He’s also heard about the RP Leipzig coach in Germany using virtual reality with his players to analyze tactics, something he said he’d like to look into.

How do I travel across India without money?

Get A Ride To India Without Money

I walked out one month’s morning to go to India without any money. I had my clarinet, a sleeping bag, a ticket for the boat to France and a few loaves of bread to make sure they did not hunger within the first day or two. I stopped under Tony Blair’s huge billboard poster that smudges the street with his smart, sinister smile and then continues to trade gray cities for palm trees, politicians for snake charms. A stranger in my hometown, I walked to the coastal road with little but my freedom on my back.

Another reminder was the farewell farewell to warm friends and friends that I never knew that had stuck my way around the city to chill me in tight emotional hugs. Not much thought that I would come very far, or even survive and with tearful reluctance, they came across their Christmas card lists. But all the camaraderie dies when you only hit the road and prepare for the ships of destiny that you will put down in crying metal boxes on wheels. As an exposed and anonymous figure with a sore thumb, it’s an old travel ad that’s a good line between chopping and waiting along the side of the road like an idiot.

My first lift pulled up in a few minutes and I jumped without a look back.

“I’m going to India!” I told the driver smugly, as I stood on my seat belt.

“Well, I can take you as far as university,” he told me doubtfully.

A couple of rides later I sat on the pebbles of Hastings Beach, munching my date bread and I wish I could afford some chips. The sea was smothered in an unfortunate gloom and refused to give a hint of what was before. But during the previous winter in Goa I had sat at the feet of several hobo gurus and learned that if you have eaten this day you are successful. Period. Providence had already suggested me in an inexorable tour of spring Europe. But fear has the habit of repeating mushroom even at the thought of rain and so I opened the pages of Kahil Gibran’s “The Prophet” to seek any confirmation. I read:

Is there no fear of being thirsty if your pit is full, the thirst that is unbreakable? And what’s anxiety for need, but it’s necessary?

It went well. More or less. I threw a stone on the naughty waves and returned to the road, big and important doors of the past struck me.

By the end of the daylight I arrived at Dover, because I had survived a number of uninspiring conversations. I found out on the dregs of Britain’s roads a variety of hitchhikers wanting to leave this small island and reconnect with the greater potential of the Continent. We were all experts in traveling light, but their long faces told me nobody was lucky. I took the boat and made my bed on the tiled floor of the Calaishaven, almost at the feet of the other people waiting on the plastic chairs. I was just as pleased with it, but it’s always a bonus in this way of traveling, even when announcing the speaker announcements every ten minutes before the departing ferries. find more information visit at Travel Agents in India

A few hours later, I struck myself from the feverish horrors of half-sleep and dropped my pale body in the cold morning to make an early start and to avoid competition. Outside, I discovered that the same thought had taken place with all other hitchhikers. We throw out etiquette from the window and we all tried to drop the lorry drivers without driving license or queue – the equivalent of each other while driving. Hitchhiking is hardly a communal activity. Unless there is an exceptionally beautiful girl there will be no group more than two lifts. So seeing another hitchhiker is rarely a welcome sight.

There was no real chance to go out with so many people waiting so I chose to walk a few miles in search of a better place, behind a solid French couple telling me:

“We’ll sleep here if we have to, it does not matter!” They were in India in the fall and we speculated that we could meet in a quieter environment than this dark road. I was lucky, I sweat my road on the road and took a chance lift with an Englishman who waved his way out of town after a croissant and a cafe.

Because I did not have to be forced into my insufficient French, I stood on the road to the roundabout of the roundabout while increasing my benefactor of the hour from the corner of my eye. He was a thick and earthy Geordie, named Jeff. He wore the image of a traveling cowboy who floated on his back in the halls of every city with his guitar; A rolling stone entertainer, investing his way through the cities of Europe. He had been professionally engaged for the most part of ten years and in a few minutes we told stories and anecdotes to play music on the streets. He was much richer and more productive than mine, so I talked to him the most while concentrating on a map of North West France.

