In more developed nations, the real estate growth was more focused around offices and, in some cases, industrial. The global commercial real estate investment

What are some of the projected to be best non real estate investments for 2020?

It is worth considering Private Forestry as a long term investment option. Popular in many countries. This secures you clear title land anywhere between 1/4 to a few acres where Tissue culture timber trees are grown in vast lands very close to Bengaluru. These are high quality, high yielding trees, being Tissue Culture.

Returns are great as the returns are not just from the land value but rather the Tissue culture timber trees grown on your land. Assured 7x times your investment in 10 yrs. Company started by professionals manage and maintain it for you.

A very interesting and simple totally risk free project. Promoting Ecology, Economy and Social living. A promising project to create substantial returns on a moderate investment. Totally risk free project which is aimed at promoting Ecology, Economy and Social living.