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What do you think should be a major priority for the U.S. Government right now?

Get the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) under control.

Here is an example of how out of control it is: U.S. Army fudged its accounts by trillions of dollars, auditor finds

War is a racket. So is occupying under the guise of democracy. People make big money at it and an entire Military Industrial Complex thrives on it.

The details of exactly how this occurs were in a warning by President Eisenhower as he left office. His words were very prophetic:

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The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) consists of both the Pentagon and the contractors that serve it, their lobbying firms and the politicians who promote weapons systems, incursions and services to the government for profit and gain.

The MIC has tremendous power, even though it is presently being tested by Sequestration. For further details and specific example of how the MIC has influenced our decision makers and contributed to the deaths of our finest youth, please see the following:


It is corrupt and driven by corporate influence:……

It is broken and riddled with incompetence:



The beat goes on today with the KBR’s the Lockheed Martins and other huge corporations supplying and supporting wars.

Every major aerospace company from IBM to Lockheed Martin and Boeing has totally stand-alone divisions that serve as cost centers and pursue monumental interests in the politics of government and the billions in service contracts that are outsourced there. This has gone on for years. I watched it for 3 decades on the inside of these companies.

These companies routinely spend more in lobbying expenses than they pay in income taxes each year.…