“Some days are lucky with you and other days it’s not that simple.” He told me that I played on the trams last year and me and my partner Mike played a great set-all of our solos were scared of time, we made hilarious verses and we improvised a completely new final. Then Mike went to the tram to collect money in his hat. And I watched him slowly and surely, he became more depressed until he came back with the lowest face you ever saw – nobody gave us a coin. “Jeff reminded his beard. “But a week or two later we play back together on the trams and we were both really hungry, I forgot the chords on the song we played and two of Mike’s strings flashed – and before we could even try to finish People came up and filled our hat with everything they had in their wallet. ‘

We avoided the excessive pawn toll roads and hunt for the “A” roads that run almost parallel in elegant straight lines laid by the countryside over the grassy hills. The road crossed every small town on the route and every other half another village appeared on the horizon. Each settlement was broadcast by a lonely white church, each with its own character and beauty.

With haystacked meadows and grazing sheep I could not wish for a more picturesque route. Again on the road I felt like I was on the first chapter of a book that promised to be a very good reading.

Unfortunately, Jeff proved to be a born-Christian, though fortunately not of the evangelical ‘now listening’ variety. He limits his sermon to a short warning about the risks of Oriental wisdom:

“You see, many of the Oriental religions empty the mind, but that’s really dangerous!” And he would pause to make sure I had understood: “For if the mind is empty, evil spirits can come and start taking control! “Jeff was a good guy and we came to a trustworthy party where none of us had to say too much.

We drove all day and arrived in a small village with a pleasant floating river that bubbles and straws did not wear faster than needed. Jeff went to the city on the pretext of changing money while playing on the soft grass and playing provincial blues on my harmonica. He came back with another happy hour drunk an hour and a half, and we spoke plainly about the oddness of existence; two misfits are sitting with their legs across the river bank and staring in the twilight folds that close the day over us.

My German sleeping bag and waterproof poncho proved to be effective against the cold, dew and moisture ever present in northern Europe, even at summer level, while Jeff also got trouble in the back of his van. Cold and wet nights are what I fear most on the road. On my acupuncturist’s advice, I carried a piece of ginger in my pocket like a remedy against humidity, a “bad chi”, says the Chinese. Then he also responded that diarrhea can be cured by filling the salt button with salt and weaving a lit cigarette close to it.

The next morning we got together to get out of town to break down after two miles. Cursed, Jeff was looking for a phone but it started to rain before he had gone a hundred meters. I sat patiently in the car and wondered if that was karma because he did not do his last night with him. I looked at the drops of rain that rolled to the windscreen to get an answer. What am I doing here? I asked myself, as I do on the road twenty times a day. I just left the chair and let the fall of the falling water call the shots; extremely pleasant to be in a car of an unknown neighborhood near a small red dot on the map.

With the help of some local mechanics we got up again and fell in the middle of the afternoon in the Luxembourg city, where Jeff suggested that we take some money into his public compartments. He was looking for a gold mine where he could work for a week or two and then use the income to chill on a beach in Portugal. And man, this was the right place! We managed to find what name would Luxembourg-Luxembourg’s people call? The Luxury? The answer quickly became clear – the luxury. Everywhere we watched we were the lush BMWs and Mercedes around in the nonchalant way of the very rich. This small country, about 50 miles long, is 50 meters wide and is a selective waterhole for the rich hippos of Europe. Jeff was awaiting his lips.

In addition, Luxembourg receives huge amounts of tourism from holidaymakers from Europeans and Americans whose guides show them how to survive over $ 300 a day. They are especially recommended to use the authentic local cuisine of tacos and baked beans in the traditional magnificence of the main square where a large copper orchestra played Abba tunes twice a day.

