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How do I obtain a real estate license?

I did go through a series of restless evenings digesting all that exciting real estate class information on one of the online courses I purchased. Being involved full time with a kitchen and bath design work I just could not afford to go to an actual physical class, where you can sit, listen, digest and understand what the instructor is trying to relay to you. So, I signed up for an online course, set up the log in and password and was able to access my course virtually everywhere any time I wanted. I read and watched in the morning, at work, during lunch time, and of course in the evening, mostly after coming back from the gym(although, at times the desire to learn was so great that I even skipped gym).

All in all it took me some time to go through both parts of the course ( I stopped for a bit due to certain life events), but then continued and finished it. I have to admit, the most interesting, useful and exciting part for me was the test preparation with the scale of readiness. I could see the percentage of preparation go up gradually and did feel that I actually know more every time I go through specific questions.

You have to dedicate time to it in order to remember and successfully pass the state test. But before that happens, you will need to go and take the proctored test, which is your first step. Luckily, I studied good and passed both the first time. I figured, if I started this, I have no other options other than passing and moving forward. Its stressful of course. The state test was really confusing ( still cannot figure out why they phrase questions like that). Your head will contain lots of information needed for the test and at time you will feel like its all scrambled and you barely know anything. But its not so. Just keep preparing and you will pass.

After you pass the test, you just need to submit all required paperwork to the state, pick the broker to work for and get the license mailed to you, or you can choose to drive to the department of state (like I did, and it only took 2 hrs. each way to Harrisburg, PA), and pick it up yourself. God knows how long those 4 to 6 weeks can be.

I am with Re/Max now finalizing all necessary paperwork (selecting an employing broker is another story I will share sometime).

Study hard, absorb and digest all information and do not drag going to take tests. When you are ready, you will know it. Good luck to all!!!