intends to compose the first foundations so that it is developing or improving over time, discoveries or knowledge.

If such an analysis would be incorrect or had nothing to do with reality, simply consider it as the work of a mind addressing the need to understand the world after a long isolation; an internal analysis.

Thus, such an analysis does not come from an external influence in its time, but rather it is, in principle, a purely internal analysis so that it has been avoided in any measure to be influenced by preconceptions in its time, before it has taken nature itself as reference measure.

However, before that, it would be necessary to elaborate on why such a system was reached and ultimately on such “being” that design it. Therefore, the content will then be structured in its first part by…
(on down) Some consideration that such a being weighted with respect to his time, to some issues and to being and human.

O human, O being (about apologies for the misunderstandings or if this method is considered as anti-natural by beliefs or material condition, it consists in understanding not destroying)

So if process (about the analysis or minimize prose/analysis ..)

So if process (about the phases or information structure..)

| 2. background

Analysis-thinking, approached by a human brain, born naturally in the information age, 21st century AD according to the Gregorian human calendar; developed, in its early stages, around nine years old and completed almost entirely at twelve, the subsequent years are dedicated to the refinement of such a system.

Born into a dysfunctional family somewhere third world on planet earth, lived in 2000s and died for the 22nd century.

Before five, left at grandparents’ house due to family problems, who also had their own affairs and conflicts who used to go out to their business selling clothes. So, closed in a room to avoid mischief; isolation phase.

Isolation phase : described as, in the first phase, an experience of depersonalization, derealization, disappearing and delirium. In the second phase, tendency to contract the body and to walk abnormally, repetitive and rocking movements, flat perception of reality with fear of movement or incompresion of reality, body fading sensation, macropsia and micropsia, visual disturbance, nocturnal visual thinking or visual experiences, abstract perception of reality; the transition from the perception of reality to the construction of an imaginary or unreal world.

Around seven, the mother takes him to her hometown, so the father assumed that during those years of neglect he was actually with his mother. During that time the mother noticed certain characteristics in her son, at the same time as it seemed the relationship with her husband was stabilizing.

characteristics : curiosity for almost everything, play alone, abnormalities in sensory process, very quiet, unsociable, no human contact, hug or kiss; However, these characteristics were attenuating, as he related to his cousins and relatives.

This stage was described by him as living in two worlds, that is, the physical or human world and the world of his head or imaginary or abstract world, so that when he was alone or some nights he returned to such a world.

In the same year after some papers he went to school at midyear, however, it was a dysfunctional school, that is, students, of all ages in the same classroom, criminals, smokers, carry-knife, harassment, fights, theft, abuse, insults; therefore teachers and members of the school were strict and exercised physical punishment.

During that same time it stands out for having created curious inventions, this feature will be for life in him in addition to his biological and psychological characteristics.

bio characteristics : Self-control, Self-reliant, Resilient, Patience, Sensory Processing Sensitivity, Photophobia, Depersonalization at will, Hyperacusis, Photosensitivity, Cyanosis, Visual thinking, the ability to get into the head to process information, Physically and mentally agile/flexible.

However, he also noticed that he was losing in degree or intensity certain abilities, traits, characteristics or powers as he called them.

Lost features : Sensory processing disorder or oversensitivity, eidetic memory, the ability to vividly-see the imagination in reality, the ability to live memories as if experiencing it, the ability to distort visual perception at will, among other abilities.

Although the seven was a stage of philanthropy, realistic idealist, optimistic and interested in certain books of the same creed. In the middle of the eight after physical abuse at school, family problems, try to leave home, discuss with teachers, since he never considered adults as superiors or authority or after being treated like a fool-child and he left school with his backpack; his way of seeing things changed radically by a misanthropic vision, becoming serious, sullen, pessimistic. Then, to get away from those negative feelings, he gave more importance to his inner world or imaginary or abstract world, as for the physical world he preferred a pragmatic neutralist approach, so he was interested in all utilitarian knowledge.

Although he was born with talent for drawing, he spent more time inventing/designing, games, his own toys, crafts, objects, mechanisms, costumes; things.

Around age nine, circumstances and problems got tense, not only violence, destroyed inventions, or those interests that kept him from making any friendship, but that imaginary world seemed increasingly diffuse and difficult to access, a feeling of isolation and the beginning of existential questions, however, determined to find answers.

Therefore from nine to ten it was a purely internal analysis, although at ten he was a little discouraged because he needed some pieces in his system, at the same time he realized that he was normalizing as a human being and losing much of his features, but nevertheless he is self-propelled with that will to face things, problems or challenges. So from eleven to twelve after discovering the world of fauna or biological processes, he was inspired to finish the system, that is, he took nature as a reference.

During the following years, that is after the age of twelve, things changed not only physical but also circumstantial changes, other schools, no abuse, no serious problems, stability, besides devoting oneself to reading books or exploring things or the functioning of things. He dedicated himself to doing his own studies, mental programs, self improvement, the potential of each thing and in refining that system he had created.

| 3. Analysis of reality: from internal /being/

(see, human beings> human brain> human neuroscience)

//note : Some words or terms learned in the refinement stage will be used, due to such analysis originally used its own unintelligible labels or terms (a.k.a language of thought) therefore it will be about presenting the information in the most intelligible and concise way.

Reflection phase :

So what is reality? −Close eyes, blank mind —seems Nothingness but : sensations, internal stimuli; the Non-Nothingness. —what doing with these Non-Nothingness : sensing, reacting, thinking; process.

Analysis phase :

Therefore, “I am”, in principle, an “existential processor”; “existential” (understood as a concept for this Non-Nothingness); “I am” (understood as a concept for this “internal existential processes”; don’t confuse with the ordinary me/self/I; therefore to differentiate label with “deep level I”)

//process does not come from the concepts but from an examination of one’s mind. See or test, dizziness, waking up or playback speed.

Reflection phase :

So what is an “existential processor”? −concentrate, process mind —seems properties : I think, I memory, I want, I sense; faculties. —what doing these faculties : working together to express/sense my existence; expression.

Analysis phase :

Therefore, Such “existential processor” possesses “intrinsic existential faculties” which allows “existential expression” (understood as expression of this “internal existential processes”)

//The issue of the expansion or contraction of said ““intrinsic existential faculties” (by technology or by disabilities) will be addressed later.

Reflection phase :

So what doing this “existential processor” : to hear, to sense, to smell; receives/process impulses. —what doing these impulses : to react, to move, to want to know, to want to do something; react/respond impulses.

Analysis phase :

Therefore, “I am”, in principle, an “existential processor”receiving and producing “existential impulses”, and these can be understood in:

Internal impulses (understood as those impulses that come from inside to outside, that is, to produce impulses as to react, act, do, will, want; desire);

External impulses (understood as those impulses that come from outside to inside, that is, to receive impulses as to sense touch, hear; sense stimuli);

Therefore, I am -doing- “existential process” (understood as processing “existential impulses” by “existential processor”)


Reflection phase :

So what doing this “existential process”? −Half eyes, blur mind —seems things but it is just: color, sound, smell; sensations. —what doing with these sensations : interpreting them as a whole or perceiving as things; perception.

Analysis phase :

Therefore, I am “existentially processing” such “sensations” to understand them in “perceptions”, that is :

“Existential processor” is “existentially processing” “external impulses” to “internal intelligibility”(understood as understand, interpret or elucidate such impulses or sensations to/in the “internal existential processes”)

(on down) On the other hand :

“Existential processor” is “existentially processing” “internal impulses” to “external intelligibility”(understood as express such “internal impulses” of “internal existential processes” in outside world as act, move, communicate)


Reflection phase :

So what doing this “existential intelligibility” : interpreting sensations as a whole or perceiving as things of what seems to be an environment and a body; perceiving —what doing with these perceiving : elucidating or recognizing such an environment to interact where I am an entity on it

Analysis phase :

(more concise)



(from in to ex)



inter sen

exte sen-


out world stimulus (what know) and unknown (what no perceivin/knowing)

inn world- interpret and unreal/fiction.. (mind world or perception world)


internal out (own body)

external out (objetcs/others)


inter intellig

exter intellig-


inter imp

exter imp-


inter stim

exter stim-




| 4. Analysis of reality: from external /nature/




| 5. A new panorama in relation to reality /unification of one as a whole/




| 6. A new system/approach on the revelationship of truth/reality




| 7. New proposals; points of view/perspectives, approach to investigate reality



Studies| formal, scientific and non-scientific method |

To whom it may concern



notes |considerations| ideas.

(all) about >>technology>>suggestions>>virtual world>> educational system>> emotions>> prospects>> et cetera.






hello.. although I do not know in what year thou receives this information, there is a probability that you are a human of my times, and a very curious one by the way.

>although I’m no longer interested in humans (written from the past or another personality)

I can not just leave like this, letting this opportunity pass, especially if you are one of those curious persons who from an early age look for ways to understand the universe, to know how things work or achieve curious inventions, I would like to offer these thoughts as a possibility to consider .

>>But even more is when from an early age one has not developed in a natural environment, traumas, be-diffrent, bad circumstances & with this sensitivity, curiosity and desire to understand everything makes from an early age relationships with environment in a very different way. asking/thinking about things that if one had developed in a normal environment, would never asked/thinking.

As I write this, I realize how much this language limits me in the extension of my thinking,

>If you really want to understand an individual, do not pay attention to what he says but to what he means.

>I think never be limited by these factors, never limit yourself by your own ideas, never limit yourself for your time, never limit yourself as a being.

And in the revelation for the truth that there is more truth than the distortion of your own motives. Never consider that you really know a lot or you know everything when such perception is often misleading and the abstraction often created an illusion of knowledge very difficult to perceive, . One can claim to know everything when does not even know how the zipper of his pants works.

There’s not need to be objective with inner world because it is subjective by itself >but not means that is further from reality, only that it is related in a different way. > that’s why it is value more [reasonable thinking] than logical,

>the world that created our species giving meanings to each thing is more internal what seems.

I recommend, >to exercise this intelligence that seeks to go further, additionally to external search for the truth,

> the internal improvement/development >>generate ideas/creating things,

>seven or nine, perfection or integrity, there is the question.

>learn from the experience of others

I could/suggest,///elaborate// the world of papercraft, learn about origami, kirigami, pop-ups, Paper Sculpture.. and challenge yourself with your own designs./watch?v=DJ4hDppP_SQ /watch?v=Ly3hMBD4h5E

> drawing, draw from imagination, explorate your ideas..
>about mechanism, structure, automata, problem solving engineer.
>to create music,other expression, improvisation//just senses. subjetive imprv

>to immerse yourself to create an imaginary world, through literature, music, videogames … etc. off-peak cosmoddd . The World by lsddev
/watch?v=9_7loz-HWUM . /watch?v=CLaWsZcc0Nk . /watch?v=ZkTJHs4AHpk
/watch?v=AHVsszW7Nds . /watch?v=jR_Q7NbLzyU. /watch?v=EmNknjuSpcg
> learn to learn …….programming…..architecture….. a Sketchbook/diary where you draw your ideas, write your thoughts, or something that can be explored, researched or developed.

> invention from intuition, get out of the established models, explotation ideas, house-bicycle> technological shoes to not walk>your own clothes / technological suit,>>> idea to create an own watch’s prototype that has calendar, time, notes to write, wallet, flashlight ..

Do not limit yourself to your time or to think in a certain way or to assume things.

>I propose, in the first analysis / impression, to look at the universe without prejudice, not horror, not facination, simply what it is.

>and then by ….give it the meaning you want, but being aware that this is in the inner world.

>forgive me if what I said seems to be against what you considers natural or established but understand that what I seek is only the supreme truth and the true understanding of the outside world and not its destruction.

>and I have found that blindly following human perceptions gives us an understanding of reality in relation to ourselves, not of the real nature of things.

>I propose ( and not to all beings since I understand that not all beings have to follow this path) break the barrier that binds us, I propose not to submit to that insinuating nature that surrounds us, not carnal instincts, not feelings, not emotions, no ego, no common sense and any illusion of which the nature of our species binds us and dress it with a feeling of gratitude or conformity, I propose only the truth. the outer truth about all things.

>I propose the dispossession of our senses and perceptions that mislead us of the truth.

>I propose not to relegate our lives to the life of a homo sapien but even more … our life in pursuit of the ultimate truth, to renounce the conformity of homo sapiens and everything that it represents.

>A life devoid of all expression of this species .. in search of a higher form of life> the form is a homo futurus >a life, not the common life, a rejection of everything that the human being does, considering them as simple animals.

>The patterns that compose it are usually different from the patterns that are composed. being in the first more chaotic and in this last more stable. Do not generalize the rule.

>I propose a being superior to man, but do not confuse, I do not propose a superman since the concept I am looking for does not give relevance to the image of man-

>but to the existence itself and in which life forms emerge,

>in such a case in the homo sapien would be a homo fututus but even with the idea of surpassing even this one, it is a constant, everything revolves around a superior form of life.

>the direction in homo sapiens is clear is a homo futurus… this is not only a philosophy or ideas I want to be understood that it is a way of life, homo sapiens eats like the animals with the mouth the homo futurus with the new technology not will need to eat in this primitive way, so to reach this higher form of life would be in homo sapiens to reach your biological mentor (only -physically) ,in this case it could be ingesting a kind of “meal replacement”..any way we approach a more sophisticated way-time-form of life.//(mentally with nature beyond any form of life)

>I consider that mandible is a very primitive trait that deserves its extinction in pursuit of this process.

><Especially in humans, I think, that among the most logical or intelligent types will eventually be surpassed in all their capacities by future forms of life.. in the same way that man can not overcome in physical force to animals…in the same way these new beings will largely pass to these first types since they possess a high-ratiocination instead they will find an extravagant curious trait the balanced feeling/instincts/ideas that some humans possess. (and the characteristics that only humans have / had / achieved) >homo sapiens sapiens or the animal of meanings, seeks and gives meaning to all things, even those that do not have*(strongly or always influenced by emotional brain)

>since a time ago… I have noticed what could be called hidden geniuses those people without ego that give their contributions anonymously without any kind of profit, to those I say/think:

>I know, I know that the goal was only the glory to discover, and even so.. some nights the doubt knocks at the door, asking you to show them the success, and you reflect if everything you did was nothing but a madness of thought, oh, if people could know that all those things were developed anonymously as a contribution posing as many-much-a lot of person because nobody would believe that all It was only one person… and the mind is dominated by the heart in a sea of infinite drops of rain..it’s a dizzy, confused, misplaced feeling and after a long divagation of darkness it consumes itself only to then seek again the light in its endless course. they are hidden geniuses who from time to time let themselves be seen through their contributions/ideas/ research/creations,.. and yet— is an author who never appears nor will appear in his own work relegating himself to the shadows, and paradoxically they are the ones who achieve the most brightest lights.>>Specifically this class of geniuses are what I will most admire, you are not being ignored, you will live eternally in ideas. my soul is inspired by you and my passions are reborn to finish/retake the unfinished..by the power of truth, my soul is inspired by you …it was real.. i can “feel” you..

>This is the kind of genius that I promote, not ego, not attachment, not mental construction of oneself … this intelligence does not fear process different/opposing ideas/threads .. it is kind diverse, dissonant … similar/kind to the disorder of dissociative identity .. the individual can detach from his own vision of the world to posser other different point of view .. may be curious but all these points of view although very contrary one of others come from the same person, who does not stick to one .. it is like having many types of systems to experience / understand the world .. this is not due to a fantasy but to the lack of information to reach a global and absolute vision of the truth… so it express in all its derivative forms..

>Sometimes it is a relentless logician in an enormous system of axioms, in others a pragmatic empiricist inebriated by science and materialism .. and in others the semblance of absolute mystery with its multitude of bifurcated petals in exuberant flameflakes while at sundown over the rose-tinted sky, spectral lights emerges to perform a paradisiac dance ending up in the climax, being absorbed by the observer.

>I, a “human”-2019AD think/intuit/hope— about evolution/change future “human-homo futurus” : the biggest change I think it will be in the head (frontal lobes area+-). The head will be bigger in this area(connections*), while in the dogs / mammals the “snout” is projected, and in the today’s humans is the nose, in future’s one will be the forehead or it will be balanced at the same height as the nose.
>>in the same way the nose will not be so projected or it will not have that angle (while the animals are deeply rooted to their instincts (projected snout**), humans are with their emotions (projected nose **) their will/their desires to live/to want, do not come from intellectual causes or rational processes but from an emotional/feeling brain.
>>This new being will have a rich intellectual / ideal life, can immerself in own mind, their brain / intellectual part is no longer subjugated by their feelings or instincts or is used as a tool*, but this can also be expressed * .. immersed in memories, more introspection, >create complex systems in own mind, or have/ create many personalities in own mind or manage them, can solve problems in own mind, or draw / build / solve in own mind as if it were in real life, (greater memory). It does not drown in one solution/possibility but can see many possibilities almost immediately / intuitively. The intellectual brain can recreate* a world in own mind. more sensitivity- physically/emotionally/intellectually (empathetic, compassionate; can perceive a slight movement of the forehead, facial expressions are more subtle, is different in homo sapiens in that they do not have exaggerated facial / body expressions)

>Neoteny, face of children, pre-or-adolescent (only by analogy), visually higher / larger cranial vault/ forehead, bigger eyes, fine nose, nose’s alae more narrow imperceptible from the front, almost imperceptible nostrils, angle of the nose more straight (± 90 °) thin lips, small mouth* do not eat how human eat (meal replacement, intravenous or other means)>Therefore> reduction-jaw or-almost-or-nonexistent.

>apparently the key is in the jaw> the jaw undergoes a “process of retraction”>do not confuse with lower jaw retraction> but it is an upper and lower jaw-retraction (maintains its ± right angle)> thus> changing the morphology of the face> nasolabial area >the nose is more straight (r.gular, less projected-angle) and the forehead, finally, is projects abroad.

>In projection of the face, visually, the jaw fuses with the neck, the nose occupies the place of the jaw, and the forehead projects over the nose.
>It gives the-sensation that the whole brain falls on the eyes, or like the person had a better domain over himself.
> It seems like a leverage, the jaw retracts to the neck, and the forehead protrudes. > If seen in a restrospective(past/present/future perspective), the primates had the projected jaw, the humans the nose, and the homo futurs, the forehead. > it is as if the jaw came close to the neck> while the animals of the earth have a jaw projected to the outside, this jaw does not project like the other homos-

>there is no Adam’s apple, narrow larynx/no-protruding, the frontal neck makes a harmonious arch without interrupting the jaw / chin (regular*) no facial body hair, hairless / no beard, (no protruding cheekbones, (r.gular *) larger/bigger head zone in relation to zygomatic/ jaw area (r.gular *)) androgynous, disappearance of many male features, mainly the face / skull characteristics. fine bones, narrow shoulders, underweight BMI <less-15. shorter trunk (due to the disappearance or decrease of organs related to the process of food or defecation), long legs, Lighter/weigh/agile, not so heavy bones/ kinda cartilaginous. <finer features>> disappearance or decrease / size/number of teeth> mainly technological external than biological, biomechanical skeleton, technological “suit/clothes” … etc.>Technology allows mind-reality (doing things without physical effort, only with the mind, e.g electrodes impanted technology)>can speak/communicate with the mind, instead-with the mouth, physically / technologically.