There was also no shortage of street performers, as fire fighters, New York break dancers, concert players and Didgeridoo Dudes, all of whom competed to pick out those visitors who clearly had more than they knew what they were doing.

Jeff swaggered to the square in his cowboy hat and leather boots and began to set up his back gear and electric guitar. This was the first time I saw that busking was really profitable; I had taken my ass, how the 1930s Mississippi Blues cried on the streets of France and Austria, trying to impress an indifferent audience. But then, few artists are appreciated in their lives. In any case, it was my conclusion on the days that I did not earn enough to buy a cup of coffee, let alone a pint of whiskey.

Playing music on the street is great when it goes well. You can feel yourself alive and bring vitality to the city; A colorful bard of the urban scene, you can laugh and joking with the locals in real minstrel style. But on a bad day, the street becomes the most heartless place in the world; The police are moving you with unnecessary aggression, passers seem to be almost offended to dare you to break the monotony and if the few coins in your hat (as bait for further additions) sit alone if only metal money can be.
In those difficult situations you feel as if you lay in the trench and allow the asphalt to swallow you for anything that someone would take care of. Performing is a creation that needs to be generated every time you start again. The maestro act of yesterday means little in the bright and hungry face of the new morning. Jeff shared this feeling as he admitted to me that:

“Sometimes I push myself to play too far without enough breaks every day. Then all the fun goes out and I’m just as drained and depressed. And I have to say to myself ‘Hey Jeff!’ Do it easy, do you want to? “It was for this reason that I had become tired of bushing and now gave it a rest.

Jeff had a good working out of his routine, and sounds pretty professional with his electric guitar and formal backing tapes. They laid down the percussion and bass lines for the five or six songs from which he was never varied. His muscular Geordie voice disappeared when he sang, to be replaced by the clever American twist that can be heard in the most modern music. His vocals, however, were clear and bold and the overall sound could be heard from fifty meters further, increasing our target audience.

The arrangement was that he played opposite the cafe terraces to win the favor of the well-dressed businessmen and families who dine on pasta and wine. Between songs he held his spirits with the well-practiced reactions of ‘Thank you for that beautiful round of indifference’ or ‘No dancing on the tables!’

My job was to do the ‘bottle’, a name that diverts, Jeff claimed, from the original Punch n ‘Judy shows. A beautiful girl used the crowd after the act, collected the money in a glass bottle that contained a fly – the trick was that if she took her thumb too long, the flight would escape and then the puppeteers would know that she Tried to sift the money for himself.

After about three or four songs, Jeff would give me a hug and I would be in full hurry. I walked from table to table, shook the hat to give the coins an expectant jingle and convince the punters in the middle of their meals to convince them to dip their soup-colored fingers into their wallet, as I proclaimed:

“You’re welcome, little gentleman, save some money for the music, so we can eat?” Depending on what language was appropriate in this conflux Of linguistic operations.

With Jeff’s coaching, I quickly learned the different tricks to bring more money: nobody could rush to bring out their wallets. It was much more effective to imagine the idea by going into a relaxed saunter to give everyone the idea that they should contribute. The first attack was always the table that gave the most applause. From there I would plan the rest of my route to get as much attention as possible. As long as I was hard and funny, polite and unrighteous, the hat I wore was wearing quickly, and I could not pretend we were so poor. We moved from terrace to terrace, Jeff always played the same set for the new cafe crew and by the end of the evening we had about $ 100 together.

Because I was quite inexperienced to perform the bottle, Jeff suggested that I take 25% of the duties. I believed I was more than good at work, but I did not think about it, because I barely swelled my pension funds. So I made an easy-to-read, easy-going attitude about it and just informed me of new experience. That’s why I first got on the road.

At the last cafe of the evening’s tour, a couple of Brazilian businessmen invited us to share a drink with them. Beer always melts well after hard work and it was only after the first sleep that we looked up and realized that we were sitting with a group of sworn, terrible men. With the clever vibes of reptile schoolchildren, they wisecracked and competed for the status together.

