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As a non-American person who is black, what are your thoughts of black Americans and black American culture?

Black Victims
1. A person who suffers from a destructive or injurious action or agency.
2. A person who is deceived or cheated, as by his or her own emotions or ignorance, by the dishonesty of others, or by some impersonal agency.
This is my GENERAL view on black culture from the perspective of a non-black.  The popular mantra of many progressives when speaking on the current thuggish situation in the black community is to classify them as victims.  It would be easy to say they are their own worst enemy and creator of their victimhood.  That would be too simple and certainly for those born before 1962 in the South not really true.  There are many blacks from the South that suffered under our version of Apartheid and often faced restrictions preventing them any chance to get ahead.
This is not to say there was no discrimination in the North and West during this same time period.  I was born and raised in the Oakland, California Bay Area in 1938. I during my childhood I saw the signs, “We reserve the right to not serve you” and I’m sure that many jobs were closed to black people on a routine basis.
It was about 1950 that FHA was loaning to ANY buyer money to buy a home all you had to have was $100.  That was a period when not all homes were available to blacks because non-blacks refused to sell to them.  What happened next was “block busting” were realtors, almost exclusively non-black would seek out a person in a non-black neighborhood who needed to sell their home quickly and they would close to a black buyer.   Overnight every house on the block would be for sale often below market price.  Before you give any pats on the backs to those non-black Realtors who kept blacks out of the Real Estate business you have to realize they would many times buy those houses below market and resell them to black at full value or keep them as a rental.
That being said the schools were open to ALL who wanted an education.  During my time in High School a lot of black people made a strong effort to join in and be a part of non-black society.  They spoke the same language everyone else did, dressed in similar style often better tailored than non-blacks.  Many made a good effort in gaining an education with plans to go on to college.
From 1960 it all appeared to change as more opportunities presented themselves blacks began to feel the freedom and opportunities they did not have before in the non-black community.  They no longer were dependent on Non-blacks for opportunity chances, their rights had FINALLY been confirmed, and laws were enacted giving them paths in court for redress.  There were entitlements to give them preferences in employment, business and education that have continued for 50 years.
Blacks had thrown off what they saw as the yoke of non-black oppression, they were owed something and the non-black government was providing it.  There was housing, easy to get home loans, food stamps, ADC, all kinds of new liberation. The devastating cost was the black family, government programs did not pay well to families where there was a healthy male present so the father figure left.  The youth suffered due to no real cohesiveness in the family, no working father to emulate or help with the guidance for the children.
At this point I want to apologize to all the hard working individual black members of our society that live every day with the hopes and dream’s much like every average family.  It appears to me that the thuggish blacks that are at the heart of knockout games, swarming business, walking into businesses and taking merchandise just because you’re big enough to intimidate the clerk or flash mobs appear to be approximately 60% +/- of the black community.  Many of these make up the 30% of our jail populations.  It’s sad and I suspect why the hard working blacks trying to get ahead don’t put a stop to all the thuggish behavior is they have moved on and are assimilating into non-white society.  If I were black with a young family I would find a place where I could find work as far from the all black community as I could find and move.

I must apologize if I sounded like a dreamer and not someone who grew up in Oakland, California with more inner city experience than the average non-black person on this blog seem to have. I am familiar with the ignorance, Ebonics, endemic violence, hazing for appearing like an Oreo or Uncle Tom by using good English or studying too hard in school.  That thinking has to be the stupidest reasoning of the whole cultural discussion.  The flash mobs, distrust of authority, giving up on trying, destroyed housing. I have seen it all I just do not see any gain in talking about it and know without a doubt that there has to be some way for black and non-black to gain insight and respect for each other or else we are just flapping our jaws and things will never ever change.