>On the path of evolution, the homo-futurus, differs from the other homos- in that the proportions of his body do not suggest /relate [“earth/muscles/food/materialism/survival”] but is a delicate body related/suggests with [” the skies/ idealist/ antimaterialist/ fine”] > while the other homos- have a body that suggests being rooted in the earth> this body suggests being matched for their relationship with the heavens and the stars,

>certain features of homo futurus are already in some degree in some homo sapiens> in this time that I am, let’s call it “anachronistic-times” and where some slaves are kings and vice versa, –can go to the future (go to a first world country) -or-go to the past (go to poor countries), or simply if you are “from a poor place” to go to supermarket or the internet, Dissonance between moderation and violence, aggression and calm, intelligence and stupidity.. often attacked (mainly in third world countries). Sometimes it’s like treating a gorilla as a human.. I hope this moment in history does not go unnoticed, because it existed.. anachronistic period .. between the future and the past.. primitive and sophisticated/evolved.
all about this person. Ordering ( could be of help for background point 2)
[only read if you want to know about this person, it is not the case then skip this block, F3 key: blockend]

>Real-personal : A highly sensitive 7-year-old human who created inventions in his house, designed his own clothes, created his own toys, created his own “watch/ design”, mechanism for more realistic cartoon costumes for play (e,g wings-movement with a rope ), generally with recyclable materials, at school with that melancholic temperament, he had no friends but he considered that we were all connected and we were all like brothers, then he was bullied / beaten> one day he came home urinating blood> the adults did not believe that children did that > (he was studying in one of the schools that were said to be very dangerous.. where his older brothers were delinquent)> it was normal in those times/place) this.. whole primary school, sometimes he did not enter classes and looked at the high school students, and he wondered if He would also become those “things”, he was told that he would also be equal to them, that he would also be an “adult”, at that age he fantasized about meeting an adult and tell him about what he think about life , but soon after he realized that the adults were not as intelligent/awareness as they said, more than once a teacher / member of the “adult” school shouted at him for acting “weird”, sometimes when he knew a teacher he tried to see his virtues what made each one special but it was those same people who would one day also bulling him. At that time the motto was “only with the punishment / beating, they will learn”, and more than once he challenged the teachers about what they said, specially when they said what they believed/ideology, told them that It was not reasonable/ethical,(brainwashed) and he was punished for simply giving the opposite, when that discussion often happened after the teachers, they looked for a defect in him, it was often that being weird, it was something to feel bad, and more than once he felt bad. Then he came to the conclusion that neither the adults would understand him and said the man who was closest to him was Jesus (bible), he also had that sensitivity / intelligence. they knew him for being very delicate and crying.
>However, at 11-12 years old he discovers the world of fauna(ants) / science(experiment) / biology (biological process)//gnosis (12–14 related Mysticism,esotericism, Buddhism, Occult.. ) and his old motto was, “my mother is the knowledge, my father the experience” he affirmed “if a living-form seek a intellectual challenge/company/understand, then should see/appreciate the pattern/thing of nature, then discover/understand/feel the magnificent nature wisdom”, sometimes there was also bulling/hit at this stage but not as serious as in those times but he is still treated “occasionally” and probably all his life as a “weird/retard”- some humans (underdeveloped countries/places; poor of spirit, primitive,impulsive) seeing him in real life claim to have had “the sickly instinct” for “hit / hurt”

(acting weird.. walks/standing as if floating >kind-MJ’s”the Lean”-movements(stands), his foot does not step/touch-hard the floor, lower lateral areas-foot (walks), does not seem to live in real life, does not look at the face/eyes, wierd-staring as “staring through”(ghosts?), without/inhibited expression (face/thinking), extremely thin (only a walking head), do not understand what he says, he seems to live in another world, he seems not to control very well his body, very automatic (run/walk)movement/talk (trivial conversation) and looks weak and helpless.. ) some have even believed that he does not know how to speak or that he has a serious mental problem to understand the world (material), some,a priori, considered profound disability, an attempted rape in primary, (do not tell anyone)

>eventually (10-today) created / designed a system / personalities to look like a “normal human” and even now taking advantage of the social sphere, he still considers that “believe/guide in “modern social behavior” is based on a “profound anthropocentrism” that must be overcome>He considered himself an adult when he was 12 years old and said that is possible acquire all the knowledge of the school before 12 and the problem was the education system and the little understanding of how human acquire knowledge, therefore it was perfectly possible and not surprising that someone can go to university at that age. he thought that the ideal age was 12 (moderation) (What! so so you are the real I, so you are my creator? 0.0)

>(investigate)(to whom it May concern): his friends were children, his best friend was a 7-year-old girl(last year). At school (high/middle school), he “(was)” that mysterious-lonely-person everyone talks about but nobody knows, the teachers and directors held a high regard for his “moderate/decent/noble personality”, they said he was perfect only that he needs be more open/Social, the director said that he was a transparent person, >He has changed school every-half-year (high/middle school) and girls at school have fallen in love (since 12), even some boys because he has androgynous traits (physical), one day almost all girls in her class “lift/ carry/ extremities” and turning around him(?) according to them he looks cute, fine, delicate, noble and above all the unique look(stare) they have described his look(stare) as “innocent, noble, cute, sad eyes, mysterious”. (one eye higher than another, slightly. One eyes with epicanthic fold and the other the opposite)> more often seeing everyone from the balcony or in a place where there is nobody, reading an esoteric book or writing ideas.

>He is not exactly white, but sometimes, according to “ temperament”, his skin turned into an exaggerated white tone (like paper) and mainly fingers-nail somewhat bluish, it seems as if blood were blue (cold body-hands) and it seems as if the skin is translucent, that has attracted people’s attention> to see him, they saw their hands immediately-too, a student told him he looked like an alien (Respectfully) >for some reason they also see the belly, he is thin (1.72m 47-49kg ) >and some when they sees him, almost instinctively they touch their cheek, some conscious or unconscious has imitated his way of being(facial-body expression-personality) >they have described his personality as their appearance, in some way, as “delicate/high sensitive”, on another occasion he was told that he looks like a lamb(?)a girl described her appearance with the word “altar-boy” and she “wanted-do-asked” to draw him. >and to some degree they are right, even though no one has really known his inner world.>sometimes he has a “brain tingling” (cerebral pleasure, when doing certain things), when his skin turns in that tone, in general, and only sometimes under stress, he suffers a kind of “body paralysis”(stiff body, hands), others Sometimes he sees things larger than they really are (optical illusion) other times where the teacher’s head looks extremely huge(visual perception) other times where he sees like “light particles” following him(not ocular), other times he sees “lights flicker” in a lightbulb, cell phone, computer(on night)>photophobia, an extreme discomfort for light/sun(in the eyes and on the skin)>sound sensitive(no pain, but can hear sounds from afar, headphones volume 2–7%, usually wear earplugs when leaving)

>and the most important is that sometimes he doesn’t feel like being in his body (he has described it as seeing himself in the third person or as if he were a video game player, No disturbing) and when he remembers, his memories are not usually in First person, but the memories are usually as if he had been the third person observer.>the sound, or the light or the other observers, makes the memory or perception different, as if the mind will seek to see it also from the perspective in which the other sees it, and the sound, the light, and all things also have “form” or as if the brain does not ignore them. thus, if he does not see behind his back , but he listens certain sounds, then he perceives it as if such a sound he were seeing it, that is to say that what his brain recreates is not only what he sees but, his brain recreates a kind of 360 degrees vision, thus perceiving things more in an abstract way than in a tangible normal way. (it only happens under a high degree of introversion; he can go and return at will)>his life can be summed up between “dreams and reality“, or being half asleep, or half unconscious, where everything goes slower, where the mind and reality is one. He feels that his body is like a feather (physically), so when he walks, sometimes he feels, that he moves only his head and his body is a mirage.

>when he went “on-trip/traveled”, to another place, he was often confused as a girl (He does not have exactly long hair. but confused by his face and body structure) >in high/middle school, he “(was)” more often in his mind but not in the way he did in elementary school, because he learned normal behavior and liked the dandy style. In general, he had no problem with the school’s grade.>there were some occasions where, in a certain place submerged in thoughts, people thought he was a statue/doll/plastic/ornament. (Curious that you say it, let me say that my mother recently looked at me and told me that she looked like a doll, I don’t know how I should take this, but it’s as if she just paid more attention to me now, and also about the hospital and skin color)

(Data : wrist size = 14 cm |chest size = 79 cm |hip width = 34cm |waist size = ±60cm |head size= 57 |inside leg =87| back length= 40 |arm =59 |shoes to pants-belt = 107cm |face length =14 cm |head =27 cm |neck size = 32 |neck-jaw size = 38 |Shoulder width = 32(in)-37(all) cm 90(size) |humerofemoral index = 60.3 |humerus = 32 |radius = 27 |femur = 53 |tibia = 42 |foot = 26) visually, long limbs but not too long arms, short trunk but very long legs, narrow shoulders(XS size), small face but large head, skin shines in the sun but hurts as if sunlight passes through the skin and the skin is half translucent, Depending on emotional state, skin tone varies from golden, beige, pink-red, pale white, blue, purple, gray and a mixture of these, fine bones, fingers like cartilage, flush; blush nose and eyes area, impression; weightless body as if not touching the ground,silicone skin, slime muscles and cartilage bones in general, a fragility appearance.

(haha.. Why did I write this? I don’t know what you had in mind, but ok, I’m going to try not to delete this, another-personality)

>/only if it were necessary/ Inverted triangle – oval face shape>> two protuberances, around, the head, covered by hair, at the end of the frontal bone, similar but more protuberant than frontal eminence.>>at the height of the frontal eminences but in back of head , in the parietal bones, on each side, a very noticeable protuberances, which seems a more square than oval shape(back head)>>in the highest part of the skull, centered in the middle, in the Hair whorl, another extended protuberance, rounded rectangle shape.

>>as for the appearance/shape of the head resembles Francesco Melzi’s Leonardo portrait, the head looks soft, or not-so-solidified, or inflated >>however, some features are softer, supraorbital ridge (see, androgyny) and a little higher/larger head, and the protuberances mentioned>> In regard to the position of the eyes, it is very identical to the left side but on the right side is more like debussy (see, epicanthic fold), however in both side, they are slightly more sunken, and despite having rounded eyebrows, they are closer to the eyes, and therefore, the forehead/supraorbital margin covers more the eyes, giving the sensation that –can lives more in his head or an appearance of even-more instrospection.

>>when it comes to the frame of the face, the face is more neotenic, the eyes look big, the nose is long and narrow, and the mouth is thin and small, the shape of this frame highlights the eyes>>in profile unlike the portrait, the root/radix of the nose is also like the Greek, instrospective, but the dorsal bridge is dented and the tip protrudes (see, Celestial Nose), in regard to the projection of the faces, the facial bones, from face to chin it is sinking, so the tip of the chin is at eye level>>Front Facing, the head looks much larger than the entire face,>>which all the structure of the face makes the area of ​​the eyes/eyebrows, forehead and head even more prominent.

>few, but some ask him if they could touch him. (cheek-chest-wrist-hand) >also as in primary, they touch something that seems to have at the end of the sternum, two slightly protuberances and below it seems as if the heart is slightly beating back there>He is sensitive to everything that happens in his body, feels his heart, feels when food is processed in his stomach, to temperature, to all that happens in his body internally>>slight tendency to contracting the body, Intoeing and supination>and when he suffers his heart, physically, throbs throbbing/ intensely/Pulsating unwittingly, breathing disturbance >>”heart hiccups” >It is very easy to hurt his feelings, even more than he thinks.>at high/middle school many times they stroked his head>Some of them also did not like him at first, maybe they confused being quiet with being smug, but after knowing him a little, they had that instinct to protect him> but>One day a stranger wanted to take him to the stranger’s house.>another day another stranger wanted to take him in his car > other times it also happened that some people are watching his appearance, that stresses him a lot, one time a girl approached and looked at him closely as if he were an object, he realized but remained immobile/(undaunted :maybe that word is what characterizes it) in a “paralysis of thought”>the worst was when he was sitting thinking, a man saw him and approached, and with one arm he cornered his body as if hugging him, he did not say a word he did not know how to react, that man was like that for a while then he armed himself with courage and said shyly that he wanted to leave>In general, he lived with fear, of people, for many reasons, he was afraid of being hurt, sometimes he walks trembling his legs.>when he was little, before the age of 10, everything affected him or his brain was hypersensitive to almost all stimuli, when they yelled or hurt him, something like this happened in his brain: Wild Women With Steak Knives- 0:00- 0:42//>He was always sensitive and he wondered how some people have a Cold-minded, however from primary school until today, many things have happened and what stands out most is the distancing from the human being-perspective.

>(needs to be said)/personal/ it is easier for me to understand a schizophrenic, autistic, psychotic.. (neurodiverse), it is often said that they are who create their reality when in reality it is the neurotypic or normal human who has created this reality (social, cultural) their problem is so serious that they cannot detach from it. they really believe that the reality of their head is the true reality and that if you don’t see it as they do then you have a problem.
>>During early years he lived as a normal-human-learning-condition, however due to family problems, around 5, he was left with his grandfather, at that time his grandfather was in a sullen stage so he left him alone in a closed-room, so it happened to him going around and circling, jumping and jumping, then with the passing of time and isolation, he had certain kind of thinking in which -see an image, -see a color, -see a form, and create a story with the things he see, in his mind he saw them visually, clearly. At night, in complete darkness, he saw those visions or stories or thoughts in his head, almost as if he was truly experiencing it, each time that world in his head became increasingly abstract/unreal.

>>Then he started to feel like fade away, or leave his body and his movements became repetitive (rocking and rhythmic movements) his body felt the need to make those movements, it felt good to do it, like when you feel cold and you shiver, then it happened that sometimes when hearing voices, he came back to reality, So when he listened to the sounds of a movie, he imagined the movie in his head, he think this propitiated that visual thought/thinking >However, he was born with that nature to be quiet and reserved, in front of a problem he prefers to solve it before asking for help (talk) rarely spoke> the next step was, just as in some people everything ends in something sexual, in the same way that vision of seeing the imaginary in reality used to end in “disturbing / schizophrenic / grotesque / bizarre / chaos” >>later>family problems seemed to return to “normal”, but now he had another world in his head, it was like living between two worlds.>and he was like detached from his body and felt like an alien.>that is the reason why in primary school he act the way he acted

>> he had that tendency to contract the body, very similar to “genie wiley”, however that is not easy to forget> sometimes -give him attacks, it is like feeling that sink in oneself, feel drowning, or feel disconnected with reality, like looking behind a glass and be trapped, caged in mind or body. it’s desperate, but he try to keep calm and then he do the same rocking and walking movements and thoughts become that way of thinking, That is the reason why some people might think that he had a severe mental disability, but he is still aware>It also happens that sometimes, suddenly, he feel like a swirling dizziness of ideas, memories and sensations, it only lasts for a few minutes or seconds> and when it ends it leaves a feeling of isolation. he eventually integrated again but he still have those attacks and he can return to that world or to that way of perceiving things at will.

>during 7–8, he did everything possible> not to lose those “skills/powers” >mainly >reinforce those thought patterns, that way of perceiving and that visual thinking. because he felt that as he grew up he was losing them and was “normalizing”>>naturally born with mental appetites rather than instinctive, so he felt pleasure in exercising his mind,

>thus, he has two important facts/time/point in his life (mind):

>one is in (4)-5, the following years 7–8–9 he train those kind of “skills” or use it, at 10 he was “normalizing”..

>two, so at 11-12 he was decidedly to Live in his mind, it was intensely, explore his mind and what he can do inside. At (12)-13-14 is the stage where he returns to the outside world.>>but with the experience of the “normalization” of 10-(11), so it was easy to integrate again.

>throughout the school, what stands out is that children / teenagers cannot control their impulses and in fact they make those impulses their way of being, however, he being naturally calm and reserved, he could control those impulses and therefore he looked more mature, besides he was very tall even for his classmates, so he saw himself, psychologically, older to his peers which justified, to him, his behavior / thinking.

>around and After 12, what he noticed most was his ability to control himself, control his emotions, order/systematize/plan/master/analyze the thoughts, not allow emotions to dissuade him..

>No, he can understand people emotionally, socially, instinctively, he has no defect or lack in regard to it, he is empathetic, most of his life was more humanities than cold sciences, he can empathize naturally with the others, simply because of certain circumstances in his life he perceived the world differently, and he realized that there is another more complex or profound way of looking at things, “normalization” of the human he considered it as a simple way To see or live life. human socialization, human emotions as their intints are actually simpler than it seems and therefore they can be manipulated, distorted, controlled by others.

>In high/middle school in a certain school, in a certain half of the year, he challenged himself to act as a normal and very outgoing human, such a challenge was achieved, so for a time he “saw/analyze/Act” the school as an “experiment of human experiences” or “an analysis of human interaction” or “human social/cultural interpretation of reality“or peer pressure or “study of human emotions in adolescence / childhood” or “study on human self-deception” or Psychological manipulation or cognitive biases or “study of emotions in thinking, decisions, actions” or “the development of the self”..

>when it is said that he has attacks or that he sometimes behaves in a certain way, it does not mean that he acts as a deficient person or a degenerate or abnormal behavior, but that a normal human being sees it that way because he is out of the standards or the expectation of what is considered acting or being normal.

>(He is not a sick before a normal human, the pattern is rather a homo sapiens before a primate, where the primate wonders why man is not as active, energetic or impulsive as primates are, why apparently that human is so slow, :: confusing speed with depth of thought)

>(other personal)/ right now I am experiencing these attacks and sensations / it feels like moving away from reality, at the perceptual level it feel like getting into your head or as if looking at things from your head to outside, or being imprisoned in yourself and like sinking in yourself or fall into a pit endlessly. First you feel a feeling of isolation, no emotions, you’re really not thinking about anything, it’s just a senses of emptiness or isolation. Now it comes, it is a whirlwind of sensations that you once experienced, as if all traumas or all bad experiences, sensations came at high speed in the brain (see, Light Regains His Memories) this is really intense, It is a cumulus, uproar of all those traumatic sensations, it is like being in a kind of horror movie, all those feelings, pain, noise, movement, odor, disturbing.. this can be extended for minutes, but if you activate your social or tangible brain then such introvertivism or inhibition decays in degree and therefore the attack or memory ceases.>>However, it is not that easy, there are moments where you are alone and in general in those moments it is where they appear and in those moments it is difficult to get out of your head or return to reality>>It doesn’t always happen but it can happen at any time even in broad daylight in a park >generally, only 12–7 per year> it only lasts a few minutes/seconds.

>(idea) so the feet do not seem to touch the ground, because these rest mainly on the heel and on the fibular sides of the foot; metatarsal head, mainly fifth and fourth. -May cause some discomfort when standing, around 10 minutes, mainly in the heel bone, so it is usual for the pose to be standing; one foot/leg forward and flexed, this foot is at a right angle ±90°, while the support-foot is at ±45°. the toes tend to rise and not rest on the ground, hence, a nuisance with conventional shoes; flat insoles.>>Thus> interested in some adaptable shoes, that is to say the shoes are not rigid, you can bend/flex your foot without the shoe representing an inconvenience/disturb/spoil; the insoles are molded or can be adapted to the shape of the foot; also interested in the shoe’s design, for the new/constant position/pose/variation of the foot. interested in technological shoes, shoe with lights, with accessories or technologically customizable.

>although it may not seem like it, very good in sports (but -don’t like it, considers “soccer/others” time wasted), naturally first or among the first places in “physical education”, flexible/agile body more than average. In a running competition (school), among all students/grades, he won first place even with those who were older than him.

>obviously, he not only investigated others, but himself, in fact, most of his life/time was the search for self-understanding, but not in a philosophical or mystical way as understood, but rather, an “analytical way”>>(he got into his head to analyze his internal processes, this was not like a reflection or as a wandering, but it was like entering a computer/world and seeing its mechanism, how it works or what does this or that do)

>so on vacation and in the years in which he was investigated or lived in his head, he was discovering/obtaining knowledge about the functioning of the mind, but not in terms of conventional science.

/ by the way / just in case you ask, I was banned, I can no longer upvote, comment, follow or answer questions on Quora and so I prefer it.

2020, yes, that personality will come back and I hope to finish that, always comes back, this is a dynamic—constantly repeating that when I am in another personality I always think that I will be that personality for eternity but then the change occurs. Although I have already talked about these personalities in a superficial way. Actually It’s a more serious problem than that, I just don’t want to be dramatic with this issue. This is not about mood swings much less 本音 (裏) [ the true feeling or true expression / hidden part-face] or 建前 (表) [ formalities or facade / visible part-face] None of that, this is more complex. >>It is likely that by 2020 I will forget this account forever, so for as long as I will tell everything that may be relevant or investigated.