“These men are all very rich men!” Our translator told us in a respectful tone. Looking from each screwed face to the next and studying each pair of troubled eyes behind an affected fog of alcohol, it was clear that these were also very unfortunate men. Maybe they do not pray hard enough for the Greenback Dollar God who promises to bring eternal joy to his most successful devotees.

Underneath where we parked the parking lot was a deep valley where a public park lay. I pulled down to find a shady place to sleep off the main road and the heavy glance of the street lights. Under the control of the many CCTV cameras that dotted the park, I tried to resemble a casual late-night stroller, arm-in-arm with my sweetie sleeping bag. But was there really someone looking at the other side, who gave a damnation? Nobody came to dodge me, but I spent an uncomfortable night by the drunk murderers of late night clubbers, 20 meters away, on the road.

The morning did not start too well. A persistent itch warned me to the incredibly indisputable fact that I was now hosted for invisible park fleas – “What to do?” As they say in India with a fatalistic waggle of the head. Then I managed to get in a row with the Dutch woman wearing the public restrooms. She took an exception to me washing my armpits in the sink and I almost managed to shake up in a small battle of power. The old hag continued to show some water to show her authority while trying to save the cranes under the cranes.

When I left, a man who put me on the stairs as a security guard. I counted it like a close escape and was looking for a breakfast of jingling francs in my pocket due to the previous evening.

I stood in the supermarket and stared at the prices of fruit per kilo to see what I could afford – and so uncomfortable I watched a middle-aged woman stop asking me in German:

Do you have enough money to eat?” And before I could effectively protest, she gave me 200 francs (about $ 10) with the apologies that it was not much and left before I could find the correct words in her language to express my gratitude.

Goodness is like water and will find you, no matter how low you are. Even here in the heart of capitalist Europe there were angels who took my well-being on their own. Traveling from mouth to mouth restored my belief in the essential goodness of human nature. Often my hardy cynicism remained agape with the care and warmth that was almost always given me when I was in real need.

I got hungry again, but Jeff left me for another night and so my journey would be smeared better by my part of the evening. We relieved the tourists of their money again and I became very ill from hearing the same poppy tones, of which Jeff never seemed to tremble:
“And your smile is just a big disguise. For the moment, as you realize, you can not hide those lying eyes! ”
Sleeping in the park was even worse that night, as party guests stumbled no less than three times in my resting place. They were more frustrated than myself and I proclaimed them in German and French from my resting position on their path of reckless exuberance.

“Aaahgh! Un habite! “A dweller!” One of them cried in alarm and dislike that there would be such people sleeping under bushes and trees.

My temper was greatly improved in the morning by the ridiculous bustle of a young American guy. He came near the park and shot me:

“Can you please take a picture of me?” Put the camera in my hand before I could respond. Then he shot away to put through trees and hills, spread wide open with both arms. I especially liked the assurance that he assumes that anyone who could approach him fluently English-well, these people are trained, right?

Despite our differences in character, I had a good time with my road buddy, Jeff-he was a good kind and a spicy freak in his own right that came bravely on the verge of society. I gave him my European card book, so I had to waste the pages I needed and the $ 50 or what I had made of the bottle. Small coins and shrapnel galore, the job of all buskers, I managed to turn them into higher denominations before Jeff gave me a start lift to a gasoline pump on the outskirts of the city.

It’s always handy to drop at gas stations, because then you can get on the offensive by striking the drivers as they are standing around with gasoline hose in their hands, looking nervously at the screen and rising costs. In this scenario you get the opportunity to approach them personally and to make an oral contact that they can not only ignore – a little bit of humanity is injected into the relationship between hitcher and driver, a heat that is lost in some way When separated by a windshield and a projectile velocity of 8oxmph, their exhaust exhaust smoke causes you to cough and black in the face. The personal approach also gives them the chance to see that you’re probably not a crazy killer. Once they realize that you do not have a threat, it becomes much harder for them to say no.

