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How can I earn money online without an investment in Pakistan?

You can work online from anywhere in the world and my answer will probably be the same no matter where you are.

If you’re trying to make money online without investing anything at all, you’re going to have to put out content consistently for a long period of time.

You have to find out what you have to offer (what’s something you can teach? Do you have a passion? You should also be blogging/vlogging your journey)

You should be working on something to offer people for free (or already have a product or service to offer).

You can start a MailChimp free because you need to grow an audience that you can consistently reach out to. To do that, you have to capture email addresses. You can google how to setup a free capture page and integrate MailChimp. It’s not hard but maybe a little time consuming at first.

Again, you do have to do some work because you’re not wanting to invest money… but you will be investing your time. And a lot of it.

You can setup an autoresponder if you’d like but if you have nothing to offer or no emails pre-written, you’ll just have to do broadcasts which is like sending a bulk email to your entire list at once.

Just remember, be who you are – unique. Don’t copy anyone else. You can take a concept and make it your own but what you have to offer, no one can duplicate it the way you’d do it.

I’ll say this again, you need to put out valuable content. And do it consistently. You need to commit to a blog or video 3–4x per week for the next year.

Some will say this is extreme but I’d honestly say do a 30–60 Day video challenge and have a blog as well with your YouTube videos embedded in each post.

I know this may sound like a lot but your building a brand from the ground floor. The only way to cement your stake in your particular niche is to drive content consistently.

You need to be active on social media. GaryVee has a brilliant method for Instagram called the “$1.80 Method” I think. Google it and use that across all platforms.

It’s going to be a constant grind.. it’s going to be a challenge, but it’ll totally be worth it when you finally have something to offer because you will have the trust of your followers and you’ll be offering something that they can use that is relevant to them.

Make sure you’re not spamming your followers with “buy this” posts and videos. There’s a method to the madness. You have to continue to learn then apply what you’ve learned to steadily grow your business.

I hope this has helped someone in some way. Much success to you!

-Chris Wealthy