Yes, I think all it’s a brain-construction, my pure being, is in my true pure-world, that is to say the world of my head but it is too abstract or imaginary to be understood by the normal persons of my times.

Yes, this belongs to the other minds, not to the three minds. I have many things in my head, so different, so diverse, that it is difficult for me to assimilate all this into one personality. The logical-alien personality is the conductor of this orchestra; this brain.

when I was little, I wanted to know everything, I do not like to use something and not know how it was created/worked, I didn’t want to just keep knowledge but understand it and order all the information in my head.

So I had created a book where I ordered everything I was discovering, by Alphabetical order, class, data; type of knowledge . I had been very interested in systems. Then I discovered encyclopedias, that is in fact, my favorite type of books.

I created games with system (non-digital), I encountered the problem of how to locate things or objects on a plane or boardgame, and I invented a system very similar to the Cartesian plane, but at that time, I was litlle and I did not know about that system or chess.

Most of the time, when I have studied by myself science/math/”genius-work”, I have seen myself more in the situation of “aha! I already sensed it or aha! I knew it or I also reached the same conclusion”

There is also why I do not usually believe in super-intelligence or the mythification of geniuses, because many things that people say that geniuses have done, especially in logic, systems and engineering, I have also done/discovered it, and all before I turned 12 , but that is something that nobody would believe me and therefore I will never speak about it.

how people organize the information in their head, I like order, so I like to do-make the search systems in my head.

Also when I discovered videogames I made a visual encyclopedia-dictionary, I ordered the games by console, year, genre.. instead of letters, I had drawn the cover of each video game : On one sheet/page there were 8 video game covers, each cover was actually many rectangular cut-sheets, it was glued, on the first cut sheet was the cover, the second general data, on the following sheets about the game, that is each cover like a small booklet.

In the first pages, there was the introduction, in the index the videogames were listed alphabetically, but there was also by console, genre or year; and a system to search for a game by keywords.>>Later in time, I discovered programming.

>/might interest you (or not)/ just to know or explore :
Family guy online ( shut down game)
Dueling Network ( shut down game)
Livemocha, an online language learning community (closed down)
FusionFall Universe ( shut down game) Now I’m playing this ‘by’
Fan Recreation
Card Hunter Nodiatis Might & Magic Heroes Online The Kingdom of Loathing RuneScape Habbo Dominion Online Bruh.io Dragon Fable Wilds.io

>>B-R5RB >>Corrupted Blood incident >>The exploding whale of Florence, Oregon

>Simply unlike others, I took the path that I promote, before a problem do not expect me to complain about such reality, but observe me looking for solutions.

Hit me and I will bleed but never expect to see me surrendered, rather, wait for my death.

People, in general where I live, are like stars that do not emit their own light and are only something when they act collectively. They usually lack that power of individuality or emit their own light-Will.

Do they not know what light-Will is? ask the fish that swims against the current.
or ask beethoven : 8 bits – 9th symphnony, 2nd movement – Scherzo, Molto vivace, Presto

>>/personal/ I feel not-comfortable or I avoid to talk about personal things, I mean my own personal life, in real life I would never do it or I will avoid it, however I feel that what I could say about these personal experiences could be very useful to men who study such subjects.

>>I observe a trend :
When my being is alone, I usually have a clear and objective vision of things but focused on the “external causes”, therefore I am more interested in science, technology, inventions..

However, when a human factor is interposed or rather when I am not alone, that is, with the company of men or nature, I usually have a complex and subjective view of things but focused on the “internal causes”, therefore I am more interested in the humanities, the mystical, the human condition..

Interestingly, when I was focused on the “external causes”, in general because it depends on the personality type, it feels like being in space, in a vacuum, in slow time, even in the dark, because I usually turn off all the lights in my room to avoid all external stimulation and focus only on the mind.

Then, when I go outside, I feel like the man who has been in a dungeon for a long time, or the boy who has waited for a long time to his mother, I feel some peace and freshness. It feels like being in a white world, in a white dawn and in the distance you see some “spectral entities” known as men. Then you get into the mind of trying to understand them and so, in this way, you start the odyssey of your life.

>/Adolescence or whatever it is/ What do you call this state? I’m like with asthenia, tiredness not only physical but mentally, my mind as blank, my mind is like soporific- slow down, I see that since I haved the growth-spurt, I feel weak, also the fainting; adolescence?

/ JUNKO GO / I, a madmanoflove, am in love with this art (It’s like coming out of a way of my inner fantasies)…

>If I could also just relax and see life in a light and sober way, but I can’t, I need to feel everything, think everything; the sweet colors, the gentle wind, the sumptuous sounds, the wonderful math behind movement and things, the beauty of every thing that surrounds us, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t stop thinking, I can’t stop feeling; —With this intensity, Oh, O my mind!

>What is that called? have you seen that there are people who change from one emotional state to another from one moment to another, well, what it is called when you change from one state to perceive things to another suddenly, is like changing personality or changing the way in which you perceive things, you think differently, you perceive different, you feel different, you process different.. it’s like a switch of change-minded.

>Oh, by the way, to whom it may concern, I tend and therefore you may say that I am an, a kind of, antisolipsist, I mean I do not tend to believe in the idea that we exist, as understood by the entity, autocentrically, as it is ordinarily understood, I tend to think(percecive) that reality exists in itself and we are the illusion on it, that is, I tend to think in reality-(being)logy in terms of existence and life, I see reality as existence and we, that is, as existing entities or rather alive (life), possess the “autocentric illusion”, that is, the illusion of being us or our ego, I tend to think in reality not physically but reality as everything that exists, in this sense an idea has existence but not in the way in which it is ordinarily understood, pain also has existence and so on, reality as everything that exists and even what does not exist, because of the potential to be of things and so I tend to see people more as a result of nature rather than a result of one’s experiences, that is, I do not see things in human terms, understand life from the human perspective as if we were the center of life, but I see from the perspective of existence and therefore of the nature of things.>> I have this thought more developed but I hope it is understood and I can explain myself better afterwards, but that is, I might define myself, in principle, as an anti-solipsist. [actually that’s the way I percecive realilty, my default-worldview]

>/personal/ I feel not-comfortable or I avoid to talk about personal things, I mean my own personal life, in real life I would never do it or I will avoid it, however I feel that what I could say about these personal experiences could be very useful to men who study such subjects.

>>I observe a trend :

When my being is alone, I usually have a clear and objective vision of things but focused on the “external causes”, therefore I am more interested in science, technology, inventions..

However, when a human factor is interposed or rather when I am not alone, that is, with the company of men or nature, I usually have a complex and subjective view of things but focused on the “internal causes”, therefore I am more interested in the humanities, the mystical, the human condition..

Interestingly, when I was focused on the “external causes”, in general because it depends on the personality type, it feels like being in space, in a vacuum, in slow time, even in the dark, because I usually turn off all the lights in my room to avoid all external stimulation and focus only on the mind.

Then, when I go outside, I feel like the man who has been in a dungeon for a long time, or the boy who has waited for a long time to his mother, I feel some peace and freshness. It feels like being in a white world, in a white dawn and in the distance you see some “spectral entities” known as men. Then you get into the mind of trying to understand them and so, in this way, you start the odyssey of your life.

>have you ever felt that pleasant feeling of solitude,-have to be refined in differentiating the many feelings, this feeling can resemble a rainy afternoon while reading a book or writing stories on your desk, however this feeling is different, a bit empty or distant, hikikomori, but it feels good: /watch?v=Alyr2oVwTBU I like being inside games, in general for me, it is better than external life.

>(other personal) I will be honest, I never read any philosophical books, as a precaution that they do not influence my thinking or the thought I was developing, so I ask that those who read this do so with a blank mind without philosophical influences or preconceptions, as well as I will have intend to communicate as concise and legible as possible without linguistic pretensions.

>yes, me too, I don’t like kisses or any of those western things, Even for me, I would greet with gestures without physical contact, physical contact should be something more sacred, holding a person’s hand, for me, is something special, but those cultures and their genes being very bodily, having already desecrated body subtlety, they have no choice but to show their love in a sexual way.

>interestingly, in the past, in virtual groups I have been categorically classified as ENTJ and yes, I have no doubt that I have many ENTJ tendencies. Other fact, —Has it happened to you that when you are with an introvert, your internal psychology dictates you to become more outgoing and vice versa? the same thing happened to me with the INFP, they make me more that type. (yeah, it is easy to be a sensoring pragmatic outgoing extrovert; thus, any-one).
However, I can be sure of something and that is that I am INXX with enneagram Tritype, 549, 541; 538, respectively in greater degree. (Oh, but she is 100% INFP; prob. 497)

[key: blockend]

> in homo sapiens sapiens and in possible futures homos>these three factors :
1.biological/physical – 2.technology/inventions – 3.mind / knowledge/understand
>We have to see all these factors and not only improve with knowledge/understanding or technology, but on a biological level, and when I say this, I do not mean a human improved by genetic editing- but quite the opposite,> a biological level as a life form perspective >superior to this bunch of homos, superior to homo sapien sapiens, A universal form of life (not rooted only to the planet earth)>looking at the “skies/nature/reality/ god”.

>Pessimism often lies on ideas with nature immutability, I propose that as beings we should never ony see things/ ourselves as “what is”, but as “what can become”, we should see things in terms of potentials to be, and not only acquire knowledge/ develop technology/understanding in relation to us (anthropocentism), as this will make us stagnate in our own species or biological / mental condition; the human being has to overcome [himself].

>When I propose that we see ourselves as life forms, I also mean to appreciate the mutability of matter (and the search for objective truth with the least subjective interpretation, that is, those truths that do not belong to the forms of life, but rather to the nature itself or objective reality, and do not confuse describing reality with understanding), we must not consummate our knowledge or tencology in ourselves (as material / mental being) but as existential being as a form of life,

>>through the exploration / colonization of planets , technology and genetics, in the eons of time and if the human expands through the universe, it is possible that new forms of life are formed from human beings that adapt to these new conditions either by nature or by genetic modification
>We must see ourselves not only at the level of physical forms, but in time and space, in the course of “existencial-history”, see us not only from the perspective of life but also from death, I propose to see ourselves from a past / present / future perspective, with the potential to be,[ what done/was, what doing/is, what will do/be].. Do not keep us alone in the passivity of information or in our own bubble , but to be active, not only to think but to act, the intellect must be strong enough to order and ride, to our instincts / emotions; that is to achieve the “as we think, we act” that is not weakened by (fear) emotion / (sex) instincts, but the intellect can take the control in the same way instintic/emotion do it, the intellect has a will (but not emotional), the intellect seeks / attains reasons that can be indifferent or go beyond emotions and instincts impulses (material condition)

>Nature in its wisdom(understood in the interpretation / perception that can be had of nature,>>nature as all-things/matter>>wisdom as the process that nature does> so that such a thing/matter has such characteristics, a flower, a fish, a human being> and such a process is understood as a clay fitting into a mold >that is, it is not random-illogical-intentional , but rather it is a “natural” process, we simply do not know all the “variables” →to know→ that such a thing has been given in such a way, (e.g) > the mold is the conditions / environment / variables, the clay is the matter / chemical elements*, the wisdom as the process of fitting the clay with the mold) >thus understood that such a fish has such characteristics by the process / wisdom of nature rather than by *intelligence/deliberate* (/personal/:: perhaps such a process is *intentional / intelligent* in such case I do not have such information to make such an assertion, but I keep in mind such a possibility in “my library of possibilities (Unfictitious-fictitious)”.

>1.about individualism/autenticy and “bifurcation of personalities” (or the problem of the other minds contained in oneself)
>2.about other ways of reproduction (other form of life) new form of life; new Lobes of the brain, better* brain connections that favor general intelligence* “be intelligence, learn/epicenter from the nature, not/Instead from human /other form of life perspective”. the problem with the modern science-technology-understanding anthropocentric or the problem of modern humans 2′000AD-Future.
>3.about importance/create oneself own culture/ thoughts /world/language (about solipsism/isolation : a starting point of thinking to start building thinking )(and The importance of the “language of thought” for-oneself and “language of nature/reality/god” for -“a means of communication for all form-life-nonlife”), disconnection and reconnection with the reality-present, minimize, increase or cancel the “influences” with the personalities in oneself (mind-other minds)
>4.about another form / perspective / alternative for asceticism / hermit life
( Re: the other minds in oneself, be one and none ) and the construction/ perception/ interpretation of oneself /self-image and world.
>5.about virtual worlds, games/related Digital Era and the misunderstood/problem to consider that the * pinnacle/work * of the intellect is the domain of artificial technology (of humans) rather than the domain of organic-life technology (of nature).
>6.about the importance of “mental programs”, since the term I’m looking for does not yet exist, let’s say it is >just as you can create a program on a computer in the same way you should create programs in your own mind> the mind must dominate its own domain, know how it obtains / generates / invents / forgets information / knowledge / data, we must take control of this and not just leave it to the “unconscious process” for this it is important a discipline that study how the mind relates to “reality”(Cognition), how it imagines, what a thought is, what an idea is, what is to-understand, what is a memory, how to recreate reality in one’s mind. >that is, all the mental / biological processes that the brain does to relate to the “world / reality / non reality“(related to cognitive sciences, neuroscience, mnemonics, “systems” (Swarm intelligence, Multi-agent system), artificial intelligence, logic, information science, Knowledge organization, Data science…)>all this study / knowledge to create a efficient “mental programs” >this is to create systems in one’s own mind, as if they were pieces of lego to use them for a purpose, an example is to create/keep an encyclopedia system/Knowledge in one’s own mind, to enter the information of a movie, year, genre, synopsis… or Method of loci or akibator algorithm or a Dendrogram system or [a mind-world unreality].. >Perhaps with the future’s technology, these mental programs are created as solfware implanted in the brain for a greater capacity in the human mind, I think, everything is fine as long as they do not impede the development of the evolution / mind or process of nature (as I propose, be more on the side of nature than of the human being)//

>7.about investigating / exploring / developing / inventing / a new science / knowledge / discipline that does not yet exist (the goal of overcoming scientific and academic knowledge) if something does not yet exist, be “the one” in making that something- exist.

>8.about the Problems of “philosophy” or the problem of the autocentric-anthropocentric perspective (in humans :or the animal of meanings)

once you have related to nature,
it is impossible for you to look at things with the same eyes
and always an eye will keep it closed to look inward
because what lies beyond matter can not be seen with the eyes but with the mind.

We, contained in our own senses, can not but interpret nature / reality, but with the power of the intellect/mind we can understand it, and glimpse the interrelation of all its parts.

>The understanding of reality goes beyond the perception of reality.

9.The problem of human socialization.

10.The problem of man trying to reveal the nature / reality(RE: man and other forms of life have a tendency to relate to nature / reality in relation to themselves, and therefore do not obtain knowledge about the nature itself, but in general in the interpretation of themselves / of the senses / brain.>The problem of “consciousness”- or- interpretations of feel :

event : a person has an accident but.. he.. unharmed:

1.say- to be more aware of traffic accidents, seeing from the perspective of those affected. (related: sadness)
2.says- to be more aware of the negligence of the people, seeing it from the perspective of the person in charge. (related: anger)
3.says- he is more aware of the luck he has (optimism)
4.says- to be aware of the bad day he had (pessimism)

In other words, the “conscience”, in general, is linked to an emotional brain, in general people need their emotions to realize something, however this awareness only allows to know “the reality of oneself” instead of “the reality of things / nature / objective reality”(so it is not surprising that they come more to a self-centered philosophy). If we detach ourselves from our own self-centeredness, then with the eyes of humility and the power of the intellect we could see nature itself and therefore see all possibilities, all interpretations, all understanding; thus not relegating our vision to what we feel/perceive but a consciousness that is above it focused on nature itself.

>humans seem to have to first feel / perceive / experience / senses to realize this or that things, instead of bringing the intellect / mind and realize things that escape feeling / perceiving / experiencing / sensing. because if one limits oneself to his senses, in what differentiates himself from others with more capable senses to encompass “a wider reality“, only through the intellect can we understand nature. (whatever be the amount of senses one have, to relate to reality requires a certain degree of interpretation by senses/brain)

>I propose, a perspective from the “own nature” instead of the perspective of the human being / autocentrism.

>could be say that feelings also interpret reality, as well as sense do, so the internal and external reality could be related as one, and thus all things are self-related, however until now all things have only wanted know about nature / god / reality to the extent of their own convenience (anthropocentrism / self-centeredness), each one seeks his own happiness, his own internal truths, his own personal beliefs, his own survival;

has there been someone who really wanted to know God / nature / reality without existential conveniences? These are the truths to which I alluded.> to want to know nature / god / reality without personal conveniences,
”one want god/reality/society to understand him, I want to understand God/reality / society [in itself]”

>Of course, one should not neglect to seek to understand oneself as other peers, the understanding must expand as well as contract, (that is why I have proposed, the other mind in oneself, I am perfectly conscious (I have the information, knowledge, understanding) that some humans can not do that, humans develop under one-singular-individual “perspective / personality / experience”, on one hand I think it is due to “autocentrism” and on the other hand to the way the “human-normal-brain” works (mainly/suppose related to memory &emotional brain-regions),
>for them [I would suggest] “cognitive integration” / holistic perspective.. considering to a greater extent god / reality / absolute truths about all things.

>there is – to advance on a biological level, because one can acquire knowledge / wisdom but the “intrinsic / cerebral / biological capabilities” do not usually change much throughout life ( In-based-on humans).>specially we have to improve the intellectual capacities related to the mind.

>The importance of nurturing / improving all the mental faculties. (incentivize “biology/nature” for new mental / biological capabilities) (and kind of thinking: logical thinking| intuitive thinking| Abstract thinking| associative thinking| explorative thinking| visual thinking| imaginative thinking| system thinking| Divergent thinking..etc)

>sometimes a problem is very difficult / complex under a “system/form of thought” but very easy / less complex/not complicated under another “kind of thinking”.. has often been confused with intelligence/effort/capacity but it is simply to raise the problem from another perspective / form/kind of thinking.

>a good capacity- in visual thinking is-: a individual should be able not only to understand ideas or create systems in the head but also to be able to visualize it, and ultimately also visualize it in the “reality(world/mind)” (it is like having the idea in front of you, to be able to feel/sense it, to manipulate it, to move it, to see it from many angles ..) an exercise to practice this skill would be assembling a “prism template” (easy to complex) in your head, or visualizing a dice and moving its faces (without distorting; number of dots on the faces)>into a dark-silence room(night): visualize a movie-seen-, a symphony, draw on head (2d-3d), mentally build a house, city or biosphere, solve a visio-spatial problem e.g an invention / design , origami..
>whenever-it-is -necessary, to look for methods and ways to visualize ideas / information / systems / problems.

>>forms of life (or what they call “life”) is more a “chemical process” [Symbiosis/moldable/adaptive with the “reality/dimensions /energy”; interacts with all the properties of reality that we know and do not know]
than merely a “mechanical process”[ mechanical rigid system/ generally immutable, without influence with all the variables of the “nature / reality“]

>just as some animals do not seem to have a filter on their instincts, and some humans on their emotions; we should not only see things without a filter, that is> a person is formed his understanding of reality through his senses – that person feels that he is his body, the filter is as if we were-in our body, the filter is between the brain and the eyes, that is to say that what enters our eyes passes through the filter before passing to the brain (understood as the brain is our understanding> the eyes are the sensations that come from the “senses / experience / knowledge”> the filter is as kind of ability to “analyze-discern-reflect-think”the information that goes on in our brain)>making not form an understanding of the reality by the senses> e.g >this feels as if we are driving a spaceship and what we see through the window is a world of another dimension, unintelligible to our eyes, so we use a program of the ship to understand that world>so it “feel” like we are-in our bodies, specifically in the head behind the eyes, and what we move→is this body>>we must not form our understanding of the world / reality directly (without a filter) of our senses, but that all information passes by our mental filter(mental system, mental program), so our understanding of the world is based on a complex “mental / organic-system- structure” that is constantly “self-improving / self-regulating” by our “mental program” and “search for the truth” and that “mental construction of the senses “It’s only referential. >this is to reach the understanding of reality beyond the perception of reality.>>also, another-filter(output) should be when we want to get an idea to reality (and, what consequences can bring – present / past / future perspective)

> If we really want to know reality we have to strip ourselves of “all” sense and feeling, and see reality without judging it.> As far as our inner world is concerned>then> you can give it meaning / senses / feeling (subjective : or higher degree>>greater degree of>>::
> the “symbiosis/osmosis/solution” between: internal world⇆external world)

>the mind(s) that is in charge of translating reality should be [kind-“logical-(or “beyond” if we discover new-other form to translate reality)-without prejudices of the senses or of feeling”]

>the minds that are in charge in [“your reality”(subjetive)] can be more “comprehensive” [or like “you have designed your mind(s) system”]

>>logic, properly speaking, is possibly the highest form, until now, that mind knows to “understand” reality in the purest form.