In some ways, however, I prefer the romance to stand by the road, inviting the opportunity to wipe me away from my lonely berth, my destiny from my hands. Also the mercy of the retarding car tends to make more charming encounters because these drivers have those who voluntarily have an affair for the free travel mind and provide for better companies.

But if you want to come quickly, it’s best to be as busy and bold as you can with all the drivers you can with a happy and polite variety of speech so that they agree before they have time to even get it over thinking. The downside is that when very few drivers leave you, you end up with many polite rejections that really charge your energy and enthusiasm. This was one of those occasions and I became increasingly sad and desperate. Walking in the mid-day heat under the intoxicating gasoline fumes, I ended up waving around like an alcoholic fresh in the desert.

I in vain attempted to decipher the destinations of the cars by the initials princesses on their license plates when I dominated a packed pair of businessmen who spoke in Cockney English. I approached them in my emphasis on the salt of the earth and asked, “Excuse me, buddy, you would not go to Saarbrücken, not at all?” With a brilliant blonde hair, one of them laughed a sneering and answered:
‘Nah, mate! We are going to work! ‘

The implications were quite clear and I was only reminded of the story that an old college supervisor told me: he decided to go back to a conference he attended the weekend and had been waiting for a few hours a lay-by as A bus stopped. He quickly got up and a head came out of the window:

Do you want a job?” The driver asked him.

‘No!’ He answered, with all the pride of a professional man, wondering where this led.

“Thought!” Came the retort and the driver threw a triumphant chapel.

India For Beginners: What You Need To Know

India is everything, and more, all at once. It is a visual explosion of bright saris, lumbering cows, marigolds and sun rays.

A constant cacophony of whining horns, high speed humans and the chews of thousands of crows, a melange of scents, incense, herbs and ahem, more human fragrances.

And while Mother India, with its 1.2 billion inhabitants, can inspire, amaze and enlighten those who enter her ground, can also overcome her innumerable challenges and chaotic madness and overcome unprepared first years. Or put them all out.

After living in Mumbai for seven months in India last year, here are my essential survival ways to make sure you did not know a second while you first visited this magical country.

The Basics Traveling Tips in India

So how long for your first trip? A life if you have one to save. If not, one month would be ideal to make the most of any place you visit. On a piece you can impress India’s magic in two weeks.

Allow at least two nights for any place you visit and the longer you stay in a city, the more you can be cozy to the locals that you can give their warm insider tips.

I recommend a rough itinerary that includes accommodation and transportation, leaving room for unavoidable Indian accidents and adventurous detours.

All of India cannot usually be experienced in two weeks, two months or maybe even two years. For first-yearers to the north – the land of turbans, mustaches, palaces and mountains – where you have your own Darjeeling Limited experience.

If you are anxious about the sensory overload, then you will undoubtedly experience it, or if you just lean and enjoy the ride, you will get a guide. As far as language is concerned, Hindi is not spoken by anyone in India – in fact there are more than 20 languages ​​spoken throughout the country and English is usually a common lingo.

However, a few Hindian phrases will certainly help break the ice: “Namaskar” (hello), “Shukriya” (thanks), “Monkey Kaise Hai”, “Kitna Hai” (how much) and “Name” Kya hai “(what’s your name) is enough for your first trip.

For money, you are going to Indian Rupees. There are about 55 Rupees to each Australian dollar. Credit cards are generally accepted, but make sure you know all your PIN codes, as the signature across the country is phased out.

And take advantage of the baggy clothes you wear by using a belt of money without worrying about any shyness.

Group Trip Or Go Alone In India?

Intrepid, World Expeditions, Bunnik Tours, Wendy Wu Tours, Thomas Cook, Cox and Kings, Kesari Swan tours are all renowned operators or you can go to the Indian Association of Tour Operators (Welcome to IATO… for more options.

