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How can I become a real estate seller specialist?

“I will sell your home in the most efficient and profitable way possible”.

Ahh, the famous line that real estate “specialists” all around the world promise during their listing presentations.

So what does this mean? How is someone able to promise and uphold such a broad statement?

Quite frankly, the majority cannot.

The reason for this is most agents don’t know how to differentiate themselves from the competition, with about 2 million agents in The United States alone, how does one show that he is a real estate specialist that clients truly need?

Let’s break it down.

A specialist is a person who concentrates primarily on a specific subject, in this case for real estate niches.

There are multiple forms of specialists in real estate but we will focus on one that comes from the core of the industry, this is How to Become A Seller Specialist in Real Estate.

Market Yourself With Your Value Propositions

As an agent, the process of selling yourself will be the starting stage of becoming a seller specialist. No one will buy a product that has no benefit to them, so why would they choose you as an agent if you are not providing any value to them?

It all comes down to marketing yourself, you do not want to beg for leads, you want to attract them as you are a valuable real estate resource. Marketing yourself means that you build yourself as a strong brand image as the ‘One stop resource” for your real estate niche. Clients will see you under a spotlight as they understand you give value right down to the wire.

Your value propositions cannot be ignored from this equation – you will be presenting your VP’s during your listing presentation, it will be your only time to show the clientele how you will providing them services that other agents will not. You are essentially marketing yourself to build a credible reputation in your real estate market.

By combining the two you will see becoming a seller specialist is simpler through connecting your VP’S with marketing yourself.

When becoming seller specialist in real estate you will be providing immense detail and value to your clientele.

Do you want to be a valuable resource for your clients? Then, make them feel in charge of the entire encounter but in reality, you will be in full authority.

Play your cards right and market yourself as a VALUABLE RESOURCE for clients and you will be generating more prospects.

This leads into the popular question of ‘How do you convert these prospects to leads?’

You are aiming to convert your prospects to leads, this is done through being hired as the client’s agent but ask yourself, “What sets my attractive VP’s and your competitors aside?

Well, although agents all around the world have value propositions, some being excellent and others poor, the element that differentiates you from success and failure will be how you present your VP’s.

Here is a free guide that will surely help you do the prospecting in a better way

Prospecting for Real Estate Agents

Your goal is to never give them all up, display about 70 %, so the extra 30% will seem as if you are going “Above and Beyond” in your client’s eyes. You are able to show the prospective client that you not only have the value propositions but you as an agent will be able to implement and deliver your promises.

How to Communicate Effectively as a Specialist

You want to become a seller specialist in real estate?

Okay, let’s say you have all your value propositions laid out, they are all remarkable and you present them all to your client during the listing presentation but they still do not choose you.

Why is it like that you ask?

Simply, because you haven’t presented yourself using effective communication patterns that all other specialists follow. Clients make an impression of you during the first 8 seconds of encounter and believe my first impression really is the last one. This means you have a matter of seconds before you fly or plummet.

So, what do you do in this situation?

It’s not like you can provide all of your value within this time frame.

So, then what?

Let’s take a step back, the most ideal thing to do here is to change your body language.
With verbal communication accounting for just 7% of all communication, the other 93% comes from tonality and body language.

Focus your body movement to be more open, through welcoming gestures. As obscure as this sounds, psychologically, the smallest of gesture implementations such as explaining concepts to your clients with your palms up will allow a more friendly environment between you two.

Blurting out every piece of information you have on the property or of your value that you are providing will not get you anywhere. This is where implementation comes in.

In order to communicate as an effective seller specialist, keep the focus on their personality types:

  • Visual Learner
  • Auditory Learner

With some of your clients, you may have to show them real statistics, graphs, projections, etc. While others will only be interested in what you say and how you say it.

One way to find out what type of learner your client will be during your initial encounter, before planning out the listing presentation is to focus on the tonal patterns your client have.

If they are on the edge of their seats, interested in what you are saying and ask to “hear more”, then, they are auditory learners.

If they are the fast talkers, meaning you have them engaged while asking them the right questions, then, they will start saying phrases such as “Show me more”.

The communication elements even the smaller ones are in our everyday lives, we choose to not focus on them, but they are constantly in the back of our unconscious mind. So, aim to reach out to clientele’s unconscious mind and you will be able to impact them on a psychological level.

Here is a free guide that will help you with the first 8 seconds of your pitch.

Elevator Pitch for Real Estate Agents


Acting on what you learn on a daily basis is what separates you from average agents, you have been and are being given a multitude of blogs and guides from resources all around the web and it is your time to go out and follow your vision. Focus onto certain areas of specialty, become an expert in your field and dominate it.