>I propose “the other minds” over “holistic conception” to the extent that such conception is prone to bias, to fill gaps/failures-unconsciously in his vision to unify everything. “the system of other minds” is a type of diasociaon where it separates the senses from the understanding, in this way, this “system” consists in diminishing but canceling such “biases/external-internal influences”

>>there are things that escape logic, and that is that logic can understand “external/causes” but not “internal/causes”, so it is necessary, and not underestimate, the power of “senses/to feel”, especially “feelings”.

>Thus, we have two brains::>> one in charge of understanding the “external causes / objective / external reality” (E.G understand social logic)>>and another, responsible for understanding the “internal causes / understanding life forms / senses” (E.G understand the feelings of a person)

>However both fail in something, and is that “the mind of external causes” tends to become a kind of “crazy mathematician” forgetting-oneself.

>While, “the mind of internal causes” tends to become a kind of “sentient martyr”, forgetting-oneself.

>Therefore, it is necessary “a pure mind” to take care of ourselves, this mind is the purest form of inner world (not to be confused with mental contruction of oneself) this mind has no prejudices / no knowledge of the outside world(not influenced / contaminated by experience), it tends to be/ the highest form of “solipcist/self-centering/vortex”, this mind is our purest form of “being-authentic.”>> This mind keeps our “being-integral-root” , is responsible for perceiving ourselves, and serves us at the level of [health / emotional / mental sanity]

>So we now have three means to understand the “world / reality“, one is knowing oneself (looking inside), the other is knowing their “peers/life forms/senses” (looking outside) and the third is understanding the “reality / nature” (looking beyond)

>These means do not try to interpret their own convenience (self-deception), but rather throw themselves into understanding “the nature of things”

>Do not to confuse, the understanding of “these minds” is beyond form of life and the senses “themselves”, they do not try to understand with their “self-interpretation perspective” but from the perspective of nature.

>>The “inside-mind”, seeks to understand, not the self-construction of ourselves but oneself as “being” and “internal sensations”.

>> The “outside-mind” seeks to understand “the internal-causes” , it is to “feel” what the “other-feels”, “the subjective worlds”, but is not “absorbed/influenced” but rather remains in a “contemplative-vision” to understand the “nature of those-[feelings /senses/world]”. Thus, the truths that it finds are beyond “self-being/construction/perception”.

>>>both seek understanding, not judging.

>About “normal-human” : let’s accept it, however much the human being is idealized, human being is “naturally” an animal driven by his “instincts” and his “feeling”, who occasionally uses “reason” to make “sense/meanings” to his “internal impulses” and therefore his “worldview”.

>>Let’s agree that human is instinctively social, but above all socially emotional.

>>>Thus, it seems that emotions will be present throughout our lives, consciously or unconsciously, so it is necessary to have a “good-system” for the human condition.

>>>>”the good to feel” : is the balance of the “internal impulses”, it is the balance of “reason – feel – instinct”, is to “act” in “sense” with “reason”.

>>You can help a needy person out of compassion but you can exceed yourself by giving away all your property, creating other problems and without realizing, “harming” others> or the case>that the needy use your feelings for their purpose or benefit. >>Thus, ”the good to feel” is to act before feelings in its right measure.

>it is not deliberately acting because the feeling dominates you, because how it differs from anger, >in this way, you would be helping just for a mere mood and ultimately helping out, not because you really want to do good but because you want to please your own feelings. >thus, is it presented:: >

>”the reason for the good”: It is not doing good just because you feel good doing such an action but this is doing good for the good in itself.>this is shaped as a person understands “reality”(looking beyond), as well as “life-forms”(looking outside), thus, Through experience and learning from ”the good to feel”, it do good whenever “necessary”, “accessible” and does not “harm-anyone”. > It is possible-and-advisable to create a “mental program” for this.

>it is understood that mental programs are not only limited to data, but can also be used:

> mental program: to understand your emotions or to regulate emotions or designed to examine each emotion; learning and reflecting on the causes. for example, if it detects feeling of “envy” >classifies as “non-rational feeling”or save “date”, “data”, “curiosities”>”reflects” the “origin” of that emotion> then what that “envy-wanted”(emotion-origin) is transformed into another “feeling”, into an “impulse to achieve”.

>the filters can also be: a person insults you, the filter allows you not to react instinctively-emotionally (self-centered) but this filter does a “dissociation process” of each of the parties, examines the person (expression, facial, tone), examines why he said that, what is implicit.. and after having analyzed the situation, this process gives you a conteplative perspective of “the-situation/things”.

> a mental program: responsible for transforming emotions to musical language or other form of art, it can be serve as a sketch or ideas to develop.

> mental program: to give you ideas in your inventions, if you look for ideas> that program shows you lot of possibilities related to the idea you are looking for.

> mental program: responsible for bringing your ideas to reality, to realize your ideas, as well as to the extent possible to develop the idea or project in your own head.>> or for planning, for organization, for execution, or passive learning.

>how to collect all the feelings, especially the noble and pleasant feelings, will there ever be a machine that reproduces feeling directly in the brain?(future) thus, being able to feel feelings never experienced, other-species.

>a technology that is related to the brain allowing acquiring knowledge in a completely radical way.

>about the overexcitability of the brain (the abysmal storm in a chaotic cumulus of ideas and sensations) (a.k.a the will of the intellect): and how to deal with it beyond mere emotional-physical relief, new methods to take advantage of..

>(ideas)//(future human)- “marry” with many persons, male and female, for love, other interests, not sexual (instinctive brain), so that to face world problems/Social/ money, does not fall on only two people(monogamy), but on a complex “net”, thus, improving not only their income but their lifestyle/quality of life.. some work, others like to take care of others, others do not work, others are the heart of the family, others are the brain in the family. Inside their home is a world. (They coexist as a familiar, idealistic appearance and the characteristics already mentioned)

>(idea) (interested) A game similar to “role-playing games”, ”Interactive fiction”>”Choose Your Own Adventure but where the whole game takes place only in the players head and imagination (a system to recreate an environment in the minds of the players)

> There are many perspectives to see “the-things”, I propose above all the “perspective of nature” (not self-centered) and then in “acting” the “past-present -future” perspective (contemplative) , so, we see ourselves as the “other”, and not like “the-self “.So we can examine our actions, situation, the path of our life..

>Have you ever gone to a “forest/landscape”, where there is no one and have you enjoyed nature’s company more than human’s company ? the colors, the sound, the trees, the sunlight, the sky.. those feelings.. should not disappear in time.. we must keep them .. in a glass jar.. or in the art.

>if I have referred to geniuses as people who give themselves for the progress humanity and good deeds bring a benefit to humanity, so I conclude that “helping-people” is also a kind of genius, which is rarely considered, often underestimated, since it is rarely seen that all things are interconnected, thus helping a person directly, also help others indirectly, due to the impact of the actions.

>the “planning/analytical/strategic”-mind over the “improvising-impulses”: about the importance of improvisation; about the importance of planning as a more evolved medium:: or the will of oneself against impulses.

>Each of these three minds have “levels of understanding” that are “moldable-organic systems”, which are intended to filter “self-centered subjectivity,” so a truth or understanding has a higher level to the extent that they have a lower degree of subjectivity, influences, interpertacion or biases.

>In general, the understanding of “these three minds” are formed only by high levels of understanding, that is, those who almost lack all subjectivity and interpretation, these truths or understandings go beyond the senses and form of life, preceding them.

>The levels of understanding can be seen as a building where each staircase on each floor is a filter, each of them is more “rigorous-filter-system”, to detect the degree of subjectivity, being able to discard already on the first floor if it is a mere opinion/interpretation (subjective understanding).

>>”The subjective understanding” : It is a form of “self-centered understanding” and therefore this understanding is closer to the inner world, either of “oneself” or of “the-others” (society, culture, prejudices) than of the external world (or to the understanding that precedes its existence).

>subjective understanding is rooted in the senses-feelings self-centered; Thus, such an understanding of society is due only to one’s feelings or experience. Thus, such an understanding of color is due only to the senses or to the brain’s own interpretation, optical illusion.

>O thou living-being! so learn, in diligence, from nature which has engendered all beings on earth as well as non-terrestrial ones.

>knowing that most things happen in one’s brain, one has to -will- to acquire control> over oneself> conscious, subconscious, unconscious> the domain of the mind.

>So what I have to propose is not a “holistic” or ”reductionist” perspective.

>the emotional sphere can dominate us, the instinctive sphere can dominate us and in fact it does, the rational sphere is present in us, so when I mean that the human has to explore or know himself, I mean that one has to know those internal impulses, and not only to live by living, but to know not only the world, or reality but also oneself. Therefore, although the mind of the inner world tends to be auto-centered, we must use it mainly to know ourselves in this sense, it is not a vague exploration, but it is determined,it ia it’s an analysis, it has exploratory methods, it uses tools (mental programs) and the knowledge that it has acquired . It is not entirely scientific, it is not entirely philosophical or entirely mysticistic.

>If we have a natural talent for something, we should never feel “satisfied“, but,to the extent that we have developed/explored/exploited those skills.

>the greatest critic of our lives must be ourselves, but this does not result in disappointment but urge us to achieve what we want, to have a determined mind to achieve what we proposed, not to be tamed by our unconscious impulses, one must first develop his will power.

>The question is not to regulate our instincts or emotions but to dominate them.

>the animals seem to be devoted to the world of the senses or cannot be detached from them, just as some primates seem to be thrown outside or to their senses, we must first of all know that the world of the senses is a mere interpretation of the brain, we must have the ability to detach ourselves from our senses from our mind from understanding..

>thus it is possible that all scientific knowledge is somehow subjective since it does not investigate reality in itself but the “reliability” given by its senses; so it is possible that such knowledge is somehow subjective within a more general picture that exceeds “human-perception”, for this reason “levels of understanding” do not ignore such fact or possibility, so that low levels of understanding is known that they have a certain degree of subjectivity, as well as the high levels of understanding know that such understanding was undermined to such a sense or to such an interpretation of the brain so it is possible that such high levels of understandings in time fall to medium or low levels, in this way, this system is not rigid but adaptable, moldable but not therefore volatile.

>thus it is better to see scientific knowledge as “less self-centered” or “less subjective” but never “entirely objective” or “absolute truths”. since we must be aware of the “means” we use to obtain such information as our senses and even our own brain.

>As much as possible in the development of our “abilities/capacities”, we do not compare ourselves with men, since that limits our range of potential, that is, we impose a limit on ourselves, the “being” has to put his eyes on nature and its unlimited potential.

>The Renaissance did well to learn from nature, but focused their vision on the image of man, it was somewhat good as a means to overcome the medieval philosophy of their time, but now we are no longer in those times.

>Now we have to focus on nature, but not for that matter, to downplay the human being, but to give impotance to each of its parts.

>thus such an invention or such creation should be at first inspired by nature, rather than a subversion of it.

>Out of “these three minds” are other minds that can be called as the minds of opinions, or of experiences, those things that we know but cannot categorically say to be true, so these minds are interpretive in nature. While the other three minds are of an understanding nature, they have no judgments or opinions, they remain neutral in understanding.

>about people who take advantage of others (the good to feel)

>(idea)/personal/ in the same way> primitive men created their games> related> to bodily > and>>human>> later >>>were created board games >then >console-computer games> we must now create games that only play in the minds of the players (similar to chess blindly), preferably not based on competition (winner-loser)>1.a purely abstract closed eyes game>2.a game with, visual thinking and spatial visualization , where on the table with the imagination you start to build> takes place the game.

>(stages)”the child is a realist, the young man an idealist, the man a sceptic, the old man a mystic!” it is necessary not to go to abstraction without previous stages, one in its early stages should be relate/engage with the whole physical plane, a “concrete” learning; origami, crafts, inventions, drawing, music, lego, puzzle, (nothing stays in the head, every idea is concrete, the result is tangible)>as he grows he learns to appreciate the abstract, read books, understanding how things work, things of imagination> however, in his next stage, he learns to differentiate between real and fictional, the theory and practice, the superstitions and facts, the beliefs and the true >then finally having learned from all this, with a” sensible mind”, explore unexplored fields,from the superficial to the depths of life or existence. >When the stages are skipped, problems often arise such as not being able to concrete ideas or not knowing if an idea is possible to realize.>>Let’s not confuse quantity with quality or speed with depth,

>what is the point that a pig has an over intelligence, if it will do pig things, what is the point of a superintelligent human if he will do normal human things; so much work, so much performance, to be just another employee> the problem is not intelligence, the problem is the human, so in the future if it were to see the modern man alive or dead, I prefer them all dead> thus>a more refined species emerge from them.. more refined in his act, more refined in his feeling, more refined in his thinking.> in the same way that primates cannot control their primitive impulses, in the same way modern man cannot control many of his impulses, and the real problem is not that they has them, but they do nothing to eradicate them. > It is time for the hominid called man to be overcome.

>the belief system has been created but you cannot live your whole life between mistakes and forgiveness.

>(heart and brain) Have you ever felt fear? one of the most basic emotions in the human being, and perhaps it was born to be cautious of danger, but perhaps one of the most intense is that fear that you would prefer death itself rather than life. then that emotion that in principle was a kind-”survival mechanism”, now goes against and it is not necessary to look for it far because this world is left over from it.. being cornered by a gang, screaming for help and not being heard, being hit many times in the face, that many people abuse you, to Have the hell before your eyes..there is a lot of violence and hate in this world to turn a blind eye. and pretend that all progress is summed up to the advances of “external causes”.. It is necessary to understand this reality in all its facets..and not be reduced in understanding at your own conception.

>about the problem of “hyper-idealization”
>about a new approach to look at others ( impulsive, wild, primitive)

>thus, it is better, an “evolved-human” with moderate intelligence than a “primitive human(a.k.a modern human)” with high intelligence. Being a clergyman is not synonymous with chastity as being intelligent is not synonymous with better refinement/sophisticated.

>Everyone wonders why, apparently, that person is good at many things, have they put themselves to think about all the effort he made to achieve that? people tend to overestimate achievements and underestimate “media, effort.”

>to sacrifice hours and hours, even, to his beloved, and to everything else, devoutly immersed in developing such “skills/ability”.

>There are people who are unfairly abused, there are people who seek to be “unfairly” abused.

>In solipsist/autocentrist thought one can think that we are who create this world with our thinking, such a conjecture could be more accurate if it were said instead of “creating” by “molding” or “interpreting” or “giving meanings”, on the other hand it is more likely that we will be the product of something bigger (anti-autocentrist), that is to say that everything we know, think, act, are governed by the “precepts/learned” of this sense’s world and nothing we do is “original” or “self” in itself, then we would reduce everything to the brain mechanism such as perceiving, reasoning , feel, however then we can discover that by altering its material condition, it affects reason, feel.. in itself (areas of the brain), then such solipsist or self-centered thinking is the most deceptive of all, because it puts us as the Main character of this infinite story.

>about the moments of sadness, depression, loneliness, torment, suffering
>about the trivial moments and the importance of time/age : the lost time..

>(persistent idea) so he comes out dressed like an albino or even more, light Hoodie, gloves, earplugs, sun hat and sunglasses. He has lived in a sunny environment but for some reason he has always fantasized about living in an extremely cold place, where the sky is blue (not yellow), the snow, the wind, but nevertheless covering himself the whole body, even the face ( no beard), thus, interested in creating a technological clothing that covers the entire body.

>magical thoughts or subconscious mental programs: they are a type of mental program, which is created by the subconscious (see, people who solve mathematical operation in this way, or premoritory dreams, clairvoyance, etc.) and these reach the “conscious” in an almost “magical / intuitive” way.

>”(was)” how it says something: that “was” but will continue to be. (Not “ing”)
>that “was” but will remain only for a little more. (Not-confuse: interruption) >>I shouldn’t/ must not, I don’t want, I can’t, how to say a word that implies these two sentences and another that implies all. >limiting language, limiting thinking>>brevity of speech but precision of language, precision of thought.>you: for strangers, you: for acquaintances, you: formal, you: beloved, she/he :??, it/one:??, she/he/it: ??>> a language of precision of thought, of emotions, of actions, in which oneself draws the words, paints the words, tastes the words, the senses, the meanings, a language free of expression> oneself forms/creates his way of speaking and at the same time is understandable to everyone else> so you recognize such a person by his unique way of speaking,>mystic, formal, cold, sweet, mechanistic, philosophical>Way of talking>>a language of expression, a language of thought

>With the passage of time, due to evolutionary causes, Neoteny and Androgyny ,>the role of man and woman, in the future, the dynamics will change,> hormonal-chemical “changes/variations”>> it is possible for people to feel female or male or other, viseversa, perhaps this is the main cause for which future generations will look for a language that expresses how they feel>” precision of language”>>modern language is “rough/ gross/ crude/ monotonous” in his speech> the search for a more sophisticated-refined language>>modern language is like a piano where each note is monotonous, in the “language of expression” the same note or word is not always the same, having variations>>language has to evolve.

>(idea) a house that is not made of stone, brick, cement, wood:: primitive, a house that can be transported from one place to another, the design of the house avoids the “points, edges”, predilection for curves or rounded shapes, visually it looks like plastic, white, clean, the house seems light, is anti earthquake, and anti-hurricane, and even anti flooding (basement, house closing), the house is not made of a rigid component, and can be molded by the user, change the appearance, the color/design of the house can be technologically manipulated, that is to say that the color is not painted with paint material, you can also manipulate the internal temperature of the house>thus>interested in a house, both structurally-material, architectural and technological.

>(fleeting idea) technological tracks/highway/floor, which know the location of cars, pedestrians, the speed of these, in this way the track/highway prevents traffic accident, negligence, the track/highway can regulate the speed of cars (speed limit), the highway design turns on lights, like LEDs, not paint material. if necessary inside the car, the highway looks different, augmented reality.>> so we not only have reality, virtual reality but also augmented reality.>>in a company the members can see things that others cannot see (glasses, brain – augmented reality – technology).

> Listen to a music that isn’t really there, sound illusion, usually happens with soft music, classical music, symphony.

>in the same way that the heart can have the syndrome of “either it is good or it is bad”, the reason can also fall into such a well of thinking “either it is true or it is false” (without glimpsing perspectives, nuances or just have a badly grounded issue)

>about determinism /personal/ if we don’t see things in an autocentric way, we will see that each thing will be given in a way for such “causes” as much as those that can be known as those that are still unknown>nobody teaches a spider to weave its spider web>

>In the same way we have no control of the “whole reality“, we are born thrown into this world, with these conditions, in this environment, at some time, in certain circumstances, with these bodies, these brain> we have not decided to see the world in this way, but nature has already granted us these brains, these senses, this reasoning, this environment > and this same brain will create its “inner world”, just as the ants live “their world”, the man lives his own > and in our own environment (society, current knowledge, culture, human perception of reality) we create our-reality and from our limits or starting point we are developing or expanding (as oneself and as a species)> I am only the result of these existential factors, my decisions are governed by the composition of my brain, emotions, limit of reasoning, “autocentrism”, perception, my limited understanding, my experiences, my everything.> We are so limited and so determined towards certain things that we cannot even appreciate it. > >Will there be any superior being to man and to all human understanding that, seeing a human being, can deduce all his existence?