Alternatively, you can plan your own trip and get help from local guides at specific monuments or sometimes half a day when you want some extra information and insight.

How To Stay Well In India

Do not even think of drinking water – even if it’s filtered, it can be nasties and you just do not want to risk it. Avoid ice cream, eat fresh fruit juices and salads and street food, which can look tempting, but it’s usually not worth it.

Even if you are fit and healthy, you would be a fool to travel to India without comprehensive health insurance. Make sure your vaccinations are all up-to-date, take a full medical kit (including Probiotics and Travelan, both good for healthy bowel flora plus some common antibiotics as prescribed by your GP) and do a truckload hand cleaner to keep it bitten fresh.

There is an excellent oral vaccine that prevents the traveler from being called diarrhea, Dukoral, who can take your doctor’s doctor for a few weeks. And think about collecting the numbers of English-speaking hospitals along your intended route, as well as the address of the Australian embassy.

How To Stay Safe In India

The many attacks on women in India have recently been well-known, but by taking some precautions, female travelers can certainly travel safely.

There are only rooms for women or floors available in a few large Indian hotels, including the ITC group of luxury hotels (ITC Hotels ), and the Indian Ministry of Tourism has requested this to be standard in hotel categories.

You need to prepare for staring – more blank than lecherously – but it’s best to avoid curious cans because they can be considered flirtatious.

Clothes conservatively (loose single pants or skirts, tops that cover your shoulders and shawls), and avoid only during festivals when thick crowds can be used as an excuse for a squeeze or grab.
Sharing the vast wealth in India means many beggars, especially in urban and tourist areas. While it is heartbreaking to see by giving money, you can contribute to the problem, as many are abducted, maltreated and exploited by bosses who force them to doubt.

It is best to give something to the consumer (fruit, rice, medicine) or through charity or volunteer work.

How To Get Around In India

In big cities, car rickshaws and taxis are all gone. Certainly they are old and beat and can break, but they are an experience in themselves and are as cheap as well, papadums. If you get a taxi from an airport to your hotel, you can arrange it from the prepaid desk at most terminals or you may get scampered.
Trains are notoriously overcrowded and run off. They are good for short trips and economics (a 24-hour trip mid-country costs about $ 11), but not recommended for overnight stay, because security is not at a premium. This also for sleep coaches.

A good option is to rent a car and driver, especially if you travel within a single day for a few days. Tour and Travel Company is a renowned company that offers everything from former ambassadors to SUVs and mini coaches. Private cars are surprisingly affordable by Australian standards, but the roads can be convinced and crossing an Indian highway can often mean taking your life into your hands. Perhaps the fastest, most excited way to get around is to get up in the sky. You can get super competitive internal flights with budget companies like IndiGo and SpiceJet (sites lik! will help you find the best deals).

Where Do You Stay In India?

When it comes to Indian accommodation, you can spend as little or as much as you spend – from $ 2 to $ 2000 per night and beyond.
Budget options are generally OK, but in the middle of the region, where you get the best value for money, but if your budget extends, we find the luxury five star hotels of the Taj group in India () to To be of the very best level.

The chain also has hotel brands, such as Vivanta and Gateway, which offer affordable four and three star prices.

Boutique stays are becoming popular. In Delhi is a personal favorite The Rose. It is in the heart of the hill Hauz Khas village () and is an art gallery, shop and cafe, a fine but simple boutique accommodation.

Think of white walls, plush but simple furniture, lots of light and views of the adjacent rose garden, for about $ 80 a night.

In Udaipur is another favorite Hotel Madri Haveli , dating back to 300 years and has 14 beautiful boutique rooms, each with glass-blue windows, Rajasthani archways and day beds (a deluxe room is about $ 60 per night).

There is also a rooftop restaurant that is perfect for lake views.

