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What do teenage bedrooms look like today?

I am 20 and I have my own room. I’m studying in Interior Design major and always wondering to design my own room with some styles I learned but this haven’t came true yet since the renovation and buying stuffs will be very expensive.

Actually, choosing bedroom style for teenager doesn’t always depending by time/era. What’s right to choose your own bedroom is depend on your needs and also depends on what you like. Sometimes a style of a bedroom reflects the personality of it’s owner.

If you like bright place, clean, and smooth, you can try the famous Scandinavian style which is very popular among teenager/young adults right now (as I took my own survey.)

Or try Coastal style if you like quiet place, serenity, cool ambient, for whoever who likes the calmness of the sea. Everyday feels like paradise.

What about simplicity, geometric, dynamic—but not too minimalist? Contemporary is the answer!

For whoever who loves to play with colors & pattern, and magical sense, Bohemian/Gypsy is the best!

Industrial style is also a trend now.

If you like something luxurious but classic seems too old for teenager, why don’t take a look to Art Deco/Art Noveau with a little bit modern touch?

Last but not least, if you are a fun, ambitious, full of spirit, and cheerful person, this Preppy style will be representing yourself!