>however, we are limited in what refers to “our species system” or “cognitive reference system”, we cannot even see that vast framework,

>thus this determinism, “incomplete/provisional”, is a determinism as to such a thing is limited and therefore is limited to certain things or to perform such things. but it is not immutable >This determinism does not speak of time as “autocentrists” understand a past, a future. but this determinism is about the dynamics of now or time under the same prism.

>we cannot excuse “errors/bad/illegal” alluding to destiny, because we do not have the understanding of time or of such a framework, therefore we “limit” ourselves to correcting such action, or applying such measure, that is, to advance/regulate in our “species system” or “our framework”.

>destiny (understood as an interpretation of determinism, but not seen of something that will happen because we believe that it will, but from the perspective that something has already happened and therefore will happen)>>that is to say that in the same way that we can talk about the past and just as we can plan the future, not destiny from the point of view of now towards the future but destiny seen from a point of view from the future to the past/now. >>that is to say that something happened in the future, and therefore it will happen in some present.

>> we do not know what/how it will happen exactly,>> maybe, just infer given the circumstances>> thus destiny as a way of seeing things (perspective) instead of “believing that something will happen because our self-centered mind thinks it will happen”.

>as it seems, a being to “predict/understand”(see, illusion of understanding) “things/time/reality” resorts “mainly” to “common sense”, “reliability of the senses”, “probability”, “possibility” and “potential to be”.

>practically “the mental programs” allow us not to “overanalyze” or get stuck in the face of “present/moment/problems /situations”>>but these programs act with the same but faster speed than the instincts>However, these mental programs are more sophisticated in their “behavior / understanding / acting,” >So, these “tend to be”>> “effectiveness/efficiency”.

>it is inferiority of the [intellect/mind/being] [feed/ego/overestimate / satisfy-oneself] belittling others.

>/interested/study of life forms : a new approach to see beings

>/interested/study of emotions :

>consciousness arises naturally from the sense, that is, it was granted in the beginning as being aware regarding the environment through sense.

>so the primary consciousness is bodily or “being in”.
>then the awareness of emotions is born.
>and finally awareness to mental meanings >>The human not only seeks to know such a thing, but the consciousness of the intellect of the human being will tend to feel such knowledge.

>So when the human being says: I am aware of my existence, in reality it tends to say “I feel/sense my existence”. then he gives a meaning to such existential or such feat or such action, he does not perceive things or actions as they really are but rather he gives them meanings via-emotions.

>the human being is rooted in his emotions because he could not survive only with the intellect or mind of reason, but the mind of reason was actually born as an extension to give meaning/sense/regulate to his emotions, instincts, internal-external impulses.

>”the intellect” or “the reason” needs an acquired knowledge to know this or that thing, nevertheless with the impulses, emotions we obtain “internal knowledge”. This is that the material condition over the years, survival of the species has acquired “internal knowledge” for its survival or its existential framework.

>the fact that a “being/human” wonders why we have “reason” instead of just having “emotions/instincts” for our “living/survival”

>like other forms or badly posed questions>>it’s a bad approach to not see in the order in which things were given>> these are questions/approaches which in the question itself consider> for example> that there was a day when you were a baby and became an adult, or that there was a time when you were a baby and an adult at the same time,>> such questions do not seem to perceive the order or process or development of things.

>>That is why I propose the approach of “life forms”, that is to say how development the human being or how this became what it is.

>Thus we realize that reason or intellect was actually born as an extension to give meaning to the world or internal-external sense/impulses or to emotions or regulate instincts. because the human being is developing in a more general “framework” in its evolution.

>>thus, in the human being “it is the reason/rational/thinking” brain who gives meaning to internal or external impulses,(do not confuse brain interpretation of reality) (see, meanings) >human: the animal of meanings. Unlike animals, the human being has almost the instinct to make sense of everything. So it gives meaning to such emotion, action, thing…

>so unlike the primary beings which are only instincts, and the secondary beings which are more sophisticated equipped with emotions, (we can change the nature of an animal, changing how that animal feels, see animals domesticated by humans, so in such cases the emotions could be over or overcome their instincts in a greater adaptability or adaptability to its new environment/framework), now, we, in a more general framework need a brain that can dominate or drive such instincts or emotions for the sake of adaptability in the new framework/panorama/environment.

>Like the first homos, they were sophisticating their emotions,internal knowledge, material condition. in the same way we were sophisticating our “thinking” or intellect or “the reason”

>and with the passage of time, as we developed as a species and we no longer needed certain instincts, primary emotions, the intellect exercised more dominance>>and it left wondering for more general, abstract things.>>until wondering about his own existence,>>Now here we are.

>Thus it is understood that the intellect was not given as we now know it but it was a long time, in its first stages, subordinated by the instincts, emotions, material condition, a primate who needed a “brain” that gave internal meanings (autocentism) to what he saw/perceived or regulate/led low level “functions/senses” for greater adaptability to his new environment.

>and as it became more sophisticated in its material condition as well as encompassing a more general framework, the intellect began to exercise more dominance/development.

>there is a great probability that the “self” is an illusion, where with the internal impulses and with the “internal knowledge”, it formed a primary image of oneself (see, body consciousness, instinctive consciousness, emotional consciousness) and with the external impulses or perception of the reality perceived by the senses and interpreted by the brain, this is forming a secondary image of oneself (see, experiences, understanding, knowledge)

>as it seems, human beings like other beings need an “autocentric consciousness” to develop in their existential framework, that is to form the self to ”act/interact/experience /developing” in its “existential framework” as “one/sef/others”

>>Thus, it is more likely that the “self” is born of an “emotional/senses brain”, and not of a “rational/thinking” one as is usually believed.

>Therefore, it is easier to “be oneself” to those more attached to their instincts or emotions or to the senses than those who are purely “intellectual/impersonal”.

>in its purest form, the understanding of the “intellect” or “reason” will tend to be less-“self” or less-autocentrist in their understanding or relationship of things.

>>the human in his first years and whole life, captures “information” from the outside world, and with the “sense-information internal-external” his “self-image” is created(ing), each thing has a meaning not with respect to “the true existence-”senses/meaning/being” of things”, but “felt/sense/meaning” in relation to oneself (see, autocentrism, existential framework, experiences)

>>in this way his understanding of a chair is not of the “chair” itself but the meaning that he gives to such an object (its use)>abstraction layer> so every understanding tends to be “auto-centered”, that is to say that it “means” such an “object” is governed by the “autocentrist framework” of such “being/self”>he think/understand/ask >what is this “thing” for ”me/my existential framework” and not “what is this thing in itself”, thus, the dynamics of understanding is usually to understand things with respect to one’s own being/self.(autocentrism)

>>so when “this-being” asks what is life, such an individual -tends- does not really want to know, the life of a flower, the life of an insect>>what life is in itself,, but tends to focus on its own existence, then the unconscious question results in, what is life according to my framework (autocentrist) or what is life according to “me/pecepcion”. >>that is why it is difficult to answer for such “being” because, unlike the meaning of external things, this question is “self-contained/self-referential”, so such an answer that gives such “being” tends to be > in all cases> with less or greater degree of subjectivism/autocentrism> to be subjective in itself (autocentrist).

>>To say that such a chair is wood or to describe its parts, is not to be “objective in itself” with respect to the one who gives it a chair-meaning >but is only less subjective/auto-centered, because in reality he is only describing what he perceives by his senses/brain>>and neither is the true nature of such things>> Thus, it seems that each being has to interpret reality in its “framework of existence,” however, “being larger” by embracing his “vision/framework ” in a “greater reality” does not necessarily mean that he understands all those things that his “vision” encompasses but that “unpacks” in a more general but less specific framework. >> a human being has a more general “vision/framework ” than a bacterium but that does not mean that the human being all the time “perceives” the specific vision of the microscopic world but only “unwinds” in a more general framework of things.

>That is why I propose >the breakdown of “autocentrist” tendency (the other minds: dissociation/disintegration of the being, the sense from understanding)

>>and that such an understanding not only unfold in a more general panorama of things (see, theorism, abstracism, generalism) but that it expands as much as it contracts. (not only theories or general-abstract understandings of things, but their examination of the specific, and a continuous exploration of the unknown and potencial, never cease, not only biologically at macro-micro level but explore everything, from all angles/perspective/worlds/mind/perceptions/existence..

>>>the search for the understanding of encompassing the entire whole reality.

>”the other minds” is anti holistic, does not understand or perceive the world in an integrative way>because such holistic understanding will be influenced by one’s “existential framework”>>that is to say that such a human understands the reality conditioned by his brain / sense (existential factors)>>the other minds, is, e.g. to see some children playing,>>and not to see it in the integrative way of the human mind, but to disintegrate all the information into parts, movement, color, sound, emotions, things.. and these can be interpreted in many ways by other minds or mental programs>>mathematically, existentially, organically, philosophically, humanly, etc, etc,etc..

>True understanding of things/reality are forming by the three minds in levels of understanding while the other minds have an interpretive nature.

>>the understanding of these three minds in itself is not holistic or reductionist, it is simply an understanding “of what it is”-neutral> nevertheless they “seek” to expand/contract such an understanding>> to extend understanding (eg, why such things occur in such a way, to know the causes)

>>it is the other interpretive minds who can relate such or such a thing to understand/interpret such a thing.

>about internal knowledge or knowledge that precedes the intellect : >>nobody teaches a spider to weave its spider web > no one commands that humans have sexual relations but that these behaviors like others already appear in the “being”>fear warns us that such a “predator/animal” is a danger to us, nobody taught us that, but we know/feel it, this is a form of “internal knowledge”>>and somehow tend to be integrated into the “being”>thus, this “knowledge” influences as “being”, usually unconsciously>>in this way such knowledge precedes “intellect” or “primary knowledge”>>generally such knowledge is presented as “feeling the knowledge”, “feeling the fact that we are in danger (fear)”

>>the ancient philosophers or thinkers, obtained certain knowledge not by greater intelligence but by having “internal knowledge”, so such a philosopher who spoke of the cavern or the world of ideas, did not obtain such knowledge by an entirely rational-thinking exploration-analysis, but because “he felt such knowledge,” that is, it is more likely that “he felt that things are like that” in other words he had a propensity to “an abstract mind” and therefore such “temperament/personality/traits” influenced his philosophical- “thought-search-exploration”.

>>In this way, it will be found that many of “thinkers/beings” actually obtained much “help/influence/knowledge” from their “inner knowledge” than a greater “intelligence/reasoning”.

>>Even if you examine my writings or thoughts, you will realize that they come from or are strongly influenced or have emerged or have been thanks to “inner knowledge” (that is to say that the way in which your brain operates or cognitive preferences influence your way of thinking) [When I wrote this, past, I didn’t have the idea of bringing to light my work of analysis out of my mind.]

>>Each being has “internal knowledge” in his “composition as being” or in a reductionist way in his “biological composition/genes/personality expression”

>Thus one of the tasks of the “mind of the inner world” is to seek / understand such “inner knowledge”, in this way we seek to know ourselves. We seek to understand not only the subconscious but the unconscious. In this way we can “understand/predict” our behavior or things that would have been overlooked.

>>exploring the unknown>> to-for overwhelming to know what could be overlooked, unnoticed>> what is controlling us unconsciously without us noticing.

>common mistakes of the three minds::

>internal mind (a.k.a looking inside): hyper idealize reality (see, Don Quixote, or believe that something will happen in such a way just because we believe so >[Not ”the good to feel”]) if you have an ideal, a passion, a thought go to make it possible-to “act”- and not “believe” that just by “believing /wish/ wanting ” such things will be fulfilled.>>thus “avoid” such disappointments of pessimism.>(see, experience contamination::>pollution of experience)>> The inner mind has to learn to differentiate fictional from reality >or the framework of the inner world >>not to confuse it with the framework of the external world.

>external mind (a.k.a looking outside or looking others) : to confuse, contaminate your own experience or feeling with that of the other >is to believe that such a person experiences such a thing just because it has a relationship similar to yours, the external mind has to do everything possible to understand “internal feelings / motivations / causes” on the other, without being interposed or with the least degree of influence or less subjectivity of the inner mind>>that is to say that even being in a subjective world, it looks for be objective, a contemplative vision.

>beyond mind (a.k.a looking beyond, or looking at reality) : its most common mistake is the belief of the reliability of the senses, believing that what is “seen/ thought-out/interpreted/perceived” is “reality”.

>It is a common mistake to confuse intelligence with speed or energy in thoughts.>>you will notice it because the speed of these thoughts will not be with the speed of your intellect or an analysis or with depth of thought but with the speed of your emotions or of some sublimation of some instinctive impulses>> So you just pick up general concepts or relate concepts> existential concepts, or elitist-intellectual words>>” I am facing the depths of life and nobody can understand me, human souls are nothing more than mere bugs against my presence, human life is imperfect before mine, I am beyond any other, I, a semi god in a mortal body, will build an empire before my honor. Cosmic, cosmic, me, me, universe, me, existence, me, me..”

> just because you feel it that way does not mean that things are like that>>you will realize the illusion of understanding and the illusion of knowledge that your ego possessed>>and>>If you examine carefully without putting your ego in mind, you will realize that you actually did very little and that most things happened within the framework of your own ego>> and all this was driven by sublimation, usually of your emotions and intinctive impulses and not by the will of the intellect or originally intellectual impulse. >you will realize that you were never embracing a greater understanding, but you will tend to deliberate on this or that thing with respect to you or how you feel, just by painting, in a verbiage of thought, your emotions or thoughts with words that seem profound, complex but They really are not.>don’t fall into the ego trap to overestimate yourself and underestimate things and others.

>>simply sublimating your impulses to the intellectual area>> feel powerful, feel unstoppable, feel immeasurable, feel over-intelligent, feel off the charts and the illusion of your ego>> They give you a very inflamed and ultra-over-estimated perception of yourself.>>You are not the only one>>You will often realize that your ego will tell you that it is a waste of time because you can do everything>>but> if you really want to test your capacity, do not confine yourself in the deliferation of your own thoughts but try to achieve such a thing or acquire mastery of such things..

>>Not all sublimations are in this way, but this specific kind of sublimation differs from intellectual impulses or overexcitability of the brain (this can also be sublimated to the reverse) in an analogous way>> being in love>>being infatuated.

>they hurt you>>you look for ways to give meaning to things where you are the main character/superior and all of them are bad/inferior/dumb>> don’t fall for that “thought error”>> hating a group or specific people who resemble the person(s) who hurt you>> sometimes to truly move forward you have to forgive/forget>> do not contaminate your thoughts by such experiences (hate)>>

>>in the same way your ego can distort your perception of things>>you will often realize that this “thinking“ feeds (ego) underestimating/belittling others, and overestimating oneself (illusion of-, self-image, feelings of greatness).>>this looks for defects in such a thing, ridicules such a thing>>if that “thing” is more or less, that will not change your “condition”>>however the ego feeds on such interpretations overestimating itself.

>>>it is prejudices of the subconscious/thinking and inferiority of intellect/mind>> don’t subjugate yourself to such primitive/emotional causes >> you will learn that more often, we are defeated by our own desires / impulses than by others and that more often we are self-deceived than deceived or lied to by others.

>Just as primary systems are more chaotic, but these can give rise to more coherent or orderly systems, so ultimately we “beings,” system of systems, our will ultimately has to tend toward the “anti-chaotic”, ” anti-entropy”.

>it must be understood that the “system” is only a way of understanding it >in the same way our binary logic>>as >>all our understanding may be conditioned “by our brain”, so when we evaluate/understand something, we are abstracting the “information/reality” to understand it, thus, simplifying it, and therefore not apprehending reality in all its extension.>> in this way the three minds>>if it were found that there was “an apparent relationship” in such or such a thing, these relations in all cases should be at medium or low levels, because it is likely that relationships are only for the simplification of our brain and therefore of understanding.

>>if such “determinism” is still analyzed, it will be appreciated that in this way, we are very limited in what refers to the “great existential framework”, that is to say that such an ant, in such a place, at such time, in such circumstance, in such a condition >>one may say>> it “could” “choose” this or that, but in hindsight it always unfolds within its own framework, that is, there was never a “genuine-free will”, because of the condition of his brain, of his environment, of his time, of his biological, etc. >>i.e.>>its “material /mental /perceptual/ understanding” – limit/condition as well as “external-outside” conditions.>>thus, such “choices” were really insignificant in regards to a “genuine free will” or to the autocentric belief of an “absolute free will”>>in the same way, we are also very conditioned by these “existential factors”.

>>thus all “beings” seem to be equated only in regard to their environment or “existential framework.”>> thus all “beings” seem to be equated only in regard to their environment or “existential framework”>>

>>and that these have, “Tend”, as they “extend” to “wider frameworks” encompass a “wider reality” but in a “less specific frameworks of reality” and in a “more generalist frameworks of reality”>> in this way it will be realized that “in a more” -intelligent- in human beings tend to be more “generalists” and “less specialists or specifics” that is to say a more global general understanding but not for that reason detailed or specific in each of their parts.

>>Will there be someday a “machine/technology/means” that allows people to get into their mind or other “means/things”, thus investigating the mind or other “means/things”, beyond conventional science get this or that knowledge?

>>then, it was then that he once investigated himself, since he had some control of his brain, trying to fall in love with a dove, and he succeeded, he fell in love with such a dove, as well as suffered for his loss. (See, study on falling in love with a dove, or how the brain does to fall in love or what are the patterns/mechanism that the brain makes for that to happen as well as behavioral patterns) as well as he investigated the study of self defragmentation or the study of the depravity of being or the study of the deprivation of consciousness among many other studies.

>He did many discovering about the brain, although he does not know how exactly this or that thing happens, because being in your head you cannot see how this or that thing exactly happens, but this is like solving a rubik’s cube from memory, where you know what you’re doing but in regards to the speed or movements of your fingers and hands, you really don’t know exactly how you are doing it, you just do it.

>//study about being human :

>obviously, that does not mean that life is no-sense, here is the language barrier problem, “no-sense”>understood as being ilogical or absurd.

>>On the other hand, it is understood that “meanings” in the human or auto-centered sense, where the “being” gives meanings according to its “framework of existence” and these do not have to be objective in themselves, but only to the extent that such “being” understands such a thing.

>that is to say that such a “sense of things” is influenced by the inner world or “existential framework” of “being”, and therefore the being interprets that “sense”, giving it meanings to a greater or lesser extent of subjectivism /autocentrism.

>>let’s call them “autocentric meanings” and “objective sense”

>so if I were a bear and you were a fish, for me you mean food, and for you I mean predator, that is to say they are “autocentric meanings”, on the other hand the “objective sense”, does not give meanings to things but only understands the bear by what it is, and fish for what it is but not for that reason is reductionist but the sense of reality as in itself.

>>that is to say that “beings”, in this case humans, tend to give meaning to the [“objective sense” of things] with respect to oneself, or to his “existential framework” or in reductionist words with respect to his survival /experience /living.

>the truths that I propose are beyond language and beyond the “autocentrist meanings”, because for other beings on other planets your planets can mean rot and for you it can mean wonder, that’s why I propose that when we look at reality or the universe we see it without judging it/ without horror/ without fascination/ without meaning/ without emotions / without autocentrism sense of reality.

>>whether you are a human or an alien. It is -to see reality or things as what they are, to understand the “objective sense of things” with least possible interpretation of your “existential framework”.

>>you will realize that all beings tend to be autocentrist, all “being” tend to focus on their own reality, their own happiness, their own truths, their own myths, their own specie-life, their own sense of reality.

>What I propose is to go-beyond, breaking that blindfold that blinds to all beings in their autocentrism, explore and understand all things, for what they really are and not understand it as a fish, or a bear, or a human or your own “existential framework” of things, that is, your autocentrist sense of things /reality.

>which is not “bad” at all, it is the nature of beings, however they tend to interpret others or reality according to their “own” or to judge/interpret reality according to their own “existential framework”.

>In summary. It is for this reason that such detachment is necessary, However, we are in these bodies and still in our “existential framework” that is why it is necessary in this process the disintegration of the “self” or what is referred to the “other minds” and the three minds to understand such objective reality and the search for truth beyond our existential framework.