Where To Shop In India

Rajasthan is where it is for colorful embroidered textiles, as well as miniature paintings, paper mache dolls and embroidered leather shoes (Ganesh Emporium in Udaipur is a textile and antique jewelry mecca, more than 20 rooms overflowing with treasures from all over the country).

To buy precious and precious gems, go to the “Pink City” of Jaipur, where beautiful blue glass is made of pottery.

Marbles were inspired by the Taj Mahal, some of them beautifully detailed and inlaid with gemstones, can be obtained in Agra, while Varanasi is a popular place to pick up silk and saris.

Go South India: What to see on your second Indian trip


Take Bollywood’s glamor and glamor, tour the world’s biggest slum ( ) and if you have time, hire a driver and go to Matheran Hill Station for two hours to pull through dusty red hills, ride horses and stay in A historic colonial mansion.


A former Portuguese colony has turned into the trendy party town of the beach, Goa is the place to go sunbathing, surfing, seafood and, if you are a game, a helluva beach party.


Perhaps the most beautiful natural area you see in India (think palm trees surrounded by sculpted boulders stacked against the hills), Hampi also has one of India’s most beautiful architecture. The whole city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


A piece of southern France in the bay of Bengal, thanks to French colonization until 1963. Take the French district on bicycles or walk along the coast. Boulevards are lined with chic boutiques and pastel colonial mansions.


Crossing Kerala’s palm tree-lined backwaters on a houseboat, watching local villages and lush jungle sliding through while your chef saves a storm is an essential South Indian experience.

For the first timers


Fly into the nation’s capital and spend 24 hours zooming in a car rickshaw, which acclimatizes with the chaos. A visit to the 17th-century Red Fort complex, a drink at the Swish Imperial Hotel, for a taste of how the British Raj lived ($ 300 a night ), some rest in Lodi Gardens and Dinner In The hip Hauz Khas village should all be on the cards.


By Agra we mean the Taj Mahal, because besides this wonderful wonder of the world, Agra is not very inspiring. Take a day trip from Delhi (about three hours by car, about 90 dollars return). Try to get up at sunrise for the best light


Built around Lake Pichola, India’s most romantic city is all traditional Mughal architecture, beautiful textiles and delicious North Indian cuisine. Ride a horse in the surrounding desert, visit the 16th-century city palace and see a stay at Lake Palace, the floating hotel that was originally a summer palace for kings (rooms from $ 440 a night, ).


From Udaipur it is a five-hour drive to the bustling Blue City of Rajasthan. The signature powder blue buildings are scattered across the majestic Mehrangarh Fort, which begins to tour, as well as the Umaid Bhawan Palace, where Liz Hurley was ever hugged.


Rajasthan’s Golden City rises majestically from the sand of the Thar Desert; The modern city leaks outside the old walls, but inside it is relatively quiet. The royal cenotaphs of the former Maharajas of Jaisalmer are beautiful, and a sunset creek through the desert can just change your life.


Two days in the holy city of Varanasi is a must for any Indian neophyte, but we would no longer suggest to stay. The clogs of ash-covered holy men, bodies that burn on the banks of the Ganges and overwhelm the war of teenage years. Take a sunrise walk along the river to see the morning fire ceremonies, or a wooden boat ride at sunset.


Far to the far north of Kashmir and the Chinese border, there is the “high passages” where the other Himalayan treks and visits to the 15th century Buddhist monasteries go. An overnight stay at Pangong Lake – a 134 km long crystalline blue water – is a bucket list.


The house of yoga and where the Beatles found relief, Rishikesh is a spiritual wonderland full of ashrams, holy men and schools who teach every esoteric art from palm reading to tarot.


Tea is the order of the day in this quiet, hilly hill town. Well, that and Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, temples, ponies and the UNESCO heritage list that draws visitors through the mountains.


House of the Dalai Lama, McLeod Ganj in Dharamshala is full of spiritual courses. However, the main treadmill becomes a public audience with its holiness; If he is in the place of residence, they are regularly settled.

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