>in what refers to this body, we see ourselves as the other, with the present /past /future perspective, we see ourselves as “self-contained” in this body or in this brain if we can one day live as a brain and control other bodies, anyway we find ourselves “self-contained” in a “medium” to understand reality, That is why I propose the “internal improvement” of such “medium”, both at the level of the mind, at the level of knowledge, at the technological level, at the biological level.(.. and others)

>it is perhaps that you do not understand that emotions and feelings are important in the human being, a normal human being cannot see the whole framework about why such action is bad and why such action is good,

>>Simply a normal human being does not understand or have the mental power or has such knowledge of the framework, to deduce or know by the intellect when something is right/bad or wrong/bad, instead nature granted them “internal knowledge” (see, moral, ethics; conscience) so that even without having knowledge /understanding of such a framework, they feel when something is wrong/bad or good/right.

>>It is for this reason that we do not have to underestimate such “internal knowledge” as well as the material condition, but also “try” to understand them.

>In other words, to seek to understand the nature of nature, or the nature of reality or the nature of God. Instead of merely “focusing” on all meanings or interpretations, but, “focus” on “principle/first” on the true-nature of things, which underlie all “things /meanings /interpretations /beings”, that is, the “objective sense” from which these interpretations /meanings emanate or originate. >>So in this way, therefore, understanding, the interpretations of beings, interpretations of nature, or the sub-understanding of things.

>obviously “these truths” to which it is referred to is not in the mundane sense of the word, that is to say that something is false or true, but this refers to that “understanding” which escapes or is beyond one’s own “perception / beliefs / conceptions / knowledge “of the “world/reality”, in other words what underlies or is beyond those interpretations.

>If you understand without having to clarify such a point, it is probably you to whom such writing is directed, those beings who seek to go beyond their own beliefs, their own ideas, their own thoughts, those beings who seek to discover these truths, those beings that are capable of giving their own lives for others, those beings that are capable of giving their lives for the good of humanity,

>the common-being prefers that someone else dies for him, the common being prefers that someone else gives his life for good to humanity and ultimately the common being is complacent in his own world.

>>Yes, those who take “the other minds” have to leave all beliefs, all preconceptions, all prejudices. Never these three minds believe they have the absolute truth because that would be to believe in something. but they are insasiably searching, investigating, discovering, exploring such reality.

>>This way of understanding reality is not natural and impossible for most beings, and therefore such a proposal is not for all beings.

>What I propose are not conditions on what I believe, it is only an approach or system to begin to seek to understand such reality.

>and all this works even if we/you are living a simulation.

>You have to look first for the truth and not because I or such a book says so, I hope that over time such a system will be improved by beings from other times, other conditions, other realities.

>Now I found myself in a certain time, in certain perceptions, in a certain reality, so that these three minds must be improved or sophisticated according to the framework in which you are or the understanding that you have acquired (future)

>such a “system/approach” does not discriminate against any being, or non-human entities, but promotes that all beings who can exercise it, work as one in the search for these truths or in the search to cover reality in all its extension.

>>how to say something that will happen but has already happened, and therefore is happening? ::with one gesture, word or thing; expression.

>>the importance of perspectives or way of seeing things and of a sophisticated language in relation to thought or reality.

>(idea) I had the idea of ​​building a house inside my own house, or at least the illusion of house or city or world. on the other hand, have you ever felt like getting into a video game, I usually like those solitary games, and I like playing those games in solitude in the dark, I feel like I get into the game, and when I die in the game I feel that I die in real life, only after a few seconds I react and remember that it is a game. So instead of creating a physical house/city, I am interested in creating it virtually. In this sense, I have a concept very similar to “The Beginner’s Guide”, to create a non-playable “games” or experience simulator or “games” for oneself.

>I would like to share how it feels when I say “to feel like an alien”, because this form of perception can feel discriminated against by humans, in reality it is this type of personality or perpceration who designed that system although with the help of the human factor.

Especially humans who believe that we all have to feel like them, I want in the future not to discriminate against the different one or that people know that there are many ways of perceiving reality, I have the assumption that in the future there will be many form of life that will perceive reality differently from modern humans. They will perceive reality in a completely different way, in the same way that man sees the monkey, in the same way that this form of life will see the human being, the human still perceives as the animals of the earth, However, this kind of evolved humans or evolutionary stages are already developing, that is, there are already some humans with some of these characteristics(see, human abstract minds), therefore humans have to learn to be understanding of other or new form of life.

I can’t transmit exactly how this perception is but this feels something like this: These Monsters by Strangethink

>/Very interested/ in games as an art form, in the same way as literature, music; video games as a form of expression. abstract worlds, ineffable worlds (see, Sacramento by Dziff)

>(idea) a technology bed, a sofa-sized bed, a capsule-shaped bed (see, Cryogenic Chamber, Cryo-Bed) when entering it, no light enters, cancels the external noise, however you can customize the interior light, intensity and color (preferably dim light as LEDs) as well as the internal temperature, and the bed can adopt any angle as well like the shape of a chair, that is, it is not only ergonomic but also adaptable to changes. inside, in front of your face there is a computer screen, you can choose headphones or internal sound, on each side of your hands there is half a keyboard, these are ergonomically designed for use,>>although it would be preferable that the technology is developed so they were like virtual reality headset but as light and ergonomic as some google glasses instead of computer screens and that the keyboard or mouse were with movements of the muscles of the arms or of the head itself or simply a technology that somehow connects the brain>> or just some pills instead of some kind of straw to drink nutritional shakes or meal replacement >>>Although I would prefer, to live alone or only as a brain.

>(to investigate) how many feelings exist? Do not confuse emotions with feelings, I am also-not usually attracted in emotional/impulsive people. However, don’t confuse, feelings are a superior state that you might be missing, it’s a whole world, a new way of understanding or perceiving things, This cannot be understood only with cold logic of things. Could it be that they are infinite? O feeling, O “internal causes” I need to investigate you beyond this bland modern science.>>It is necessary to differentiate, as regards “internal cause”, to sensations, from emotions; from feelings.

>If I could, if I could, I would let each “these personalities” separate from my body and thus each one would live their own life. So that I am, do not confuse me when I say: “I”. I do not mean how it is ordinarily understood, modern language is very limited and certainly also limits what I mean.

>>by the way, with such a system or panorama, I intend to establish what is good and what is bad for it to be understood even for a person who lacks feelings or even if it is possible, a robot. In the same way, indicate that the compassion or empathy are evolutionary features with respect to those who lack them. >>the word is not to establish or intend but to indicate or demonstrate.

>I really don’t know what I am doing, a scientist knows that he is doing science, a philosopher who is philosophizing, but what am I doing? what I did, It is not a method like science, nor like philosophy, but it is pure analysis.

>Yes, I don’t usually like impulsive laughter, because laughter is not something you decided, but it is something that you are being controlled for; the material condition.

>>As it seems, my biggest three fears are:

Fear of being misunderstood.
Fear that the truth be distorted.
Fear that the good be manipulated against good itself.

>>There are two very difficult concepts to define:
One is the truth and another is the good.

The truth is beyond knowledge or perception.
while the good is beyond belief or conscience.

>[…]..Among them, one stands out, in which I was in an other-world and I was one of the chosen ones, they told me that, it was like being in ecstasy only resembling beethoven’s ninth symphony, but everything happened in my head, and then I went back to the “real” world.>>I was also in an abstract world, there were no such things as humans, but it was all about abstract things, I cannot explain in words. (Almost) The best things that have happened in my life, all have happened inside my head.

>and that can be a problem, because when men remember good times or look to the past, they can tell others, and others can understand it because they talk about the same physical world.

>>but when you have these memories of abstract and imaginary worlds, who could you tell and who could understand, perhaps for these cases, the best way is the way of art.

>/Ok, human / ティアドロップ BOWL , Teardrop BOWL – English Lyrics.

>[…]…I can’t think the way other peronalities think, that is, there is a personality that is the most logical, I simply can’t think like him, I try to think like him, but the way he perceives things is really different. This is a problem because I want to finish transcribing that system, but we/I cannot move forward unless that personality appears again in my being.

>I used to go alone to a kind of forest-field, I used to spend hours absorbed in that beauty, the sunlight, the wind, the colors, the sounds of the environment. However, there were times where I was late, because the night was coming, then on my way back :

>>I was in complete darkness, alone, listening to the sound of my steps, of the undergrowth. There was a hill from where I could see the lights of the town, then as I approached, those tiny lights were getting bigger and the houses began to visualize, so while I was walking I began to reflect on humanity, it was like a recovery with humanity, but at the same time it was something sad.

>>(This reflection : related feeling, /watch?v=P871ssjLhZU, /watch?v=znhqp0R4uhs, /watch?v=W1BtWXpvIsM, /watch?v=IVMBlc7oyeQ, but without sound)

>[…]..Project Management Softwares

>For days I have been in human mode and that logical personality does not appear in my being, where you are. ( I’m worried too, we are already 2020, it’s as if he had never existed or had been possessed to write that)

/I feel an old soul/

Slowly descend to the unconscious
Slowly disappear from this world

Little by little detached and consumed
To the slow rhythm of the heartbeat

Until finally disintegrate and to get lost in time
But having left a mark on those who knew him

/fleeting idea/ a machine, technology, that is, a medium/mean that allows one to feel or see what other people are feeling, seeing or thinking, like two twins sharing the same body/brain; a more sophisticated means of communication.

>>”What’s Conover? No more than a symbol of the greed and cruelty and the lust for power that has set men at each other’s throats down through the centuries. The struggle will go on, Watson, for a pearl, a kingdom, perhaps even world dominion…until the greed and cruelty has been burned out of every one of us, and when that time comes perhaps even the pearl will be washed clean again.” — Holmes, The Pearl of Death.

>Willkommen, neophytes, take seats down in confraternity.
Harken, that few are the men whom decide to undertake the beyond-path.

The beyond-path shall not be reached by mere primary impulses of being, for this reason, the soul must devise a more complex impulses, the will; and before the will, it must devise a more thorough channeling, behold the light-will.

>/about overexcitability/ I don’t know how others deal with the overexcitability of the brain, I have a methodical system to take advantage of those moments, however in my case, this is consumed in a kind of ecstasy imagination, I usually go to a dark room or somewhere where there is no one, there must be no light, and then, I do Hand movements and Body movements as if I was in a world of my head or rather as if I was caught in a symphony or like observing reality in a mathematical way. The Ecstasy is usually powerful, there are no words to describe exactly how it is,, but it feels like a Climax feeling-experience.

>[…]..As a future project, if circumstances arise, I plan to design and build a Glider.>>In the time that I have been on quora I have been interested in aeronautics, dentistry and architecture, it is not that I did not know it already but I have deepened even more in study.

/ Recommended for you/
We Are The Strange (2007) >>Beware, I live! 天使のたまご (1985) The Plague Dogs (1982) La planète sauvage (1973) Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari Two Dimensions ASCIICKER Non-Euclidean Worlds Engine

/Talking about other things/ Remember that he mentions other personalities and remember that I said that I usually speak with myself. well, I usually have conversations with those personalities, not always but I have them, debates between logic and feelings, when he said, neophytes, he ‘told’ to the other personalities, but not necessarily to all but to those who came to him.

Gut, but now I want to talk about other things, Do you remember that I talked about my need to light that flame in people? Well, I’ve been practicing the art of transmitting message without speaking, I try to give the message through my way of being, I have obtained good results, I wouldn’t say that I’ve changed people’s lives, maybe I just gave them that momentum in their lives.

Through my way of being, I try to dazzle them that despite everything we can make this place a better place and that the good that is ordered reflects true intelligence-purpose, in relation to evil that is chaotic and without any purpose, that is to say that good creates harmony an orderly structure, creates meaning and things, on the other hand what underlies evil is the self-destruction of this structure.

One would say that good and evil do not exist but that is exactly what he and I and we try to demonstrate, that is, how something is something-value based on something, that is basic in theory of frameworks, does that exist? Well, if you ask me, I would say that things that he did have to do with an inductive method, systems theory, frameworks theory.. and everything has to do with processes, that is to say, that something is not generated from nothing but has a cause or a consequence, but it is not a Mechanical philosophy-system but it encompasses it.

/ As I see the beings /

I do not see people in the holistic, physical, spatial, or temporal form, but I usually abstract it in the dissection of their essential parts, so if a number of people experience the same experience-feelings, I refer to such feelings -experience independently of these individuals. Thus, I refer, in any time-space or in a certain occasion-circumstance, to those individuals as equals-one since I am not referring to their ontological structure as being, but what is beyond that being; In the deep field where we are all united in-through same roots or where we all drink from the same water.

/are you thirsty / Come, Soul brother, come and Drink from mine blood.

/ Trunk-Mind/A. Scriabin : The Poem of Ecstasy, Gustav Holst : Ode to Death op.38, Beethoven : Große Fuge op. 133, Aleksandr Borodín : Prince Igor, Claude Debussy : Trois Nocturnes, John Tavener : Funeral Canticle, Antonín Dvořák : New World Symphony

::Well, it has happened again, I was walking down the street and I went to places that I did not know because I like to discover new environments, then I was walking quietly or I do not know, as if observing a good paradisiacal video game, difficult to describe that feeling, then… I was not in social mode, but in observer mode…

:: Strange things again : I was sleeping, then I woke up and something weird happened in my mind, the idea that I had to pick up all the shoes and leave them in the other room and so there would be a kind of gigantic exploration. Then I was filled with a kind of euphoria, I had to collect all the shoes. I picked up my shoe and leave it in that room, but that was not me, I did not feel that it was me, it was like being someone else, then I told myself what I’m doing.

Then again come back that idea or that type of thought and my conscience returned, then I went to my mother’s room, I stood there watching her for many minutes, it was me but it was not completely me, I was not completely conscious, then I left the house, and I stood there contemplating the sky, I don’t know for how long, finally I went to my bed and didn’t wake up until the next day.

>No, he who has light-will , does not need to fit nor need to dive into the common people, he is his own world, he owns that light wherever he goes, He has that power to inspire people, move masses or change people’s lives, the power to transform a caterpillar into a butterfly. He does not blame this or that but seeks solutions, seeks a path and if there are not yet in his time then create one on his own.

>[…]…Now my interest is only to know the ‘essentials’ of this universe, those things that generate these and not inversely, and I’m more interested in immaterial things than in those that are projected by the brain.

And never compare, in no-difference, the life of the common mediocre, with the life of those who go-beyond, because you two can still have an early life, but one will have gone down the path where few will have dared and that it is but that everyone discovers it already at an advanced age with the bitter taste of experience, do not confuse your life experience with that of others.

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of your own inner-concepts? well, although I seek harmony, the truth is that, my first wish or primary-desire is the disappearance for all modern humans, obviously there are more evolved humans than others, there is the common man and the man of becoming, or rather, man who resembles the ape and man who resembles the man of the future, one is still half an ape living on primitive instincts, while the others live on the world of ideas or the most sophisticated means that the modern human being has.

>[…]…I am interested in the human being only in that it deals with the idea of being human, and I am more interested in those who resemble the man of becoming and it is sincerely my hope that with the waves of technology, nature itself begins to propitiate this new type of human and thus disappear to all these others.

I want to see primitive men completely eradicated in the future, I do not fear technology, I ride and direct on it. And if it were to see them again, I hope to see them in secondary-projections, such as the museum.

Happiness was never, for me, a goal. I would not bear to live forever on that island-state.

I advocate for built-ideas, not mere vague-ideas.

>/The spiritual doctors/ we come to cure
In the same way as doctors, we do not come here to judge persons but to cure them.

>/No surprises, princess, No surprises/ Such a pretty houses, pretty garden..
Ok, I know what I said, that I didn’t want to have a relationship or anything, that I was a complete person and therefore I didn’t need anyone in my life, but I met a princess. Oh, she is so so quiet, calm and strange, She is like the protagonist of that movie, Speak 2004 but more weird yeah!! I communicated with her, but I didn’t speak, she looked at me from the door, as she hiding, so I only saw her eyes and a part of her head.. Ah, that look, that strangeness, — that kill myself, aww but I’m already alive again. The school was getting boring, but now, if it were always like that, I go every day of my life. Now I plan to do many things, I have a lot to plan, turn on the music!!

>/ I’m here for men of other gods/ a new stage of humans

I look for those who were more than mere human, those who decided to go beyond. Let the common man consume himself in his own greed, they are digging their own grave, they are sinners and that is why they need to believe that we all live in sins, like worms that enjoy thinking that we are all of their conditions.

By not having the power to go against the flow, by not being able to exercise his will over his primary impulses, by not being able to detach himself and go to the depths of his own existence, then, under these conditions, they create their own perceptual superficial world; since they could not, they believe that neither will you, and so, therefore their gods are adjusting to their own condition.

I come for those men who are already stripped of their most primitive relatives and therefore do not belong to the ancient gods. No more Gods of apes, half apes or common men of these times, it is necessary gods of gods or gods of integral-beings, not of idiots.

/Unseen Worlds/ a new way to trace-perceive worlds

We start, the game generates a map or world, we don’t see anything, therefore, we will have to recreate the whole game in our minds, we will have to use our minds in a similar way to echolocation, going to the left makes a different sound than going to the right, getting an apple makes a different sound than finding another object.

Each place also has its own ambient sound, so we know that we are in a place, for example, “the entrances to Eva’s cave”, simply by knowing the ambient music of Eva’s cave, however “the entrances” have a variation and thus for each zone has its own variations.

We can consult / know our inventory, our health or when the inventory is full, simply hearing these sounds, the whole non-or-game is just sounds.

It is a great work of sound, desing and music.

>>[…]…one should have in his head the psychology of his species. When I said that I was interested in the human being, it was not to spare.>>Just as one solves problems of external causes, such as mathematical problems, one should also have the capacity to solve problems of internal causes, such as the human psyche.

> About inner improvement and people who ask about the external : people only see the external result and do not think about all the internal work behind.


Ideal of love; there is love of mother, love of son, there is love of lover and even love in what makes us happy. Should we differentiate all these feelings or keep labeling them under the same word? Whatever the way, I propose the art of love, the art of being loved and the art of loving. The love that is consummated in the act of loving in itself and does not ask its beloved for anything except to be loved. The love that does not seek possession but the welfare of his beloved.

The love that does not make us weak but stronger and capable. The love that does not make us cowards but brave before any adversities of life. The love that does not torture us to the possible but inspires us to do the impossible.

Love, but not an exacerbated love, nor an ephemeral emotion, even if this flame cease, will be saved as a good memory. That love that is able to get lost in the eyes of his beloved. The love that is able to say more with eyes and acts than words. The love that not only seeks what one feels but in what his beloved feels. the love that one is happy when his beloved is happy, even when that happiness will no longer hold him. But it is a love still with the use of reason, It’s refined, it’s a love of subtleties and internal passions.

And so, under this pure temperance, it will be evident that:

—“The soul that can speak through the eyes can also kiss with a gaze.”

>[…]…as the fish that refuses to leave its fishbowl even when that fishbowl is now in the ocean. What do ye call that psychological syndrome? Remember that in the face of these problems, not only focus on the solutions of external causes, such as all circumstances surrounding this person, but also the internal causes, such as all the psychological things of this individual.

>what do you mean? Religion? my religion is the true, good and beyond(/development); and beyond stand for not being mediocre, and mediocrity is at all levels, we have to go beyond, overcome ourselves, challenges, improve ourselves and our environment, not to live as a mere animal of the earth, but to look for new horizons, and neither to live as sheep herds, it is necessary to experience as much The good as the bad, the failures and the triumphs, we must go beyond ourselves, and see life as other people see it, we should not marry ideas, beliefs or perceptions not even our own but only the truth. Therefore my religion is The truth “under” the good “led by” the beyond. No, we do not seek happiness or peace, peace or happiness is something that should also be sought or maintained but it is not the goal, happiness and peace make you passive living in your own bubble or your own people, like ants that they follow their routine because they believe they were born for that and that makes them happy, No, this search is beyond personal and other people’s satisfaction, but it is a search to open new horizons, new planets, new ways of living, new ways of experiencing existence, until one day the human being is seen as a simple primate in the history of life forms. The beyond, beyond the human being, beyond your happiness, beyond your purposes, beyond beliefs, beyond perceptions, beyond, what is beyond? That’s our goal.

>Just one more sigh of dream. Let me dream, while I walk alone through the empty streets, while I observe everything, the houses that humans have built, it is not incredible that in each one of them human stories have happened, I walk, I walk and fantasize, as if the imagination and reality is mixed, and at the same time I feel that my body disappears, as if it were just a walking head, the sun appear, the colors, a new day, and people are realizing about it, but by then I will have returned home.

>There is one thing that I want to “eliminate/diminish/attenuate” and that is all about sex and sexual characteristics( appearance and behavior psychosexual), give the impression that some men were only born to look for female apes and women to be procreative machines, this is one of the things I want to change, to change this nature. The human must be a thinking being, not a sexual being. But for that it must also change the conditions, the environment and ultimately the way of life.

/Silent voices /Oh and that sun, if it was for me, that that sun did not exist, the sun and that habitat is for animals and plants, I want cold, an almost frozen place, a sun that does not hurt and not that intense, but preferably a cold place, a blue atmosphere, I have a big problem with that primitive sun environment, I have a kind of Heliophobia, so I speak for all of us, when I say that I can’t believe that people submit to those animal habitats, a Technological habitat comes to mind, to superior beings not animals-stage>>that promotes evolved characteristics, and I believe that in this next stage, intelligence will be vastly superior to any physical adaptation.>>To say this adaptation and this adaptation is necessary is how to say this type of lizard is equally necessary to this by such environment when other species do not have to worry about those things, in the same way I do not promote a singular human to the ordinary human being, but Superior/higher, this new being moves in a higher environment/world/reality than this animal called human being.

>Obviously before being an individualist, one must first be collectivist, that is, learn to appreciate how things act together, you know the stages..

>Yes, make the difference, I also believe that even one person can make a difference.

>[…]…nevertheless one always has to move-grow, because someday the odd one of today might be the common one of tomorrow.>>and if someone wants to be the [odd one] of tomorrow has to realize that as every dreamer knows, every dream has its own struggles.

>Actually in all places where there is decay, poverty; these conditions>>the same place, the same circumstances and with some epigenetics : This makes you insensitive, emotional-instintive, aggressive, extremely extrovert, impulsive, sometimes it can even favor criminal behaviors; Everything to survive in this environment, it’s like if you are [slow] do not expect to live long, therefore, one in his survival adapts to the environment or is vastly influenced by it. >> therefore, Other humans from other countries may seem more evolved in certain ways and they are, but not because of their physical appearance, they are/was simply in a better environment / conditions, and therefore have inherited better epigenetic-behavioral traits (and other things)- but- This should not be confused as the direct result of their appearance. >>Here is, an example, when I say that I see people as the result of the nature of things rather than the experience of oneself.

/Recommended / just in case_ :
Disney’s Fantasia (1940) Opéra Imaginaire [ if u like..] [ Or this version of..]

>hell-loo-looh-low!! I just came here to talk : hey, it has happened to me too, it happens in the phase in which I am very inhibited, on vacation, without friends, so when I return to the social sphere again, it gives me social anxiety shocks, it is like I have I fear people, as if my brain hits me with electric shocks as telling me that they will hurt me. I get away, then I also had the feeling that everyone looks at me and that there are cameras everywhere or as if everyone wanted to know my life, or as if I was in a television program and they spy on me in everything I do. >>it’s a horrible feeling it’s like being with paranoia or being in a manga of junji ito: the city without streets. I even thought that spiders and cockroaches were part of the conspiracy. I knew that those thoughts did not make sense but the mind plays tricks, the good thing is that after socializing the mind adjusts / molds / adapts and does not “intuitions-mislead-up’s”, what is that called? oh, and I also thought that they sent me subliminal signals and I had to decipher that.

>Actually yes, imagine that you have lived a great life with your family and one day you wake up and realize that everything was a dream, or you were a king and all that effort.. Imagine that you have lived many incomplete lives in your head, and sometimes you get nostalgia but you cannot tell anyone because everything happened inside your head and they would not understand it. You were a man of war, you were a refined lady, you were a clergyman, you were a fantastic animal, you were the world. And bad-Nostalgia because after so much effort when you are finally going to enjoy your glory then you wake up, a dream.

Last days of vivid fantasies with an angel (in process; further improvements)

/movement I : Meeting of glances (in slowly frozen time) |

Theres is she° A little piece of heaven° Oh, she° So shy’nny; so oddy.
And yet, among all the students, the quietest° But with, such a fanciful mind.
She alone° Completely alone, in the desert classroom, immersed in her thoughts.

From a distance I observe her° she doesn’t notice my presence° But I am there.
And she is there, without moving a step° like a statue° imagining in her head.
I keep my eyes on her° through that delicate figure° I try to unveil her innerworld.

Then I realize that reality is distorting° drawing fantastic images around° on her.
I feel captive° I approach her charm° with slow steps before that lovely being.
In that° She lies on her wrist° closes her eyes° and goes to the realm of dreams.

While I’m getting closer, I wonder° what sky have you fallen from° Dreamy angel.
She notices my presence° slowly opens her eyes° and her sweet eyes turn to me.
Crossing the glances° through those eyes, it reveals the mystery° a beautiful soul.

For a moment, I floodin her gaze° and in an instant° I’m already lost in its depths.
Into her° My heart° my heart stops for a second, to explode in a thousand ways.
Lucidity returns° glimpsing her tender blushed face° realizing, the mutual feeling.

A divine spark° in those eyes° in that subtle expression° A delightful look of love.
O my soul sister, my oddy friend, my helpless daughter; my lost mother° My love.
In then° following me with her eyes, while I sit next to her° I am now by her side.

There we are° sitting together and looking at each other° A relaxing soft ecstasy.
But we don’t talk, that would be much° for her little fragile heart° At warm sight.
Thence, she looks aside down° visualizing her entire face° A cute shy expression.

And, looking at her is so pleasant° like out of a painting° that is for, I am amazed.
Submerged, in that magical time° while fantasies dances around us° I lose myself.
Then’I, looking away° and’now, she, looking at me° even’so, I feel her gaze onme.

Staring back at her° we found our faces° but’now, we have the melancholy’s eyes.
Into such a moment° In glassy eyes, I almost cry° she really look like a real angel.
Thus, seeing me this way° she unfolds her hand towards me° A part of her to me.

Subtly, I hold her hand° I let my cheek rest on her dorsal hand° and I look at her.
She looks to me with her softhearted eyes° and puts her other hand on her heart.
Thus, feeling deeply each other° close our eyes° as united, connecting our souls.

/movement II : A fantasy mov. name (with animated tone& thunderous climbend)|

My beloved, is a flower° born on a spring afternoon° in the land where stars cradle.
My beloved, owns a lotus heart° even, in stained worldwater° flourished staying pure.
My beloved, has a dandelion soul° if push her too loud° gets hurt and fades away.

. . .

/movement III : A final mov. name (with sad tone& storm-rainbow patternend)|


You appeared as an angel out of a fantasy story, you are my ideal made real, what probability on earth I had to know you, a celestial luck as if God had put such a lovely being on earth so that I might contemplate it, the beauty of your soul, the sweetness of your heart and the purity of your actions, have captivated me, it has melted the deepest side of my being, your magic always amazes me and forever I admire you. Over time meeting you, somehow, your essence, you have germinated in my heart, and so, I feel you more than ever in my heart.

Lost in time, lost in mindworlds, swimming in the unconscious, seeing memories and other worlds, but still thinking about you.

Devoid of all materialism, for days, without eating, without sleeping, just thinking in you, you, my special beautiful Oneirism!

[ Last update : /translated// impending-sweetsolf-depression//(almost last)

“It is said that all men are the same, but it’s only because people like him are not known. No one has bothered to truly meet them. He is not the same, he is diferent, he is special, from his way of being to his appearance, and his smile.

The way he owns to see things, the way he loves, despite all difficulties, all problems and all defects.. even having a thousand reasons in front of him to push her away, he will keep only one to not do it.

And she, a simple girl, perhaps boring, weak, childlike, but he sees much beyond that, he sees her virtues, her shyness, her insecurity before all things, the way she gets upset and the way she laughs.

He loves her as the girl she is and she loves him for how is that boy. They are a couple maybe completely strange at times, nobody understands what they are like, only they understand each other because their love goes beyond everything, because they are friends, they are boyfriends, they are everything.”

:: I, I just.. When I finish school I just thought that I received the best words I could have received, I thought that all my efforts were not in vain, but this is.. I did not know that someone had noticed about that, this is just so— . . .



>Actually, according, at this time, to this [reasoning/experience-brain] :

1._Absolutely not, even if there was a precise word for all what we mean, the misunderstandings would not dissipate, for the reason that “Language problem” is not same as “Communication problem”but, in fact, it is encompassed. This is the reason why even by misusing language, we can understand each other; not because of “Language skills/advantage” but because of “Communication skills/benefit”.

2._The misunderstanding beyond divergence by beliefs or experiences or perceptions, is often due to a [non-optimal] transfer of the “meaning/sense images” of “internal intelligibility” between entities. Language as a way to express those images act more like a external “structure-message shell” where depending on the sophistication of the language, makes that shell “sharper” or “more-vague”, therefore, if we really want to optimize the effective communication we should not weigh more in the “External Language (of words)” but in the “internal Language (of internal integibility / mind)”

3._Thus, It is absurd to “discredit/refute” the truthfulness of certain ideas/ judgments, arguing to the “Logic of language” of the subject in a “pun-logic-game”, since the “message core” is not in the words but in what that subject means.

| Letter to a partner; my other, acetic personality |

Oh my fellow, how irascible you show yourself in the presence of men, labeling them as inglorious banalities and looking at things with the empowered eyes of severity. In a world that, at your judgment, slowly crumbles on its own and hence, seeing yourself as the great doer of things, you consider yourself in the duty of exercising your will in order to change the world.

But far from your contempt of these men or the worldviews produced by the influence of one’s own mind-state perception of things, have you considered changing your perceptual-dynamics in relation to your already judgments of man.

Have you considered to be the example to follow before these men and instead of the domination of will, the unconscious influence on others; so such acts are carried out naturally and not by amended mandate.

Have you ever thrown yourself into the horizons of the unknown by daring to do what others fear for what they will say; in a feat to show the dreaded ones for what they can become if they are willing to face what they crave.

Have you ever sheltered men in the lap of comfort to show them, in scrutiny of life, a better way. Have you ever been the joy of other men, have you ever seen the eyes of others suggesting respect and admiration for you; have you managed to reach, through your actions, in the depths of men’s hearts, being an inspiration to them?

In our own collective-structure as a species, beyond time-space, beyond carnal proximity, deep within the roots of all human experiences, we are not so far from each other, to understand being human, is to understand what we are conditioned and, in some ways, predetermined to be.

O fellow, I do not suggest for a another-world in another-life, ignoring all the problems of this world, but on the contrary; let’s face to improve this world without deception, beyond our own lives, a better place for future-beings in this world. If we are going to live this life, let it be in the best way that it can be told, that far from all thoughts, intentions, egos, delusions, empowerments; at the end, the only thing left is what we do.

And I am still asked if I have lived it?

I’ve lived it.

>I will probably delete many things, especially what have to do with personal things, I don’t…[…]

>/Row desperated/ having lived in this life, as a “thought-experience” I can [“say”- in terms of possibilities], depending on your concept, that there is no god, I am more “certain(more possibility)” of that than of my own existence, there may be the remote possibility that there is a “god( in this sense)”, but it is also probobly that is not the god that humans have invented, I am referring specifically to the Abrahamic religions. It’s a shame because I would like to say the opposite but I cannot just ignore the people who have suffered/injured before such “Revelation(supposed)”. And a first cause is not synonymous with God-human concept.

However, the ordinary human being, of these times and depending on where he was born, is an animal naturally with a weak-lower-brain, and that’s why is necessary a religion.

Just as we have the instinct to eat for our survival, on a higher level we have the emotions so that without knowing the great framework in which we form (imagine ants where everyone plays a function but in reality none of them know how everything is really working)

This emotions tells us about the good and the bad for survival not only of ourselves but especially for our own species—

So the human being not simply by doing bad things destroys his own species, ie that being/species alive is destroying itself, for this reason I can say that living beings have naturally anti-entropy. both mentally and materially, and the human being in his mental faculty seeks to give meanings according to his own existence, nevertheless the emotional faculty is more mysterious than the intellectual faculty and the instinctive faculty, the emotional faculty seems to dictate something that escapes our compression, so a person without knowing why what he did is bad, simply feels that what he did is bad…

—and religion has specialized on this.

There are “very stupid people” in the world who believe that good and evil/bad is a “lie-invention-mental”, but it is only a “lie-invention-mental” like hunger or pain, they are a survival mechanism however the emotions for the survival of our species is more complex than that. Anyway, with the framework I created, I hope before I die I can even leave my “legacy-this thing”, for my species, humanity.

>>I really have to finish this, I really have to. I will not destroy something to do-make something worse than there was. only then may I die in peace

>I don’t think, you really have a [“true”-free-“free will”] because of the conditions, your brain, you are a human, you think like a human, you feel like a human, you cannot escape from your conditions and just believe that you are “entirely-free” of these conditions that bind you.

Anyway I don’t have determinism in mind in the academic concept, maybe it would be like a “predetermism” (no-academic concept), In other words, if you see a baby and if you knew his/her “genes/DNA/composition”(not mutation, ordinary) then you could “bet/think/assure/high possibility” that that baby will one day be an adult-body, of course if he does not die before. Or genetic – behavioral traits Or you who speak english and not “funtherish”(a language that I invented).

>it is not that everything is destined beforehand but that it will happen like this, if you add the time variable, (in the “autocentrist”sense, human-mental process of seeing time) then everything becomes in relation to the mind → its linear interpretation of events in the mind-process that is “autocentristly”.

You can’t say to a person that you [“love”] her and lock her in a “building” just for you, and tell her that you gave her “free will” because you let her go through all the rooms, when you don’t really let her leave that “building”, in the same way we are extremely conditioned by many factors and variables, not only that we are playing our lives on this little planet , but by our own material condition, this limited intelligence, these feelings that we do not choose but that seem to be there, and a lot of other things, in other words:

when there are conditions there is no “authentic free will” but only, “as it seems”, “choices” within the framework of conditions itself.

>Oh no, I can’t stop thinking, let’s continue: As I said I would like a new study, the study of one’s own mind (internal causes) when we open our eyes we have examined the external world, when we have investigated ourselves (our mind), we have done so by looking outside, that is, from the outside-world’s perspective.

This study would be entirely what happens within the mind from the inside-world’s perspective, that is, mapping the architecture of the world of mind-self.

And the research thrown out of the outside world as neuroscience or psychology would be as an “aid/support” to this study, however the heuristic methods of this new study would be different, and its way of explaining the things, different from the conventional science.

The point is to understand the functioning of the mind and how everything is related in the Mind. not in the biological level, much less neuronal but merely in a kind of internal processes, but it is not like psychology, this would consist in the “Engineering of thought”, it is like building a world/map/mechanism but of the mind itself.

Could one day there be a technology that allows a person to submerge in their own mind and investigate no longer “externally” as we have been doing, but purely “internal”?

A lot of esoteric or secrete knowledge has dared to go to such a study although never own mind said, they have mentioned or tried to explain these kind of mental patterns there are some that are obvious and others less obvious.

For example, sometimes when you think of logical things but that you miss artistic things and when you think artistically, you pass the logical details / facts.

For example when you think “coldly” you tend to have a pattern of thoughts than when you have a “warm/emotional” mind… and one may think that he is having completely “free will” in his “choices / thoughts” but he unconsciously follows a pattern that he (often) does not notice.

For example let’s call this the “storm-rainbow” pattern, in general it is in which the individual goes through a “torment /effort” and at the end he only seeks “peace / rainbow”. Examples of this would be:

-The promised place after a great torment of life in misery. (not only limited to religion)

-“As a day well spent produces a sweet dream, so a life well used causes a sweet death”—Leonardo Da vinci

-An individual who, after going through many problems at the end before dying, finds redemption or finally fulfills his greatest desire and dies in peace.

-See the transition of beethoven’s fifth symphony (first-second), or, better, see disney’s fantasia (Night on Bald Mountain and Ave Maria) or Eleonora by edgar allan poe.

-Or when a person is “furious” and does things but at the end he ends up crying/regret/rest.

-The individual who faces in a battle where he say he will go through struggles and eventually die in an epic victory/death.

This study would find not the patterns out-there but the patterns of the mind itself.

//that has to be with considere with “plane-conception-understangin of thing”, say that only there onlt this one-thruth and not personal thurth is not really see “how actually everything work”; too much book-readed but few own ideas-undertending that’s why ye fall in things like at the end everythiings is “irony” when actually is at the end oyu dont undertang anything; and waht about good and bad, how things change and how somethings could be bad in certain circunstances, or cultures, tat’s why “they/ye/you” need a “thing” that tell them/you waht’s good and wahts bad. and also there people with 2d logic.undersutanfing, that’s why they fall in paradox everythime. ( a key could be use layers or “kind of types” but I think I have a better system “theory of frameworks ( of reference)”, “theory of systems” and how everything is related and how the “thing” is not that simple; and the question is how you raise the problem or how you understand it in your “own-logic/or/-mind”)

>>and there are people who take advantage of the holes of the “language problem”e.g. when a person says “I believe” they make their “flat-logic” reasoning, in a deplorable artifice, to make their ideas or beliefs or judgments seem true.

//Uh no-ow!! is that a brain? In my experience, you can see the true innate intelligence of an individual, around five— to seven years old—at most nine, after that age I only see experience and knowledge>>an understanding by one’s own intelligence is not the same as an understanding acquired by experience/ knowledge.

>>Although I cannot speak about before seven for things that happened, the truth is that around seven, despite all the things that happened to me, I have always been known for my insight and my faculty to think for myself and beyond the inventions, I was known for my understanding of people, I was called an indigo child by others and not to mention the nine’s because I already had my own conception of the world and not happy with it I embarked on a more rigorous analysis on my own. By counterpart, it seems that stupidity can/could already be seen from childhood.

>It doesn’t really matter, seeing me in real life you will not really know me as I truly am, as I said my true self is in a world of my mind, and this world for me It is nothing more than a dream among the many that I had, it is very rare that I tell, in real life how I really feel or think; I am only known in fragmented facets, only one, and that will depend on who the guy(s) I am dealing with.

>yep, I have this body-shape.

| #Facts :

I remember saying that in my vacational-paranoia, I thought that everyone looked at me; mistake, they actually look at me a lot and sometimes it is uncomfortable or even annoying to be honest; that’ll depends on what kind of person is looking at me.

I’m going to be honest, naturally, I like only people who are like me; physical-mentally, and I dislike to a certain degree when the other person is less like me. I often see myself as superior to others but not at the ego-level, nor in beauty, much less in knowledge but at the biological level, evolution.

Perhaps it is from experience, but I don’t want to keep it only in my mind, it happens that in my experience I am like Don Quixote (kind:: introvert, idealistic mind, abstract mind, Non-materialist, Spiritual, Imaginative, Independent, self-improvement and environment; I think big and greatnesses) and those who are dissimilar to me are more like Sancho Panza ( kind:: extrovert, materialistic minded, earth minded, pro-material-Pleasure, carnal, pedestrian minded, mediocre and dependent; followers, never pioneers) in this sense, since I see my qualities as Nature and Not Nurture, I see them as less evolutionarily speaking and those who are like me as more evolutionarily in-future-time, but that’s something I’ll never say to the outside. It’s just something that appears in my mind, in practice I treat everyone equally in this regard, but I don’t mean egalitarianism because to say that everyone is equal is an insult to me.

#Without resentment |

>Electronics, electronics.. learn electronics and make your own projects!!

For None specifically speaking::

Oh no, not you again! It seems you don’t get tired of being defeated.
Let me figure out my next move.

Listen, it seems that you are not understanding the implications, I thought they were obvious and that they would simply appear in your mind as intuitive-tacit-forms.

Remember, I speak in terms of probability-possibility.

If such presumption-thinking is correct, there is no such thing as infinite parallel worlds where you could be any random person, but on the contrary one would possess “autocentrist illusion” that is to say where one having “illusory choices”, believes to have “free-open-choices” regarding his decisions, but if it were investigated further it would be elucidated that he actually didn’t have all that choices and in the best case he didn’t really have any choice but only, “as it seem”, the how.

Like Judas or the waiter who makes the client believe that he can choose all the dishes of the world in that restaurant, but making a mental/word game, makes the said individual actually choose just the dish that only was there.

And much worse I could speculate about time travel (I wouldn’t call it specifically travel), in the sense of an established future happening in another time, because I could not talk about the existence of time as it is understood autocentristically, in fact in this sense, I tend to think that it does not exist. e.g. to say that the future-time is ahead and the past-time is back; it is an interpretation of the brain of time. Again, I do not deny time but in the concept of time as the human being understands it in their mind.


!Said, one-two, princes kneel before you, that’s what I said, now~Princes, Princes who adore you.. — Hey, I like this guy, what personality!? (their)/his music-vibes has inspired me in many ways.

>I am afraid that I am not understood or, worse, misunderstood, although then I will explain myself in a better way, with autocentric illusion I mean that the human being has the illusion of his self (& own’s or my’s) as a whole, for example if a screamer now appears, surely you would be scary and scream!

So you decided to really scare yourself? Was it really your decision? So who scared, you or your instinctive brain? wouldn’t it still be you? finally then what or who is you/self? :: that would be a condition-influence, a form of predeterminism (in non-academic concept)

Thus the human being usually understands things in their holistic or joint way, things like consciousness or self are understood as if it were a “thing” in itself rather than being a set of things operating so that such a “thing” is given. To investigate things, I propose to refer to the cause or source of such “things”, that is, those that compose it. In this way, only in this sense, I am against the holistic visions of things.

And the human being believes to be completely free, as if their actings were independent of the conditions of nature, but in reality they are conditioned by not only external nature but by their own internal nature or their own mind, that is, the mind also has laws/rules/patterns (see, study of the mind-self; internal causes) so the human being believes to be free, by autocentric illusion, thinks that there are laws of nature only outside but in regards to themselves, they think they are entirely free.

And in the end out those who believe they are entirely free are actually those who end up being as the ones with least free or most conditioned—so many possibilities to experience reality as an entity—and they end up being the typical human, who grows, marries, has children and all those things that humans usually experience and do; like a human-bot. This is what I mean by certain predeterminism, that there are both internal and external conditions-influences that lead us to have a certain kind of life or existence, in this sense, we are absolutly Not free.

Just as white blood cells have a pattern of behavior in its framework and as ants have a pattern of behavior, so the human being also follows a pattern of behavior, in their own framework as species that is, it is likely that we also act as simple white blood cells for superior beings and we never escape our framework because we are Not entirely free, We are also conditioned, we are not special-exception.

#curiosities :: I remember saying that I did not read any philosopher for fear of being influenced, however I vaguely know each one’s thoughts, because I don’t want to investigate something that has already been addressed. Among all of them there is one that seems to have a kind of [reasoning-thinking/ideas], in the beginning, similar to mine, his name is Leibniz.

However, I am concerned that he only reached such a digging level and from there build his system or gather his conclusions, in the world of internal abstraction that should be the surface, therefore he/we should go even deeper; It would too hasty yet.

However, I have the feeling that among all philosophers, Leibniz would grasp more quickly what I meaning, or at least a hint, because he has also walked where I have walked.

/what? Too open minded to be a believer? in fact, from my eyes, that is exactly his problem and most philosophers, because they start with ideas taken for granted.

//And as the philosopher who has an idea in mind and wants to investigate to prove the existence of that idea, it is, for me, a sin. You do not have to have any inclination-prejudice neither determination or indeterminacy, theism or atheism, absolutely none, but you should investigate/ponder With the virgin mind; only with the idea of proving the truth, not your beliefs.

I do not consider myself a philosopher, neither intellectual nor any label, I am only a human being with a brain that’s all, labeling is limiting and I do not follow any label, perhaps, at most, I could classify myself as an analyst thinker.

Yes indeed, within the study of one’s mind:: would be the study of emotions, and all the study of internal causes, you know what another study could be, the study of understanding, study of the interpretation and even the study of internal language. Obviously this would be at the last point in Supracentrism’s proposals.

//A songmind of experiences of life// [But](I’never’said’to’be’normal)

I don’t feel of this world, I know perfectly well, as my true-self, that I don’t fit in here and nowhere. So what’s the news-surprise?[…]..

/Dissonant serenity/

!hmmm.. you again. I’m still somewhat depressed at this moment but even so I might send you directly to valhalla, you never represented anything to me.

Just you and your empowerments, do you really trust your Weltanschauung as an objective worldview of things, I only see an animal focused on its objective and as any animal that focuses on its objective is limited and therefore it can’t see beyond its own existential framework. There are more things out there than your perceptual mental state.

The fact that you are oriented to the pragmatic does not speak at all as to an objective vision of things but to your own utilitarian perceptual world; you’re just focusing on the world projected by your brain. It’s curious how the one who claims to be more objective, is actually, in here, the most subjective, considering himself the all powerful on his mood basis.

Let me be frank to you, those who focus on the results; visible palpable things, have always displeased me. They think they are the ones who see the world as it is, and even worse, they think that they can see all the possibilities but they are completely limited by their self, the only difference with others is that others accept their subjectivity, and some can make an Art about it.

I was never one step ahead of you, nor you of me, I am on a higher plane, completely different in which you are, you are still playing in the animal stage, I don’t see you except how you’d look at the dynamics of simpler organisms.

I see you chattering from time to time, then I’ll leave in the hands of time to reveal who was in reason, I will no longer waste the time to explain, it seems that you are immersed in what you consider the objective physical world and you don’t seem willing to see beyond but confirm only your own vision state.

After all that would be too much for your tiny mind, so I will leave you alone to contemplate through time your, ordinary materialism, own self-destruction.

Beware, existence is not constrained to your perception.
Take care.

. . .

/but you are not me, and I am not you; as experience existence/

And what does that have to do with it? the fact that I have been depressed and have wandered the streets with the head bowed does not speak at all of insecurity or inferiority complex, that would be to follow a standard or label and I don’t follow any of those things, actually, standards and labels should follow me, I’m beyond all that.

On the contrary, the opposite would be said, I am above expectations; by the age of twelve I had already met the goals I had set, I was interested in color, movement, the design of creation, the functioning of things, the patterns of nature, but also in internal causes, then, incurring on issues of reality, existence, universe and mind. I managed to be versed in more than ten branches of study, additionally beyond the practical work-matter to which I have considered them too simple and plain. I don’t have to prove anything, in this sense, I know perfectly what I am.

Don’t misunderstand, because my problems-thinking are not same to your problems-thinking that you have in mind, I tend to detach myself and I extrapolate everything to complex and heavy things, in the depths of existence. Platon would point up to heavens and Aristotle, down to earth, as for me, I simply point you here, inside to own head, brain; mind.

I have seen a new panorama and I intend to show ye. Thus, revealing new more sophisticated ways in terms of entity-existence, proving that there are states of internal organizations; among other things.

I would certainly think that there have been more, many and better revolutionary geniuses than those who show your historical annotations; and I’m a leader in advocating hidden geniuses, who are, unlike your Narcissistic historical geniuses, completely anonymous, because their love for discovery and truth are beyond the ego.

I repeat, I never felt intimidated or with inferiority complex, because I never considered them to be at the height in which I am or I can reach. Neither it is irritability; I never had false expectations as to the common men. I don’t encourage manipulation, but one should move the pieces well in the game of life. So, there is no difference if I start playing with the king as dead, I already made the checkmate.

Just You & your mind.

. . .


/ The enchanted balm-soul healer/

Apologies in advance, minds out-there, I probably won’t update for a long time, I need time for my mind as for my soul, I need to undertake my expedition in search of that enchanted balm; look for that light; purify myself from experience.

I need to disconnect and reconnect through another means, I need to be completely alone and find the solitude that I’ve lost, and do not ask me where that place is because it is not belongs to this world or any other but to the spiritual realm.

I feel it will be a long but pleasant journey.

so long!

. . .

/ I’m back, but not in the way you could imagine /

Cheers, Oh cheers fellows, How’s the light?! I am moderately well, but do not be surprised by the things that I have to tell, I have not changed; I am the same but with more experiences.

On the analysis of reality, do not worry, I will finish it but now is not the time, I will not talk too much but now this is the only mean I have to communicate, so I would like to tell about this experiences.

Moon:: Compact summary

# I walked and walked to where I could no longer see houses, it was like a desert, my shoes were filled with sand, I was lying in the sand looking at the skies as night falls, while reflecting, and then the stars, Thinking about the world, then when I get up from the sand, coming back, I could see the whole town, so in my mind, in humanity ,I thought. And so day and day, I went to such a place. The same routine but not the same experience.

# Nights and nights, when I returned home, I went to mindworlds, imaginary worlds of indescribable beauty and experience. Just as we see the world through the eyes, so we can see the world only through the mind; in visual mental abstractions.

# I lived many lives in my journey, in one of them I was a hermit who fought for the revelation of truth before men; and each one of this, has been intense.

Sun:: wrapped summary

#Sometimes due to being late, my mother asked where I was, so I had to persuade, but in the end after a long conversation she decided to put me on a vacational pre-university.

#I was going there, but the first days I was inhibited, but it happened again, I became popular in a relatively short time, here are some things I heard: my appearance and personality were intriguing to them, So I heard that they were wondering what they liked about me? some said my body, others said my personality; most said the eyes.

# Here are some things they have told me: as usual, they said that I actually looked younger 12 or 13, at most, which is a bit strange considering I’m tall; They said that I looked, sometimes, girl; They asked me where I was from; They said I have very long legs; They said that my notebook is aesthetic and too tidy; They said I look like a doll, I really don’t understand this yet..

# Here some things that caught my attention : There by challenge, I was doing a kind of parkour, especially, I can jump from great heights, so many told me not to waste time that I had talent for athletics, yes, I can do push-ups of one hand, the Sissy squat, pistol squat.. some told me to join the army, which at first it really bothered me because I consider it inferior things, I told them that I was not born to follow but to command and lead; they simply said that I have a type of face or features that is hard to find; they said I had a very thin face; They thought I dyed my hair, because in the sun it looks different color; the teachers are different from school and speak nationalist nonsense and primitive ideas, this really bothered me a lot, I didn’t know that there were so many idiots in the world..

#things I did and doing : Every day I left there, I went to the supermarket and talk with the one who attends in the bathroom; I met a poor woman who sells candy with her children and helped her almost every day to sell and sometimes I play with the children, in that place, Believe it or not, poor people are also poor in spirit, as it seems it could be because, in part, we are what they have done to us.

#I didn’t hold on, I argued with a teacher, he was talking about the world of ideas and that a man to overcome must have ideas, self actualization and he also mentioned nietzsche, I disagreed in the sense that all of that focused on the subject-self as if this one were the end or center of the world, and therefore subjective.

I started talking and spoke so fast that it seemed like I was singing a rap, I just couldn’t articulate as quickly as in my mind, I had never talked about my ideas in real life, but the fluidity, the sophistication of my words and the convincingness of my arguments surprised everyone, although I doubt that even one has understood. On the other hand I was a little scared, my body said fear but my mind brave. After some have said artificial intelligence, alien intelligence; galactic intelligence. However, it was a mistake to have shown me in such ideas when they were clearly not going to understand; I will keep quiet.

The dynamic is not of the person who knows more than the other and plays dumb, it is of the person who understands-see things that the other will never understand-see in his entire life.

#These last days : I was talking to my mother, she asked me why I looked something sad, I told her that I don’t like this weather, neither stupidity; I told her that I feel so alone, not being able to express myself in the degree of depth that I would like, that the average IQ should be 160 to, at least, be able to talk about the abc with them, that simply irritated me fish-minded people, I want men, not apes; she said, that I was different, that I can achieve whatever I set in my mind but that people had told her that I was very thin, she told me that my eyes and my smile are very noble and a man is supposed to be strong, I told her that I am not an ape and I’m beyond man.

But she did not understand it, neither when I told her about the tangle of connections that can happen in a person’s head, and that I usually think of humanity and existence; and that certain revelations make me sad, things like space or time and the potential that will never be achieved, but not in me, me as humanity, I just felt-feel misunderstood..

# Today that I am writing all this, thinking about that, I lost my backpack on the bus. There was my mp3-watch— watch3p I used to call it—that I made, but I don’t feel anything, I don’t feel sad about material things, it’s the lack of owns-original-things-ideas and the tiny panorama of reality that people possess.

*Beautiful* I can almost . . .

And I forgot to mention something, that time I would act like a normal person.

A lot to say I don’t know where to start:

Sorry, Forget it, I do not intend to become that aberration, I have never had any expectations of ye’s, normal-humans, and ye still manage to disappoint me, how do you get that? keep your trash in you, I do not intend to follow the chain, now more than ever it is more than evident how: what a animal is man, and those who deny it, turn out to be those who most resemble it. Looking at all of you, instinctively, the question arises on me : who is the idiot who created humans?

Harken, I am not interested in memorizing things, I repeat that is not intelligence, it is not knowledge what I am looking for but understanding, you can take your mass of hypocritical normies gifted or rather “un-brain’ed’s”, you want to meet a true intelligent person, read jesus.

Your way of seeing the world is primitive and your concept of success, obsolete; maybe it’s time to get some new glasses because those old-eyes are already contaminated with so much harmful-experience and time does not forgive anything; and please this time think-first about the prism before those superficial frames.

Of European grandparents, Chinese descent.. until now I have not heard that you mentioned Jews, because lies and sexual connotations are obvious in all your classes, I no longer know if I am in an institution or I came in a wrong way into a debauched harem.

So you want me to build a drone for you, who told you, I mean these are the most beautiful words that have come out of your mouth to me, what follows, a date. Yes, I made the watch and many others have asked me to fix their electronic devices, the question is that at this point I no longer know if I am a student or their head technician.

It’s not you, it’s the stupidity that your actions and words give off.

>well, too much “Daria” for back-then.

Lately I have had changes, apart from the acne there is something that I really can’t stand it- it really bothers me- I was researching about adolescence, now I’m studying about the edocrine system, don’t think I’m going to do those aberrations, now I have new plans, antiandrogens and disappear that livido. Now it’s time, I have to calibrate my hormonal brain to my own life-plan:to-live-according-y’ideas-not-imposed-by-material; the mind over the brain.

Curfew! and it was difficult for me to get home on time even if I ran, the police came, they put me on that thing and asked me questions, a little aggressive to be honest, but for some reason I noticed something in me , again, my body seemed to be afraid it even seemed to tremble but my mind was completely calm it was like me and my body being two different person in the same bag, I talked to him in the end he made an exception with me, don’t ask me what we are talking about, I only know that at the beginning I told him if he could take me home, then he became less aggressive when he saw my face, and then we were talking about a topic of my interest, I saw the conversation visually as if it were a game where I corner him to talk about what I want to talk about and that he thinks what I want him to think ..

So I was at my uncles’ house for a few days, they told me a lot about myself, what I did when I was little, they said that I used to manage to do things with recycling that really amazed, sometimes when we were eating they made jokes about something like: he is really over-smart, he can make you a robot with plastic bags and cardboard underpants, I don’t know if the jokes were bad or bad, I was understanding jokes, however it impresses me how the human being tends to mythologize the facts and things based on their emotions, whatever ..

hey, there are times when I feel like a different person, d’you remember when you were little you were different from you-now, well that’s how I remember my me from just a few days ago, I don’t know, I really don’t even fully understand it, the more I try to understand it more complicated and tangled it becomes.I’m just confus..

The more I think about it, the more I regret it, but I already made the decision, first because in that pre-, many took photos of me, and in my uncles’ house my cousin too, that must have influenced, but the main reason is that I have identity problems I do not know who or what I am, so for first time I upload a portrait of me, since I prefer here than there, perhaps you will see more about my appearance since I do not want to disassociate me more, I really think that there is a connection between the physical and the mental, if you know what I mean, yes, I want to be examined and I want to give all the data that can be investigated before I disappear.

well, it looks like a five-year-old child’s drawing, but what do you want me to tell you, they took my things away from me, and this Mobile is not mine. Either way, this is the hairstyle that I did myself, although it looks better in real life. Oh, and don’t worry about symmetry, that’s how disproportionate I am.

Hey, here you have, I know those strokes and spots leave something to be desired, I was really a bit hasty, but look at it from the perspective of the letter with non-graceful handwriting in which; what is important is what you want to convey.

w0′ow, this is how the days should be, and the sunset, blue; it would also be good if the days or nights will last longer. I wish I was in a place like that, I usually dream about it, I feel that this environment somehow agrees with my personality, instead this place where I am; I just feel that I do not fit, as if the character of a cartoon was in a series that does not belong to him. I’m thinking … I don’t know, but in one of my “kind-schizophrenic episodes or lapses” I was with the idea of ​​building a glider and going to Antarctic to live alone apart from all humanity, I really dislike the sun and I have fascination for the blue, the cold and the snow.

All this really leaves me somewhat disturbed, the fact that I am still alive is a miracle or a curse depending on the eyes you want to see it, I do not plan to speak of the time they poured alcohol and set me on fire or my many misfortunes; I do not want to be looked at with sorrowful eyes, that is already in the past but without doubt they have left wounds in me that are difficult to heal, the world was shown to me as a chaotic, accelerated, senseless, disturbing place; nevertheless in my innerworld, it was everything the opposite, it was harmony; I have really kept in mind throughout my life the feeling of not belonging. It’s really unpleasant to feel lost, so lost as to lose the identity.

Anyway, one of my steps-plans is to go to a inhospitable frozen forest away from humans, to build a cabin-outdoors but indoors it is about many underground floors, each floor is a world, for example in one floor it is an abandoned city, in another one of an island where I will be a shipwrecked person or one of a spaceship, that is to say, a whole world inside that, apparently, small cabin.

!So you want an intellectual battle?

Never question my intellectual powers, I am more than an inveterate epistemophiliac, I am an active full-time predatory machine-generator of powerful ideas, I am an unstoppable intellectual monster, and you had better fear my existence. Thunders! My mind burns, and when you have such potential, you don’t need to be told, you already know it, from the moment you noticed something different, from the first day you opened your eyes to this world.

. . .

What happened, I just woke up, my scalp hurts, not my hair, what happened to my hair, these personalities come and leave a mess here. Well, it’s not so bad, let’s look on the bright side. In any case, let’s be productive and get down to work.

Ready, there you have it, as you can see I look different depending on your angle of vision or my mental state, I did not make a front-face drawing because my face usually changes a lot and I do not want you to have a wrong image of me, by the way, those moles are almost imperceptible except for those on the neck; I just wanted you to know about their existence.

I’m a bit introspective lately, I’m trying to find out who I am, I’ve heard about multiple intelligences or better said multiple abilities and to be honest, believe it or not I don’t feel identified with any of those, let’s start with the easiest: people who do not know me at all will say interpersonal, then there are those who think they know me and will think about kinesthetic, and as they get to know me they will say, linguistic-or-mathematical, spatial, musical, naturalistic and finally interpersonal; respectively, necessarily, in that order.

I have been in all those fields and I have met these people but I do not think I was born specifically for that, simply that I am a curious fast learner or I do not know .. however I have discovered a category that I finally seem to fit perfectly, they call it existential intelligence, surprising, “dust you were and dust you will return”, regardless of external influences, I will always return to my original state. So I just found out I am lower at what I do best, great!

>if someone is reading this >written under construction>transcribing from “language of thought” to “English language”>so as not to limit understanding >afterwards> order ideas and prose.||>to consider::

>the[expression / writing / non-metrical structure] =/= the expression, writing and without metrical structure>but>the [expression / writing / non-metrical structure] = the prose

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